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Hooroo hoodoo - Part 2

A week after breaking their Kardinia Park hoodoo in 1972, the Bulldogs tried to break another at Victoria Park. Mic Rees tells the tale.


The SAFL and the Great War

Trevor Gyss looks back at the 1915 SAFL season, the last before the comp was discontinued for the duration, and the South Australian footballers who went onto enlist.


Footy Research

An arm-wrestle under lights

Was Adelaide's 1995 clash with West Coast a prototype of today's typical contests? John Devaney looks back at a low-scoring struggle. 


A war of attrition: 1939 - 1948

In part two of his Era, era series, which looks at distinctive VFL/AFL periods, Jeff Dowsing looks at the 1939-1948 decade.


Treasure Trove

Why do they play this football?

Writing in the Argus on the eve of the 1938 VFL season, Percy Taylor looks at the future job prospects of footballers, and previews the coming season through the prism of the coaches.


The Blues triumph in 1907

The two outstanding teams of the 1907 VFL season, Carlton and South Melbourne, slugged it out for the premiership flag. Observer of the Argus, reports on the nail-biting tussle.



The death of Bill Busbridge

The Argus reports on the death in 1943 of champion Essendon big man Bill Busbridge. Contemporary, Rod McGregor pays tribute in the Sporting Globe.



Two VFL matches were decided by one point on this day in 1936. At Brunswick Street, South Melbourne pipped Fitzroy by the narrowest of margins, while at the Junction Oval, St Kilda had a one-point win over Carlton. - Andrew Gigacz 

Footy Tube

1974 VFL Grand Final celebrations

The Tigers took out their second flag in a row in 1974. Watch the post-match celebrations and presentation as Channel 7's Lou Richards and Mike Williamson summarise the match. 

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Source: AFL Tables

AFL 2015 Season

For a complete summary of the 2015 AFL season, including the fixture, results and ladder, click here.

2015 AFL Ladder

# Club P Pts %
1 Fremantle 22 68 118.73
2 Hawthorn 22 64 158.40
3 West Coast 21 62 143.00
4 Sydney 21 60 124.11
5 Richmond 22 60 123.09
6 Western Bulldogs 22 56 115.12
7 Adelaide 21 54 115.71
8 North Melbourne 22 52 106.45
9 Port Adelaide 22 48 106.83
10 Geelong 21 48 101.09
11 GWS 21 44 100.39
12 Collingwood 21 40 106.76
13 St Kilda 21 26 81.74
14 Melbourne 21 24 74.73
15 Essendon 21 20 72.72
16 Gold Coast 21 18 74.25
17 Brisbane 22 16 67.52
18 Carlton 22 16 64.78

On this day in Footy

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1939Jim Guyatt (STK) was born
1958Greg Strachan (RICH) was born
2003Aaron Sandilands had 41 hitouts for FREO vs ESS (AFL, 1EF)
2010Sam Jacobs had 44 hitouts for CARL vs SYD (AFL, 1EF)


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Micro Noises 103: Year of the Swans?

Could 2015 yet be the year of the Swans? Gigs digs up some historical treasure that suggests Sydney will go close to another premiership.


Micro Noises 102: Drawn to tragedy

Gigs takes a look at the historical significance of last Saturday's draw and draws parallels between the Essendon saga and a Shakespearean tragedy. 


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In search of the 1978 VFA Grand Final

Paul Bolger's son Chris would love to sit down with his dad and watch the 1978 VFA Grand Final. Paul kept Sam Kekovich to just one goal in that match.


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+ Score at the end of extra time.