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Known as

1904 as Whittlesea Football Club; renamed Northern Eagles in 1987; reverted to original name in 1992

Navy blue and gold


Affiliations (Current)

Senior Premierships
Bourke Evelyn Football League (BEFL) - 1907, 1923-4-5 (4 total); Panton Hill and District Football League (PHDFL) - 1932 (1 total); Panton Hill Football League (PHFL) - 1954, 1957-8-9-60, 1973-4 (7 total); Riddell District Football League (RDFL) Division Two - 1988 (1 total)


Whittlesea Football Club began life in 1904 and commenced its involvement in formal, organised competition the same year when it was a foundation member of the Whittlesea District Football Association. In 1906 it crossed to the Bourke Evelyn Football League where it would remain until 1932, claiming a total of four premierships during that time. The club won a Panton Hill and District Football League flag in 1932 and then embarked on an unsuccessful initial stint in the Diamond Valley Football League from 1934 to 1939.\n\nThe most successful phase in Whittlesea’s history was the forty season period between 1947 and 1986 when it lined up in the Panton Hill Football League. The club was particularly strong in the 1950s, which spawned four senior grade premierships. Further flags followed in 1960, 1973 and 1974.\n\nBetween 1987 and 1991 the club was a member of the Riddell District Football League. During this time it operated under the name of the Northern Eagles, and was successful in procuring a senior grade flag in second division in its debut season.\n\nThe 1992 season saw the club returning to the Diamond Valley Football League and reverting to its original name of Whittlesea, whilst retaining the Eagles emblem. In 2007 the DVFL was replaced by the Northern Football League.


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* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.