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Known as
West Coast



Home - Navy, gold and white; Alternative - Navy, light blue, gold, orange and white



Current Affiliation
AFL (AUS) 1987-2015

Historical Affiliations
VFL 1987-89

AFL Premierships
1992, 1994 & 2006

Senior Premierships
McClelland Trophy 2006

Most Games
276 - Glen Jakovich (1991-2004)

Most Goals
514 - Peter Sumich (1989-1997)

League Top Goalkickers
Scott Cummings (95) 1999

Brownlow Medalists
Chris Judd 2004; Ben Cousins 2005

West Coast


"To talk of a side 'deserving' a premiership on the basis of a one-point win is churlish but, on the basis of West Coast's near-exemplary whole season's work, there can be no doubt that the 2006 AFL premiership cup found its rightful home ... It was the Eagles' third flag in the 20th year of their existence. Given that they were only initially admitted to the then VFL in order to alleviate the financial woes of a number of Melbourne-based clubs, and were neither expected nor desired to be successful, this has to be regarded as an extraordinarily praiseworthy achievement..."

John Devaney explores the contribution of 'the West' to football - and, since 1987, West Coast to the national competition

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2015 Season


West Coast's 2015 Fixture

Rnd H&A Club Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 S R Opponent Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 S Mgn Grd Date MR
1 A West Coast           vs Western Bulldogs             DOC Apr 4 (Sat, 7:20)  
2 H West Coast           vs Carlton             SUB Apr 10 (Fri, 6:10)  
3 H West Coast           vs Fremantle             SUB Apr 19 (Sun, 2:40)  
4 A West Coast           vs Brisbane             GAB Apr 26 (Sun, 1:10)  
5 H West Coast           vs GWS             SUB May 2 (Sat, 5:40)  
6 A West Coast           vs Port Adelaide             ADO May 10 (Sun, 4:10)  
7 H West Coast           vs Gold Coast             SUB May 16 (Sat, 5:40)  
8 A West Coast           vs St Kilda             DOC May 23 (Sat, 1:45)  
9 H West Coast           vs Geelong             SUB May 31 (Sun, 2:40)  
10 A West Coast           vs North Melbourne             BEL Jun 7 (Sun, 3:20)  
11 H West Coast           vs Essendon             SUB Jun 13 (Sat, 2:35)  
12 A West Coast           vs Richmond             MCG Jun 19 (Fri, 7:50)  
13 West Coast       Bye        
14 A West Coast           vs Melbourne             MAR Jul 4 (Sat, 7:10)  
15 H West Coast           vs Adelaide             SUB Jul 11 (Sat, 5:40)  
16 A West Coast           vs Collingwood             DOC Jul 18 (Sat, 4:35)  
17 H West Coast           vs Sydney             SUB Jul 26 (Sun, 2:40)  
18 A West Coast           vs Gold Coast             CRR Aug 1 (Sat, 7:20)  
19 H West Coast           vs Hawthorn             SUB Aug 8 (Sat, 5:40)  
20 A West Coast           vs Fremantle             SUB Aug 16 (Sun, 2:40)  
21 H West Coast           vs Western Bulldogs             SUB Aug 23 (Sun, 2:40)  
22 A West Coast           vs Adelaide             ADO Aug 30 (Sun, 12:40)  
23 H West Coast           vs St Kilda             SUB Sep 5 (Sat, 2:10)  

2015 Player Stats

J Player GP K Avg H Avg D Avg M Avg HO Avg T Avg FF FA G Avg B TS
There are no players statistics for West Coast for the 2015 season.