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Known as
Woodville-West Torrens

The Eagles

1990, through the merger of the Woodville and West Torrens Football Clubs

Blue, green and gold



Current Affiliation
SANFL (SA) 1991-2015

SANFL Premierships
1993, 2006, 2011 (3 total)

Senior Premierships
Stanley H Lewis Memorial Trophy: 1993 & 2000 (2 total); SANFL Night/Knock-out/Pre-season Series: 1993-4 (2 total); Living Health/Be Active Cup: (minor premiers) 2000 & 2006 (2 total)

Most Games
248 - Justin Cicolella (1998-present)

Most Goals
312 - Mark Passador (2003–2010)

League Top Goalkickers
S.Morphett (99) 1991; C.Kluzek (72) 2000; M.Passador (79) 2006 (3 total)

Headquarters Postal Address
P.O. Box 31, Woodville 5011, South Australia

Woodville-West Torrens


"Mergers have become a sad but inevitable part of football life, but there have arguably been few as painless as that between the erstwhile West Torrens and Woodville Football Clubs. Commencing from a position of perceived equality (unlike, for example, the Brisbane and Fitzroy arrangement which was, in effect, a takeover) the two previously disparate organisation have welded, almost seamlessly, into one, achieving significantly more in just over a decade and a half - even allowing for the debacle of the 2005 grand final - than either Woodville or Torrens managed in the preceding 40 years .... "

  • John Devaney reports on the successful marriage of two struggling SANFL clubs

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2015 Season


Woodville-West Torrens' 2015 Fixture

Rnd H&A Club Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 S R Opponent Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 S Mgn Grd Date MR
1 Woodville-West Torrens       Bye        
2 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs West Adelaide             WOO Apr 11 (Sat, 2:10)  
3 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Norwood             WOO Apr 19 (Sun, 2:10)  
4 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs Central District             ELZ Apr 25 (Sat, 2:10)  
5 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs Port Adelaide Magpies             ALB May 2 (Sat, 2:10)  
6 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Glenelg             WOO May 9 (Sat, 1:40)  
7 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs North Adelaide             PRO May 17 (Sun, 2:10)  
8 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Sturt             WOO May 31 (Sun, 2:10)  
9 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs South Adelaide             HIC Jun 8 (Mon, 2:10)  
10 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Adelaide Reserves             WOO Jun 20 (Sat, 2:10)  
11 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Central District             WOO Jun 27 (Sat, 2:10)  
12 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs West Adelaide             RIC Jul 4 (Sat, 2:10)  
13 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs Sturt             UNL Jul 11 (Sat, 2:10)  
14 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Port Adelaide Magpies             WOO Jul 18 (Sat, 2:10)  
15 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs Glenelg             GLE Jul 26 (Sun, 2:10)  
16 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs South Adelaide             WOO Aug 1 (Sat, 1:10)  
17 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs Adelaide Reserves             WOO Aug 16 (Sun, 2:10)  
18 H Woodville-West Torrens           vs North Adelaide             WOO Aug 22 (Sat, 2:10)  
19 A Woodville-West Torrens           vs Norwood             HIN Aug 29 (Sat, 2:10)