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Alec Epis

NameAlexander Epis
Height182 cm
Weight89 kg
Jumper 28
V/AFL ClubsEssendon
V/AFL Games180
V/AFL Career1958-68
V/AFL Goals2
Brownlow Votes43

Player Stats


Hailing from one of Australian football's greatest hotbeds, the West Australian goldfields, Alec Epis enjoyed an outstanding junior career before making his senior debut with Mines Rovers in 1955 while still a few months away from his eighteenth birthday. He enjoyed an outstanding season, winning the Fletcher Medal for fairest and best in the GNFL, and helping the Diorites to a 13.15 (93) to 7.7 (49) grand final victory over Kalgoorlie City. It was to be Epis's only season in the GNFL: in 1956 he sought a clearance to Essendon, and when this was refused he opted to stand out of football rather than resume with Mines Rovers. It was to be two full years before the clearance was finally approved, but as far as the Bombers were concerned the wait was worth it, as Epis went on to give them outstanding service in 180 VFL games over the next eleven seasons.

Popularly known as 'Kookaburra' because of his habit of talking incessantly while playing, Alec Epis was a strong, dashing and vigorous player with phenomenal ball handling ability, and a penchant for the colourful and spectacular. Renowned for holding the ball aloft in triumph after taking a mark, he was a key member of Essendon premiership sides in 1962 (on a half back flank) and 1965 (as a wingman). He also represented the VFL a total of four times in 1960 and 1963. He was still producing excellent football right up to the time of his retirement after the 1968 finals series.

After retiring as a player, Epis served the Bombers in a variety of off-field roles, and later worked in the media.