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547 players found with last names beginning with A.

A'Court, Bill (1909-1915)  (West Adelaide)
A'Court, Fred (1949-1959)  (West Adelaide)
Aamodt, Colin (1940-1950)  (North Adelaide)
Aanensen, Vic (1970-1982)  (Port Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Aarts, Jake (2013-2022)  (Bendigo, Richmond Reserves, Richmond)
Abala Jnr, Steve
Abala Snr, Steve (1938-1952)  (Darwin)
Abbatangelo, Sophie (2019-2024)  (North Melbourne WFC)
Abbey, Angus (1949-1954)  (Footscray)
Abbey, Ross (1971-1981)  (Footscray)
Abbott, Charlie (1961-1963)  (Hawthorn)
Abbott, Clarrie (1907-1912)  (Collingwood, Essendon Association, Melbourne)
Abbott, Ernie (1908)  (St. Kilda)
Abbott, Frank (1906-1912)  (Fitzroy)
Abbott, Gordon (1936-1947)  (Geelong, Glenelg, New Town, Essendon)
Abbott, John (1992-1997)  (Central District)
Abbott, Les (1904-1913)  (Collingwood, Port Melbourne, Carlton, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Richmond, Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Abbott, Paddy (1908-1920)  (Albury, Howlong, South Melbourne, Fitzroy, Richmond)
Abbott, Paul (1984-1993)  (Hawthorn, Fitzroy)
Abbott, Ryan (2016-2020)  (Geelong Reserves, Geelong, St. Kilda)
Abercrombie, Percy (1903-1908)  (Essendon, South Melbourne, South Fremantle)
Abernethy, Bob (1923)  (Melbourne)
Abernethy, Bruce (1979-1992)  (Port Adelaide, North Melbourne, Collingwood, Australia, Adelaide)
Abernethy, Jim (1923-1932)  (Melbourne)
Abikhair, Dick (1934-1945)  (Hawthorn, North Melbourne)
Ablett, Fred (1906-1910)  (North Fremantle, Midland Junction)
Ablett Snr, Gary (1982-1996)  (Hawthorn, Geelong)
Ablett Jnr, Gary (2002-2020)  (Geelong, Gold Coast)
Ablett, Geoff (1973-1985)  (Hawthorn, Richmond, St. Kilda)
Ablett, Kevin (1977-1985)  (Hawthorn, Richmond, Geelong)
Ablett, Len (1939-1943)  (Richmond)
Ablett, Luke (2002-2009)  (Sydney)
Ablett, Nathan (2005-2011)  (Geelong, Gold Coast)
Ablett, Ryan
Abley, John (1950-1961)  (Port Adelaide)
Abley, Kevin (1954-1964)  (Glenelg)
Abraham, Ian (1960-1971)  (Collingwood, Dandenong, Claremont)
Abraham, Winston (1993-2001)  (Perth, Fremantle, North Melbourne)
Abrahams, Morgan 'Molly' (1887-1896)  (Hotham, St. Kilda, Essendon)
Abrahams, Owen (1954-1962)  (Fitzroy)
Absolom, Ted (1900)  (Collingwood)
Ackerly, David (1979-1989)  (South Melbourne, Australia, North Melbourne)
Ackland, Cain (2000-2011)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, St. Kilda, Carlton, North Adelaide)
Ackland, Syd (1922-1931)  (Norwood)
Acraman, John  (Adelaide (Original))
Acres, Blake (2014-2024)  (Sandringham, St. Kilda, Fremantle, Peel Thunder, Carlton)
Adam, Ken (1922-1925)  (Essendon)
Adam, Roy (1901-1905)  (St. Kilda, Melbourne)
Adams, Artie (1915)  (South Melbourne)
Adams, Bill 'Bull' (1917-1932)  (South Fremantle, Fitzroy, Northcote, Preston, North Launceston, Prahran, Melbourne)
Adams, Brian (1976-1987)  (Sandringham)
Adams, Charles (1919-1926)  (Port Adelaide)
Adams, Chook (1925-1929)  (North Launceston, North Shore)
Adams, Ernie (1900-1901)  (Melbourne)
Adams, Frank (1953-1964)  (Melbourne)
Adams, Graham (1981-1988)  (Windsor Zillmere)
Adams, Jed (2022-2024)  (Peel Thunder, Melbourne)
Adams, Leigh (2007-2014)  (North Melbourne)
Adams, Luke (2010-2011)  (Swan Districts)
Adams, Marcus (2011-2024)  (Swan Districts, West Perth, Western Bulldogs, Footscray, Brisbane)
Adams, Oscar (2024)  (St. Kilda)
Adams, Peter (1986-1987)  (Collingwood)
Adams, Robert (1970-1971)  (Geelong)
Adams, Taylor (2012-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney, Collingwood)
Adams, Theo (2003-2011)  (South Fremantle, East Fremantle)
Adams, Tom (1923-1929)  (West Torrens)
Adamson, Arthur (1902-1903)  (South Melbourne)
Adamson, Brian (1975-1984)  (West Perth, Norwood)
Adamson, Corey (2015-2016)  (East Perth)
Adamson, Dave (1897-1903)  (South Melbourne)
Adamson, Jack (1897-1898)  (South Melbourne)
Adamson, Jimmy (1929-1941)  (North Melbourne)
Adamson, Lee (1966-1973)  (Collingwood)
Adcock, Brenton (1962-1974)  (Sturt)
Adcock, Cecil (1907-1912)  (South Adelaide, West Torrens)
Adcock, Jack (1932-1939)  (West Torrens)
Adcock, Jed (2004-2016)  (Brisbane, Footscray, Western Bulldogs)
Addison, Bob (1931)  (Footscray)
Addison, Dylan (2006-2019)  (Werribee, Western Bulldogs, Williamstown, GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney)
Addison, Jim (1903-1904)  (Collingwood)
Adkins, Damien (2000-2005)  (Collingwood, West Coast)
Adler, Paul (1976-1983)  (Norwood)
Agars, Merv (1946-1952)  (West Adelaide)
Agius, Ross (1979-1984)  (Port Adelaide)
Agrums, Peter (1963-1964)  (North Melbourne)
Ah Chee, Brendon (2013-2021)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, East Perth, West Coast, West Coast Reserves)
Ah Chee, Callum (2015-2024)  (South Fremantle, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast, Brisbane)
Ah Chee, Corey (2000-2009)  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Ah Chee, Paul (1977-1981)  (North Adelaide)
Ah Mat, Joe (1983-1991)  (Norwood, Swan Districts, Claremont)
Ah Mat, Matthew (1991-1994)  (Brisbane, Norwood, Sydney)
Ah Mat, Robbie (1995-2004)  (Collingwood, Sydney, Norwood)
Ah Mat, William (1919-1940)  (Darwin)
Ahearn, Jim (1925-1934)  (Subiaco)
Ahearne, Cocky  (North Hobart, Cananore, Launceston)
Ahern, Bill (1897)  (St. Kilda)
Ahern, Bill (1897)  (Carlton)
Ahern, Charlie (1929)  (Collingwood)
Ahern, John (1989)  (Melbourne)
Ahern, Paul (2015-2020)  (GWS Reserves, North Melbourne Reserves, North Melbourne)
Ahrens, Lauren (2020-2024)  (Gold Coast WFC)
Aikenhead, Vic (1951-1954)  (East Perth)
Ainslie, Brodie (1911)  (St. Kilda)
Ainsworth, Ben (2017-2024)  (Gold Coast)
Ainsworth, Brayden (2018-2022)  (East Perth, West Coast, West Coast Reserves, Perth)
Ainsworth, Geoff (1967-1974)  (Geelong)
Aisbett, Arthur (1911-1922)  (North Fremantle, East Fremantle)
Aish, Andrew (1981-1986)  (Norwood)
Aish, James (2012-2024)  (Norwood, Brisbane, Brisbane Reserves, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood, Fremantle)
Aish, Michael (1979-1993)  (Norwood, Australia)
Aish, Peter (1953-1962)  (Norwood)
Aistrope, Fred (1930-1935)  (Sturt)
Aitchison, Ernie (1931)  (Hawthorn)
Aitchison, Jack (1935)  (Hawthorn)
Aitken, Chris (1967-1977)  (Melbourne)
Aitken, Ian (1987-1993)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
Aitken, James (1903)  (Geelong)
Aitken, Jimmy (1897-1898)  (Carlton, Melbourne)
Aitken, Ken (1948-1952)  (Carlton, Collingwood)
Aitken, Michael (1979-1985)  (Claremont, Carlton)
Aitken, Peter (1955)  (Carlton)
Aitken, Russell (1971-1979)  (West Perth, Subiaco)
Aked Jnr, Frank (1951-1952)  (Footscray)
Aked Snr, Frank (1925-1933)  (Footscray, Hawthorn)
Akermanis, Jason (1995-2010)  (Brisbane, Australia, Western Bulldogs)
Akuei, Domanic (2024)  (Carlton)
Alabakis, Sam (2019-2021)  (Frankston, Sandringham)
Albiston, Alec (1936-1950)  (Hawthorn, North Melbourne)
Albiston, David (1962-1966)  (Hawthorn)
Albiston, Harold (1935-1940)  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Albiston, Ken (1946-1954)  (Richmond, Melbourne)
Albress, Bill (1917-1920)  (Richmond, Prahran, Port Melbourne)
Alcorn, Ted (1909)  (St. Kilda)
Aldag, Bill (1928-1931)  (Footscray, Collingwood)
Aldenhoven, Alan (1949-1958)  (North Adelaide)
Alder, Fred (1909)  (Richmond)
Alder, Henry (1902)  (Fitzroy)
Alderdice, Craig (1985-1988)  (Geelong)
Alderman, Bill (1946-1952)  (Subiaco, West Perth)
Aldersley, Ralph (1898-1910)  (North Adelaide, West Torrens)
Alderton, Rod (1978-1984)  (West Perth)
Aldridge, Ivor (1920-1921)  (St. Kilda)
Aleer, Leek (2021-2024)  (Central District, Greater Western Sydney)
Alessio, Harry (1884-1891)  (Hotham)
Alessio, Harry (1915-1927)  (Richmond, Brunswick)
Alessio, Steven (1992-2003)  (Essendon)
Alexander, Colin (1989-1993)  (Collingwood, Brisbane)
Alexander, Harold (1922-1926)  (South Melbourne)
Alexander, Harry (1962-1964)  (South Melbourne)
Alexander, Jim (1918-1919)  (Essendon)
Alexander, Mick (1934-1938)  (North Adelaide)
Alexander, Ron (1971-1985)  (East Perth, Fitzroy, East Fremantle)
Alexander, Sophie (2019-2024)  (Collingwood WFC, Essendon WFC)
Alexander, Terry (1967-1969)  (Collingwood)
Alexander, Wal (1945-1948)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Alford, Noel (1952-1953)  (North Melbourne)
Algate, Doug (1976-1981)  (North Adelaide)
Aliir, Aliir (2012-2024)  (Aspley, Sydney Reserves, Sydney, Port Adelaide)
Allan, Andy (1899)  (St. Kilda)
Allan, Barry (1962-1967)  (North Melbourne)
Allan, Ben (1987-1997)  (Claremont, Hawthorn, Fremantle)
Allan, Edward (2024)  (Collingwood)
Allan, Frank (1867-1874)  (South Melbourne Districts, Albert Park (Original))
Allan, Graeme (1975-1986)  (Fitzroy, Collingwood)
Allan, James (2007-2015)  (North Adelaide, Lara, Norwood)
Allan, Jessica (2018-2024)  (Adelaide WFC, Greater Western Sydney WFC)
Allan, John (1902-1903)  (Collingwood)
Allan, Johnny (1913)  (Essendon)
Allan, Keith (1987-1992)  (Central District)
Allan, Marcus (2006-2007)  (Brisbane)
Allan, Matthew (1994-2005)  (Carlton, Australia, Essendon)
Allan, Peter (1955)  (St. Kilda)
Allan, Ron (1946-1949)  (North Melbourne)
Allan, Sarah (2017-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Allan, Steven (1982)  (St. Kilda)
Allanson, Noel (1947-1952)  (Essendon, Williamstown)
Allard, Gordon (1900)  (St. Kilda)
Allard, Wayne (1991-2002)  (Perth, East Fremantle)
Allday, David (1985-1988)  (Melbourne, Footscray)
Allen, Anthony (1986-1995)  (Sandringham)
Allen, Bert (1911-1912)  (Preston, Richmond)
Allen, Bill (1910-1923)  (Melbourne)
Allen, Bob (1926)  (Fitzroy)
Allen, Chris (1976-1987)  (East Perth, Swan Districts)
Allen, Dick (1943)  (Collingwood)
Allen, Ernie 'Ike' (1916-1924)  (East Perth)
Allen, Frank (1943-1956)  (East Perth)
Allen, Frank 'Barney' (1898-1906)  (East Fremantle, West Perth)
Allen, George (1946-1948)  (South Melbourne)
Allen, George (1967-1970)  (Sunshine)
Allen, Harry (1914-1919)  (Geelong)
Allen, Jack (1907)  (Geelong)
Allen, Jackson (2011-2014)  (Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast)
Allen, Jarryd (2008)  (St. Kilda)
Allen, Jim (1935)  (Geelong)
Allen, Jordyn (2019-2024)  (Collingwood WFC)
Allen, Les (1930-1934)  (Carlton, North Melbourne)
Allen, Mal (1966-1978)  (Port Melbourne)
Allen, Matthew (2016-2019)  (East Perth, West Coast Reserves)
Allen, Najwa (2020-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Allen, Oscar (2018-2024)  (West Coast)
Allen, Rodney (1965-1975)  (Woodville)
Allen, Roy (1924)  (Collingwood)
Allen, Scott (1994-1997)  (Footscray)
Allen, Tim (1991-1995)  (St. Kilda, Hawthorn, Geelong)
Allen, Tom (1949-1956)  (Richmond, Box Hill, Port Melbourne)
Allen, Tommy (1936-1938)  (South Melbourne)
Allen, Ty (2003-2014)  (Glenelg)
Allen, Wally (1920-1923)  (South Adelaide)
Allender, Henry (1899)  (Carlton)
Allender, Stephen (1981-1984)  (South Melbourne, Hawthorn, Port Melbourne)
Alleway, Clint (2006-2015)  (North Adelaide, Glenelg)
Alley, Ted (1902-1915)  (South Melbourne, Williamstown)
Allford, Grant (1968-1982)  (Latrobe, Richmond, Claremont, Launceston)
Allingham, Maurie (1920-1931)  (Port Adelaide)
Allington, Harold (1931-1935)  (Norwood)
Allison, Bobby (1920-1926)  (South Melbourne)
Allison, Brett (1987-2000)  (North Melbourne, Australia, Sydney)
Allison, Brian (1981-1992)  (Coburg)
Allison, Jacob (2015-2019)  (Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane)
Allison, Matthew (2024)  (St. Kilda)
Allison, Neil (1934-1939)  (Hawthorn)
Allison, Tom (1963-1975)  (North Melbourne, Belconnen)
Allister, Jack (1938-1945)  (Essendon, Sandringham, North Melbourne)
Allsop, Kelvin (1955-1958)  (Claremont)
Allsop, Tom (1949-1963)  (Hawthorn, Sandringham)
Allsopp, Ray (1955-1960)  (Richmond, Oakleigh)
Alsop, Noel (1937-1938)  (Footscray)
Alsop, Ron (1944)  (Hawthorn)
Althorpe, Neil (1942-1953)  (Subiaco, West Perth)
Altmann, John (1944)  (Geelong)
Alves, Mark (1977-1979)  (Melbourne, Subiaco)
Alves, Stan (1965-1979)  (Melbourne, North Melbourne)
Alvey, Mark (1998-2005)  (Western Bulldogs, Essendon)
Alvin, Norm (1942-1944)  (Hawthorn)
Alvin, Tom (1984-1996)  (Carlton, Sandringham)
Amaranti, Mark (1986-1994)  (East Fremantle)
Amaranti, Peter (1952-1963)  (South Fremantle, Subiaco)
Amartey, Joel (2020-2024)  (Sydney)
Ambler, Jim (1912)  (Collingwood)
Ambrose, Patrick (2013-2021)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
Ambrose, Richard (1993-2004)  (Sydney, Port Adelaide, Subiaco)
Amery, Bill (1912-1923)  (Camberwell, Richmond)
Amery, Les (1956-1963)  (Richmond, Norwood)
Ames, Les (1931-1936)  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Ames, Tallan (2002-2016)  (Swan Districts)
Amey, Bert (1944)  (Hawthorn)
Amiss, Jye (2022-2024)  (Fremantle)
Amon, Karl (2014-2024)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, Hawthorn)
Amoore, Geoff (1983-1984)  (St. Kilda)
Amos, Mark (1970-1972)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Amos, Robert (1973-1979)  (Essendon)
Andersen, Eric (1926-1930)  (Melbourne, Footscray)
Anderson, Alby (1924-1926)  (St. Kilda, Richmond)
Anderson, Allan (1963)  (Fitzroy)
Anderson, Ally (2017-2024)  (Brisbane WFC)
Anderson, Bernie (1959-1969)  (Richmond, Drouin, Cobram, Wilston Grange, Wagga Tigers, Jerilderie)
Anderson, Bill (1901)  (St. Kilda)
Anderson, Bill (1932)  (Geelong)
Anderson, Billy (1912-1913)  (St. Kilda)
Anderson, Brady (1998-2000)  (North Melbourne)
Anderson, Bruce (1919)  (Geelong)
Anderson, Bruce (1931-1939)  (Essendon, Yarraville)
Anderson, Charlie (1924-1927)  (Carlton, South Melbourne, Richmond, Footscray)
Anderson, Claude (1947)  (South Melbourne)
Anderson, Clayton (1991-1997)  (East Fremantle)
Anderson, Colin (1972-1981)  (Melbourne, Glenelg)
Anderson, Dale (1953-1954)  (Melbourne)
Anderson, Dean (1988-1996)  (Hawthorn, Australia, St. Kilda)
Anderson, Des (1957-1961)  (East Fremantle)
Anderson, Doug (1925-1926)  (Fitzroy)
Anderson, Duggan (1945-1956)  (Swan Districts)
Anderson, Ernie (1898)  (Geelong)
Anderson, Frank (1933-1946)  (Brunswick, Carlton, Preston)
Anderson, Frank (1942-1944)  (North Melbourne)
Anderson, Fred (1908)  (Essendon)
Anderson, Fred (1951-1953)  (Fitzroy)
Anderson, George (1906-1914)  (South Melbourne, University)
Anderson, George (1911-1917)  (Collingwood)
Anderson, Gordon (1947-1951)  (Hawthorn)
Anderson, Graeme (1961-1968)  (Carlton)
Anderson, Graeme (1970-1984)  (Port Melbourne, Collingwood)
Anderson, Greg (1983-1996)  (Port Adelaide, Australia, Essendon, Adelaide)
Anderson, Heather (2017)  (Adelaide WFC)
Anderson, Henry (1913)  (Fitzroy)
Anderson, Ian (1967-1974)  (Essendon, West Perth)
Anderson, J'Noemi (2023-2024)  (St. Kilda WFC)
Anderson, Jack (1931-1938)  (St. Kilda, West Perth)
Anderson, Jack (1932-1939)  (Richmond, North Melbourne)
Anderson, Jed (2012-2024)  (NT Thunder, Box Hill, Hawthorn, Werribee, North Melbourne, North Melbourne Reserves, Gold Coast)
Anderson, Jess (2017-2018)  (Melbourne WFC, Western Bulldogs WFC)
Anderson, Jim (1892-1905)  (Essendon)
Anderson, Jim (1954-1971)  (Darwin, West Perth)
Anderson, Joe (2007-2010)  (Carlton)
Anderson, John (1907)  (Essendon)
Anderson, Len (1956-1963)  (East Fremantle)
Anderson, Lindsay (1901-1906)  (Melbourne)
Anderson, Lyall (1957-1959)  (Footscray)
Anderson, Noah (2020-2024)  (Gold Coast)
Anderson, Noel (1959-1960)  (North Melbourne, Richmond)
Anderson, Peter (1964-1977)  (North Adelaide, Glenelg, Woodville)
Anderson, Ramsay (1910-1912)  (Essendon, University)
Anderson, Ray (1968-1969)  (South Melbourne)
Anderson, Richard (1986-1989)  (Norwood)
Anderson, Robert (1976-1991)  (Queanbeyan, Footscray)
Anderson Jnr, Sid (1939-1941)  (Melbourne)
Anderson, Stan (1919)  (Essendon)
Anderson, Stephen (1991)  (Collingwood)
Anderson, Stewart (1933-1938)  (St. Kilda, North Melbourne)
Anderson, Stuart (1994-1998)  (North Melbourne, Fremantle)
Anderson, Syd (1902-1907)  (Melbourne)
Anderson Snr, Syd (1909-1920)  (Port Melbourne)
Anderson, Syd (1976)  (South Melbourne)
Anderson, Tony (1963-1969)  (Melbourne)
Anderton, Bill (1954-1959)  (South Fremantle)
Andrew, Bruce (1928-1934)  (Collingwood)
Andrew, Bruce (1958)  (St. Kilda)
Andrew, George (1938)  (St. Kilda)
Andrew, Joe (1914)  (Carlton)
Andrew, Lauritz (1968-1975)  (Swan Districts)
Andrew, Mac (2022-2024)  (Gold Coast)
Andrew, Robin (1965)  (Melbourne)
Andrew-Street, Alf (1933-1934)  (Collingwood)
Andrews, Arthur (1903-1913)  (East Fremantle, East Perth)
Andrews, Bob (1962-1963)  (North Melbourne)
Andrews, Bobby (1959-1964)  (Box Hill)
Andrews, Brian (1952-1957)  (Queanbeyan-Acton, South Sydney, St. George, North Shore)
Andrews, Gareth (1965-1975)  (Geelong, Richmond)
Andrews, Gordon (1956)  (Richmond)
Andrews, Harris (2015-2024)  (Brisbane)
Andrews, Harry 'Skinny' (1936-1947)  (Swan Districts)
Andrews, Len (1946-1948)  (Hawthorn)
Andrews, Lyndon (1967-1974)  (Central District)
Andrews, Mike (1966-1972)  (Fitzroy)
Andrews, Norm (1936)  (Fitzroy)
Andrews, Ron (1973-1985)  (Essendon, Collingwood, West Adelaide)
Andriske, Jamie (1990-2001)  (West Adelaide)
Anesbury, Bob (1961-1970)  (Glenelg)
Angel, Taylah (2017)  (Fremantle WFC)
Angove, Damien (1992-1996)  (Sydney, Port Adelaide)
Angus, Geoff (1967-1973)  (Hawthorn)
Angus, George (1902-1911)  (Collingwood)
Angus, Les (1928)  (Collingwood)
Angus, Warwick (1989-1991)  (North Melbourne)
Angwin, Andy (1937-1944)  (Port Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Angwin, Bill (1913-1914)  (Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Angwin, Laurence (2003)  (Carlton)
Angwin, Ryan (2022-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney)
Annand, Bud (1956-1962)  (St. Kilda)
Annear, John (1978-1991)  (Claremont, Collingwood, Richmond, West Coast, South Fremantle)
Annesley, Bob (1939-1947)  (Swan Districts, Essendon)
Annois, William (1898-1904)  (Fremantle (Unions), South Fremantle, East Fremantle)
Anstey, Jacob (1997-1998)  (Carlton)
Answerth, Clarrie (1928-1929)  (Hawthorn)
Answerth, Noah (2019-2024)  (Brisbane)
Anthony, George (1926-1927)  (Footscray)
Anthony, Jack (2008-2016)  (Collingwood, Subiaco, Fremantle, Maribyrnong Park, Northern Bullants, Southport)
Anthony, Jaide (2023-2024)  (Sydney WFC)
Anthony, John (1972)  (St. Kilda)
Anthony, Liam (2009-2014)  (North Melbourne)
Anthony, Marianna (2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Anthony, Mick (1920-1926)  (Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Anton, Alan (1955)  (Fitzroy)
Antonie, Colin (1969-1971)  (St. Kilda)
Antonio, Ebony (2017-2024)  (Fremantle WFC)
Antonio, Kara (2017-2023)  (Fremantle WFC)
Antonowicz, David (2000)  (West Coast)
Antrobus, Tony (1981-1992)  (North Adelaide, Essendon, St. Kilda)
Apeness, Michael (2014-2018)  (Peel Thunder, Fremantle)
Aplin, Ken
Appleby, Flynn (2017-2020)  (North Ballarat, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Appleton, Alf (1907)  (Fitzroy)
Appleton, Rod (1975)  (Fitzroy)
Appleyard, Merv (1955-1968)  (Mayne, Wilston Grange)
Appleyard, Percy (1957-1960)  (South Melbourne)
Apted, Roy (1956-1968)  (North Launceston, St. Kilda, Launceston)
Arbon, Morrie (1945-1950)  (North Adelaide)
Arbrew, Jack (1909-1914)  (Geelong, Richmond)
Arceri, Mark (1984-1993)  (North Melbourne, Carlton, Williamstown, St. Kilda)
Arch, Bill (1958-1962)  (Carlton)
Archard, Rhys (2006-2010)  (South Adelaide, North Adelaide)
Archbold, Barry (1955)  (Carlton)
Archer, Artie (1898)  (St. Kilda)
Archer, Daniel (2011)  (St. Kilda)
Archer, Glenn (1992-2007)  (North Melbourne)
Archer, Jackson (2021-2024)  (North Melbourne Reserves, North Melbourne)
Archer, Joe (1899)  (Carlton)
Archer, Tim (1923-1924)  (St. Kilda)
Archibald, Des (1954-1958)  (West Perth)
Archibald, George (1941-1945)  (Melbourne)
Arklay, Tom (1933-1944)  (Geelong)
Armfield, Dennis (2005-2017)  (Swan Districts, Carlton)
Armfield, Mike (1979-1988)  (Glenelg, North Adelaide)
Armitage, David (2007-2019)  (St. Kilda)
Armitstead, Sophie (2017-2018)  (Adelaide WFC)
Armour, David (1974-1980)  (Geelong, East Perth, Norwood)
Armour, Wal (1944-1946)  (St. Kilda)
Armstrong, Barry (1958-1963)  (West Perth)
Armstrong, Barry (1969-1981)  (Carlton)
Armstrong, Bert (1907-1914)  (North Melbourne, Essendon, Essendon Association)
Armstrong, Bill (1958-1959)  (Carlton)
Armstrong, Bob (1897-1898)  (Carlton)
Armstrong, Bruce (1965-1966)  (Essendon)
Armstrong, Charlie (1912-1919)  (Geelong, Melbourne)
Armstrong, Jack (1922-1925)  (Balmain, St. Kilda)
Armstrong, Jack (1945-1969)  (South Sydney, Newtown, Liverpool)
Armstrong, Ken (1955-1963)  (Perth)
Armstrong, Les (1908-1920)  (Geelong)
Armstrong, Lou (1908-1915)  (Essendon, Essendon Association, West Melbourne)
Armstrong, Mac (1897)  (Geelong)
Armstrong, Matthew (1987-1996)  (Fitzroy, North Melbourne, Hobart)
Armstrong, Norm (1947-1948)  (Footscray)
Armstrong, Ossy (1915)  (Geelong)
Armstrong, Paul (1982)  (St. Kilda)
Armstrong, Steven (2002-2008)  (Sandringham, Melbourne, West Coast)
Armstrong, Tony (2009-2015)  (North Adelaide, Adelaide, Sydney Reserves, Sydney, Australia, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Armstrong, Warwick (1898-1900)  (South Melbourne)
Armstrong, Will (1911)  (University)
Arnell, Lauren (2017-2021)  (Carlton WFC, Brisbane WFC)
Arnol, Jody (1990-1991)  (St. Kilda)
Arnold, Damien (1992-2004)  (Central District)
Arnold, Frank (1899)  (South Melbourne)
Arnold, Gary (1963-1967)  (Richmond, Dandenong, Claremont)
Arnold, Harry (2018-2024)  (Gold Coast Reserves, Southport, Brisbane Reserves, Sydney)
Arnold, Lance (1946-1954)  (Melbourne)
Arnold, Paul (1977-1985)  (East Perth, South Fremantle)
Arnold, Paul (1980-1990)  (North Adelaide)
Arnot, Matthew (2013-2015)  (Richmond)
Arnott, Billy (1897)  (Carlton)
Arnott, George (1927)  (Hawthorn)
Arnott, Jack (1942-1944)  (Collingwood)
Arnott, Simon (1995-2005)  (Sydney, Geelong, Central District)
Arnott, Steve (1969)  (Melbourne)
Arrell, Dave (1934)  (Carlton)
Arthur, Alan (1928-1930)  (Essendon)
Arthur, Graham (1955-1968)  (Hawthorn)
Arthur, Harold (1941-1945)  (North Melbourne)
Arthur, Roy (1955-1959)  (Swan Districts)
Arthur, Vin (1926-1933)  (St. Kilda, Carlton)
Ash, Lachie (2020-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney)
Ashbolt, Brian (1954-1963)  (Perth)
Ashby, Bert (1928-1935)  (Hawthorn)
Ashby, Bob (1961-1965)  (Norwood)
Ashby, Harold  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Ashby, Jason (2013-2016)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
Ashby, Len (1921-1936)  (West Torrens)
Ashby, Ron (1947-1960)  (West Torrens)
Ashcroft, Marcus (1989-2003)  (Brisbane, Australia)
Ashcroft, Will (2022-2024)  (Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane)
Ashdown, Joe (1946)  (St. Kilda)
Ashdown, Ken (1949-1961)  (West Perth)
Ashley, Jack (1907-1919)  (Balmain, East Sydney, Port Adelaide)
Ashley, Matthew (1996-2004)  (Port Adelaide)
Ashman, George (1901)  (Collingwood)
Ashman, George (1952-1953)  (Fitzroy)
Ashman, Rod (1973-1986)  (Carlton)
Ashmore, Kaitlyn (2017-2024)  (Brisbane WFC, North Melbourne WFC, Hawthorn WFC)
Ashton, Ernie (1904)  (Carlton)
Ashton, Jim (1917)  (South Melbourne)
Ashworth, Max (1960-1966)  (Swan Districts)
Ashworth, Vic (1946-1954)  (Swan Districts)
Asling, Frank (1934-1936)  (Collingwood, Essendon, Hawthorn)
Aspinall, Dennis (1966-1967)  (Fitzroy)
Astbury, David (2010-2021)  (Coburg, Richmond, Richmond Reserves)
Astbury, Greg (1967-1972)  (West Perth)
Aston, Ian (1956-1962)  (Fitzroy)
Astone, Pat (1963-1972)  (Perth)
Astruc, Ivan (1897)  (Fitzroy)
Athanasiou, Michael (1980-2000)  (St. Mary's (NT), South Fremantle, West Torrens, Darwin)
Athorn, Mark (1987-1993)  (Footscray, Fitzroy, Sydney, Carlton)
Athorne, Wayne (1961)  (Hawthorn)
Atkin, Max (1944-1945)  (Geelong)
Atkin, Stuart (1980-1983)  (Collingwood)
Atkins, Ashlee (2018-2023)  (Fremantle WFC, West Coast WFC, Gold Coast WFC)
Atkins, Bert (1907-1919)  (South Melbourne, Essendon Association, St. Kilda)
Atkins, Edward (1894-1902)  (Norwood, West Perth, East Fremantle, Sturt)
Atkins, Ernie (1913-1914)  (University)
Atkins, Graeme (1982-1989)  (North Melbourne, Collingwood)
Atkins , J.A  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Atkins, Jack (1940)  (Melbourne)
Atkins, Mack (1952-1954)  (Hawthorn)
Atkins, Marty (1990-2003)  (South Fremantle)
Atkins, Noel (1945-1959)  (Hobart, North Launceston, Launceston, East Devonport)
Atkins, Paul (1992)  (Sydney)
Atkins, Rory (2013-2024)  (Sturt, Adelaide Reserves, Adelaide, Gold Coast)
Atkins, Roy (1930)  (North Melbourne)
Atkins, Simon (1987-2000)  (Footscray, Fitzroy, Werribee)
Atkins, Tom (2019-2024)  (Geelong)
Atkinson, Alan (1970-1980)  (Collingwood, Footscray)
Atkinson, Art (1898)  (Melbourne)
Atkinson, Bill (1898)  (Melbourne)
Atkinson, Bob (1935-1947)  (Coburg, Carlton, Northcote)
Atkinson, Bob (1952-1955)  (St. Kilda, South Melbourne)
Atkinson, Brodie (1990-2002)  (North Adelaide, St. Kilda, Sturt, Adelaide)
Atkinson, Dick (1955-1957)  (Melbourne)
Atkinson, George (1948-1954)  (Perth)
Atkinson, Jack (1950)  (Richmond)
Atkinson, Jarrod (2008-2010)  (Essendon)
Atkinson, Jim (1917-1930)  (Fitzroy, Lefroy)
Atkinson, John (1968)  (Fitzroy)
Atkinson, Ted (1946)  (North Melbourne)
Atkinson, Vic (1944)  (Hawthorn)
Atkinson, Wilf (1942)  (Carlton)
Atley, Joe (2016-2021)  (Geelong Reserves, Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, Essendon Reserves)
Atley, Shaun (2011-2021)  (North Ballarat, North Melbourne)
Attard, Jayden (2005-2007)  (Brisbane, St. Kilda)
Attard, Laura (2017-2018)  (Carlton WFC)
Attard, Mark (1992)  (North Melbourne)
Attenborough, Stan (1943-1944)  (North Melbourne)
Atwell, Mal (1958-1969)  (East Perth, Perth)
Aubrey, Bob (1945)  (St. Kilda)
Aubrey, Graeme (1968)  (Melbourne)
Auchettl, Ron (1966-1969)  (Carlton)
Audas, Pat (1952-1954)  (Richmond, Port Melbourne)
Audley, Shae (2017-2019)  (Carlton WFC)
Audsley, Jack (1915)  (Geelong)
August, Ashley (1959-1971)  (South Fremantle, East Fremantle)
Aumann, Ted (1919)  (Richmond)
Aurish, Ernie (1901)  (St. Kilda)
Austen, Bob (1942)  (Hawthorn)
Austen, Cec (1942)  (Hawthorn)
Austen, Col (1940-1959)  (Hawthorn, Richmond, Box Hill)
Austen, Geoff (1972-1982)  (Fitzroy, Collingwood, Preston)
Austin, Austin (1872-1882)  (Geelong)
Austin, Bill (1901-1908)  (Subiaco, Perth)
Austin, Graeme (1970-1974)  (Footscray)
Austin, Jack (1930-1938)  (South Melbourne)
Austin, Jack (1966-1972)  (St. Kilda, Fitzroy, Sandringham)
Austin, Logan (2012-2019)  (Belconnen Magpies, GWS Reserves, Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, Sandringham, St. Kilda)
Austin, Mark (2007-2014)  (Carlton, Williamstown, Western Bulldogs)
Austin, Matt (2009-2011)  (Brisbane)
Austin, Mia (2023-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Austin, Nelson (1909-1924)  (West Perth)
Austin, Rod (1972-1985)  (Carlton)
Avery, Bert (1927-1937)  (South Melbourne, Melbourne, Prahran, Camberwell)
Avery, Charles (1936-1939)  (Swan Districts)
Avery, Noel (1971-1977)  (East Fremantle, Glenelg)
Ayers, Fred (1937-1938)  (Carlton)
Aylett, Allen (1952-1964)  (North Melbourne)
Aylett, Kurt (2012-2014)  (GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney, Essendon)
Ayling, Bill (1903)  (Collingwood)
Aylwin, Harry (1897-1899)  (St. Kilda)
Ayre, Bella (2017-2018)  (Carlton WFC, Brisbane WFC)
Ayre, Ross (1955-1962)  (West Perth)
Ayres, Doug (1927-1931)  (Newtown, Footscray)
Ayres, Gary (1978-1993)  (Hawthorn)
Óg Murphy, Red (2019)  (North Melbourne Reserves)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.