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461 players found with last names beginning with J.

Jack, Brandon (2013-2017)  (Sydney)
Jack, Kieren (2007-2019)  (Sydney, Australia)
Jackman, Kevin (1965-1968)  (Footscray)
Jacks, David (1967)  (Richmond)
Jacks, Ron (1973)  (Footscray)
Jackson, Bill (1919-1930)  (Sturt, Glenelg, South Adelaide)
Jackson, Colin (1930)  (Melbourne)
Jackson, Daniel (2004-2014)  (Richmond)
Jackson, Darren (1984)  (Geelong)
Jackson, Dick (1957-1965)  (South Adelaide)
Jackson, Eddie (1947-1952)  (Melbourne)
Jackson, Francis (1973-1983)  (Richmond, South Melbourne)
Jackson, Fred (1907-1909)  (Essendon)
Jackson, Henry (1900)  (St. Kilda)
Jackson, Hugh (2024)  (Port Adelaide)
Jackson, Jim (1909-1926)  (St. Kilda, Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Jackson, Johnny (1907)  (South Melbourne)
Jackson, Keith (1919-1926)  (Sturt)
Jackson, Lou (1901-1902)  (South Melbourne)
Jackson, Luke (2020-2024)  (Melbourne, Fremantle)
Jackson, Mark (1979-1987)  (South Fremantle, Melbourne, St. Kilda, Geelong)
Jackson, Matthew (1995)  (St. Kilda)
Jackson, Newhaven (1898-1903)  (Essendon, St. Kilda)
Jackson, Percy (1914-1918)  (South Melbourne, St. Kilda, Carlton)
Jackson, Percy (1934)  (Footscray)
Jackson, Ray (1931-1932)  (North Melbourne)
Jackson, Ricky (1986-1991)  (Melbourne, Australia)
Jackson, Ryan (2006-2008)  (Carlton)
Jackson, Stevan (1989-1993)  (West Coast, Richmond)
Jackson, Syd (1941-1942)  (North Melbourne)
Jackson, Syd (1963-1977)  (East Perth, Carlton, Glenelg)
Jackson, Tom (1903)  (Melbourne)
Jackson, Tom (1934-1941)  (West Adelaide)
Jackson, Tommy (1906-1907)  (St. Kilda)
Jackson, Victor (1912)  (Collingwood)
Jackson, Wayne (1965-1971)  (West Torrens)
Jackson, Webber (1930-1932)  (Melbourne)
Jackson, William (1896-1902)  (South Adelaide, Sturt, West Adelaide)
Jacky, Jarrhan (2008)  (Adelaide)
Jacob, Lindsay (1969-1981)  (North Melbourne, Kedron, Ulverstone, Sherwood)
Jacobs, Ben (2011-2018)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, North Ballarat, North Melbourne, Werribee)
Jacobs, Danny (1999-2007)  (Essendon, Hawthorn)
Jacobs, Graeme (1964-1970)  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Jacobs, Graham (1959-1963)  (Richmond)
Jacobs, Harry (1938-1939)  (Fitzroy, Hawthorn)
Jacobs, Les (1938)  (North Melbourne)
Jacobs, Lou (1906)  (Fitzroy)
Jacobs, Sam (2006-2020)  (Woodville West Torrens, Carlton, Adelaide, Adelaide Reserves, Greater Western Sydney)
Jacobsen, Alby (1925-1933)  (South Melbourne, Essendon)
Jacobsen, Allan (1939-1945)  (Footscray)
Jacobson, Bob (1903)  (Carlton)
Jacotine, Craig (1999-2000)  (Collingwood)
Jacques, Kodi (2020-2024)  (Richmond WFC, Essendon WFC)
Jacquier, Stan (1933-1938)  (Port Adelaide)
Jacquier, Steve (1980-1991)  (Woodville, Woodville West Torrens)
Jaensch, Matthew (2008-2015)  (Sturt, Adelaide)
Jaeschke, Sam
Jaffer, Stan (1928-1935)  (South Adelaide)
Jager, Ben (1977-1983)  (West Perth)
Jaggard, Basil (1952-1959)  (Port Adelaide)
Jago, Les (1933-1934)  (St. Kilda)
Jakobsson, Bianca (2017-2024)  (Carlton WFC, Melbourne WFC, St. Kilda WFC)
Jakovich, Allen (1985-1996)  (South Fremantle, Woodville, Melbourne, Footscray)
Jakovich, Glen (1989-2004)  (South Fremantle, West Coast, Australia)
Jaksch, Kristian (2013-2017)  (GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney, Northern Bullants, Carlton)
Jamar, Mark (2001-2016)  (North Adelaide, Melbourne, Casey, Essendon)
James, Aaron (1994-2002)  (Collingwood, Richmond, Western Bulldogs)
James, Bert (1947)  (Richmond)
James, Bill (1957)  (Geelong)
James, Billy (1920)  (Richmond)
James, Brett (1990-2006)  (Norwood, Collingwood, Adelaide)
James, Charlie (1899-1904)  (South Melbourne)
James, Eddy (1897-1900)  (Geelong)
James, Eliza (2022-2024)  (Collingwood WFC)
James, Ernie (1905-1906)  (Geelong)
James, Frank (1899-1904)  (South Adelaide, Sturt)
James, Fred (1908)  (Geelong)
James, Harry (1897)  (Fitzroy)
James, Heath (1999-2004)  (Sydney)
James, Hughie (1909-1923)  (Richmond)
James, Jack (1915-1926)  (St. Kilda, Richmond)
James, John (1953-1963)  (Carlton)
James, Les 'Jack' (1909-1915)  (Geelong)
James, Mal (1927)  (Essendon)
James, Malcolm (1945-1951)  (West Adelaide)
James, Max (1971-1984)  (Port Adelaide, South Melbourne)
James, Michael (1991)  (Carlton)
James, Richard (1901-1909)  (Port Adelaide)
James, Roger (1995-2005)  (Norwood, Port Adelaide)
James, Ron (1930)  (Footscray)
James, Ron (1955-1957)  (North Melbourne)
James, Ron (1987-1989)  (Footscray)
James, Roy (1923-1924)  (Melbourne)
James, Shadrach (1940-1941)  (Fitzroy)
James, Stephen (1985-1990)  (Richmond)
James, Syd (1919)  (Geelong)
James, Syd (1921-1925)  (Glenelg, South Melbourne, Hawthorn)
James, Ted (1915)  (St. Kilda)
Jameson, Rod (1989-1999)  (Glenelg, Adelaide)
Jamieson, Callum (2022-2024)  (West Coast)
Jamieson, Ernie (1909-1922)  (Carlton)
Jamieson, Les (1910)  (St. Kilda)
Jamieson, Neil (1966-1969)  (West Adelaide)
Jamieson, Nick (2014-2017)  (Footscray)
Jamieson, Ray (1977-1978)  (South Melbourne)
Jamison, Michael (2007-2016)  (Carlton)
Jamison, Sam (1926-1929)  (Richmond)
Jane, Harry (1911-1914)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
Jansen, Jarrad (2014-2017)  (Geelong Reserves, Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane)
Janz, Alicia (2017-2021)  (Fremantle WFC, West Coast WFC)
Jaques, Georgie (2023-2024)  (Port Adelaide WFC)
Jarman, Andrew (1983-1997)  (North Adelaide, Australia, Norwood, Adelaide)
Jarman, Ben (2016-2021)  (North Adelaide, Adelaide Reserves)
Jarman, Darren (1985-2001)  (North Adelaide, Hawthorn, Adelaide)
Jarman, Laurie (1955)  (Fitzroy)
Jarrad, Luke (2006-2014)  (Woodville West Torrens)
Jarrard, Ted (1944-1953)  (North Melbourne)
Jarrett, Bruce (1959-1970)  (Sturt)
Jarrett, Grant (1935-1938)  (Sturt)
Jarrott, Alan (1977-1986)  (North Melbourne, Melbourne)
Jarry, Les (1948-1949)  (South Melbourne)
Jarvis, Andrew (1982-1990)  (Norwood, South Adelaide)
Jarvis, Ben (2019-2021)  (Geelong Reserves, Geelong)
Jarvis, Carlisle 'Bub' (1924-1937)  (East Fremantle)
Jarvis, Max (1925-1934)  (West Adelaide)
Jarvis, Noel (1944-1952)  (Fitzroy)
Jaska, Josh (2018)  (Gold Coast Reserves)
Jasper, Howard (1940-1946)  (South Melbourne)
Jaworskyj, Bohdan (1965-1978)  (North Adelaide, Hawthorn)
Jeanneret, Henri (1898-1904)  (South Melbourne, Melbourne)
Jeans, Allan (1955-1959)  (St. Kilda)
Jeeves, Frank (1947-1954)  (North Melbourne)
Jefferies, Ben (2009-2015)  (Norwood)
Jeffers, Jim (1935)  (North Melbourne)
Jeffers, Max (1950)  (Melbourne)
Jefferson, Matthew (2024)  (Melbourne)
Jeffrey, Bernie (1956)  (South Melbourne)
Jeffrey, Joel (2021-2024)  (Gold Coast)
Jeffrey, Neil (1939)  (North Melbourne)
Jeffrey, Russell (1987-1992)  (St. Kilda, Brisbane)
Jeffreys, Harold (1946-1953)  (East Fremantle)
Jeffreys, Paul (1977-1985)  (Geelong)
Jeffries, Mark (1993-2005)  (North Adelaide, Woodville West Torrens)
Jeffries, Shirley (1907-1908)  (Norwood, Sturt)
Jeffries, Tom (2018)  (North Melbourne Reserves)
Jeka, Emerson (2021-2024)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn, Geelong)
Jencke, Ray (1986-1997)  (Hawthorn)
Jenkin, Alan (1984)  (St. Kilda)
Jenkin, Graeme (1964-1976)  (Collingwood, Essendon)
Jenkin, Horrie (1916-1928)  (Fitzroy)
Jenkins, Barney (1907)  (Essendon)
Jenkins, Billy (1938)  (Richmond)
Jenkins, Charlie (1898)  (Fitzroy)
Jenkins, Danny (1976-1985)  (Norwood)
Jenkins, Dennis (1967-1968)  (Hawthorn)
Jenkins, Ernie (1897-1910)  (Fitzroy)
Jenkins, Frank 'Scranno' (1937-1949)  (South Fremantle)
Jenkins, Jimmy (1921-1935)  (St. Kilda, Coburg, Brunswick)
Jenkins, John (1955-1964)  (Richmond, North Melbourne)
Jenkins, Josh (2011-2021)  (Bendigo, Sturt, Adelaide, Adelaide Reserves, Geelong, Geelong Reserves)
Jenkins, Tommy (1921-1927)  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
Jenkins, Wal (1917)  (South Melbourne)
Jenkinson, Jim (1962-1963)  (Melbourne)
Jenkinson, Keith (1947)  (South Melbourne)
Jenkinson, Noel (1975-1981)  (Richmond, South Melbourne)
Jenkyn, Edwin (1897)  (Melbourne)
Jennings, Allan (1982)  (Footscray)
Jennings, Bill (1902)  (St. Kilda)
Jennings, Danny (1969-1970)  (Melbourne)
Jennings, Geoff (1974-1983)  (Footscray)
Jennings, Jack (1897-1898)  (St. Kilda)
Jennings, Johnny (1936)  (St. Kilda)
Jensen, Allan (1943-1944)  (Hawthorn)
Jenzen, Graham (1965-1974)  (Perth)
Jericho, Luke (2004-2012)  (Adelaide, Norwood)
Jerram, Doug (1941-1947)  (Geelong)
Jerram, George (1926-1935)  (Geelong, North Melbourne)
Jesaulenko, Alex (1967-1981)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
Jess, Jim (1976-1988)  (Richmond)
Jessop, Charlie (1901-1910)  (North Adelaide)
Jessop, Russell (1976-1977)  (Collingwood)
Jetta, Leroy (2007-2014)  (Essendon, Australia)
Jetta, Lewis (2009-2020)  (Swan Districts, Sydney, Sydney Reserves, Australia, East Perth, West Coast)
Jetta, Neville (2008-2024)  (Bunbury, Swan Districts, Casey, Melbourne, Casey Reserves, Australia, Collingwood Reserves, Bundoora, Fitzroy Stars)
Jewell, Alan (1955)  (Hawthorn)
Jewell, Graham (1963-1977)  (Wilston Grange)
Jewell, Nick (1997)  (Richmond)
Jewell, Tony (1964-1970)  (Richmond)
Jewitt, Jim (1955)  (St. Kilda)
Jez, Mick (1979-1980)  (Carlton)
Jiath, Changkuoth (2019-2024)  (Hawthorn)
Jiath, Tew (2024)  (Collingwood)
Jillard, John (1958-1970)  (Footscray)
Jinks, Fred (1904-1912)  (Footscray, Eaglehawk, Carlton, North Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
Job, Rex (1931)  (Carlton)
Jobling, Andrew (1983-1987)  (St. Kilda)
Jobson, Jack (1924-1926)  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Johannisen, Jason (2011-2024)  (Williamstown, Western Bulldogs, Footscray)
John, Gareth (1990-1994)  (Sydney, North Melbourne)
John, Graeme (1959-1970)  (East Perth, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
Johncock, Graham (2001-2013)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Adelaide, Australia)
Johns, Alwyn (1913-1920)  (Geelong)
Johns, Andrew (1990-1995)  (Sturt)
Johns, Courtney (2005-2008)  (Essendon)
Johns, Ernie (1902-1914)  (North Adelaide)
Johns, Garry (1984)  (Geelong)
Johns, Harry (1912-1922)  (Norwood)
Johns, Harry (1926-1928)  (Footscray)
Johns, Hughie (1900)  (Essendon)
Johns, Joe (1928-1932)  (Norwood)
Johns, Keith (1919-1925)  (Geelong)
Johns, Kevin (1968-1976)  (Central District)
Johns, Mick (1976-1987)  (Mines Rovers, Subiaco, Swan Districts)
Johns, Rexie (1954-1963)  (Port Adelaide)
Johnson, Aidyn (2016-2019)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide)
Johnson, Alan (1975-1990)  (Perth, Melbourne)
Johnson, Alex (2011-2018)  (Sydney)
Johnson, Annabel (2022-2024)  (Geelong WFC, West Coast WFC)
Johnson, Ash (2017-2024)  (North Wangaratta, Howlong, Scotch OC, Sturt Reserves, Sturt, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Johnson, Ben (2000-2013)  (Collingwood)
Johnson, Ben (2019-2021)  (West Perth, West Coast Reserves)
Johnson, Bert (1957-1968)  (West Adelaide, North Melbourne)
Johnson, Bill (1902-1905)  (South Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Johnson, Bill (1907-1912)  (Essendon, Carlton)
Johnson, Blaine (2014-2015)  (Carlton)
Johnson Snr, Bob (1926-1933)  (Melbourne)
Johnson, Bob (1928-1935)  (Port Adelaide)
Johnson Jnr, Bob (1954-1973)  (Melbourne, East Fremantle, Subiaco, Oakleigh)
Johnson, Bob 'Tassie' (1956-1969)  (North Launceston, Melbourne)
Johnson, Brad (1994-2010)  (Footscray, Australia)
Johnson, Brett (2000-2005)  (Hawthorn, Carlton)
Johnson, Brian (1953-1956)  (North Melbourne)
Johnson, Bruce (1959-1964)  (Norwood)
Johnson, Charlie (1907)  (Melbourne)
Johnson, Chris (1994-2007)  (Fitzroy, Brisbane, Australia)
Johnson, Chris (2005-2010)  (Melbourne, Carlton)
Johnson, David (2002-2009)  (Geelong)
Johnson, Doug (1948-1949)  (North Melbourne)
Johnson, Edmund (1904)  (South Melbourne)
Johnson, Eric (1925-1934)  (Norwood)
Johnson, Frank (1936-1937)  (Geelong)
Johnson, Frank (1950-1964)  (Port Melbourne, South Warrnambool, South Melbourne)
Johnson, Frank (1964-1965)  (Footscray, Fitzroy)
Johnson, Fred (1918-1924)  (Carlton)
Johnson, George 'Mallee' (1904-1913)  (Richmond, Carlton, North Melbourne, Melbourne City, Prahran)
Johnson, Harvey (1932)  (Hawthorn)
Johnson, Herb (1897)  (Collingwood)
Johnson, Jack (1907-1908)  (Melbourne)
Johnson, Jack (1947)  (Essendon)
Johnson, Jason (1997-2008)  (Essendon, Australia)
Johnson, Joe (1904-1906)  (Fitzroy)
Johnson, Kane (1996-2008)  (Adelaide, Richmond)
Johnson, Lachie (2021)  (Essendon Reserves)
Johnson, Len (1929-1933)  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
Johnson, Les (1927-1928)  (Carlton)
Johnson, Les (1936)  (Footscray)
Johnson, Lily (2022B-2024)  (Port Adelaide WFC, Melbourne WFC)
Johnson, Lloyd (1934-1938)  (North Melbourne)
Johnson, Mark (1999-2008)  (Essendon, Fremantle)
Johnson, Matt (1977-1981)  (Footscray)
Johnson, Matthew (2021-2024)  (Subiaco, Fremantle)
Johnson, Maurie 'Mocha' (1927-1937)  (Carlton, South Melbourne)
Johnson, Michael (2002-2018)  (Perth, Fremantle, Peel Thunder)
Johnson, Paul (1984)  (North Melbourne)
Johnson, Paul (2003-2011)  (West Coast, Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Johnson, Percy (1951-1962)  (East Fremantle, Swan Districts, Claremont)
Johnson, Percy (1951-1955)  (North Melbourne)
Johnson, Peter (1997-2003)  (South Adelaide)
Johnson, Robbie (1976-1982)  (South Fremantle, East Fremantle)
Johnson, Ron (1961-1962)  (Richmond)
Johnson, Ross (1971-1972)  (Hawthorn)
Johnson, Roy (1911-1912)  (Carlton)
Johnson, Samantha (2020-2022B)  (St. Kilda WFC, Melbourne WFC)
Johnson, Steve (2002-2017)  (Geelong, Australia, Greater Western Sydney)
Johnson, Ted (1923-1931)  (South Melbourne)
Johnson, Ted (1966-1969)  (Hawthorn)
Johnson, Trevor (1955-1962)  (Melbourne)
Johnson, Troy (1996)  (Brisbane)
Johnson, Vic (1923-1934)  (Port Adelaide, Lefroy)
Johnson, Wal (1936)  (Footscray)
Johnson, Wally (1907-1919)  (Fitzroy)
Johnson, Will (2011)  (St. Kilda)
Johnston, Alex (1906-1908)  (Carlton, Richmond)
Johnston, Allan (1928)  (Fitzroy)
Johnston, Andrew (1990-1991)  (Fitzroy)
Johnston, Arch (1890-1908)  (Port Melbourne, West Melbourne)
Johnston, Bert (1929-1935)  (Sturt)
Johnston, Bill (1884-1891)  (Hotham, Port Melbourne)
Johnston, Bob (1950-1952)  (Melbourne)
Johnston, Chris (1935-1942)  (Port Adelaide)
Johnston, David (1977-1979)  (Glenelg)
Johnston, David (1987-1994)  (Essendon, Fitzroy)
Johnston, Gary (1963-1964)  (South Melbourne)
Johnston, George (1897-1898)  (Melbourne)
Johnston, George (1897)  (Carlton)
Johnston, George 'Blue' (1927-1940)  (Glenelg, Penola)
Johnston, Gerald (1914)  (University)
Johnston, Graeme (1962-1967)  (Essendon)
Johnston, Harold (1925-1927)  (North Melbourne)
Johnston, Harvey (2023-2024)  (Sandringham, West Coast)
Johnston, Lewis (2011-2015)  (Sydney, North Adelaide, Adelaide)
Johnston, Lionel (1946-1950)  (Hawthorn)
Johnston, Lloyd (2023-2024)  (Gold Coast)
Johnston, Michael (1991-1995)  (Hawthorn, Footscray)
Johnston, Peter (1976-1986)  (Melbourne, Geelong)
Johnston, Peter (1977-1979)  (Fitzroy)
Johnston, Ray (1966-1970)  (North Melbourne)
Johnston, Russell (1980-1990)  (Collingwood, Port Adelaide)
Johnston, Teddy (1915-1919)  (Melbourne)
Johnston, Terry (1965-1969)  (Morningside)
Johnston, Walter (1908)  (Richmond)
Johnston, Wayne (1975-1991)  (Prahran, Carlton, Australia, Sturt)
Johnstone, Bill (1929)  (North Melbourne)
Johnstone, Bill (1941)  (Collingwood)
Johnstone, Dion (2017-2018)  (Casey)
Johnstone, Doug (1926-1928)  (Footscray)
Johnstone, Murray (1945)  (St. Kilda)
Johnstone, Norm (1944-1957)  (Fitzroy)
Johnstone, Robert (1962-1963)  (Collingwood)
Johnstone, Travis (1998-2010)  (Melbourne, Brisbane)
Joiner, Bill (1961-1962)  (Hawthorn)
Joiner, John (1955-1956)  (North Melbourne)
Jok, Tom (2016-2019)  (Frankston, Collingwood Reserves, Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
Jolley, Ben (2005-2023)  (Bendigo, Essendon, Williamstown, Port Melbourne, Essendon Reserves)
Jolley, Stephen (1970)  (Hawthorn)
Jolliffe, Deanna (2022B-2023)  (St. Kilda WFC)
Jolly, Darren (2001-2013)  (Melbourne, Sydney, Collingwood)
Jolly, Hayden (2011)  (Gold Coast)
Jolly, Jim (1898)  (South Melbourne)
Jolly, Norman (1899-1902)  (Norwood, Sturt)
Jolly, Randall (1984-1991)  (Woodville, Woodville West Torrens)
Jolly, Sarah (2017)  (Melbourne WFC)
Jona, Jacob (1908)  (Norwood)
Jonas, David (1965-1971)  (West Adelaide)
Jonas, Peter (1977-1990)  (Central District, North Melbourne)
Jonas, Tom (2010-2023)  (Norwood, Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide Magpies)
Jones, Jasper (1885-1893)  (Williamstown, Carlton)
Jones, Alf (1908-1909)  (Melbourne)
Jones, Anthony (1994-2008)  (Claremont, Fremantle, South Fremantle)
Jones, Arthur (1912-1914)  (Lefroy, Fitzroy)
Jones, Arthur (2023-2024)  (Western Bulldogs)
Jones, Aussie (1995-2005)  (St. Kilda, Australia)
Jones, Bernie (1973-1980)  (Hawthorn, Essendon)
Jones, Bill (1911-1912)  (Richmond)
Jones, Bill (1915)  (Geelong)
Jones, Bill (1920)  (Geelong)
Jones, Bill (1931-1936)  (Carlton, North Melbourne)
Jones, Bill (1941)  (Fitzroy)
Jones, Bill (1954-1964)  (Collingwood, Oakleigh)
Jones, Bob (1988-1989)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Brent (1966-1971)  (Melbourne)
Jones, Brett (2004-2010)  (West Coast)
Jones, Chad (2004-2008)  (North Melbourne, West Coast)
Jones, Charlie (1914-1915)  (South Melbourne)
Jones, Chayce (2019-2024)  (Adelaide)
Jones, Clinton (2007-2014)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Corey (2001-2010)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Courtney (2022-2024)  (Carlton WFC, Gold Coast WFC, Richmond WFC)
Jones, Darcy (2022-2024)  (Swan Districts, Greater Western Sydney)
Jones, Dennis (1956-1962)  (Melbourne)
Jones, Dick (1944-1956)  (East Fremantle, Boulder City, South Melbourne, Glenelg)
Jones, Don (1950-1959)  (South Adelaide)
Jones, Edgar (1928)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Eloise (2018-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Jones, Ernie (1894-1901)  (South Adelaide, North Adelaide, Port Adelaide)
Jones, Ernie (1897-1898)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Fred (1941-1942)  (Hawthorn)
Jones, Garmah (1936)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Geoff (1954-1956)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Geoff (1965)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Gordon (1935-1940)  (Melbourne)
Jones, Graham (1986)  (Sydney)
Jones, Greg (1991)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Harrison (2021-2024)  (Essendon)
Jones, Harry (1936-1938)  (Collingwood)
Jones, Harry (2018-2020)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Jones, Herb (1936-1944)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Horrie (1910-1911)  (Collingwood)
Jones, Ian (1954-1961)  (North Melbourne, Sandringham)
Jones, Jack (1908-1913)  (University)
Jones, Jack (1908-1910)  (South Melbourne)
Jones, Jack (1946-1957)  (Essendon, Albury)
Jones, Jamaine (2017-2024)  (Geelong Reserves, Geelong, West Coast)
Jones, Jessica (2022B-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Jones, Jim (1939-1946)  (Carlton)
Jones, Jimmy (1911)  (Essendon)
Jones, Jockie (1920-1926)  (Geelong)
Jones, Jordan (2010)  (West Coast)
Jones, Ken (1957-1961)  (Fitzroy)
Jones, Lachie (2020-2024)  (Woodville West Torrens, Port Adelaide)
Jones, Les (1928-1941)  (East Fremantle, Melbourne)
Jones, Les (1929)  (Hawthorn)
Jones, Les (1931)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Les (1932)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Les (1944-1949)  (Richmond)
Jones, Lewis (1904)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Liam (2010-2024)  (Williamstown, Western Bulldogs, Footscray, Northern Bullants, Carlton, Palm Beach Currumbin)
Jones, Llew (1900)  (Essendon)
Jones, Lloyd (1930-1935)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Malcolm 'Emmy' (1965-1968)  (Sturt)
Jones, Matt (2012-2016)  (Box Hill, Melbourne, Casey)
Jones, Nathan (2006-2021)  (Sandringham, Melbourne, Casey)
Jones, Odin (2024)  (Fremantle)
Jones, Percy (1929)  (Geelong)
Jones, Peter 'Percy' (1965-1979)  (North Hobart, Carlton)
Jones, Ray (1946)  (South Melbourne)
Jones, Ray (1946-1949)  (Collingwood, Melbourne)
Jones, Ray (1950)  (Geelong)
Jones, Rowan (1998-2007)  (West Coast)
Jones, Sam (1994)  (St. Kilda)
Jones, Scott (2017-2019)  (East Perth, Peel Thunder, Fremantle)
Jones, Stan (1931)  (Fitzroy)
Jones, Teddy (1930)  (Geelong)
Jones, Tom (1925-1931)  (Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Jones, Tom (1926)  (Footscray)
Jones, Tom (1951-1954)  (Carlton, Footscray)
Jones, Trevor (1940)  (North Melbourne)
Jones, Warren (1976-1988)  (Morningside, Carlton, St. Kilda)
Jones, Zak (2014-2024)  (Sydney Reserves, Sydney, St. Kilda)
Jong, Lin (2012-2021)  (Williamstown, Western Bulldogs, Footscray)
Joniec, Tad (1969-1971)  (Footscray)
Jonson, Graeme (1960-1963)  (Collingwood)
Joolen, Herb (1912-1914)  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Jordan, Bill (1930)  (South Melbourne)
Jordan, Norm (1913)  (Melbourne)
Jordon, Clarrie (1934-1936)  (Richmond)
Jordon, James (2019-2024)  (Casey, Melbourne, Sydney)
Jordon, Ray (1957-1962)  (Coburg)
Jorgensen, Barney (1942-1943)  (Hawthorn, St. Kilda)
Jorgensen, Frank (1923-1927)  (Geelong, Melbourne)
Jory, Bill (1938)  (North Melbourne)
Jory, Percy (1912-1920)  (St. Kilda)
Jory, Ron (1945-1946)  (Essendon)
Jose, Horrie (1915-1919)  (Collingwood)
Jose, Max (1953-1957)  (Hawthorn)
Joseph, Aaron (2009-2013)  (Carlton)
Joseph, Glenn (1970-1973)  (North Melbourne)
Joslin, Graeme (1969-1971)  (Footscray)
Joyce, Alan (1961-1965)  (Hawthorn)
Joyce, Darragh (2017-2024)  (Sandringham, St. Kilda, Brisbane)
Joyce, Jesse (2015-2020)  (Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast)
Joyce, Jimmy (1931)  (Footscray)
Joyce, Tom (1923-1925)  (South Melbourne)
Joyce, Tom (2019-2021)  (Brisbane Reserves)
Judd, Ben (1990-1997)  (Sturt)
Judd, Chris (2002-2015)  (Australia, East Perth, West Coast, Carlton, Northern Bullants)
Judd, Colin (1973)  (Hawthorn)
Judd, John (1955-1961)  (South Adelaide)
Judd, Peter (1962-1970)  (South Adelaide)
Judd, Wayne (1969)  (Richmond)
Judge, Ken (1975-1988)  (East Fremantle, Hawthorn, Brisbane)
Judkins, Stan (1926-1936)  (Northcote, Richmond)
Judson, Wayne (1971-1977)  (St. Kilda)
Julian, Jack (1904-1909)  (St. Kilda, Prahran)
Julier, Ray (1932-1945)  (Port Melbourne)
Jungwirth, Ken (1966-1967)  (Melbourne, Carlton)
Junker, Oscar (2018)  (North Melbourne Reserves)
Junker, Shane (1966-1974)  (Coorparoo)
Jurica, Stephen (1995-1997)  (Richmond)
Jurrah, Liam (2008-2022)  (Yuendumu, Old Xaverians, Collingwood Reserves, Casey Reserves, Casey, Melbourne, South Alice Springs, Tiwi Islands, Kilcunda Bass, Western Aranda, Wanderers, West Alice Springs)
Juttner, Lance (1938-1941)  (West Torrens)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.