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Tasmania and the AFL

Comment - What an amazing list of footballers to have come out of Tassie over the decades. Now that we're at 18 teams, with the newest teams copping frightful hidings, it's impossible to picture the league ever growing beyond that number. This means that the
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Article by Tim Lane, 9th Jul


Comment - It's also worth noting, and this is touched on in the article, that "to barrack" is one of those words that have undergone a complete reversal in meaning over the course of many decades. The Macquarie tells us that the obsolete meaning of the word i
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Article by Brian Membrey, 22nd Jun


Comment - "To barrack" and "barrackers" is perhaps the most important contribution Australian Football has made to the English language, with a bit of doubt still existing around the origins of the word. Of course, Australian Football has made many contributi
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Article by Brian Membrey, 22nd Jun

The Football Jubilee: How the game started

Comment - How pertinent is that - in the earliest years of the game, the captain for South Yarra once claimed a free kick, on the ground that an opponent had contemptuously referred to him as "a lump of blubber." Perhaps our first recorded case of sledging??
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Article by Donald MacDonald, 13th Jun

Some famous footballers from 1858 to 1900

Comment - This article was published in 1908, clearly to help celebrate 50 years of Australian Football. It refers to the Carnival held that same year, to celebrate 50 years, and it's also worth noting that the then Prime Minister mentions the 50th anniversar
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Article by Markwell, 21st Jun

The propaganda round - June 14-16, 1952

Comment - It's an interesting part of VFL history this particular weekend. I can recall first coming across it in the Footy Record many years ago (a reference to the round). It's an unusual mix of venues, with Yallourn and Euroa getting the nod over Ballarat
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Article by Michael Rees, 13th Jun

The pride of South Australia

Comment - Some reasonable grounds for complaint there, and well articulated by Bernard. As a Victorian, I'm old enough to recall that the top sides of the SANFL in the late 70s were the equal of many VFL sides, as evidenced by some of the wins by SANFL clubs
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Article by Bernard Whimpress, 13th Jun

A tribute to Polly - WA's finest

Comment - I really enjoyed this Nathan, well done. I came to footy almost a decade after Polly had returned to his home state, and my earlierst rec0llections of watching a great ruckman was Gary Dempsey playing for Footscray and Victoria, winning the Brownlo
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Article by Nathan Jarvis, 20th Jun
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Just love Australian Football history.

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Gary Dempsey; Kelvin Templeton; Doug Hawkins; Chris Grant

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Defeating Collingwood after the siren at the Western Oval in 1984.


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