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jon INGE

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AFL: Adelaide (SA)

Local: North Adelaide (SA)

About Me

As a teen was a trainer during North's golden age winning 71-72 grand finals and narrowly missed 1973 grand final against Glenelg Trialled as a North under 17 but never received a transfer from South Adelaide , so played with St Peters YCW and later Modbury Hawks After being a trainer at North until 1976 became a teacher and coached junior football sides at St Pauls College and St Peters College from 1979 to 2011 , where I coached teams at all levels except year 8 and Ist XVIII, but mainly year 9. Some of the exceptional young men i have been fortunate enough to coach include Stuart O"Grady ( Olympic cyclist) Paul Rogers ( Australian basketball) Sean Wellman (Essendon) Tom Harley ( Geelong) Phil Davis ( Adelaide, Greater Western Sydney )

Favourite Players

Barrie Robran - inspirational role model Adelaide Crows Neil Sachse John Riley Jarman brothers

Favourite Moment

1973 grand final - north had hit front with just minutes to go. As a fifteen year old kid i ran out drinks and over excited about winning. Barrie Robran told me to ^**& off the game hadn't been won. Five minutes later North had lost , grown men wept in despair . In the gloom , standing quietly in the corner , Barrie Robran came over and apologised for swearing at me -inspirational and a gentlemen - to think of a kid at such a time and maintain what he knows was right


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