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1911 revisited: Round 16

Comment - One remarkable fact is that for many years Essendon’s score was listed as 23-20 (158), four points less than the record highest score by Geelong twelve seasons ago. I do not know when it was altered to 24-19, does anybody else? Also, University
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Article by John Butler, 3rd Aug

1911 revisited: Round 13

Comment - The game between Collingwood and Essendon was the 31st game where both sides scored three or fewer goals in fifteen VFL seasons. Although scoring had already increased substantially in the previous dozen seasons – from 37 points per team per game t
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Article by John Butler, 12th Jul

The SAFL and the Great War

Comment - One notable and possibly critical facet of Port’s record 1914 season is that it occurred in a year as dry as recent winters controlled by man-made global warming (regarding which nobody can be permitted to forget that Australia is alongside the Gul
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Article by Trevor Gyss, 19th Mar

Backing up after breaking a drought

Comment - Hawthorn’s 1962 case, more than anything, illustrates how much that season was a turning point in VFL/AFL history. In a long-winded way, the modern national competition can be traced to that season. Between 1937 and 1961, apart from the uncompet
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Article by Andrew Gigacz, 7th Jan

1919: Dawn of a new Dogs era

Comment - One of the striking things is that Footscray – the wealthiest club by far and most successful in the early 1920s VFA – were excluded from early discussion about a tenth club in favour of Hawthorn, Brighton and Prahran. Even within the VFA, Haw
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Article by Andrew Gigacz, 8th Nov

The death of Doug Strang

Comment - Doug Strang seems to have hit the League like a meteor – even against a team that was in the middle of a 33-game losing streak, fourteen goals on a second appearance is a sensation. What seems to have weakened Strang is his inability to cope wit
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Article by Jim Blake, 18th Mar

The moment that cursed Richmond

Comment - A strange thought! I can’t understand why the streaker – on a cool, grey day during the driest football season in VFL history until the “magic gate” of 1997/1998 – would have had such an effect on Richmond in the long term. During the 19
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Article by Andrew Gigacz, 5th Jul

Templeton's time

Comment - 19 marks would have been wonderful on paper – looking at the 1989 Football Year no one had more than seventeen in a match, and having that many under the longer, lower kicking of the pre-Docklands era would be much more difficult in theory at least
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Article by Michael Rees, 21st Oct

A Hall of Fame Oversight

Comment - Templeton’s record, whilst a record for the V/AFL, has been frequently surpassed in the WA(N)FL and SANFL. The most notable case – by a much older Hall of Fame oversight – was of course by West Perth’s Ted Tyson in 1938 and 1939, who kicke
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Article by Michael Rees, 8th Jun

Mick Malthouse - 40 years on

Comment - Michael, the unbalanced character of the 1989 team is pretty obvious from the figures which show they had the third best defence in the league, yet clearly the worst attack! I admit their defence was flattered by the wet conditions and by a couple
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Article by Michael Rees, 19th Jul

Mick Malthouse - 40 years on

Comment - This study of Footscray is very familiar - in 1989 the Bulldogs were actually a very strong team in the back three-fifths of the ground despite their poor record, probably just as strong as in 1985. Hawkins was still in superb form and Terry Wallace,
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Article by Michael Rees, 19th Jul

The day David downed Goliath

Comment - It’s strange the people said the same thing about East Perth in the 1961 WAFL Grand Final, when Swan Districts did the same thing to Farmer in his last game for the Royals, which no-one thought Swans had any chance in. Or, going back seven years, i
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Article by Ken Piesse, 23rd May

South Adelaide: The Kerley Years 1964-1966

Comment - I’ve been very interested in the history of South Adelaide, partly because of their age as a club and the lack of information or books in local libraries that have quite a bit of good information about football clubs, so this is very revealing.
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Article by Randal Williams, 11th Sep

A one-way ticket to frustration

Comment - The AFL’s new pricing structure has, in fact, been inevitable for an extremely long time – since well before any national competition became possible. Once Hawthorn, Melbourne and St. Kilda shed vestiges of amateurism in the 1950s, the setting
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Article by Andrew Gigacz, 4th Jun
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