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Carlton vs University

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Round: 12   Venue: Princes Park   Date: Sat, 04-07-1914 3:00 pm    
Carlton C:  Norman Clark
University 5.1.315.1.318.5.538.8.56 C:  Gerald Brosnan
  UNIV by 15CARL by 20CARL by 22CARL by 31  

Match Report



In genial sunshine with just the necessary tang in the air to make football enjoyable, Carlton for the second time met and defeated University. The southerly breeze blew almost directly across the oval at Prince's Park, seeming to slightly favour play towards the eastern goal. Contrary to general expectation, the students were able to extend Carlton, the result being that a fast and even game was witnessed by the comparatively small attendance. On present form it will be a matter for surprise if University do not manage to score their first victory when they play some lesser lights thin their opponents of Saturday. The only change in Carlton's team was that McCarthy replaced Hammond. Hartkopf, Brake, and Bryan were missing from University's ranks. Park who had announced his retirement, was prevailed on to step into the breach, others to don their uniforms after a spell being Vines and McIntosh.

1st Quarter

The home team were first to show out, Sharpe and Brown being conspicuous and Burleigh scored their first minor point. Fisher soon added another with a flying shot. Marks notched a point for the students, who were soon rewarded with first goal of the match, Heron seeming from Willis and scoring with a running shot. Carlton responded, and Cook, marking well in a crowd from Fisher, had a shot, but only a behind was registered. After another University attack bad ended fruitlessly Carlton got the ball away and Green, marking Haughton's kick, raised the two flags. Following a tussle in which honours were even, the joint efforts of Cook, Haughton, and Green were again crowned with success. The students' reply was speedily forthcoming. Park getting possession from Heron and scoring with a long kick while on the run. The campaign was carried on by Rodriguez, Don, and West, the latter pair soon being instrumental in enabling McIntosh to raise the flags a third time. The undergrads. were making the best of whatever assistance the wind give for Park, with a hurried shot that bounced through (an occurrence that happened several times during the afternoon), and Marks, from a mark and a long kick, got goals for them before the change of ends, the scores being—University, 5 goals 1 behind; Carlton, 2 goals 4 behinds.

2nd Quarter

The second term was emphatically, aggressively Carlton's. Not only did they prevent their opponents from scoring a single point, but their attacked to such purpose that in addition to wiping out their debit balance they established a lead equal to more than three goals. Play was not so uneven as the scores in indicate, University taking their turn in attack, but Carlton's backs rose to the occasion, and each time beat then off. The half-time figures were:—Carlton, 7 goals 8 behinds; University, 5 goals 1 behind.

3rd Quarter

After the interval it seemed for a time that Carlton had taken matters entirely into their own hands. No sooner was the ball bounced than it was rushed forward, and Cook scored a behind. Green kicked another, then Haughton enabled Fisher to score a goal. Challis, running around the wing, got another with a snapshot, and McCarthy passing to Green, a third appeared. Then the aspect of affairs changed, and it was University's turn to bag three goals, Park being responsible for the trio. The seventh was the result of good play between Heron, Willis, Vines, and Park. The eighth was mainly Park's. McIntosh kicked from the ruck to no one in particular, but Park was there, and marked right on the boundary-line. It was a difficult angle shot, against the wind, but the ball sped true, to the accompaniment of a small but enthusiastic volume of cheers. The students might have evened things up still more, for Park gave Willis a mark in front, but the latter attempted to pass and Challis got it away. Another good bit of play, in which the ball passed from Rodriquez to West to Willis to Park to Willis again, sent it bouncing through goal, but it was touched in transit. The quarter ended with the totals—Carlton, 10 goals 15 behinds; University, 8 goals 5 behinds.

4th Quarter

The opening of the final term saw Carlton in the aggressive. Fisher had a shot which hit the post, and Daykin soon afterwards tried in almost impossible shot without success. Willis, West, Doubleday, Park, Marks and McIntosh stood out in a University rally from which a couple of behinds were scored. The students, needing goals badly, were for a time able to achieve only the negative result of preventing their opponents from doing further damage. Notwithstanding their vigilance, Lowe was enabled to score for Carlton the only goal of the quarter with a running shot. Thence to the finish the play was devoid of noteworthy incident, the board at the conclusion showing:—

CARLTON, 11 goals 21 behinds (87 points).
UNIVERSITY, 8 goals 8 behinds (56 points).

Those to do best for Carlton were Brown, Haughton, Challis, Green (4 goals), McGregor, Sharpe (3 goals), Fisher, and Baud. For the losers the play of Park, who kicked five goals, served to emphasise the serious loss he will be to the side. Kelly's defence work was good, and others worthy of special mention are McIntosh, Don, Marks, West, and Willis, though the last-named was rather erratic at times. Wickham, as central umpire, showed himself a capable though strict administrator.


During the half-time interval of the Carlton-University match Professor Baldwin Spencer, on behalf of the University club, took occasion to thank R. L. Park, who is retiring from the game for this season, for his services to the team, laying particular emphasis on his kindly consenting to play that day in an emergency. Park, in his reply, reiterated his determination that this match should be his last this season. He has been chosen as a member of the Australian Eleven to visit South Africa, and also has examination engagements at the end of this mouth.


Title: Fast, fair, and friendly. The Blues commingle.
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
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Title: Football incidents
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
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Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Carlton Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
25 Baud, Alf 0 21y 287d 26 14
2 Brown, Ted 0 22y 259d 15 1
28 Burleigh, Herb 0 22y 20d 5 4
26 Calwell, George 0 23y 2d 5 0
12 Challis, George 1 23y 145d 46 13
22 Cook, Bill 0 26y 301d 7 14
3 Daykin, Percy 0 23y 362d 11 2
1 Dick, Billy 0 24y 353d 109 53
21 Fisher, Charlie 1 21y 229d 7 5
17 Green, Gordon 4 24y 126d 43 36
5 Haughton, Harry 0 28y 183d 47 11
15 Jamieson, Ernie 0 26y 30d 71 4
30 Lowe, Jack 2 23y 253d 31 28
9 McCarthy, Justin 0 19y 285d 3 2
19 McGregor, Rod 0 31y 258d 154 19
27 McKenzie, Stan 0 24y 48d 6 4
20 Sharp, Athol 3 20y 94d 13 8
18 Triplett, Frank 0 29y 55d 28 3
  Rushed   21  
  Totals         11 21         24y 120d 627 221
University Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
24 Cameron, Frank 0 22y 78d 3 0
21 Don, Wally 0 22y 282d 10 0
4 Doubleday, Jack 0 24y 37d 30 11
9 Gibbs, Dick 0 21y 150d 32 3
10 Heron, Wilfrid 1 19y 349d 21 4
14 Hinman, Bill 0 22y 3d 31 3
3 Johnston, Gerald 0 23y 13d 6 0
17 Kelly, Lester 0 22y 140d 37 0
19 Marks, Les 1 21y 202d 10 10
23 McIntosh, Fred 1 20y 346d 22 2
18 Neale, Stan 0 20y 183d 26 0
11 Park, Roy 5 21y 339d 42 105
16 Rodriguez, Percy 0 21y 180d 12 1
22 Schrader, Heinrich 0 20y 211d 10 3
27 Vines, Ashley 0 23y 169d 16 0
2 West, Jack 0 25y 137d 71 15
7 Willis, Carl 0 21y 103d 40 37
6 Woods, Eric 0 21y 204d 28 0
  Rushed   8  
  Totals         8 8         22y 10d 447 194


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.