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Collingwood vs Fitzroy

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Round: 13   Venue: Victoria Park   Date: Sat, 11-07-1914 3:00 pm    
Collingwood C:  Jock McHale
Fitzroy C:  Percy Parratt
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Match Report



The anticipation of a keen struggle which attracted nearly 15,000 people to the Victoria Park ground to witness the return game between Collingwood and Fitzroy was realised to the full. The gate receipts amounted to £201. Evenly matched as the teams were in every part of the field, Fitzroy's forwards had more scoring chances than their opponents, and it was undoubtedly their failure in a branch of the game in which the usually excel that lost them the match. As it was, the issue was always in doubt, for right up to the bell Fitzroy's chances of getting the all-important goal were bright. Collingwood called on Curtis, Mathieson, and Sadler to fill the places vacated by Minogue, Hislop, and Pollard, while maroon guernseys were donned by Pattison, Heron, McLennan, and Harrison to make good the shortage caused by the absence of Walker, Abbott, Heaney, and Wilson.

1st Quarter

Early indication was given of the stubborn nature of the play. Collingwood attacked, only to be repelled. A free kick to Gibb was marked by Johnson, who sent the ball back, where Gibb marked, and again forwarded, but Fitzroy's backs were on the qui vive. At the other end the same sound defence was evidenced, the efforts of Martin, Bamford, and Holden meeting with no better success than those of their opponents. Fitzroy's first point was a gift from the other side, Anderson, of Collingwood, putting the ball through in an attempt to drive it across goal. Laxton put in a good run, but a free kick to Lenne saved Fitzroy. The give and take nature of the play was again emphasised. Lenne's kick was marked by Curtis (a promising Collingwood recruit), whose shot for goal was taken by Lambert, and promptly returned to Curtis again. A second place shot fell short, and Fitzroy got it away. Laxton from a free sent the ball well up, and Reynolds failed with a snap. Bright work between Hughes, Gibb, and Seddon deserved a better fate than "out of bounds," but balm was soon forthcoming. A Fitzroy attack was adroitly turned by Anderson, and a counter move, in which Dobrigh and Jackson were associated resulted in Mathieson scoring from a free kick near goal. Curtis looked dangerous, but a free kick to Bamford relieved the pressure, and McLennan, Shaw, and Heron took play to the other end. Each side in turn made onslaughts, but without result, until Parratt, with a snap, scored a minor point for Fitzroy, The home team were kept on the defensive, and soon afterward Toohey, from the ruck, kicked the visitors' first goal. Cooper, with a good mark, turned a Collingwood rush, and McLennan helped matters, but Rowan and Hughes returned, and, passing to Lee, Collingwood's second goal was posted. Toohey had a shot just on the bell, but only a behind was registered. Collingwood, 2-0; Fitzroy, 1-4.

2nd Quarter

Collingwood's efforts after the change of ends were immediately attended by success, Gibb and Wilson forwarding to Lee, who got the goal with a sideways snap. McHale and Wilson gave Curtis a chance to emulate the performance, but a long angle shot brought only a behind. Fitzroy interposed, and Heron and Harrison placed the ball with Martin in range. Though his shot did not cover the distance, it was marked by Toohey, who, however, from an easy chance raised only one flag. A chain between Green, Rowan, Seddon, and Lee brought but a similar measure of success to Collingwood. Sadler had two attempts, but again the story of effective defence has to be told. From a free kick to Harrison Lethbridge marked well, and his place kick was taken by Parratt, a behind bring scored from a difficult angle. The splendid work of the barks on each side kept the scoring down, though Fitzroy added a few minor points before half-time, the home team being then in the lead by 3-4 to 1-10.

3rd Quarter

The evenness which had characterised the play throughout was still in evidence when the game was resumed. Collingwood were first to gain any material advantage, Dobrigh passing to Lee, who easily scored Collingwood's fourth goal and his own third. He soon got another chance, but kicked poorly. Reynolds got a behind for the magpies, but a shot by Curtis went astray. To that stage the play, though strenuous, had been free from objectionable incident, and it was regrettable that the steward should have had to speak to Martin for tripping Mutch. Toohey rushed a behind for Fitzroy, and soon afterwards had a long shot, but kicked out of bounds. With disheartening regularity the behinds came Fitzroy's way; but they all helped, and the outlook brightened when shortly before the term closed, Norris secured from the throw-in, and, running up, scored second goal for the visitors. Only two points separated them at the interval, the totals being:—Collingwood, 4-5; Fitzroy, 2-15.

4th Quarter

Fitzroy commenced the final term well. They attacked with determination, and soon Martin obtained a free kick within scoring distance. He placed the ball carefully, and a good kick was rewarded by the goal that put Fitzroy in the lead. Collingwood picked up the gauntlet thus thrown down. From an angle Lee obtained a minor point, but for the rest Fitzroy stoutly and successfully resisted their sustained onslaught. Breaking away, the maroons rushed the ball to the other end, where Martin, being thrown by the neck, had a shot, which hit the post. Wilson brought it down for Collingwood, and a particularly smart bit of play put the home team's star again in the ascendant. Seddon cleverly hit from the ruck to Laxton, who kicked to Wilson, and the magpies' supporters roared themselves hoarse as the goal was scored which put their side once more in the lead. The reply to the challenge came instantly. From Cooper to Toohey to Martin the ball travelled, but Anderson marked a long place kick and Gibb rushed it away, a free kick to Rowan making matters doubly sure. From Heron to Millen, to Toohey, to Heron again, and Collingwood's citadel was once more in danger, but Sadler rose to the occasion, and got the ball away. It was Fitzroy's turn to defend their goal front, and McLennan and Shaw in doing it attempted reprisals. Millen, battling finely against odds, carried on the work, and Cooper from a free drove it farther forward, but Mutch marked in the nick of time, and he and Wilson were responsible for giving Collingwood a little breathing space. At this critical period, when much was required of them, Collingwood's backs did all they were asked. Gibb executed a good run round the wing, ending in a free kick, but Fitzroy's defenders were not found wanting. Jackson tried hard to break through but without result. Fitzroy's chance came—and went—when Cooper and Parratt sent it forward, only to find Dobrigh there alone to defeat their efforts. Another behind went down to Collingwood's account before the bell put an end to a hard-fought game, the scores being—

COLLINGWOOD, 5 goals 7 behinds (37 points).
FITZROY, 3 goals 16 behinds (34 points).

Of the victors those standing out above their fellows were Anderson, Dobrigh, Gibb, Green, Jackson, Lee, Mutch, McHale, Rowan, Curtis, and Wilson. For the maroons, Bamford, Cooper, Toohey, Lethbridge, Johnson, McLennan, Millen, Norris, and Holden were consistently hard workers. Wickham kept a firm rein over the players.


Additional interest was lent to the struggle between Collingwood and Fitzroy by the fact that the Governor (Sir Arthur Stanley) was a spectator of the proceedings. His Excellency arrived just after the bell had announced the close of the first quarter, and the rivals lined up in front of the stand and gave their distinguished visitor a hearty cheer. During the half-time interval opportunity was taken by the mayor of Collingwood (Councillor Luxford) of welcoming His Excellency to the district. Sir Arthur Stanley briefly replied. He said that he had that afternoon seen the men play hard, and he would be glad at some future date to accept the mayor's invitation to come and see Collingwood hard at work. His Excellency was then given a glimpse of the players in their dressing-rooms. After the game was over he again visited the dressing-rooms, and complimented both teams on their efforts.


Title: Collingwood's revenge. Fitzroy's forwards fail.
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
Date: Monday, 13 July 1914, p.4

Title: Football incidents
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
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Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Collingwood Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
1 Anderson, George 0 29y 38d 55 7
2 Cordner, Alan 0 24y 66d 21 2
27 Curtis, Harry 0 21y 281d 3 1
3 Dobrigh, Gus 0 21y 150d 11 7
5 Gibb, Percy 0 32y 217d 154 8
6 Green, Jack 0 26y 317d 65 2
9 Hughes, Les 0 30y 84d 110 82
12 Jackson, Jim 0 24y 74d 63 17
14 Laxton, Charlie 0 24y 93d 42 25
13 Lee, Dick 3 25y 114d 118 326
17 Matheson, Harry 1 23y 29d 19 11
19 McHale, James 'Jock' 0 31y 211d 214 11
16 Mutch, Alec 0 25y 102d 58 1
24 Reynolds, Pen 0 22y 68d 11 4
21 Rowan, Paddy 0 25y 44d 61 20
25 Sadler, Jim 0 27y 348d 103 2
26 Seddon, Mal 'Doc' 0 26y 41d 40 26
29 Wilson, Percy 1 25y 102d 87 47
  Rushed   7  
  Totals         5 7         25y 334d 1235 599
Fitzroy Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
3 Bamford, Fred 0 27y 92d 62 1
5 Cooper, Jack 0 25y 140d 113 6
9 Freake, Jim 0 25y 165d 52 147
18 Harrison, Artie 0 21y 153d 15 2
6 Heron, Percy 0 21y 198d 41 15
30 Holden, George 0 25y 87d 101 26
14 Johnson, Wally 0 26y 313d 137 82
15 Lambert, George 0 26y 305d 77 4
11 Lenne, Bert 0 24y 343d 79 6
12 Lethbridge, Chris 0 24y 48d 26 6
4 Martin, Jim 1 29y 325d 123 87
19 McLennan, Harold 0 25y 350d 105 16
29 Millen, Roy 0 20y 272d 14 3
22 Norris, Charlie 1 32y 353d 71 13
20 Parratt, Percy 0 27y 134d 94 72
10 Pattison, George 0 24y 362d 2 0
17 Shaw, George 0 28y 101d 60 24
8 Toohey, Jim 1 27y 353d 30 59
  Rushed   16  
  Totals         3 16         25y 348d 1202 569


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.