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Essendon vs Melbourne

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Round: 14   Venue: East Melbourne   Date: Sat, 18-07-1914 3:00 pm    
Essendon 5.3.336.6.4211.9.7514.15.99 C:  John Worrall
Melbourne C:  Len Incigneri
  ESS by 32ESS by 34ESS by 54ESS by 58  

Match Report



A poor attendance witnessed a poorer game at East Melbourne, where Essendon and Melbourne were engaged. Though a number of men in Melbourne's colours worked hard their forwards were lamentably weak, the result being that Essendon scored a ridiculously easy victory. Perhaps it was as well that the game was so one sided, for in a close contest the umpiring, which was decidedly erratic, would probably have evoked stronger comment than the derision it frequently called forth. Essendon were without Belcher, Mann, and Bill Walker. Day (from Mordialloc) made his first appearance, and Baring and Ogden were also included. Melbourne's only alteration was the inclusion of Aubrey McKenzie (from Brunswick) in place of Williamson.

1st Quarter

Favoured by the slight southerly breeze, Essendon early asserted their superiority. Their first couple of attacks were turned aside, but persistence soon had its reward, Gordon placing the ball with Lumsden, who from a place kick scored the first of a long series of goals. It was not long before Gordon snapped the second and Baring from the centre, soon afterwards gave Lumsden another chance which was turned to profitable account. Allen, Lugton, and Connole were prominent in a movement that threatened trouble to Essendon, but Bowe took his side out of danger. Hanley and Kirby, working to windward, enabled Lumsden to score again from a running shot, while the point effort of Ogden and Kirby gave Gordon the opportunity to snap another goal. Five goals without a behind, and Melbourne with a clean slated. Despite the effort of Bacquie, Lugton, Gordon, and Incigneri, Melbourne could never get the ball past the half-back line. Though Essendon's marksmanship fell off somewhat, they still managed to keep the ball in Melbourne's territory for most of the term, the visitors' solitary score being a behind scored by Connole shortly before the bell. Essendon, 5 goal 3 behinds; Melbourne, 1 behind.

2nd Quarter

A new ball and a chance of ends brought little improvement in Melbourne's fortunes. They were first to take the aggressive, but Essendon's defenders wen too strong. Hendrie gave Connole a chance, but only a behind resulted. A feature of the play was the way the ball swung to and fro between the half back lines. Essendon in turn became busy up forward, and Hanley snapped a behind for them. Lumsden, marking from Wade, tried a place shot, and kicked into the man at his mark but Gove picked up the ball and scored a point. Essendon's sixth goal was obtained by Lumsden from a scrimmage, but shortly afterwards W. McKenzie cleverly eluded Chalmers and scored first goal for Melbourne with a flying shot. Essendon rallied but were repulsed. Lugton, marking from Lilley, had a shot which fell short, and Baring got the ball away. The interval came with the scores—Essendon, 6 goals 6 behinds; Melbourne, 1 goal 2 behinds.

3rd Quarter

With the breeze again to aid them, Essendon entered upon a repetition of the free scoring of the first quarter, Lumsden from the ruck immediately securing their seventh goal. At the other end Gordon, out of a scrum, hit the post. Another onslaught was more successful, Melbourne's second goal coming from a snap-shot by Evans. There succeeded a period of that seesawing play which though it speaks volumes for the pertinacity of the participants, is not calculated to work the spectators up into a frenzy. At length Lumsden created a welcome diversion by adding eighth goal for the home team, and Baring, from a free kick, soon followed his example. Shea bagged yet another ere Evans, with a running shot, was able to glean a like measure of success for Melbourne. Shortly before the term ended Essendon's eleventh goal was registered, Kirby being the agent. The totals then were:—Essendon, 11 goals 9 behinds; Melbourne, 3 goals 3 behinds.

4th Quarter

The last quarter saw Essendon attacking with unabated vim; Hanley, Webster, and Kirby sharing the honours of twelfth goal. Then Melbourne managed to break through, and after a brace of small points success came with a burst, Best and Gordon getting goals. Thence forward Essendon did as they pleased. All roads led to Lumsden and that useful forward, in addition to other scoring shots, annexed his seventh goal for the match. Melbourne showed an unexpected flash of defiance when Incigneri and Lilley brought the ball down to Aubrey. McKenzie, who got a well-deserved goal. The game ended:—

ESSENDON, 14 goals 15 behinds (99 points).
MELBOURNE, 6 goals 5 behinds (41 points).

Practically every man in Essendon's colours did his share, those particularly noticeable being Lumsden, Webster, Kirby, Gordon, Bowe, Baring, Chalmers, Wade, Hanley, and Shea, though others ran them very close. In Melbourne's ranks a little band of workers showed real grit in dispiriting circumstances. Chief of these was Bill McKenzie; others to do solid service being Trahair, Hendrie, Lillie, Evans, Gray, Incigneri, and Bacquie, the lastnamed in particular. Winslow umpired indifferently.


Title: A one-sided game. Melbourne's poor showing.
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
Date: Monday, 20 July 1914, p.4

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Essendon Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
5 Baring, Fred 1 23y 215d 78 58
4 Bowe, Len 0 28y 264d 133 2
7 Chalmers, Wally 0 23y 305d 62 7
27 Day, Bert 0 20y 111d 1 0
13 Dinsmore, Bill 0 27y 154d 27 24
2 Donaldson, Clyde 0 20y 39d 12 5
24 Gordon, Jimmy 3 18y 198d 8 11
30 Gove, Cyril 0 24y 189d 15 0
10 Hanley, Dan 0 31y 62d 64 9
11 Kirby, Jack 2 25y 17d 60 97
15 Laing, Roy 0 21y 105d 17 1
22 Lumsden, Ernie 7 24y 21d 42 43
16 Ogden, Percy 0 28y 144d 90 48
17 Sewart, Bill 0 32y 248d 156 6
18 Shea, Paddy 1 28y 123d 124 145
8 Wade, Tommy 0 20y 138d 4 1
3 Webster, Horrie 0 25y 337d 29 19
19 White, Les 0 23y 312d 57 1
  Rushed   15  
  Totals         14 15         24y 327d 979 477
Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
19 Allen, Bill 0 25y 11d 75 26
29 Armstrong, Charlie 0 31y 130d 38 4
35 Baquie, Jack 0 28y 8d 61 24
30 Best, Arthur 2 25y 273d 23 38
34 Connole, Jack 0 23y 354d 8 10
10 Daly, John 0 23y 217d 4 0
7 Evans, Jack 2 23y 112d 39 2
23 Gordon, Vic 1 23y 251d 16 4
22 Gray, Alec 0 23y 67d 13 0
15 Hendrie, Bill 0 30y 177d 79 37
28 Incigneri, Len 0 30y 196d 82 11
11 Lilley, Charlie 0 22y 15d 30 3
17 Lugton, Frank 0 20y 256d 32 1
20 MacKenzie, Aubrey 0 19y 268d 1 0
27 McKenzie, Bill 1 25y 168d 81 6
2 Quinn, Billy 0 23y 356d 8 2
8 Trahair, Bert 0 22y 322d 14 7
26 Walker, George 0 20y 65d 11 0
  Rushed   5  
  Totals         6 5         24y 240d 615 175


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.