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Melbourne vs Collingwood

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Round: 2   Venue: M.C.G.   Date: Sat, 02-05-1914 3:00 pm   Crowd: 8,003  
Melbourne C:  Len Incigneri
Collingwood C:  Jock McHale
  COLL by 6COLL by 25COLL by 21COLL by 24  

Match Report



There was only a moderate attendance at the Melbourne ground to see the match between Collingwood and Melbourne. The spectators were rewarded with a fine exposition of fast, free, open football. If the circumstances had been different and the game close there might have been something more than strenuous play, as the umpire allowed many things to pass. However, it can be said at the outset that the players never for an instant took advantage of the opportunity, and the consequence was the breezy play without any desire for roughness. Collingwood generally showed more finished football, especially on the back lines and right forward where Lee was in his very best form, which means a very great deal to Collingwood.

Melbourne improved immensely on their first game, and when some of the crudeness passes off they should do much better. They have a strong centre line, and several hard working ruck men, but they are not quite at home in the crushes. In the open they did well, especially on the wings, between half-back and half-forward. Both clubs made changes to their team. Collingwood have found two very fine players in Hislop (Swan Hill) and Dobrigh (Trafalgar), who should be of value to the side. Melbourne had Allen playing again, and Gray (Leopold) and Parsons are strong, useful players who made very satisfactory first appearances.

1st Quarter

Melbourne lost no time in the attack, and before Collingwood found their legs Gordon had marked to Allen, and the first goal registered. At the beginning the game was somewhat congested, but when it was seen that the umpire was not taking too strict a view it opened out considerably and there were many fine dashes and exchanges by players on either side. There were not many opportunities in the first term, during which Trahair, for Melbourne, showed good roving ability, and the sturdy back play of Anderson and Mutch was a noticeable feature. At quarter time the scores were—Collingwood, 2 goals 1 behinds (13 points), Melbourne, 1 goal 3 behinds (9 points)

2nd Quarter

The second quarter was splendidly contested, and for the first 15 minutes neither side gained any material advantage. Melbourne kept play in the open, where they generally more than held their own. They seemed to tire a little in the last ten minutes, and Collingwood made the most of it by scoring three goals, Lee being responsible for two of them. Melbourne did better than the two points which they added would indicate. At half-time Collingwood led by 25 points, the scores being—Collingwood, 5 goals 4 behinds (34 points), Melbourne, 1 goals 3 behinds (9 points).

3rd Quarter

The second half was much better than the earlier stages, and there was much enthusiasm among the spectators. Many old followers of the game stated they had not witnessed such a fair game for many years. Melbourne continued to pass the ball along the wings with great accuracy, McKenzie especially doing fine work. On the Collingwood side the fine marking and kicking of Jackson to Lee in front of goal evoked much applause when these two players in combination were the means of adding two goals. Incigneri, who had moved forward to help Melbourne with his kicking, got a grand goal, Melbourne's second. Melbourne more than held their own, and gained seven points during the quarter. This left Collingwood with a 21 points advantage, the totals being Collingwood, 7 goals 9 behinds (51 points) Melbourne, 4 goals 6 behinds (30 points).

4th Quarter

The last quarter was evenly contested, and right up to the finish the play was full of go, with plenty of dash and running with the ball. Collingwood were generally holding their advantage, and the scoring chances were few. Lee brought off another fine mark, and got his fifth goal. At this stage Hughes was a prominent man in the ruck for Collingwood. A fine effort by Fairbairn produced Melbourne's sixth goal, and just as the bell sounded Minogue got another for Collingwood. Melbourne played better than the result indicates, and all through they had Collingwood at their top. The final result was:

Collingwood, 9 goals 13 behinds (67 points)
Melbourne 6 goals 7 behinds (43 points)

Of the players on the winning side nothing was finer than the high marking and kicking of Lee. Jackson was always good on the wing. Rush, who roved on the forward lines, was generally noticeable, his dash being splendid. Minogue and Hughes in the ruck, Mutch and Anderson among the backs, and, as already mentioned, Hislop on the half-forward line, and Dobrigh roving and forward, were splendid players.

Melbourne had a strong centre line in McKenzie, Lilley, and Parsons, all of whom played well, with McKenzie predictably the best player on the side. Trahair when roving was a hard worker. Allen in the ruck was most consistent, and a strong man. Gray in goal and Walker half-back took many fine marks, and were conspicuous players, and of the others Gordon, Evans, and Incigneri deserve mention. The umpire, Elliott, was lenient, and did not free kick or stop the game unnecessarily, but on some occasions play was stopped for a moment while players realised that a free kick had not been awarded, as is generally the case with other umpires.


Title: Fast, fair football. Melbourne's improvement.
Author: Observer 
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957) 
Date: Monday, 4 May 1914, p.6 

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping prepare this report.

Match stats

Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
19 Allen, Bill 2 24y 299d 64 23
29 Armstrong, Charlie 0 31y 53d 33 4
9 Britter, Harry 0 22y 313d 1 0
4 Colee, Percy 1 21y 172d 2 1
7 Evans, Jack 0 23y 35d 29 0
13 Fairbairn, Stan 1 27y 292d 29 39
23 Gordon, Vic 0 23y 174d 5 0
22 Gray, Alec 0 22y 355d 1 0
15 Hendrie, Bill 0 30y 100d 68 26
28 Incigneri, Len 2 30y 119d 71 6
11 Lilley, Charlie 0 21y 303d 20 3
17 Lugton, Frank 0 20y 179d 20 1
27 McKenzie, Bill 0 25y 91d 69 5
16 Monk, Bobby 0 28y 192d 114 14
20 Parsons, Eric 0 23y 96d 1 0
5 Riddington, Wal 0 20y 213d 1 0
8 Trahair, Bert 0 22y 245d 2 0
26 Walker, George 0 19y 353d 2 0
  Rushed   7  
  Totals         6 7         24y 178d 532 122
Collingwood Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
1 Anderson, George 0 28y 333d 47 7
2 Cordner, Alan 0 23y 361d 15 2
3 Dobrigh, Gus 2 21y 80d 1 2
5 Gibb, Percy 0 32y 147d 148 8
8 Goodall, George 0 22y 296d 2 0
6 Green, Jack 0 26y 247d 54 1
11 Hislop, Max 0 18y 250d 1 0
9 Hughes, Les 0 30y 14d 99 76
10 Huntington, Les 0 21y 353d 2 0
12 Jackson, Jim 0 24y 4d 53 16
14 Laxton, Charlie 0 24y 23d 31 16
13 Lee, Dick 5 25y 44d 107 296
19 McHale, James 'Jock' 0 31y 141d 203 9
15 Minogue, Dan 2 22y 240d 46 22
16 Mutch, Alec 0 25y 32d 49 1
24 Reynolds, Pen 0 21y 363d 4 0
22 Rush, Bryan 0 21y 30d 13 15
28 Sheehy, Maurie 0 20y 324d 1 0
  Rushed   13  
  Totals         9 13         24y 221d 876 471


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.