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St. Kilda vs Melbourne

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Round: 4   Venue: Junction Oval   Date: Sat, 16-05-1914 3:00 pm    
St. Kilda C:  Dave McNamara
Melbourne C:  Len Incigneri
  STK by 27STK by 39STK by 56STK by 60  

Match Report



The game between St. Kilda and Melbourne, at St. Kilda, drew an attendance of about 10,000 spectators. It was a one sided match, and the play of Melbourne as a team was extremely poor. They failed to reproduce their recent improvement, and were beaten at all points. They were overwhelmed in the ruck, and their efforts to stop the fine play of St. Kilda's big men got them into the crush, where the close play did not suit them. The St. Kilda executive wisely decided to strengthen the forward lines, and the move was more than successful. The most notable alteration was placing Schmidt half-forward. In this position he made the most of his opportunities. Being a fine mark and kick, he rarely failed to pass the goal line. He and McNamara each got seven goals.

Melbourne had three new players in—Smith (Richmond District), Woolley (Essendon), and Roy Gray (Collingwood)—the absentees being Fairbairn, Parsons, and Quinn. Lever, Foo (Wesley College), White, and Donald replaced Angwin, Farmer, McDonald, and Baird (injured) on the St. Kilda side.

1st Quarter

A feature of the opening was a great dash by Eicke from half-back to forward, where Bowden dropped the ball into goal, and McNamara missed and easy chance. Almost from the boundary it was noticeable that Cumberland, Woodcock, and Phillips were much too good for the opposing ruck. The exchanges between McNamara, Schmidt, and other St. Kilda forwards were excellent. Twice in succession McNamara kicked short, but Phillips and Donald dashed smartly for the goal and made it. Trahair, working about the ruck, got away once for Melbourne, and Gordon notched the only point during the quarter. McNamara, marking from Schmidt, added two more goals for St. Kilda, and at quarter-time the scores were—St. Kilda, 4 goals 4 behinds; Melbourne, 1 behinds.

2nd Quarter

In the second quarter St. Kilda still had most of the game, but Melbourne made several smart rushes and gained some points. The St. Kilda kicking was somewhat faulty at this stage, several easy shots for goal being missed. Schmidt got a nice goal with a running shot, however, and this was followed by a very fine place kick goal by Cumberland. Melbourne then broke through for a few moments, and in a short time two fine kicks by Woolley and Incigneri raised goals. At half-time the tally was St. Kilda, 7 goals 11 behinds; Melbourne, 2 goals 2 behinds.

3rd Quarter

After the interval St. Kilda went off with such dash, and their kicking was so good that many spectators were expecting to see them put up a record. Melbourne, however, were content to spoil the marking, and in this they were partly successful. In this quarter Schmidt played grandly. Having a short run in front of him he did not make the mistake of over-running, and his fine kicking produced four goals, one of them from a clever screw kick. Melbourne had a couple of chances, both a long way out, and Incigneri got a fine goal. Another was added by Hendrie from a snap-shot. Trahair was noticeable roving, and he had good help from McKenzie on the wing but the others were generally playing crude football. At three quarter time the scores were St. Kilda, 12 goals 12 behinds; Melbourne, 4 goals 4 behinds.

4th Quarter

The last quarter was the most even, with Melbourne showing some improvement. They had more scoring shots than St. Kilda, but were not so accurate. The St. Kilda goal-kicking in the second half was almost perfect, and they scored 10 goals out of 12 shots. They general play opened out somewhat, and Melbourne were able to do much better smart players like McKenzie and Trahair working the ball into good positions many times. When the final bell rang the scores showed the merit of the play.

ST. KILDA, 17 goals 13 behinds (115 points).
MELBOURNE, 8 goals 7 behinds (55 points).

For St. Kilda the most noticeable men were Schmidt and McNamara forward. Schmidt, as already mentioned, was well placed, while McNamara, who marked well, missed some easy shots. Eicke, half-back, was as usual, a star defender. Cumberland, Woodcock, and Jory, in the ruck, were all splendid players. Phillips was a tricky and clever rover, and of the others, Lever, Dangerfield (who played in the centre), and Hattam were most prominent.

On the Melbourne side the hardest workers were Lugton, Trahair, Evans, Maguire (who holds the ball too long), Hendrie, Monk, McKenzie, Incigneri, and Armstrong. Lane umpired.


Title: St Kilda's heavy score. Melbourne badly beaten.
Author: Observer 
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957) 
Date: Monday, 18 May 1914, p.4

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

St. Kilda Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
12 Bowden, Bob 0 27y 48d 102 5
22 Cazaly, Roy 0 21y 123d 30 8
19 Chapman, Bert 0 22y 166d 3 0
18 Collins, Ted 0 20y 236d 24 7
4 Cumberland, Vic 1 36y 316d 145 76
3 Dangerfield, Gordon 0 28y 231d 105 9
25 Donald, Bobby 1 20y 67d 2 1
11 Eicke, Wels 0 20y 231d 76 26
17 Ellis, Reg 0 23y 83d 23 0
23 Foo, Ernie 0 22y 290d 1 0
16 Hattam, Harrie 0 23y 313d 58 2
5 Jory, Percy 0 25y 146d 32 12
1 Lever, Harry 0 28y 131d 140 6
2 McNamara, Dave 7 27y 114d 68 83
6 Phillips, Len 1 24y 32d 4 5
7 Schmidt, Billy 7 26y 138d 113 111
15 White, Paul 0 20y 316d 14 3
24 Woodcock, Bill 0 25y 321d 111 37
  Rushed   13  
  Totals         17 13         24y 284d 1051 391
Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
19 Allen, Bill 0 24y 313d 66 24
29 Armstrong, Charlie 0 31y 67d 34 4
4 Colee, Percy 0 21y 186d 4 1
7 Evans, Jack 0 23y 49d 31 0
23 Gordon, Vic 1 23y 188d 7 2
22 Gray, Alec 0 23y 4d 3 0
32 Gray, Roy 0 21y 197d 19 20
15 Hendrie, Bill 3 30y 114d 70 29
28 Incigneri, Len 2 30y 133d 73 10
11 Lilley, Charlie 0 21y 317d 22 3
17 Lugton, Frank 0 20y 193d 22 1
14 Maguire, Mick 0 19y 344d 58 85
27 McKenzie, Bill 0 25y 105d 71 5
16 Monk, Bobby 0 28y 206d 116 14
18 Smith, Les 0 22y 61d 1 0
8 Trahair, Bert 0 22y 259d 4 1
26 Walker, George 0 20y 2d 4 0
31 Woolley, Jack 2 28y 121d 10 7
  Rushed   7  
  Totals         8 7         24y 137d 615 206


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.