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Carlton vs Fitzroy

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Round: 5   Venue: Princes Park   Date: Sat, 23-05-1914 3:00 pm   Crowd: 26,000  
Carlton C:  Norman Clark
Fitzroy C:  Percy Parratt
  FITZ by 1FITZ by 16FITZ by 16FITZ by 18  

Match Report



Great things were expected of Carlton and Fitzroy when they met on Saturday at Prince's Oval, but the result was a disappointment, for Carlton were eclipsed for the greater part of the game, Fitzroy's superb system enabling them to play a safe game and keep Carlton from being dangerous. But Carlton were unlucky in many ways, for they hit the goal-post no fewer than three times, and lost two good men through accident. Valentine injured his leg at the commencement, which left him practically useless, and only able to stand up forward in goal, and Wells strained the tendons of his leg at the close of the second term, and did not reappear until the last quarter, when he stood back in goal. Thus Carlton had a cripple at either end of the field. Fitzroy, it must be admitted, also hit the post twice, but they were enabled to reproduce their game of the previous Saturday, whereas Carlton could not settle down into anything like form. A great attendance witnessed the game—26,000 being the official check, and the takings £365. The first half was fairly even going, their being very little difference in the scores, as at quarter-time Fitzroy were 2 goals 2 behinds to 2 goals 1 behinds, and at the interval Fitzroy still led by 5 goals 3 behinds to 3 goals 1 behinds. The third quarter, however, was full of incident, and neither side scored goals, though Fitzroy got 4 behinds to 2, and this with Carlton playing practically 16 men! Even in the last quarter there was hope that Carlton would pull up, but Valentine's miss when he hit the post a couple of yards out took the fight out of them, and they fell away. Carlton had two men knocked out temporarily during the game by one of the Fitzroy men—Brown receiving a kick in the stomach from a charge, and Hammond sustaining a heavy blow between the eyes, which cut his nose.

1st Quarter

Carlton were first to attack, and, sweeping forward, Valentine scored. Fitzroy, however, quickly settled down, and an exchange between Heaney, Martin, and Shaw was brilliantly turned by Jamieson in a fine run, backed by Clancy and Valentine Shaw relieved temporarily, but Clancy and Valentine, with timely marks, gave Gardiner his chance, and he scored with a beautiful long place kicks. Fitzroy were inclined to crowd unduly for a time and this allowed Carlton freer scope, but they reformed their ranks, and sweeping aside all opposition they raced away, but Freake missed badly. Heaney tried again, but hit the post. Jamieson was kicking in finely, and Brown, on the wing, brought off a wonderful mark. Bamford and Cooper were great in defence for Fitzroy, and McLennan in the centre, helped the forwards by long kicks. Heaney looked dangerous in a run across goal, but Daykin relived, and a free kick to Haughton sent it to the centre, but McLennan drove it back, and after battling on the forward lines Freake tried at an angle, but failed. Shaw and Martin gave Parratt a chance, but Baud marked in goal. Eventually Toohey beat Daykin in a high mark and scored. Fitzroy forwards were a long time reaching the goal, but they made amends, for Toohey scored again after the ball was forced out. Their attack was by no means sure, however, for Freake had had four shots, without scoring, from close range. Baud and Dick were invaluable in turning Fitzroy's rushes, and in a break-away Valentine narrowly missed. Carlton could not hold Fitzroy, their marking and all-round play being assisted off the field. At quarter-time Fitzroy were 2 goals 2 behinds to 2 goals 2 behinds.

2nd Quarter

On the change over, Carlton tried to rush away, but the fine work of Martin and Parratt allowed Freake another opportunity to score, but it was not his day out, for he again failed. Martin marked the kick-in by Jamieson, and, placing, he tried a long shot. Toohey, however, soared high above Carlton's backs, and gathered in the mark; but he took it too easily, and his kick was marked between the posts. A fine rally by Carlton followed, and, playing the wings, they shook Fitzroy off. Brown received a blow which caused him great pain and necessitated his being massaged, but he soon resumed, though he appeared badly shaken. Martin, who was playing brilliantly, was, however, putting undue vigour into his work. A little later Hammond got an elbow in the face, cutting his nose and leaving him dazed. Fitzroy came with a rush, and Parratt being pushed, he punted third goal. Carlton had fallen away badly, and were too slow everywhere, Fitzroy for a time running rings around the, and their strong forwards made hacks of Carlton's back line. But the lane turned, and Carlton sweeping down the centre, Leehane scored. Free kicks were numerous, and Murphy was doing his best to keep a check on the players. McDonald, Leehane, Baud, and Dick forced Fitzroy aside, but a free kick brought it back. It was scrambling and uninteresting, but individual flashes of brilliancy were to be seen. Martin came in for a storm of hoots by the manner in which he elbowed Jamieson in a dash across goal. Freake, after a pass by Martin, hit the post, but he retrieved himself a few minutes later and scored fourth goal. Fitzroy then swarmed on the ball, and simply deluged Carlton, who, only for the sureness of their back line, would have been in a bad way. Brown, who is fast, dashed out to the wings, and brought off a great mark, but Abbott returned, and Carlton's backs were caught napping, Freake scoring again. At this juncture, Wells was injured, and was assisted off the field. At half-time, Fitzroy were 5 goals 3 behinds to 3 goals 1 behind.

3rd Quarter

In the third quarter Fitzroy, through the absence of Wells and the injury to Valentine, were enabled to press the attack with extreme vigour. Nevertheless Carlton maintained a bold front, and stood up to their work well. Their backline was in great heart, McDonald, Dick, Baud, and Jamieson staving off Fitzroy's repeated rushes brilliantly, and for the quarter allowed no goals. Heaney, who was very conspicuous in the first half, was closely watched by Baud, and was prevented from doing serious injury on the forward line. Martin tried a long place kick, but only a point resulted, and then Carlton rallied, and Challis and Clancy forwarded to Burleigh, but a behind was the only result. McGregor sent it on again, and Sharpe hit the post. Sharpe, who had roved for three-quarters on end, was showing signs of distress; but he stuck to his big task, and was still able to render a good account. Hammond, Clancy, Daykin, and Fisher brought the ball the length of the ground, but Lenne, right in goal, nullified their fine efforts. Exhilarating play followed, Challis and Sharpe bringing the ball goalward, but Fisher's long kick was again marked by Lenne, whose keeping was superb. Heaney came back to grace with some of his high marks, but Fitzroy's forwards were having a hard row to hoe in eluding Carlton's backs. Again the standard of play deteriorated, and a series of scrambles was the result. Fitzroy still had the advantage at three-quarter-time, the scores being: Fitzroy, 5 goals 7 behinds, to Carlton's 3 goals 3 behinds.

4th Quarter

Wells reappeared for the last change, going back, and McDonald relieved Sharpe as rover. Fitzroy were 16 points in the lead, but the way Carlton threw themselves into the game showed that the result was not yet beyond doubt. Heaney took a turn following, relieving Norris, and his great kicks were a feature. Daykin threw Shaw heavily on the wing, and appeared to be cautioned by the steward. Parratt, after marking from Heaney, scored a point, and then Carlton, led by Baud, tried to break away, Dick, Challis, and Fisher taking the ball forward in great style; but Challis pushed Heron, and back it swung to the centre. Fisher and Valentine (limping painfully) attacked again, but Lenne was in great form, and turned them. Clancy swung in from the wing, and Burleigh, marking finely, passed to Fisher, who scored brilliantly. It was a great rally by Carlton, and showed there was still hope, for they continued to press the assault. Haughton and Challis, by clever passing, forwarded to McDonald, and quick work by Gardiner enabled Valentine to mark a few yards out, but his shot ended by hitting the post. It was a brilliant rally, and Carlton were unlucky for it to end so badly. They tried again, and just when they were in position Gardiner pushed Lambert, and another goal was lost. Johnson, Lambert, and McLennan settled all doubt by the way they swept Carlton aside, and Heaney, after marking, shot for goal, but Toohey, picking up smartly, worked for position, and then scored. Dick had shown splendid form all through, and his work in the latter stages was magnificent. McDonald was also in evidence roving. Towards the close Carlton made one last attempt, and Burleigh hit the post. The final scores were:—

FITZROY, 6 goals 10 behinds (46 points).
CARLTON, 4 goals 5 behinds (29 points).

Fitzroy played a very even game, each man doing his part thoroughly, but the most conspicuous were Lenne, Lambert, McLennan, Norris, Shaw, Toohey, Heaney, Johnson, and Parratt. Carlton were very uneven, but Dick, Baud, Jamieson, and McDonald were exceptions, while others who stood out were Challis, Leehane, Hammond, Haughton, Brown, and Sharpe.


Title: Fitzroy's fine system. More Carlton accidents
Author: Observer 
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957) 
Date: Monday, 25 May 1914, p.6

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Carlton Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
25 Baud, Alf 0 21y 245d 19 12
2 Brown, Ted 0 22y 217d 8 1
28 Burleigh, Herb 0 21y 343d 3 3
12 Challis, George 0 23y 103d 40 12
8 Clancy, Tom 0 27y 42d 73 10
3 Daykin, Percy 0 23y 320d 4 1
1 Dick, Billy 0 24y 311d 103 53
21 Fisher, Charlie 1 21y 187d 4 3
13 Gardiner, Vin 1 28y 212d 107 227
24 Hammond, Charlie 0 28y 65d 96 19
5 Haughton, Harry 0 28y 141d 40 11
15 Jamieson, Ernie 0 25y 353d 64 4
7 Leehane, Steve 1 22y 215d 5 1
4 McDonald, Andy 0 28y 147d 66 34
19 McGregor, Rod 0 31y 216d 147 19
20 Sharp, Athol 0 20y 52d 6 5
6 Valentine, Viv 1 26y 171d 58 42
1 Wells, Jack 0 31y 139d 105 55
  Rushed   4  
  Totals         4 4         25y 172d 948 512
Fitzroy Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
31 Abbott, Paddy 0 25y 110d 6 0
3 Bamford, Fred 0 27y 43d 55 1
5 Cooper, Jack 0 25y 91d 105 6
9 Freake, Jim 2 25y 116d 44 120
7 Heaney, Tom 0 26y 51d 78 60
6 Heron, Percy 0 21y 149d 39 15
30 Holden, George 0 25y 38d 93 25
14 Johnson, Wally 0 26y 264d 129 82
15 Lambert, George 0 26y 256d 70 4
11 Lenne, Bert 0 24y 294d 71 6
12 Lethbridge, Chris 0 23y 364d 18 5
4 Martin, Jim 0 29y 276d 115 83
19 McLennan, Harold 0 25y 301d 99 16
29 Millen, Roy 0 20y 223d 6 2
22 Norris, Charlie 0 32y 304d 63 10
20 Parratt, Percy 1 27y 85d 86 69
17 Shaw, George 0 28y 52d 52 23
8 Toohey, Jim 3 27y 304d 22 34
  Rushed   10  
  Totals         6 10         26y 41d 1151 561

Match highlights

Jack Wells played his last game for Carlton (V/AFL, Premiership Season, R5)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.