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Carlton vs Melbourne

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Round: 6   Venue: Princes Park   Date: Sat, 30-05-1914 3:00 pm    
Carlton C:  Norman Clark
Melbourne C:  Len Incigneri
  CARL by 17CARL by 25CARL by 24CARL by 58  

Match Report



Carlton had an easy victory over Melbourne at Prince's Park. The attendance outside the members' enclosure was small. Neither side showed good form in the first half, but the football improved considerably after the interval. Carlton, by reason of their dash through the crowd, were generally able to keep Melbourne away from goal, but their kicking was extremely bad, especially in the early part of the game. The umpiring of Murphy was loose, and many of the players as well as the onlookers could not understand his decisions. Melbourne had distinctly the worst of it, and on two occasions after goals had been kicked free kicks were awarded against them without apparent reason. Melbourne played a fine third quarter during which they added three goals and had the better of the play, but in the last quarter Carlton had them constantly defending. The Carlton exchanges were very fine.

Carlton had Topping, McCarthy, Cook, and Scadden (Bendigo), Andrews (Collingwood), and Kiely playing, the most notable absentees being Valentine and Wells, both on the injured list. Colee and Evans were unable to play for Melbourne, and they took in Watt and Best (St. Kilda).

1st Quarter

The wind slightly favoured the eastern goal, and Carlton had it at the start. After Daykin had scored a point the ball travelled up and down the ground many times, fine play by Lilley for Melbourne and Scadden for Carlton being noticeable. There was great cheering when Topping got first goal for Carlton, who played with great judgment in working down to position, but bad kicking lost them several goals. Cook and Gardiner, however, got goals with snaps from the ruck, and Best, with a very long kick, got the only one for Melbourne. At quarter time the scores were—Carlton, 3 goals 6 behinds (24 points); Melbourne, 1 goal 1 behind (7 points).

2nd Quarter

In the second quarter there was a good deal of scrambling play, mostly about the centre wings, and it was notable that, while Melbourne excelled individually they were lacking in system. Carlton played well together, but the opportunities of scoring were few, owing to the hard, determined work of Billy Quinn, Incigneri, and Lugton on the Melbourne back lines. Smith added a goal for Melbourne, and Cook and Topping goals for Carlton. At half-time the tally was:—Carlton, 5 goals 10 behinds (40 points); Melbourne, 2 goals 3 behinds (15 points).

3rd Quarter

The third quarter opened with Hendrie scoring a goal for Melbourne from the ruck, and they had the Carlton backs defending for most of this quarter. They did not often pass Dick, McDonald, and Scadden, but they kicked three goals from four shots, while Carlton, still kicking poorly for goal, were only able to find the mark on two occasions, both late in the quarter. Melbourne more than held their own in the general play, fine work being contributed by Trahair, Lilley, McKenzie, and Quinn. At the last change the board showed—Carlton, 7 goals 16 behinds; Melbourne, 5 goals 4 behinds.

4th Quarter

Melbourne kept up a strong attack at the outset of the last quarter, and for a little while it looked as if there might be a close finish. It was at this stage that Melbourne got the worst of the umpire's decisions, as mentioned above. After this Carlton had it all their own way, and at last finding the target, six goals were scored in quick succession by Gardiner (3), Cook, Baud, and Topping, and the game ended with the scores:—

CARLTON, 13 goals 19 behinds (97 points).
MELBOURNE, 5 goals 9 behinds (39 points).

For the winners, Daykin, as rover, played a fine game, and he was ably supported by McCarthy in the ruck. McDonald and Dick, half-back, were always solid defenders. Andrews was the best of the centre-line, while Scadden, Challis, and Kiely were useful men. Topping, especially in the first half, was a prominent player, and Cook, who got five goals, was the most noticeable forward.

For Melbourne Trahair, Lilley, McKenzie, and Quinn must be bracketed. The rover was in great form, and generally gave the forwards much help. Lilley in the centre did splendidly. Quinn and Incigneri worked like Trojans all through. Hendrie did most of the ruck work, and of the others Monk and Lugton deserve mention. Best, who played his first game, got two goals, and should be of much assistance on Melbourne's forward division.


Bert Trahair, the Melbourne rover, has had some experiences since he came from Bendigo. He began by providing a most interesting case for the medical authorities by swallowing three sovereigns, but this mishap does not seem to have affected his football. On Saturday at Carlton he was one of the most prominent men on the field for three quarters of the game but he was very tired in the last term. On returning to the dressing-room he asked Dr. W. C. McClelland (one of the M.C.C. committee) to examine him. "I have had a funny rash all over me all day, doctor," he said. Dr. McClelland, who in his day was one of the best Melbourne players, at once pronounced Trahair's complaint as measles. "He had the rash on him when he went out," said Dr. McClelland yesterday. "It is wonderful how he played so well."


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Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
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Author: Observer
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Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Carlton Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
16 Andrew, Joe 0 25y 43d 1 0
25 Baud, Alf 1 21y 252d 20 13
2 Brown, Ted 0 22y 224d 9 1
12 Challis, George 0 23y 110d 41 12
22 Cook, Bill 5 26y 266d 1 5
3 Daykin, Percy 0 23y 327d 5 1
1 Dick, Billy 0 24y 318d 104 53
13 Gardiner, Vin 4 28y 219d 108 231
5 Haughton, Harry 0 28y 148d 41 11
15 Jamieson, Ernie 0 25y 360d 65 4
11 Keily, Dan 0 22y 14d 2 0
7 Leehane, Steve 0 22y 222d 6 1
9 McCarthy, Justin 0 19y 250d 2 2
4 McDonald, Andy 0 28y 154d 67 34
19 McGregor, Rod 0 31y 223d 148 19
23 Scaddan, Albert 0 26y 177d 1 0
20 Sharp, Athol 0 20y 59d 7 5
18 Topping, George 3 32y 276d 122 150
  Rushed   19  
  Totals         13 19         25y 100d 750 542
Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
19 Allen, Bill 0 24y 327d 68 24
30 Best, Arthur 2 25y 224d 16 24
25 Burge, Cliff 0 22y 33d 2 1
24 Collins, Tim 0 24y 157d 2 2
23 Gordon, Vic 0 23y 202d 9 2
22 Gray, Alec 0 23y 18d 5 0
15 Hendrie, Bill 1 30y 128d 72 31
28 Incigneri, Len 0 30y 147d 75 10
11 Lilley, Charlie 0 21y 331d 24 3
6 Lowell, Rupe 0 20y 273d 12 0
17 Lugton, Frank 0 20y 207d 24 1
27 McKenzie, Bill 0 25y 119d 73 5
16 Monk, Bobby 0 28y 220d 118 14
2 Quinn, Billy 0 23y 307d 3 0
18 Smith, Les 1 22y 75d 3 1
8 Trahair, Bert 1 22y 273d 6 3
26 Walker, George 0 20y 16d 6 0
10 Watt, Jack 0 24y 209d 48 14
  Rushed   9  
  Totals         5 9         24y 58d 566 135


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.