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Geelong vs Collingwood

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Round: 9   Venue: Corio Oval   Date: Sat, 13-06-1914 3:00 pm    
Geelong C:  Billy Orchard
Collingwood C:  Jock McHale
  Scores levelGEEL by 15GEEL by 23GEEL by 35  

Match Report



The unexpected happened at Geelong on Saturday in the rout of Collingwood, who struck a very bad patch, and hardly made a game of it. They were handicapped by the absence of Anderson, Alec  Mutch, Jackson, Sadler, and Mathieson, and the vacancies were filled by Charlie Mutch, Raleigh, Pollard, Reynolds, and Huntington. Geelong's captain, Orchard, was out through injury, and Tom Brownlees was spelled, Slater reappeared, and James emerged from a long holiday on the reserve list. The dry, blustery day did not suit football, but Geelong rose superior to the conditions, and generally ran the magpies to a standstill.

Collingwood went off with a rattle, and were helped considerably by the breeze. After a free kick to Rush, Lee scored from a scrimmage, and the same combination produced the second goal, though Lee was lucky to recover the ball after it had struck Slater at the mark. Minogue missed on the run, and when Slater came away Geelong kept the game open, and held the upper hand. James, with a free kick, drop-kicked a lovely goal against the wind. McCarter was responsible for the next attack, and through the aid of James, Martini got away from the crush, and snapped second goal of Geelong, who persisted in playing the wrong wing. Collingwood's ruck was changed thus early, but the fresh pack made little impression. Geelong were kicking across goal erratically, but had done well to level the scores at the interval—2-2 all.

The second quarter's play saw Collingwood more lifeless. There was none of the old-time system, none of the deadly passing, and seldom an observance of the first axiom—mind the man. The two Eason's, now in the ruck, were great factors in this term for Geelong, who were jacketed, by the way, in all blue, for distinctiveness. The pair had a hand in four attacks before Heinz, through Bill Eason's shepherding, scored dashingly. Hughes came back into the ruck, but nothing could shift Geelong, who were doing everything but get goals. When Laxton and Dobrigh cleared the pressure, the ball came back the length of the ground by a perfect chain of marks between the two Easons, James, Allen, and Baker, who got a point. Healey gave a chance to Allen right on time, and Geelong's fourth goal was signalled, after the bell rang. The score at half-time stood:—Geelong, 4-6; Collingwood, 2-3.

Collingwood looked like making good on returning, when McHale, Laxton, and Rush exchanged admirably, and Hughes, from a free, raised one flag. It was Minogue's dash that permitted Reynolds to punt the Magpies' third goal, and Geelong were prompt to retaliate. Johns, revelling in his new experience as half-forward instead of defender, invariably did the right thing when the game came his way. From him, Martin secured a try, and was faulty in windage allowance. Bill Eason was the same, and then Heinz, beating the opponents, got the cleverest goal of the day. Captaincy was resting lightly on him. Rowan and Rowell were displaying great defence, but a stage further afield Geelong were outwitting their opponents, and the work of Allen, Healey, and Johns was specially brilliant. Marsham's long shot hit the post, but Wickham had called the ball back for the Collingwood man jumping over the mark. Marsham's second try was resultless. Later, after two more failures, he place-kicked a beauty, which made Geelong's three-quarter lead 6-10 to 3-5.

The game went on to a monotonous finish, and Collingwood had gone from bad to worse. None of the champions were doing anything, and, as a contrast, Geelong were playing a very even side. It was lucky for the visitors that the home team were poor in shooting. Heinz, unopposed, missed two easy ones on the run, but when Slater, after a great mark and a huge kick, gave him a deliberate attempt, the rover raised the flags. Fine passing between Healey, Heinz, and Martini, and a lovely kick from an angle produced six more points, and it was a welcome relief when Rowell, after Lee's smart handball, snapped the visitors' fourth goal, and Lee immediately after notched the fifth with a splendid kick. It was a three-minute flash, and Geelong renewed their pounding at goal. Baker and Heinz were associated in a lead up to Martini, who scored with another great kick, and Johns, to whom he gave the final chance, hit the post. The final result was:—

GEELONG, 9 goals 17 behinds (71 points).
COLLINGWOOD, 5 goals 6 behinds (36 points).

Alex. Eason, who is at the top of his form, and has few rivals as rover, was again Geelong's star performer. Heinz was as tricky as a terrier, and Johns, for his work forward, was constantly under notice. McCarter, Armstrong, Grigg, Gray, Marsham, Healey, Allen, Baker, Bill Eason, and Martini were an even bunch. Slater is not back to his old dash, but he kept Lee quiet, and was useful in the crushes. Green, Rowan, Pollard, Seddon, Laxton, Hughes, Minogue, Dobrigh, and Rowell were the best of a very patchy losing side. Wickham showed improvement in his umpiring, used his whistle less, and exercised more discretion.


Collingwood's goal-getter, Lee, was up against Slater on Saturday, and though he got three goals was exceptionally quiet. His second goal was gained peculiarly, Slater at the mark received the ball full in the face, and, in coursing parlance, he was "unsighted." While he was searching for the ball, Lee had it away and through the posts.


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Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Geelong Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
22 Allen, Harry 1 24y 23d 5 2
7 Armstrong, Les 0 26y 362d 102 0
25 Baker, Jack 0 22y 186d 17 6
9 Brownlees, Rupe 0 26y 48d 61 1
12 Dalton, Bert 0 22y 295d 50 0
26 Eason, Alec 0 24y 217d 87 50
15 Eason, Bill 0 32y 180d 194 165
2 Fairbairn, Les 0 25y 49d 59 20
20 Gray, Jack 0 28y 300d 39 5
8 Grigg, Dick 0 29y 5d 182 62
18 Healy, Leo 0 23y 236d 53 19
1 Heinz, George 3 22y 248d 77 59
6 James, Les 'Jack' 1 23y 349d 47 11
21 Johns, Alwyn 0 20y 88d 15 0
3 Marsham, Harry 1 23y 329d 75 40
14 Martini, Percy 3 26y 9d 86 220
4 McCarter, Billy 0 25y 233d 27 1
10 Slater, Joe 0 25y 196d 99 17
  Rushed   17  
  Totals         9 17         25y 84d 1275 678
Collingwood Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
3 Dobrigh, Gus 0 21y 122d 8 5
6 Green, Jack 0 26y 289d 61 1
9 Hughes, Les 0 30y 56d 106 80
10 Huntington, Les 0 22y 30d 4 0
14 Laxton, Charlie 0 24y 65d 38 24
13 Lee, Dick 3 25y 86d 114 314
19 McHale, James 'Jock' 0 31y 183d 210 11
15 Minogue, Dan 0 22y 282d 53 26
18 Mutch, Charlie 0 20y 286d 3 0
4 Pollard, Tom 0 19y 341d 2 1
23 Raleigh, Wally 0 18y 347d 2 0
24 Reynolds, Pen 1 22y 40d 9 4
21 Rowan, Paddy 0 25y 16d 57 19
20 Rowell, Ted 1 37y 363d 181 175
22 Rush, Bryan 0 21y 72d 17 17
26 Seddon, Mal 'Doc' 0 26y 13d 36 25
28 Sheehy, Maurie 0 21y 1d 2 0
29 Wilson, Percy 0 25y 74d 83 46
  Rushed   6  
  Totals         5 6         24y 207d 986 748


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.