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St. Kilda vs University

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Round: 9   Venue: Junction Oval   Date: Sat, 13-06-1914 3:00 pm   Crowd: 6,000  
St. Kilda C:  Dave McNamara
University C:  Gerald Brosnan
  STK by 15UNIV by 6STK by 41STK by 34  

Match Report



A feature of Saturday's game between St. Kilda and University was the important part the wind played up till three-quarter time. For three terms the spectacle was presented to almost 6,000 people of two teams, apparently evenly matched in other respects alternately making the best of the strong northerly breeze which blew from end to end of the St. Kilda ground. In the final clash, however, the seasiders defied Borcas, and not only succeeded in holding their opponents in check, but also added a brace of goals, and finished up winners by a substantial margin. Prior to the commencement of the game McNamara and Dangerfield were elected captain and vice-captain respectively of the St. Kilda side. Lever, who formerly led the team, has had to resign the position owing to his living at a distance, this necessitating his early departure on training nights. The committee and players have recorded votes of thanks to him for his services. For the home team Lowrie played first game, and acquitted himself creditably. Turnbull was also included, the absentees being Donald and Cazaly. In the absence of West, Park led the students, who were also without Brake, the vacancies being filled by Cameron (captain of University's seconds) and Johnson.

1st Quarter

Winning the toss, St. Kilda kicking with the wind, immediately opened an attack. First point came from an assault in which Bowden, Woodcock, Turnbull, and Schmidt were the principals. Shortly afterwards, McNamara got first goal. The students asserted themselves, and fine play, in which Woods, Rodriquez, Vines, Heron, Willis, and Park were seen to advantage, carried the ball the full length of the ground, but the effort was resultless. St. Kilda's backs rushed it away to the wing, where Bowden, with a splendid run, placed University again in danger. Two more goals had to be placed to McNamara's credit before the students rallied. Their first rush was turned aside by Lever and Woodcock; from the second Schraeder gave Atkins an easy chance, which produced only a point; but at the third attempt Park, with a clever dodge and a screw-kick to Heron in front shared with the latter the honours of first goal. The Saints then took charge, and Fowler and Lowrie scored for them before the bell, the board then showing—St. Kilda, 5 goals 5 behinds; University, 1 goal 2 behinds.

2nd Quarter

On changing ends, University took full advantage of their opportunity. Rodriguez forwarded, and Park, getting possession out of a scrimmage, scored with a running shot. St. Kilda attempted reprisals, but Kelly saved well, and the ball travelled, via Atkins and Wills, to Hinman, who kicked third goal. Several more St. Kilda attacks were frustrated by the watchful Kelly before Park was enabled to snap a behind for the visitors. The kick-in was marked by Marks, whose shot was successful in raising the two flags. The play became more even for a time, then Eicke, who was doing great work about the centre, scored and the ball passed in quick succession to Turnbull, to Collins, to Fowler, by whom the home side's sixth goal was scored. University's fifth came from a free-kick to Doubleday at an angle. Following on a forward movement by St. Kilda, a small group of their men temporarily established a "corner" in the ball. Clever and accurate hand-passing sent it rapidly from Woodcock to White, to Brady, to White again, to Woodcock, to White for the third time, and finally to Brady, whose flying shot, however, sent it out of bounds. From the throw-in Don relieved the strain, and Heron and Rodriquez were instrumental in forwarding to Doubleday, who kicked a goal, thus equalising the scores. Just before the bell good combination between Schraeder, Martin, Marks, and Park placed the students a goal to the good, the scores being—University, 7 goals 5 behinds; St. Kilda, 6 goals 5 behinds.

3rd Quarter

Realising the importance of securing a good lead in the third term, St. Kilda attacked with determination. From the bounce Schmidt and Collins passed to McNamara who wiped out University’s small lead. Goal after goal was added, till, at the conclusion of the term, they had established the strong lead they required to nullify the disadvantage of having to battle against the breeze in the concluding bout. They then had 13 goals 11 behinds to their opponents' 7 goals 8 behinds.

4th Quarter

In spite of University's long leeway, their supporters were not without hope as the final tussle was entered upon. They looked for a repetition of the students' second-term recovery. But they were doomed to disappointment. The undergrads opened auspiciously. After a fine run by White had put their goal in danger, which Kelly averted, Willis passed to Schraeder, and eighth goal followed. Collins, Turnbull, and Schmidt carried the war to the opposing camp, and McNamara scored St. Kilda's 14th and his own seventh goal. University were attacking vigorously, but the opposing backs were too strong. After an interval, Schraeder and Willis managed to get goals for them, but soon afterwards Eicke, with a long, dodging run, kicked another goal for the home team. The end came with the scores—
ST. KILDA, 15 goals 11 behinds (101 points).
UNIVERSITY, 10 goals 7 behinds (67 points).

Those to do best for the winners were Eicke (the best of the side), McNamara (who has already scored 36 goals this season), Fowler, Bowden, Collins, Woodcock, Schmidt, Lowrie, and Dangerfield. The students' best workers were Wood, Hinman, Rodriquez, Heron, Kelly, Marks, Vines, Atkins Schraeder, and Park. Norden kept a fast game well in hand.


Title: The Saints triumphant. Decisive final term.
Author: Observer 
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957) 
Date: Monday, 15 June 1914, p.6

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

St. Kilda Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
12 Bowden, Bob 0 27y 76d 106 5
26 Brady, Stan 0 27y 54d 4 5
30 Collins, Ted 0 20y 264d 29 9
3 Dangerfield, Gordon 1 28y 259d 109 10
11 Eicke, Wels 2 20y 259d 81 28
17 Ellis, Reg 0 23y 111d 28 0
8 Farmer, Roy 0 21y 188d 7 2
28 Fowler, Orm 3 22y 191d 5 10
27 Gant, Wally 0 23y 341d 49 6
16 Hattam, Harrie 0 23y 341d 63 2
5 Jory, Percy 0 25y 174d 35 13
1 Lever, Harry 0 28y 159d 145 6
18 Lowrie, Bill 2 21y 161d 1 2
2 McNamara, Dave 7 27y 142d 73 101
7 Schmidt, Billy 0 26y 166d 118 114
21 Turnbull, Norm 0 19y 363d 4 0
15 White, Paul 0 20y 344d 15 3
24 Woodcock, Bill 0 25y 349d 116 37
  Rushed   11  
  Totals         15 11         24y 76d 988 353
University Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
13 Atkins, Ernie 0 24y 48d 18 6
24 Cameron, Frank 0 22y 57d 1 0
21 Don, Wally 0 22y 261d 7 0
4 Doubleday, Jack 2 24y 16d 27 10
9 Gibbs, Dick 0 21y 129d 30 3
10 Heron, Wilfrid 1 19y 328d 20 3
14 Hinman, Bill 1 21y 347d 28 3
3 Johnston, Gerald 0 22y 357d 4 0
17 Kelly, Lester 0 22y 119d 34 0
19 Marks, Les 1 21y 181d 7 6
5 Martin, Stan 0 24y 202d 63 4
18 Neale, Stan 0 20y 162d 23 0
11 Park, Roy 2 21y 318d 39 96
16 Rodriguez, Percy 0 21y 159d 9 1
22 Schrader, Heinrich 2 20y 190d 7 3
27 Vines, Ashley 0 23y 148d 14 0
7 Willis, Carl 1 21y 82d 37 36
6 Woods, Eric 0 21y 183d 25 0
  Rushed   7  
  Totals         10 7         22y 40d 393 171

Match highlights

Dave McNamara kicked 7 goals for St. Kilda against University (V/AFL, Premiership Season, R9)
Dave McNamara kicked his 100th career V/AFL goal: St. Kilda vs. University (V/AFL, Premiership Season, R9)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.