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Central District vs Woodville West Torrens

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Round: 5   Venue: Elizabeth Oval   Date: Sat, 30-04-2022 2:10 pm   Crowd: 1,253  
Central District  
Woodville West Torrens  
  W-WT by 13W-WT by 44W-WT by 46W-WT by 50  

Match Report

The opening game this week was the first of two Saturday afternoon games, its off to the northern suburbs and into the X-Convenience Oval in Elizabeth where the two sides that defined the league in the noughties butted heads again, the Bulldogs and the Eagles. The Eagles took both games last season, starting with a 29-point victory at Goodman Road in Round 9. But the Dogs saved their worst performance for the final round of the year, the 2021 season capped off with a massive 104-point defeat at Woodville in Round 19. A demoralising end of the season for the Bulldogs, whose only saving grace was the avoidance of the wooden spoon. The Eagles' were pipped at the post last weekend, the Tigers' final shot on goal allowing them to leave Oval Avenue with the points, while the Dogs' final term let the Crows off the hook as they let a one-kick deficit stretch to a five-kick loss at home. Spoiler, everybody... it wasn't going to get any better. The Dogs would only manage one major in the opening term, the Eagles scoring 3.1 to take a 13-point lead at the first change. The second term would end up being the game-breaker for the reigining premiers, ramming through 6.3 to the Dogs' 1.2, taking their lead out to 44 points by the long break. Interestingly, the Eagles would then find some similar challenges they faced against the Bloods, their forward engine room having some issues in the second half. Whether it was the Eagles' attack that was struggling against a desperate Bulldogs defence or just a case of the wobbles, the Eagles second half was only half as good as their first. The Bulldogs unfortunately couldn't take advantage and still fell further behind, scoring 1.4 to the visitors' two goals in the third quarter as the gap crept out to 46 points come three quarter-time. Fact of the matter is, the Eagles should have smashed the Bloods and the Bulldogs in equal measure, perhaps a minor case of premiership hangover at Woodville. It would be an issue for another time as the Eagles didn't need to do much more against an underpowered home side. They added a further 2.6 to 2.2 to finish up 50-point victors. Dane McFarlane was the Eagles' everywhere man, with 24 disposals, eight marks and six tackles. The Dogs had Kyle Presbury, with 32 disposals, 10 marks and six tackles.


Match Report by RA Boyle


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.