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Carlton vs St. Kilda

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Round: 1   Venue: Princes Park   Date: Sat, 01-05-1920 3:00 pm    
Carlton C:  Norman Clark
St. Kilda C:  George Sparrow
  STK by 15CARL by 3CARL by 2CARL by 29  

Match Report


Carlton Wins

Carlton and St. Kilda played a fast game on the Carlton ground. There was a large attendance. The St. Kilda players asserted themselves from the start.

The Teams

Carlton. —
Backs: Johnson, Kelly, Evans.
Half - forwards: Brown, O'Brien, Truman.
Centres: Canet, M'Gregor, Chandler.
Half-forwards: Flsher, Hiskens, WIttman.
Forwards: Daykin, Green, M'Latchie.
Followers: Martin, Boromeo.
Rover: Downes.

St. Kilda.—
Backs: Watson, Griffiths. Jory.
Half-backs: Williams, Eicke, Cubblns.
Centres: Collins, Cazaly, Sinclair.
"Half-forwards: Milne, Cameron, Hallet.
Forwards: Lloyd, Beitzel. Bragg.
Followers: Woodcock, Kennedy.
Rover: James.

The Play

With Hiskins and Martin now in the ruck, and M'Latchie roving, Carlton attacked strongly: at the opening of the second quarter. In about five minutes' play Martin, from a good mark, kicked a goal at a distance of 50 yards. Carlton were now showing plenty of dash; but giving plenty of free kicks. One to James, allowed him to obtain a goal from a difficult angle. The ball was taken to the other end, and Wittman snapped a goal. Soon afterwards he scored again from a difficult angle. Cazaly, St. Kilda's Captain, won the toss from Fisher, and took advantage of a fairly high wind to kick toward the cemetery goal.

Within two minutes St. Kilda had scored two goals, kicked by Bragg and Beitzel. St. Kilda maintained the attack, but only two behinds resulted. A nice chain of marks from M'Gregor, Boromeo to Green gave Carlton their first behind. Then (M'Latchie from a crush In front snapped a goal. St.. Kilda at this stage changed their wings. Hallett soon afterwards scored six points for St. Kilda, but just on quarter time Carlton pressed their opponents.

Quarter Time
                      Goals. Bhds. Points.
ST. KILDA . . . 3         6         24
CARLTON . . .  1         3           9

Eicke, Cazaly, and James were prominent in a nice chain of marks, and Collins, who was awarded a free kick, kicked toward the goal, but Martin marked, and stopped the forward movement. M'Latchie passed to Daykin, who, placing the ball, kicked it through the posts at more than 50 yards' distance, amid loud applause.

Half Time
                      Goals. Bhds. Points.
CARLTON . . . 5          4          34
ST. KILDA . . . 4          7          31

M'Gregor, owing to an injury, was unable to take his place when the game was resumed, and Green the centre-forward, was put in his place. With only 17 men, Carlton was at a disadvantage, and St. Kilda attacked strongly, from the beginning. Kennedy from the ruck passed to James, who sent the ball through the goal and again gave St. Kilda the lead. Carlton then attacked, but only a behind resulted. 

Then Chandler was loudly cheered for a great run down the left wing. The ball was now travelling up and down the field at a great pace, and behinds were scored on both sides. On the St. Kilda side Eicke and Jory defended In great style, but eventually a chain of marks from Brown to Canet to Fisher enabled the latter to get six points. Just before this M'Gregor returned limping, and was placed forward. The bell rang with Carlton two points In the lead.

Threequarter Time
CARLTON . . .  6        6           42
ST. KILDA . . . 5       10          40

Carlton citadel was in danger soon after the filial quarter began, and Lloyd had a chance in front, but was not successful. Beitzel attempted to score, but the ball fell short. After a behind had been recorded the ball was taken down the other end, Wittman being particularly prominent. Daykin, from a mark, scored six points with a brilliant place-klck. Carlton were now going with great dash, but Eicke time and again stopped their advance.

Taking the ball from Fisher Daykin ran in with it and put the ball through. A minute afterwords Brown passed the ball nicely to Boromeo, who kicked another goal. Thenceforward tho Carlton players ran over their opponents and won easily by 29 points.

                      Goals. Bhds. Points.
CARLTON . . . 10        10       70
ST. KILDA . . .   5        11        41

— Daykin (4), Wittman (2), Boromeo, Fisher, Martin, M'Latchie.
St. Kilda.— James (2), Bragg, Beitzel, Hallett.


Title: Carlton Wins
Author: Herald Staff Reporter
Publisher: Herald (Melbourne, Vic)
Date: Monday: Saturday 1 May 1920, page 1


Match stats

Carlton Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
27 Boromeo, Bert 1 27y 357d 15 13
9 Brown, Ted 0 28y 196d 95 2
12 Canet, Charlie 0 24y 236d 52 4
8 Chandler, Newton 0 26y 225d 16 2
2 Daykin, Percy 4 29y 299d 100 84
28 Downs, Lyle 0 23y 280d 30 23
22 Ewans, Morrie 0 26y 106d 12 0
7 Fisher, Charlie 1 27y 166d 82 114
16 Green, Gordon 0 30y 63d 63 60
5 Hiskins, Rupe 0 26y 185d 1 0
19 Johnson, Fred 0 24y 7d 29 0
4 Keily, Dan 0 27y 351d 43 0
25 Martin, Frank 1 24y 306d 42 6
11 McGregor, Rod 0 37y 195d 236 26
21 McLatchie, Stewart 1 23y 256d 2 2
10 O'Brien, Paddy 0 27y 15d 86 7
23 Truman, Vic 0 20y 132d 1 0
24 Wittmann, Dick 2 19y 88d 1 2
  Rushed   10  
  Totals         10 10         26y 171d 906 345
St. Kilda Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
29 Beitzel, Arnold 1 22y 340d 5 8
1 Bragg, Albert 1 23y 270d 1 1
10 Cameron, Wally 0 23y 170d 1 0
14 Cazaly, Roy 0 27y 109d 84 32
6 Collins, Ted 0 26y 222d 75 23
21 Cubbins, Bill 0 20y 363d 15 2
7 Eicke, Wels 0 26y 217d 137 33
25 Griffiths, Rowley 0 25y 49d 1 0
15 Hallett, Norm 1 26y 57d 12 8
18 James, Jack 2 27y 183d 44 29
9 Jory, Percy 0 31y 132d 59 14
23 Kennedy, Pat 0 21y 276d 6 1
12 Lloyd, Bill 0 23y 283d 1 0
17 Milne, Jimmy 0 21y 225d 1 0
27 Sinclair, Alan 0 20y 14d 19 1
22 Watson, Colin 0 19y 202d 1 0
2 Williams, Dick 0 28y 287d 1 0
24 Woodcock, Bill 0 31y 307d 142 46
  Rushed   11  
  Totals         5 11         24y 346d 605 198


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.