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Essendon vs Collingwood

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GF   Venue: Lake Oval   Date: Sat, 07-09-1901 2:50 pm   Crowd: 30,000   Gate: £639.00  
  ESS by 17ESS by 29ESS by 19ESS by 27  

Match Report


The final match. Essendon v Collingwood. Essendon premiers.

The largest crowd which has attended any game of football in Victoria for many years assembled on the South Melbourne ground on Saturday, to witness the final match for the premiership, between Essendon and Collingwood. Long before 3 o'clock the ground was comfortably full, and the crowd still thronged in from all directions, until, when the ball was bounced, there was not any available room for more, and the fence round the playing space in many places gave way.

Altogether, it is estimated that there were 25,000 people present, and the league treasurer is congratulating himself on the increase to his banking account of the takings, £640. The day was not altogether suitable for football, a strong northerly wind blowing almost across the ground, and consequently a great deal of the play was on the pavilion wing, where the ball was continually out of bounds. Notwithstanding this the crowd saw a splendid game, in which, though the superiority of Essendon was apparent somewhat early, the Collingwood men stuck to their work, and played it right out to the finish. Both sides were fully represented, Collingwood leaving out Monahan, in favour of Farrell, and Essendon taking in Vollugi and Mann instead of Kennedy and Peppard.

Essendon were the first out, and they spent the time of waiting for their opponents in trying the ball in the wind. In order that there should be nothing to find fault with, Tom Sherrin, the Collingwood manufacturer, had prepared two balls, one of 15oz., with which the teams played, and another of 14oz., which was discarded on account of being too light for such a windy day. The balls were made of the best cowhide, double-tanned, and cut from the heart of the skin. Although Mr. Sherrin is a member of the Collingwood committee, the Essendon men were quite prepared to play with the ball, which gave every satisfaction.

First quarter

Essendon attacked at the start towards the lake goal, and though the wind was, if anything, against them, they kept the Collingwood backs very busy, but could not pick up the range. In one of those early rushes, Proudfoot, in turning the attack, wrenched his back, and was hampered for the rest of the day. Thurgood was working hard, but Tulloch, who had the commission to stop the big man, was doing his work well-and fairly, too. It was some time before F. Leach and Boyack raised the siege, and A. Leach and Pannam carrying it on, Essendon were on the defensive. Mann, however, relieved, and Hastings, Martin, and Kinnear carried it right up again. Dow turned that rush and, Fell and F. Leach assisting, it took M. Collins all his time to save his goal. Then Gavin took a high mark, which was the forerunner of many more. Hyman also brought down a good one, and then Vollugi and Stuckey, by handball, got the ball to Hastings who put in a fine run, and Griffiths from the ruck, with a long kick, landed the ball in front, where Kinnear marked, and easily punted first goal for Essendon—the first point after a quarter of an hour's play. Kinnear marked again a moment later, but Hyman gave him a bump which upset him.

Essendon soon got another goal. Wright sent the ball to Barry, who ran, and, picking out Thurgood cleverly, the big fellow marked. His shot for goal fell wide, Kinnear picked it up, and, kicking over his head, landed the ball in Martin's hands, a foot from the goal. He wasted no time, and up went the two flags again. Collingwood then attacked vigorously, Pannam, Hailwood and A. Leach working it down under the lee of the grand-stand. Pannam raced away, and kicked in front of goal when McCulloch easily marked, and Collingwood yelled with delight, as they saw a prospective goal, but Pannam had gone out of bounds, and the ball had to go back. Hailwood, with a fine punt, got first behind for Collingwood; and then Hastings marked the kick-in and passed to Vollugi. Clever handball and passing, in which Vollugi, T. Collins, M. Collins, Martin, and McKenzie took part, gave the latter a chance for a running shot, and he did not fail. The quarter soon ended, Essendon, 3 goals; Collingwood, 1 behind.

Second quarter

It had been a hard-fought quarter, with Essendon mostly in the lead. As soon as they changed Smith had a chance for Collingwood, but kicked wildly. The men were going all they knew, and at times it was not too gentle, but Crapp had them well in hand, and as Pannam and Barry had a tussle on the wing one heard his "Steady, Charlie," as the Woodsman roughed it up a little. Essendon were not to be denied, and Stuckey passing beautifully, Thurgood marked, and, allowing splendidly for the wind, fourth goal appeared. Pannam's fine play was answered by Gavin, and then Collingwood for some time attacked, Morgan, Farrell, Hailwood, and Pannam leading, but every time Gavin was in the way, and with towering marks he stopped the rushes. Again Stuckey and Thurgood were associated, and clever handball enabled the latter to skirt round the crowd, and kick a beautiful goal. Martin and Hailwood were struggling hard in the ruck, and the game was full of incident.

Hard, close play, in which every man was prominent, followed, and Collingwood working like tigers sent the ball up time and again, only to find Gavin marking magnificently, and turning the attack. T.Collins was hurt, and went forward for a while, Thurgood coming back in his place, and at half-time the scores were—Essendon, 5 goals 2 behinds; Collingwood, 3 behinds. Each side had worked well, and Essendon were jubilant, but some of the older heads remembered the match at Collingwood, when the Magpies were almost as far behind, and then came up and won, and they urged their men to keep going.

Third quarter

As soon as they begun again, Collingwood attacked, and Essendon drove them off. Once Hailwood seemed to have scored, but Gavin, head and shoulders above everyone, marked right in the goal. Morgan was playing magnificently for Collingwood, and he was needed, for Boyack had hurt himself, and had to be carried off the field. Twice Essendon got behinds, both by Thurgood, who got the ball on each occasion from Stuckey, after runs by Hastings and T. Collins. Then Morgan, by fine play, got the ball to Smith and Bryce and the latter with a running shot scored a goal, and in almost a flash Morgan and Pannam gave him another chance, and again he scored. This was an exciting time, for Collingwood had in a few minutes, put on 12 points, and their supporters yelled with delight, but the scoring for that quarter was done, though Morgan was still working hard, and the score stood, Essendon 5 goals 4 behinds, Collingwood 2 goals, 3 behinds when they changed over,

Fourth quarter

In the final term it was plain both sides had had enough. They had battled with each other and the breeze, and they had taken all the bumps inseparable from such a contest, and now the work was telling its tale. Both sides were fighting it right out, though, and the leaders could not afford to relax their efforts. The game was slowing down, but Essendon had the upper hand, and Barry and McKenzie passing beautifully to Thurgood, he put up another goal by splendid judgment. There was little more in it, save a run by Vollugi, which was answered by a far better one—in fact, the best of the day—by Hyman, well shepherded by Dow. After the game Hyman was proud of that run, and, as he asked if it were not the best of the day, he added "Oh, give us something. You've won the premiership, let us have the run of the day." Up till the very last kick Collingwood stuck to it, but were beaten, the scores being: Essendon, 6 goals 7 behinds, 43 points, Collingwood, 2 goals 4 behinds, 16 points

Best players

In a game where every man played his best it is hard to pick out individuals. I have given the names of the teams, so that each man may have the honour of being mentioned. However, it would be unfair to Gavin to forget his wonderful high marking, his vigour, and his dash. Unfair to Thurgood, Kinnear, Barry, McKenzie, Wright, Griffiths, and Larkin to forget the special excellence they displayed in their various departments.

You must mention all if you mention one, but these were the pick. On the Collingwood side almost the same thing prevails, but not to such an extent. Morgan and Hailwood were magnificent on the ball, Hyman and Dow in defence were splendid; Tulloch was fair and useful in his work of stopping Thurgood; Pannam and Martin on the wings were good; Bryce was very clever forward. Fred Leach however, was far below his usual state of usefulness; and Wright, who had to look after him, was on the day, the better man. However, there is little in the game one would wish to forget, and every man may be proud of having played in it. Crapp umpired as well as any man could possibly have done, and both sides cheered him at the finish.

At the conclusion of the game Mr. Beazley, M. L. A. (president), W. Strickland and Proudfoot (captain), representing the Collingwood team, came over to the Essendon dressing-room and congratulated them, and the Essendon captain (T.Collins) responded. Later on Mr. James Aitken, on behalf of the South Melbourne C.C., invited both teams into the skittle alley and congratulated them and drank their healths, and then Mr. W. J. Mountain, jun. (mayor of Essendon), on behalf of his club and Collingwood, thanked the Cricket Club for their courtesy and congratula- tions. The speeches, &c., were not over till very late.


Title: The final match. Essendon v Collingwood. Essendon premiers. Author: Old Boy Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria, 1848 - 1956) Date: Monday, 9 September 1901, p 7 (Article) Web:

Match stats

Essendon Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
Anderson, Jim 0 31y 294d 77 4
Barry, Son 0 24y 183d 78 15
Collins, Maurie 0 25y 48d 75 4
Collins, Tod 0 25y 220d 78 22
Gavin, Hugh 0 22y 317d 77 20
Griffith, Billy 0 20y 255d 35 8
Hastings, George 0 24y 237d 75 16
Hiskins, Fred 0 23y 30d 23 43
Kinnear, Ted 1 26y 315d 85 21
Larkin, Jimmy 0 26y 315d 52 46
Mann, Fred 0 22y 317d 9 0
Martin, George 1 26y 224d 73 20
McKenzie, Jack 'Dookie' 1 19y 301d 12 14
Robinson, Bill 0 21y 33d 18 7
Stuckey, George 0 30y 63d 69 2
Thurgood, Albert 3 27y 239d 22 47
Vollugi, Herc 0 21y 84d 15 0
Wright, Harry 0 31y 147d 75 3
  Rushed   7  
  Totals         6 7         25y 58d 948 292
Collingwood Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
Boyack, Alf 0 24y 2d 18 3
Bryce, Bob 2 22y 62d 17 12
Dow, Charlie 0 27y 238d 68 1
Dummett, Alf 0 20y 273d 12 0
Farrell, Jack 0 29y 247d 16 4
Fell, Matthew 0 26y 15d 49 7
Hailwood, Frank 0 28y 157d 80 28
Hyman, Oscar 0 23y 286d 13 1
Leach, Arthur 0 25y 189d 70 32
Leach, Fred 0 23y 185d 68 8
Martin, Peter 0 26y 45d 14 2
McCulloch, Bill 0 28y 304d 24 12
Morgan, Leo 0 21y 353d 16 5
Pannam, Charlie 0 26y 340d 87 18
Proudfoot, Bill 0 33y 88d 71 0
Rowell, Ted 0 25y 84d 19 31
Smith, Archie 0 29y 203d 85 114
Tulloch, Lardie 0 30y 145d 79 49
  Rushed   4  
  Totals         2 4         26y 117d 806 327


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.