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Carlton vs South Melbourne

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GF   Venue: Princes Park   Date: Sat, 29-09-1945 2:50 pm   Crowd: 62,986  
Carlton C:  Perce Bentley
South Melbourne C:  Bill Adams
  CARL by 11CARL by 2CARL by 23CARL by 28  

Match Report


Stamina a Feature

Carlton won the 1945 premiership of the Victorian Football League from South Melbourne most decisively. In doing so they established a record. Never, since the system of playing finals was altered in 1931, has a team won the premiership from third or fourth place.

It was, really, one of the finest wins in the history of the League. Beginning with a young team, Carlton set out to build for next season. They lost the first three games, and, at the end of the ninth round, were ninth with three wins. They had then discovered that the youngsters were of a high standard, and they began to play with confidence. They worked up the list, and, with only one more defeat—they were three points down to Essendon on July 21—just reached the four. They won 13 of the last 14 games to win the premiership.


When Carlton won the toss and had first use of the wind, which slightly favoured the northern goal, their supporters cheered. Their start was not impressive, as South won in the ruck, marked better, and defended stoutly. In fact, South had more of the play, and might have led with better kicking.

In the second quarter South began to shine after Carlton had kicked a goal. They raced to the lead, and seemed to be taking charge when the "rough stuff" started. While Carlton went on to play football, some of the South players seemed to be waiting for what might happen. There was more certainty in Carlton's play than in the first quarter, and they had gained the lead at half-tune.

Hands went full forward and Baxter centre half-forward when play was resumed in the rain, and with no wind. Nash gave South a four points lead with a nice goal, but Carlton quickly took control again. Delightful marking by Deacon and Brown, who were defending stoutly, kept South out in their sporadic attacks, and Carlton added goal after goal to lead by just under four goals at the last change.

In the last quarter South showed flashes of fine football, but too often they did not concentrate. Carlton, on the other hand, did not relax the pressure, and added to their advantage. Long before the finish the result was obvious, which made the several outbursts of rough play so unnecessary.

Brown's play at full-back was brilliant, and he was No 1 for Carlton, Baxter, McLean, Wines, Chitty, Sanger, Hands, and Savage were more conspicuously useful than the others, but most of them played their part.

Castles was South's best player, his cleverness and dash being outstanding. Smith was most reliable, and Dempsey, King, Grossman, and Graham (although he did not mark as well as usual) were best of the others.

Carlton: Hands, Price 3; Mooring, Baxter 2; Bennett, Chitty, Wines, McLean, Savage
South Melbourne: Castles 3; Smith, Nash, Linden 2; Richards

South Melbourne had several severe injuries. Grossman has badly torn thigh muscles; Kelly slipped the cartilage and may not be able to play again; Smith injured his thigh and heel; Richards damaged his knee, and Nash tore a leg muscle.


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Match stats

Carlton Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
25 Baird, Jim 0 24y 324d 38 45
21 Baxter, Ken 2 28y 40d 77 149
3 Bennett, Jack 1 25y 100d 81 39
15 Brown, Vin 0 23y 236d 75 4
6 Chitty, Bob 1 29y 87d 141 29
26 Clark, Jim 0 20y 189d 50 1
5 Collins, Lance 0 29y 102d 33 78
23 Deacon, Bert 0 22y 325d 18 4
1 Hands, Ken 3 18y 338d 18 24
31 McInnes, Charlie 0 29y 39d 111 92
14 McLean, Rod 1 29y 342d 119 26
16 Mooring, Jim 2 27y 350d 94 122
30 Price, Mick 3 31y 152d 101 163
18 Sanger, Arthur 0 27y 187d 90 1
24 Savage, Ron 1 28y 160d 111 95
7 Turner, Herb 0 24y 85d 19 19
4 Way, Alex 0 20y 47d 17 20
12 Williams, Doug 0 22y 238d 29 0
10 Wines, Clinton 1 23y 150d 20 7
  Rushed   13  
  Totals         15 13         25y 241d 1242 918
South Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
8 Castles, Vic 3 27y 268d 70 99
20 Cleary, Jim 0 31y 78d 188 6
23 Clegg, Ron 0 17y 316d 15 6
19 Danckert, Jack 0 23y 81d 9 0
30 Dempsey, Jack 0 26y 4d 36 10
27 Graham, Jack 0 29y 145d 171 143
17 Grossman, Don 0 24y 276d 64 13
16 Hartridge, Ron 0 25y 325d 63 81
5 Kelly, Brian 0 28y 63d 92 14
12 King, Billy 0 25y 43d 83 13
31 Linden, Alan 2 28y 155d 59 39
7 Matlock, Bob 0 27y 57d 33 0
1 Matthews, Herbie 0 31y 321d 191 17
25 Nash, Laurie 2 35y 150d 99 246
14 Richards, Reg 1 27y 289d 95 36
9 Smith, Keith 2 31y 121d 93 45
22 Whitfield, Ted 0 29y 108d 54 11
4 Williams, Billy 0 20y 16d 20 33
32 Williams, Jack 0 28y 104d 54 0
  Rushed   15  
  Totals         10 15         27y 116d 1489 812


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.