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62 players found with last names beginning with I.

Iacobucci, Adam (2005-2006)  (Collingwood)
Ibbotson, Garrick (2006-2017)  (East Fremantle, Fremantle, Australia, Peel Thunder)
Ibrahim, John (1962-1970)  (North Melbourne, Sunshine)
Icke, Bill (1943-1946)  (South Melbourne, Geelong)
Icke, Laurie (1952-1955)  (North Melbourne)
Icke, Stephen (1975-1987)  (North Melbourne, Melbourne)
Idun, Connor (2019-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney)
Iles, Sam (2006-2012)  (Collingwood, Gold Coast)
Ilett, Cameron (2002-2006)  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Illingworth, Charlie (1899)  (Melbourne)
Illingworth, Jim (1924)  (St. Kilda)
Ilott, Percy (1937)  (South Melbourne)
Ilsley, George (1954)  (Carlton)
Ilsley, Ike (1962)  (St. Kilda)
Impey, Jarman (2014-2024)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide, Hawthorn)
Incigneri, Len (1903-1915)  (South Melbourne, Richmond, Melbourne)
Incigneri, Matt (1911-1914)  (Richmond, Melbourne)
Incoll, Jack (1899-1911)  (South Melbourne, Collingwood, Newtown)
Indian, Jack (1944)  (St. Kilda)
Ingersoll, Terry (1957-1958)  (Hawthorn)
Ingerson, Anthony (1988-2001)  (Central District, Adelaide, Melbourne)
Ingham, Colin (1943-1950)  (Sturt)
Ingham, Norm (1911)  (St. Kilda)
Ingleman, Alby (1905-1908)  (Carlton)
Ingleton, Ben (1985-1989)  (St. Kilda)
Inglis, Adam (1951)  (Carlton)
Inglis, Dirk (1975-1984)  (West Torrens)
Inglis Jnr, John (1959-1969)  (Norwood)
Ingraham, Dave (1940-1951)  (South Fremantle)
Ingwersen, Alec (1962)  (Melbourne)
Inkster, Tim (2003-2007)  (Woodville West Torrens)
Inman, Ken (1973-1980)  (Perth)
Ion, Barry (1961-1968)  (Footscray, Woodville)
Ion, Fred 'Fat' (1915-1923)  (East Fremantle)
Ion, Graham (1958-1967)  (Footscray, Deniliquin)
Ireland, Andrew (1975-1980)  (Collingwood)
Ireland, Robert (1969-1970)  (Fitzroy)
Ironmonger, John (1980-1991)  (East Perth, Sydney, Fitzroy)
Irons, Jarrad (2011)  (Port Adelaide)
Irra, Emmanuel (2013-2018)  (South Adelaide, Port Adelaide Magpies)
Irvin, Nathan (1993)  (Sydney)
Irvine, Arthur (1947-1951)  (Geelong)
Irvine, Gary (1988)  (Footscray)
Irvine, Ron (1949-1951)  (Richmond)
Irving, Dean (1990-1997)  (West Coast, Melbourne)
Irving, Les (1927)  (Essendon)
Irwin, Alan (1908-1910)  (Essendon, St. Kilda)
Irwin, Billy (1911)  (Melbourne)
Irwin, Frank (1925-1927)  (Carlton)
Irwin, Les (1909-1911)  (Melbourne, Richmond)
Irwin, Ron (1943-1947)  (Melbourne)
Irwin, Vince (1921-1926)  (Essendon)
Irwin, Warwick (1970-1984)  (Fitzroy, Collingwood, Port Melbourne)
Isaac, Max (1947-1952)  (Footscray)
Isaac, William (1936-1940)  (West Torrens, West Adelaide, South Adelaide)
Iseger, Gerry (1966-1974)  (Perth, Swan Districts, South Adelaide)
Ishchenko, Alex (1982-1995)  (East Perth, West Coast, Brisbane, North Melbourne)
Ivens, Luke (2001-2013)  (North Adelaide)
Ives, Peter (1975-1983)  (Mayne, Southport)
Ivey, Dick (1969)  (North Melbourne)
Ivey, Jordan (2017-2024)  (Carlton WFC, Geelong WFC, Melbourne WFC)
Izzard, Bonnie (1929)  (Footscray)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.