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1906 players found with last names beginning with M.

Maas, Allan (1946-1948)  (North Melbourne)
Macaffer, Brent (2009-2016)  (Collingwood)
MacBeth, Jim (1938-1944)  (Richmond, St. Kilda)
Macdonald, Bailey (2024)  (Hawthorn)
MacDonald, Bill (1929-1931)  (Melbourne)
MacDonald, Connor (2022-2024)  (Hawthorn)
MacDonald, Greg (1973)  (Melbourne)
MacDonald, Jack (1951-1953)  (Hawthorn)
MacDonald, Joel (2004-2013)  (Brisbane, Melbourne)
Macdonald, Meg (2022-2024)  (Richmond WFC)
MacDonald, Murray (1959-1967)  (South Fremantle)
MacDonald, Roy (1914)  (Melbourne)
Mace, Ken (1946-1947)  (Hawthorn, St. Kilda)
Mace, Robert (1980-1988)  (Hawthorn, St. Kilda, Brisbane)
MacFarlane, Horace (1901-1905)  (Norwood)
MacFarlane, John (1971-1987)  (Glenelg)
MacGowan, Ricky (1992-2004)  (Central District, North Adelaide)
MacGregor, Brian (1960-1967)  (East Perth)
MacGregor, Duncan (1971)  (South Melbourne)
MacGregor, Jack (1952-1958)  (Fitzroy)
MacGregor, Johnny (1911)  (Richmond)
Machin, Artie (1898)  (South Melbourne)
MacIlwain, Geoff (1986)  (Richmond)
MacIsaac, Angus (1922-1927)  (Richmond)
Mack, Jack (1900-1909)  (Port Adelaide, Central Broken Hill)
MacKay, Charlie (1905-1906)  (Melbourne)
MacKay, Colin (1929)  (Fitzroy)
Mackay, David (2008-2021)  (Adelaide, Adelaide Reserves)
MacKay, Jack (1926-1937)  (South Adelaide, North Adelaide)
MacKay, Norm (1917-1918)  (Geelong)
MacKay, Tom (1932-1935)  (Geelong)
MacKechnie, Sam (1917-1918)  (Collingwood)
MacKenzie, Alan (1964-1970)  (Western Districts)
MacKenzie, Alex (1911-1912)  (St. Kilda)
MacKenzie, Aubrey (1914-1924)  (Melbourne, Footscray, St. Kilda)
MacKenzie, Brett (1988)  (North Melbourne)
Mackenzie, Cam (2024)  (Hawthorn)
MacKenzie, Ed (1893-1904)  (South Adelaide, West Torrens)
Mackenzie, Eric (2007-2018)  (Claremont, West Coast, East Perth)
MacKenzie, Graeme (1956-1962)  (Fitzroy)
MacKenzie, Jason (2003-2010)  (Central District)
MacKenzie, Tom (1900-1914)  (West Torrens, North Adelaide)
Mackie, Andrew (2004-2017)  (Geelong)
Mackie, Barry (1958-1960)  (Essendon)
Mackie, Emma (2018-2020)  (Western Bulldogs WFC, St. Kilda WFC)
Mackie, Gordon (1928-1936)  (Preston, Carlton)
Mackie, Jim 'Charlie' (1913-1914)  (Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
Mackie, Ken (1930-1938)  (Fitzroy, St. Kilda)
Mackie, Liam (2017)  (Collingwood Reserves)
Mackin, Aimee (2024)  (Melbourne WFC)
Mackin, Blaithin (2023-2024)  (Melbourne WFC)
Mackin, Terry (1936)  (Fitzroy)
Macklin, Norman (1919-1924)  (West Adelaide)
Mackrill, Tait (2019-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC)
Macky, Frank (1911)  (University)
MacLachlan, Maggie (2022-2024)  (Fremantle WFC, Port Adelaide WFC)
MacLeod, Cedric (1923)  (Richmond)
MacLeod, Keith (1979)  (Fitzroy)
MacLeod, Neil (1977-1988)  (Fitzroy, St. Kilda, Sandringham)
MacLeod, Norm (1927-1932)  (Collingwood)
MacLure, Mark (1973-1986)  (East Sydney, Carlton)
MacMillan, Glenn (1988)  (St. Kilda)
Macmillan, Jamie (2010-2020)  (Werribee, North Melbourne, North Melbourne Reserves)
MacNeil, Colin (1959-1960)  (Fitzroy)
MacNish, Andrew (1985-1996)  (Subiaco, West Coast, Geelong)
Macpherson, Darcy (2015-2024)  (Footscray, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast)
MacPherson, Les (1898-1899)  (Melbourne)
MacPherson, Rod (1982-1987)  (Footscray, Brisbane)
MacPherson, Stephen (1982-1995)  (Footscray)
Macquire, Fred (1956-1959)  (North Melbourne)
Macrae, Finlay (2021-2024)  (Collingwood)
Macrae, Jack (2013-2024)  (Williamstown, Western Bulldogs, Footscray, Victoria)
MacRae, Mal (1930-1932)  (Essendon, Fitzroy)
Macreadie, Harrison (2015-2019)  (GWS Reserves, Northern Bullants, Carlton)
Macri, Christin (1999-2000)  (Western Bulldogs)
MacVicar, Colin (1968-1981)  (Woodville, Glenelg)
Madden, Bill (1908-1909)  (St. Kilda)
Madden, James (2021-2024)  (Brisbane)
Madden, Justin (1980-1996)  (Essendon, Carlton)
Madden, Mick (1903-1915)  (Essendon, Essendon Association)
Madden, Nicholas (2024)  (Greater Western Sydney)
Madden, Russell (1929-1934)  (Geelong, Essendon)
Madden, Simon (1974-1992)  (Essendon, Australia)
Maddigan, Sammy (1940-1952)  (Acton, Turner)
Maddison, Gary (1977-1984)  (Norwood, Wilston Grange, Mayne)
Maddock, Phillip (1982)  (Geelong)
Maddocks, Dick (1948)  (North Melbourne)
Maddox, Edgar (1898)  (St. Kilda)
Madgen, Jack (2018-2022)  (Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Madigan, Greg (1989-1997)  (Hawthorn, Fremantle)
Madigan, Norm (1964)  (Richmond)
Madigan, Owen (1961-1966)  (Footscray, Richmond)
Maffina, Gordon 'Sonny' (1948-1958)  (Claremont)
Magee, Lauren (2021-2022)  (Melbourne WFC)
Magee, Stuart (1962-1977)  (South Melbourne, Footscray, Swan Districts, East Fremantle)
Magee, Tom (1951-1954)  (Fitzroy, Melbourne)
Magill, Frank (1918)  (South Melbourne)
Magill, Sam (1964-1965)  (Footscray)
Magin, Alik (2011-2014)  (Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast, Bendigo)
Magin, Bill
Magin, Rhys (2008)  (Essendon)
Maginness, Finn (2020-2024)  (Hawthorn)
Maginness, Norm (1953-1958)  (Hawthorn)
Maginness, Scott (1988-1996)  (Hawthorn)
Maginness, Will (2014)  (East Perth)
Magner, James (2012-2013)  (Melbourne)
Magor, Doug (1967-1968)  (South Melbourne, Footscray)
Magor, Frank 'Sheeny' (1909-1915)  (Port Adelaide)
Magor, Jaiden (2024)  (Sydney)
Magrath, Frank (1928)  (Hawthorn)
Magro, Stan (1970-1984)  (South Fremantle, Collingwood, East Perth)
Maguire, Jim (1944-1945)  (Hawthorn)
Maguire, Leo (1941-1948)  (Richmond)
Maguire, Madisen (2020-2022)  (Geelong WFC)
Maguire, Matt (2002-2015)  (St. Kilda, Brisbane)
Maguire, Mick (1910-1918)  (Richmond, Melbourne, Collingwood)
Maguire, Tom (1897-1898)  (Geelong)
Maguire, Vin (1915-1919)  (Geelong)
Maher, Ambrose (1918)  (Geelong)
Maher, Frank (1921-1931)  (Essendon, Oakleigh)
Maher, Jack (1938-1944)  (Melbourne)
Maher, Jimmy (1937)  (South Melbourne)
Maher, Paul (1998-1999)  (Fremantle)
Mahney, Wayne (1984-1991)  (Port Adelaide)
Mahon, Geoff (1936-1946)  (Geelong)
Mahon, John (1961-1965)  (Collingwood)
Mahoney, Bill (1902-1920)  (Geelong, St. Kilda, Richmond, Port Adelaide)
Mahoney, Dave (1911)  (Richmond)
Mahoney, Josh (1997-2007)  (Collingwood, Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide)
Mahoney, Mathew (1990-1992)  (Melbourne)
Mahony, Brett (1989)  (Richmond)
Mahony, Harold (1924-1926)  (South Melbourne)
Mahony, Jack (2020-2024)  (North Melbourne)
Mahony, Maurie (1929)  (Hawthorn)
Maibaum, Jack (2017-2018)  (Sydney Reserves)
Mail, Joshua (1994)  (Adelaide)
Mailer, Cassidy (2024)  (North Melbourne WFC)
Main, Ben (1911)  (South Melbourne)
Main, Dylan (2014-2015)  (East Perth)
Main, Jack (1907)  (South Melbourne)
Main, Les (1941-1943)  (Collingwood)
Maine, Lindsay (1907-1908)  (South Melbourne)
Mainwaring, Chris (1985-1999)  (East Fremantle, West Coast)
Maister, Beau (2005-2014)  (Claremont, West Coast, Sandringham, St. Kilda)
Majerczak, Mark (1987-1991)  (Carlton)
Major, Greg (1959-1961)  (Geelong)
Makeham, Bob (1923-1932)  (Collingwood)
Makepeace, Troy (2000-2006)  (North Melbourne, Australia)
Makin, Jim (1919-1923)  (South Melbourne, Melbourne)
Makur Chuot, Akec (2017-2024)  (Fremantle WFC, Richmond WFC, Hawthorn WFC)
Malakellis, Spiro (1989-1997)  (Geelong, Port Adelaide)
Malakellis, Tony (1990-1998)  (Geelong, Sydney, Port Adelaide)
Malarkey, Gary (1971-1988)  (East Perth, Geelong, Geelong West)
Malaxos, Steve (1979-1998)  (Claremont, Australia, Hawthorn, West Coast, East Fremantle)
Malberg, Artie (1927-1928)  (Footscray, North Melbourne)
Malbon, Percy (1941)  (Footscray)
Malceski, Nick (2005-2016)  (Sydney, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast)
Malin, Stan (1898-1899)  (Port Adelaide)
Mallett, Bob (1967-1968)  (South Melbourne)
Mallett, Harry (1936)  (Essendon)
Malone, Jack (1939)  (Footscray)
Malone, Jack (1941-1943)  (Footscray)
Malone, Jim (1945-1953)  (North Melbourne, Coburg)
Malone, Joe (1946-1947)  (North Melbourne)
Malone, Mick (1970-1978)  (Subiaco)
Maloney, Leo (1957)  (Essendon)
Maloney, Pat (1914-1920)  (St. Kilda)
Maloney, Seamus (1996-2003)  (Sturt)
Maloni, Peter (1983)  (Sydney)
Malpass, Cecil (1902-1906)  (Sturt)
Maltby, Arnold (1936-1939)  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
Malthouse, Mick (1972-1983)  (St. Kilda, Richmond)
Manassa, Phil (1973-1979)  (Collingwood)
Manchester, Oscar (1897-1898)  (Carlton)
Mandemaker, Rudi (1986-1992)  (Central District)
Manfield, Matthew (1995-1998)  (Fitzroy, Richmond)
Mangan, Lou (1942-1944)  (South Melbourne)
Mangels, Alan (1974-1983)  (Carlton, Geelong)
Mangelsdorf, Bert (1929-1935)  (North Adelaide)
Manger, Bill (1925-1926)  (Essendon, Carlton)
Mangin, Stuart (1998)  (Collingwood)
Mann, Arthur (1914-1919)  (Essendon)
Mann, Cyril (1939-1945)  (Carlton)
Mann, Fred (1901-1903)  (Essendon)
Mann, Harold 'Hassa' (1959-1971)  (Melbourne, South Fremantle)
Mann, Ken (1965-1966)  (St. Kilda)
Mann, Lance (1951-1959)  (Essendon, Albury)
Mann, Len (1960-1964)  (Melbourne)
Mann, Neil (1945-1956)  (Collingwood)
Mann, Peter (1991-1999)  (North Melbourne, Fremantle)
Manning, Andrew (1985-1991)  (St. Kilda, Essendon)
Manning, Peter (1964-1975)  (Swan Districts)
Manning, Phil (1927)  (Hawthorn)
Mannion, Bill (1928)  (South Melbourne)
Mannix, Alan (1965-1972)  (Footscray)
Manouge, Richard (1975-1981)  (West Torrens)
Mansell, Darren (1987-1995)  (Glenelg)
Mansell, Rhyan (2020-2024)  (Woodville West Torrens, Richmond)
Mansfield, Ken (1976-1980)  (Essendon)
Mansfield, Matthew (1991-1993)  (Footscray)
Mansfield, Michael (1990-2002)  (Geelong, Carlton)
Manson, David (1976-1978)  (Geelong)
Manson, Harold (1915-1921)  (St. Kilda, Geelong)
Manson, James (1985-1995)  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Mantello, Albert (1954-1962)  (North Melbourne)
Manton, Glenn (1992-2003)  (Essendon, Carlton)
Manton, John (1984-1989)  (Richmond)
Manzie, John (1967-1975)  (St. Kilda)
Maple, Alan (1937)  (Richmond)
Maple, Ellen (2017-2018)  (Norwood WFC, Sturt WFC)
Maple, Frank (1926)  (Hawthorn)
Maplestone, Charlie (1900-1902)  (Carlton)
March, Graham (1952)  (St. Kilda)
Marchant, Brett (1977)  (Melbourne)
Marchant, Joe (1904)  (St. Kilda)
Marchbank, Bill (1908-1912)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Marchbank, Caleb (2015-2024)  (GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney, Carlton)
Marchbank, Jim (1903-1913)  (Carlton)
Marchesani, Frank (1980-1985)  (Fitzroy, Carlton)
Marchesi, Gerald (1947-1954)  (North Melbourne)
Marchesi, Peter (1955)  (North Melbourne)
Marchesi, Val (1922-1924)  (Geelong, Essendon)
Marcon, Adam (2011-2021)  (Northern Bullants, Williamstown, Richmond Reserves, Richmond)
Marcou, Alex (1979-1988)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
Marden, Les (1944)  (Carlton)
Marendaz, Charlie (1956)  (North Melbourne)
Mares, Daryl (1965-1967)  (Hawthorn)
Margitich, George (1927-1934)  (South Adelaide, Melbourne)
Maric, Addam (2008-2012)  (Melbourne, Richmond)
Maric, Ivan (2006-2017)  (Adelaide, Richmond, Richmond Reserves)
Maric, Ryan (2024)  (Box Hill, West Coast)
Marigliani, Marcus (2010)  (Essendon)
Marinko Snr, Don (1922-1939)  (Boulder City, Subiaco, West Perth)
Marinko Jnr, Don (1952-1962)  (West Perth, East Perth)
Marinko, Ray (1954-1965)  (West Perth, East Perth)
Marinko, Tom (1964-1965)  (St. Kilda)
Marinoff, Ebony (2017-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Markby, Fred (1911)  (Fitzroy)
Marker, Peter (1967-1978)  (Glenelg)
Markillie, Mal (1899-1903)  (St. Kilda)
Markov, Oleg (2015-2024)  (North Adelaide, Richmond Reserves, Richmond, Gold Coast, Gold Coast Reserves, Collingwood)
Markovic, Lukas (2010-2014)  (Williamstown, Western Bulldogs, Footscray)
Marks, Ken (1972)  (Footscray)
Marks, Les (1914)  (University)
Marlow, Frank
Marmo, Joe (1888-1910)  (Geelong, West Perth, Hannans, Footscray)
Marney, Ron (1959-1968)  (Glenorchy)
Maroney, Mick (1935)  (North Melbourne)
Marquis, Peter (1950-1964)  (Devonport, Melbourne, North Hobart)
Marr, Jack (1948-1953)  (Hawthorn)
Marr, Joe (1900-1903)  (Carlton, Essendon)
Marrett, Bob (1956-1964)  (Port Adelaide)
Marrett, Paul (1969-1977)  (Port Adelaide)
Marrett, Peter (1947-1955)  (Port Adelaide)
Marriott, Craig (1971-1976)  (Glenelg)
Marriott, Fred (1911)  (Carlton)
Marriott, John (1947-1956)  (Norwood)
Marron, Sam (1904)  (Carlton)
Marsden, Rodger (1967-1968)  (Geelong)
Marsh, Ben (1998-2004)  (Adelaide, Richmond)
Marsh, David (1972-1977)  (North Adelaide)
Marsh, Edwin (1921)  (South Melbourne)
Marsh, Geoff (1978)  (South Fremantle)
Marsh, George (1905)  (Collingwood)
Marsh, Harry (2013-2021)  (Sydney Reserves, Sydney, Subiaco)
Marsh, Ian (1976-1980)  (Essendon)
Marsh, Ivan (1963-1969)  (Footscray)
Marsh, Jonathon (2014-2021)  (Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood, East Fremantle, Sandringham, St. Kilda)
Marsh, Percy
Marsh, Steve (1945-1960)  (South Fremantle, East Fremantle)
Marshall, Bill (1915)  (Richmond)
Marshall, Bob (1950-1961)  (Sturt)
Marshall, Bob (1959)  (South Melbourne)
Marshall, Danielle (2020-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC, Essendon WFC)
Marshall, David (1978-1993)  (Glenelg, Adelaide)
Marshall, Denis (1958-1972)  (Claremont, Geelong)
Marshall, Jim (1904)  (St. Kilda)
Marshall, Keith (1933)  (Fitzroy)
Marshall, Ken (1978-1985)  (Subiaco, Swan Districts)
Marshall, Kyle (2024)  (Port Adelaide)
Marshall, Marc (1989-1998)  (North Adelaide)
Marshall, Neil (1997-1998)  (West Coast)
Marshall, Nick (1907-1908)  (Geelong)
Marshall, Peter (1961-1965)  (Collingwood)
Marshall, Peter (1977)  (Collingwood)
Marshall, Phonse (1944)  (Geelong)
Marshall, Ray (1949-1952)  (Windsor)
Marshall, Ron (1943)  (Melbourne)
Marshall, Rowan (2017-2024)  (St. Kilda)
Marshall, Theo
Marshall, Todd (2017-2024)  (Port Adelaide)
Marshall, Willie (1905-1908)  (Melbourne, University)
Marsham, Alan (1939-1946)  (Geelong)
Marsham, Harry (1909-1919)  (Geelong, Richmond)
Martella, Brian (1971)  (Geelong)
Martello, Alan (1970-1983)  (Hawthorn, Richmond)
Martin, Alan (1949-1954)  (Footscray)
Martin, Bill (1922-1933)  (West Adelaide, Sturt)
Martin, Bob (1964-1968)  (Norwood)
Martin, Brian (1966-1972)  (Sturt)
Martin, Brodie (2009-2015)  (Adelaide)
Martin, Bryan (1942-1943)  (Melbourne)
Martin, Charlie (1903)  (Fitzroy)
Martin, Des (1941-1942)  (South Melbourne, Richmond)
Martin, Dustin (2010-2024)  (Richmond, Victoria)
Martin, Ernie (1923-1929)  (Carlton, Essendon)
Martin, Frank (1917-1923)  (Carlton)
Martin, Geoff (1981-1983)  (Richmond)
Martin, Geoff 'Paddy' (1945-1960)  (Launceston, Sandy Bay, Ulverstone, Burnie Tigers)
Martin, George (1897-1907)  (Essendon, Essendon Town)
Martin, George (1908)  (Melbourne)
Martin, Harold (1968)  (Fitzroy)
Martin, Jack (2013-2024)  (Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast, Carlton)
Martin, Jim (1902-1914)  (Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy)
Martin, John (1985-1993)  (Woodville, Woodville West Torrens)
Martin, Kyle (2013-2014)  (Collingwood)
Martin, Len (1906-1913)  (Geelong)
Martin, Llew (1939)  (Fitzroy)
Martin, Michael (1995-2000)  (Footscray, Brisbane)
Martin, Neville (1958)  (Geelong)
Martin, Niamh (2024)  (North Melbourne WFC)
Martin, Nic (2020-2024)  (Subiaco, Essendon)
Martin, Owen (1934-1946)  (North Adelaide)
Martin, Paul (1982-1986)  (South Adelaide)
Martin, Peter (1901-1906)  (Collingwood, North Melbourne)
Martin, Rachelle (2020-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Martin, Ray (1930-1940)  (Richmond)
Martin, Ron (1930)  (South Melbourne)
Martin, Stan (1909-1914)  (University)
Martin, Stefan (2007-2022)  (Sandringham, Melbourne, Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane, Western Bulldogs, Footscray)
Martin, Tom (1911)  (Geelong)
Martin, Wally (1959-1967)  (Subiaco)
Martini, Percy (1909-1920)  (Geelong, Richmond)
Martini, Ray (1950-1953)  (Essendon, Carlton)
Martyn, Aubrey (1929-1933)  (Carlton)
Martyn, Bryan (1950-1958)  (North Melbourne)
Martyn, Colin (1928-1932)  (Carlton)
Martyn, Mick (1988-2003)  (North Melbourne, Carlton)
Martyn, Percy (1912-1921)  (St. Kilda, Richmond, Essendon)
Martyn, Tony (1976-1986)  (Sandy Bay, Melbourne, Port Adelaide)
Martyn, Will (2018-2022)  (Brisbane Reserves, Aspley, Richmond Reserves, Richmond)
Marvell, Les (1919-1926)  (West Torrens)
Mascall, Leah (2018-2020)  (Fremantle WFC)
Maskell, Arthur (1913)  (Melbourne)
Maskell, Harold (1932-1936)  (Geelong, Carlton, Hawthorn)
Maskell, Les (1938-1940)  (St. Kilda)
Maslen, Bill (1935-1949)  (Preston, St. Kilda)
Mason, Arthur (1929)  (North Melbourne)
Mason, Bob (1942-1952)  (East Fremantle, South Fremantle)
Mason, Geoff (1951)  (Melbourne)
Mason, Horrie (1920-1936)  (North Hobart, St. Kilda, Camberwell)
Mason, Norm (1938)  (South Melbourne)
Massey, Bernie (1960-1967)  (Melbourne)
Massey, Jack (1910)  (Carlton)
Massey, Lew (1897)  (Melbourne)
Massie, Kris (1998-2009)  (Carlton, Norwood, Adelaide)
Masten, Chris (2007-2019)  (East Fremantle, West Coast, East Perth, West Coast Reserves)
Masters, Edgar (1911)  (Essendon)
Masters, Ernest (1929-1937)  (South Adelaide)
Matera, Brandon (2009-2020)  (South Fremantle, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast, Peel Thunder, Fremantle)
Matera, Peter (1987-2002)  (South Fremantle, West Coast)
Matera, Phillip (1994-2005)  (South Fremantle, West Coast)
Matera, Wally (1982-1994)  (South Fremantle, West Coast, Fitzroy, Prahran)
Mather, Dale (1959-1961)  (Geelong)
Mather, Vic (1945-1946)  (Footscray)
Mathers, Ian (1951-1954)  (Hawthorn)
Matheson, Alby (1905)  (Essendon)
Matheson, Allan (1946)  (Essendon)
Matheson, Gerry (1928)  (Footscray)
Matheson, Harry (1909-1914)  (St. Kilda, Carlton, Collingwood)
Mathews, Ben (1997-2008)  (Sydney)
Mathews, Bob (1930-1935)  (North Melbourne, Essendon)
Mathieson, Alec (1944)  (Geelong)
Mathieson, Jim (1920-1924)  (Geelong)
Mathieson, Rhys (2016-2024)  (Brisbane)
Mathisen, Jack (1942)  (Hawthorn)
Mathison, John (1904-1909)  (Port Adelaide)
Matin, Jessica (2021-2023)  (St. Kilda WFC)
Matlock, Bob (1944-1946)  (South Melbourne)
Matser, Grace (2023-2024)  (North Melbourne WFC)
Matson, Phil (1904-1923)  (South Bunbury, West Perth, Boulder City, Sturt, North Fremantle, Subiaco, East Perth)
Matthews, Ashley (1989-1993)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Matthews, Barry (1962-1964)  (Essendon)
Matthews, Bill (1897-1902)  (St. Kilda)
Matthews, Caitlin (2024)  (St. Kilda WFC)
Matthews, Dean (1995)  (St. Kilda)
Matthews, Dennis (1971)  (South Melbourne)
Matthews, Don (1956-1958)  (South Melbourne)
Matthews, Eric (1941-1949)  (Norwood)
Matthews, Frank (1929-1938)  (West Adelaide)
Matthews, Harold (1925-1932)  (St. Kilda)
Matthews, Herb (1914-1924)  (South Melbourne, Richmond, Melbourne)
Matthews Snr, Herbie (1932-1947)  (South Melbourne, Oakleigh)
Matthews Jnr, Herbie (1961-1969)  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Matthews, Jack (1941)  (North Melbourne)
Matthews, Jim (1900)  (Carlton)
Matthews, Jim (1940-1954)  (Albury, St. Kilda)
Matthews, Jimmy (1897-1909)  (North Adelaide)
Matthews, Jimmy (1907)  (St. Kilda)
Matthews, Kelvin (1972-1982)  (Hawthorn, Geelong)
Matthews, Leigh (1969-1985)  (Hawthorn)
Matthews, Norm (1935-1944)  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Matthews, Rupe (1909-1911)  (University)
Matthews, Scott (1996-2003)  (Woodville West Torrens)
Matthews, Wal (1922-1924)  (South Melbourne)
Mattingly, Dudley (1948)  (St. Kilda)
Mattiske, Berni (1933-1938)  (West Adelaide)
Mattner, Martin (2002-2013)  (Adelaide, Sydney)
Mattner, Ted (1914)  (Sturt)
Mattson, Don (1976-1977)  (Richmond, Essendon)
Mau, Barrie (1960)  (St. Kilda)
Maurer, Ella (2023-2024)  (North Melbourne WFC, Gold Coast WFC)
Mawhinney, Alec (1919)  (Melbourne)
Maxfield, Jim (1924-1925)  (Richmond)
Maxfield, Stuart (1990-2005)  (Richmond, Sydney, Australia)
Maxwell, Bill (1909)  (Melbourne)
Maxwell, Len (1927)  (Hawthorn)
Maxwell, Nick (2004-2014)  (Collingwood)
May, Charlie (1922-1926)  (Essendon)
May, Dick (1933-1934)  (North Melbourne)
May, George (1898-1899)  (St. Kilda)
May, George (1911)  (Richmond)
May, Jim (1940-1941)  (Footscray)
May, John (1970)  (Essendon)
May, Len (1924-1926)  (Fitzroy, St. Kilda)
May, Les (1956)  (Geelong)
May, Steven (2011-2024)  (Gold Coast, Melbourne)
May, Tony (1977-1978)  (North Melbourne, Melbourne)
May, Wally (1947-1957)  (Essendon, Sturt)
Maybury, Percy (1910-1919)  (Richmond)
Mayes, Sam (2011-2022)  (North Adelaide, Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane, Port Adelaide Magpies, Port Adelaide)
Maylin, Phil (1974-1986)  (Woodville, Carlton, Footscray)
Mayman, Bill (1906-1925)  (Mines Rovers, Boulder City, Sturt, New Town, Burnie Tigers)
Maynard, Alan (1913-1915)  (Port Adelaide)
Maynard, Brayden (2015-2024)  (Collingwood)
Maynard, Corey (2017-2019)  (Casey, Melbourne)
Maynard, Dick (1921)  (Essendon)
Maynard, Harry (1914)  (Richmond)
Maynard, Peter (1980-1991)  (Melbourne, Glenelg, Woodville West Torrens)
Maynard, Rodney (1984-1995)  (Norwood, Adelaide)
Mayne, Chris (2007-2021)  (Perth, Fremantle, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Mayne, Terry (1972-1973)  (Geelong)
Maynes, Leo (1935-1940)  (Fitzroy, Essendon)
Mayo, Jack (2019)  (Subiaco)
Mayo, Max (1948-1953)  (Norwood)
Maywald, Clarence (1919-1931)  (Port Adelaide)
McAdam, Adrian (1988-1995)  (North Adelaide, North Melbourne)
McAdam, Gilbert (1986-1998)  (Claremont, Central District, St. Kilda, Brisbane)
McAdam, Greg (1977-1989)  (North Adelaide, St. Kilda, Central District)
McAdam, Shane (2015-2024)  (Claremont, Sturt, Adelaide Reserves, Adelaide)
McAlister, Daniel (1997-2002)  (Essendon)
McAllester, Jim (1980-1984)  (Essendon, Footscray, Collingwood)
McAlpine, Ernie (1924-1926)  (Carlton)
McAlpine, Ivan (1927-1937)  (Footscray, Hawthorn)
McAndrew, Lachlan (2024)  (Sydney)
McArthur, Graeme (1963-1964)  (Hawthorn)
McArthur, Jack (1912-1913)  (Fitzroy)
McArthur, Jim (1898)  (South Melbourne)
McArthur, John (1958-1963)  (Hawthorn)
McArthur, Ray (1935-1946)  (West Adelaide)
McArthur, Tom (1955-1957)  (Western Districts)
McAsey, Alan (1958)  (Footscray)
McAsey, Chris (1983)  (St. Kilda)
McAsey, Darren (1985-1991)  (Sydney)
McAsey, Fischer (2020-2024)  (Adelaide)
McAuliffe, Barry (1962-1966)  (North Melbourne)
McAuliffe, Haydn (1965-1973)  (South Melbourne)
McAuliffe, Jerry (1934)  (Hawthorn)
McAuliffe, Tayla (2018)  (Fremantle WFC)
McAullay, Ken (1967-1975)  (East Perth)
McBain, John (1958-1962)  (Port Adelaide)
McBean, Billy (1909)  (Melbourne)
McBean, Liam (2013-2021)  (Coburg, Richmond Reserves, Richmond, Glenelg)
McBean, Mal (1944-1949)  (Footscray, St. Kilda)
McBride, Cian (2024)  (Essendon)
McBroom, Stephen (1983-1984)  (Sydney)
McCabe Snr, Bill (1927-1931)  (North Melbourne)
McCabe Snr, Bill (1957-1959)  (North Melbourne)
McCabe, Dick (1897-1907)  (Fitzroy, St. Kilda, South Melbourne)
McCabe, Luke (1995-2008)  (Hawthorn, Central District, Hamley Bridge)
McCaffrey, Tom (1929)  (Fitzroy)
McCallum, Bill (1931-1941)  (Norwood)
McCallum, Firth (1897-1905)  (Geelong)
McCallum, Perce (1930-1940)  (Norwood)
McCallum, Tom (2020-2024)  (Clarence, Port Adelaide)
McCamish, Noel (1923)  (Collingwood)
McCankie, Len (1941-1953)  (Footscray, North Hobart)
McCann, Clem (1935)  (North Melbourne)
McCann, Ian (1953-1955)  (Hawthorn)
McCann, Les (1944)  (Carlton)
McCann, Neil (1950-1959)  (North Adelaide)
McCann, Peter (1904-1907)  (South Melbourne, Essendon)
McCann, Ron (1936)  (Collingwood)
McCann, Stephen (1977-1988)  (North Melbourne)
McCart, George (1905-1910)  (Carlton, Melbourne, St. Kilda)
McCarter, Billy (1913-1924)  (Geelong)
McCarthy, Adam (1992-1996)  (North Melbourne, Fitzroy)
McCarthy, Aisling (2019-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC, West Coast WFC)
McCarthy, Bernard (1922-1928)  (West Torrens)
McCarthy, Bernie (1962-1971)  (North Melbourne)
McCarthy, Bill (1902-1903)  (Fitzroy, Essendon)
McCarthy, Brian (1956-1961)  (St. Kilda)
McCarthy, Cam (2014-2020)  (GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney, Fremantle, Peel Thunder)
McCarthy, Con (1915-1926)  (Collingwood, Footscray)
McCarthy, Gavan (1965)  (North Melbourne)
McCarthy, Gerald (1972-1982)  (Hawthorn, Fitzroy)
McCarthy, Jack (1905)  (St. Kilda)
McCarthy, James (1908-1914)  (West Adelaide)
McCarthy, John (1985-2001)  (North Hobart, North Melbourne, Fitzroy, Woodville West Torrens)
McCarthy, John (2008-2012)  (Collingwood, Port Adelaide)
McCarthy, John J (1907-1913)  (West Adelaide)
McCarthy, Justin (1913-1926)  (Carlton, Essendon)
McCarthy, Kate (2017-2023)  (Brisbane WFC, St. Kilda WFC, Hawthorn WFC)
McCarthy, Kevin (1965)  (Glenelg)
McCarthy, Lincoln (2012-2024)  (Geelong, Brisbane)
McCarthy, Matthew (2003-2006)  (Geelong)
McCarthy, Michael (1978-1988)  (Hawthorn, Brisbane)
McCarthy, Mitch (2017)  (Collingwood Reserves)
McCarthy, Paris (2024)  (Sydney WFC)
McCarthy, Pat (2012)  (Carlton)
McCarthy, Ron (1953-1956)  (Footscray)
McCarthy, Shane (1970-1971)  (Geelong)
McCarthy, Sophia (2023-2024)  (North Melbourne WFC)
McCarthy, Stephen (1982-1983)  (Melbourne)
McCarthy, Ted (1933)  (St. Kilda)
McCartin, Paddy (2015-2024)  (Sandringham, St. Kilda, Essendon Reserves, Sydney Reserves, Sydney)
McCartin, Tom (2018-2024)  (Sydney)
McCartney, Charlie (1897-1899)  (South Melbourne, Essendon)
McCartney, Graeme (1957)  (Richmond)
McCartney, Jason (1991-2003)  (Collingwood, Adelaide, North Melbourne)
McCashney, Frank (1909-1915)  (Richmond)
McCashney, Jim (1925-1927)  (Hawthorn)
McCashney, John (1903)  (South Melbourne)
McCashney, John (1953-1954)  (Hawthorn)
McCasker, Allan (1925)  (North Melbourne)
McCaskill, Bob (1923-1925)  (Richmond)
McCaul, Artie (1910-1924)  (South Brisbane, Windsor)
McCauley, Broc (2011-2012)  (Brisbane, Hawthorn)
McCleary, Norm (1933)  (Essendon)
McClelland, Bill (1898-1904)  (Melbourne)
McClelland, Laura (2020-2024)  (Richmond WFC)
McClements, Les (1941-1955)  (Claremont, Clarence)
McCluggage, Hugh (2017-2024)  (Brisbane)
McClure, Bob (1946-1951)  (Essendon)
McCluskey, Tom (1910-1915)  (Carlton, Fitzroy, Footscray)
McColl, Dave (1904)  (South Melbourne)
McColl, Graham (1958)  (Carlton)
McColl, Jim (1954-1957)  (Essendon)
McComb, Bert (1925-1929)  (Essendon, Hawthorn)
McComb, Robbie (2018-2024)  (Footscray, Western Bulldogs)
McComish, Leo (1919-1931)  (Perth)
McConchie, Jock (1932-1937)  (Richmond, Fitzroy)
McConechy, Grahame (1904)  (Collingwood)
McConnell, Alan (1980-1982)  (Footscray)
McConnell, Daniel (2005-2006)  (West Coast, North Melbourne)
McConnell, Len (1928)  (North Melbourne)
McConnell, Roy (1949-1956)  (Essendon)
McConnon, Leigh (1976-1981)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
McConville, Peter (1978-1989)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
McConville, Tommy (1927-1929)  (Melbourne)
McCooey, Frank (1906)  (Melbourne)
McCooke, Milne (1955-1958)  (St. Kilda)
McCorkell, Clive (1933)  (Essendon)
McCorkell, Jock (1940-1953)  (North Melbourne)
McCormack, Basil (1925-1936)  (Richmond)
McCormack, Brendan (1989-1994)  (Fitzroy, Brisbane)
McCormack, Con (1902-1903)  (Collingwood)
McCormack, Damien (2006)  (Western Bulldogs)
McCormack, Jack (1927-1929)  (Richmond)
McCormack, Ken (1954-1961)  (South Melbourne)
McCormack, Paul (1992-1999)  (Carlton, Norwood)
McCormack, Peter (1976-1986)  (Collingwood, Richmond, Fitzroy)
McCormick, Bob (1897)  (Essendon)
McCormick, Cambridge (2023-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC)
McCormick, Jenna (2017-2019)  (Adelaide WFC)
McCormick, John (1923)  (Richmond)
McCormick, Jonathon (2003-2004)  (Carlton)
McCoy, Jack (1934-1935)  (St. Kilda)
McCoy, Jim (1897)  (Melbourne)
McCoy, Warren (1978-1990)  (North Darwin)
McCrabb, Austin (1987-1992)  (Geelong, Hawthorn)
McCracken, Alexander
McCracken, Allan (1911-1912)  (University)
McCracken, Coiler
McCracken, Gordon (1920-1927)  (Fitzroy)
McCracken, Peter (1902)  (St. Kilda)
McCracken, Peter (1968-1972)  (South Melbourne)
McCrae, Cliff (1935-1939)  (Footscray, Collingwood)
McCrae, Henry (1929)  (Melbourne)
McCrae, Ian (1962-1970)  (Fitzroy)
McCreery, Beau (2020-2024)  (South Adelaide, Collingwood)
McCrory, Alan (1938-1943)  (Richmond, Oakleigh, South Melbourne)
McCrossan, Cara (2024)  (Gold Coast WFC)
McCubbin, Bobby (1898)  (Collingwood)
McCulloch, Bill (1897-1902)  (Melbourne, Collingwood)
McCulloch, Dave (1960-1961)  (Carlton)
McCulloch, Doug (1948-1957)  (Prahran)
McCulloch, Ian (1972-1975)  (Fitzroy)
McCulloch, Leo (1918-1926)  (Richmond, Hawthorn)
McCully, Stewart (1990-1998)  (Glenelg)
McCumisky, Phil (1917-1919)  (Carlton)
McDaid, Cillian (2018)  (Northern Bullants)
McDermott, Chris (1981-1997)  (Glenelg, Adelaide, North Adelaide)
McDermott, John (1898)  (South Melbourne)
McDermott, Norm (1937-1939)  (Essendon)
McDiarmid, Cleve (1927)  (Geelong)
McDiarmid, Jack (1923-1935)  (West Perth, Claremont)
McDonagh, Aine (2023-2024)  (Hawthorn WFC)
McDonagh, Garrett (2015-2022)  (Northern Bullants, Coburg, Richmond Reserves, Essendon Reserves)
McDonagh, Jack (1936)  (Footscray)
McDonald, Abbey (2024)  (Geelong WFC)
McDonald, Alan (1939-1943)  (Richmond)
McDonald, Alby (1902-1903)  (Fitzroy)
McDonald, Alec (1906)  (Melbourne)
McDonald, Alex (1990-1999)  (Hawthorn, Collingwood)
McDonald, Allan (1965)  (St. Kilda)
McDonald, Amy (2020-2024)  (Geelong WFC)
McDonald, Andy (1910-1919)  (Carlton)
McDonald, Angus (1914)  (St. Kilda)
McDonald, Anthony (1997-2002)  (Melbourne)
McDonald, Arch (1905)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Beau (1998-2007)  (Brisbane)
McDonald, Bert (1913)  (Collingwood)
McDonald, Bob (1921-1924)  (South Melbourne)
McDonald, Brian (1950-1951)  (South Melbourne)
McDonald, Cameron (1959-1963)  (Footscray)
McDonald, Charles (1924-1928)  (South Melbourne)
McDonald, Claude (1922-1927)  (North Adelaide)
McDonald, Colin (1985-1991)  (Woodville, Woodville West Torrens)
McDonald, Donald (1982-1992)  (North Melbourne)
McDonald, Edwin (1905)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Ernie (1908)  (Richmond)
McDonald, Fen (1911-1913)  (Carlton, Melbourne)
McDonald, Frank (1919-1921)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Gary (1978-1980)  (St. Kilda)
McDonald, George (1914)  (St. Kilda)
McDonald, Gerry (1953-1956)  (South Melbourne)
McDonald, Harold (1944)  (Carlton)
McDonald, Harold (1949-1958)  (Port Adelaide)
McDonald, Henry (1903-1928)  (Ulverstone)
McDonald, Jack (1948-1956)  (St. Kilda)
McDonald, James (1997-2012)  (Melbourne, Sandringham, Australia, Greater Western Sydney)
McDonald, Jim (1903-1906)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Jim (1915)  (Richmond)
McDonald, Jim (1942)  (Melbourne)
McDonald, Keith (1951-1952)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Lachie (1976)  (Collingwood)
McDonald, Les (1909)  (St. Kilda)
McDonald, Logan (2020-2024)  (Perth, Sydney)
McDonald, Luke (2014-2024)  (North Melbourne)
McDonald, Meghan (2017-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC, Geelong WFC)
McDonald, Molly (2020-2024)  (St. Kilda WFC)
McDonald, Norm (1925-1928)  (Footscray)
McDonald, Norm (1947-1953)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Oscar (2014-2022)  (North Ballarat, Casey, Melbourne, Carlton)
McDonald, Paddy (1918-1919)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Paul (1975-1978)  (Essendon)
McDonald, Rhoda (1897-1907)  (Collingwood, Richmond, Carlton)
McDonald, Ron (1941-1950)  (East Fremantle, East Perth)
McDonald, Ron (1955-1960)  (Richmond)
McDonald, Rupe (1929-1935)  (Geelong)
McDonald, Sophie (2020-2024)  (West Coast WFC)
McDonald, Ted (1912-1919)  (Essendon, Fitzroy)
McDonald, Tom (2011-2024)  (Melbourne)
McDonald-Tipungwuti, Anthony (2013-2024)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
McDonell, Andy (1905-1906)  (South Melbourne)
McDonnell, Marty (1939-1950)  (Footscray)
McDonough, Jack (1902-1905)  (South Melbourne, Fitzroy)
McDonough, Matt (2013-2015)  (Richmond)
McDougall, Abe (1898-1902)  (Fitzroy)
McDougall, Andrew (2002-2007)  (West Coast, Western Bulldogs)
McDougall, Bertie (1910)  (Collingwood)
McDougall, Darcy (1904-1915)  (Collingwood, South Adelaide, Sturt)
McDougall, Ernie (1902-1903)  (South Melbourne)
McDougall, Norm (1913)  (Melbourne)
McDougall, Roy (1930-1932)  (Fitzroy)
McDowall, Jim (1925-1934)  (North Adelaide)
McDowall, Nathan (1999-2005)  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
McDowell, Bill (1927-1928)  (North Melbourne)
McDowell, Frank (1955)  (Footscray)
McDowell-White Jnr, Darryl (2024)  (Brisbane)
McEachen, Roy (1935-1936)  (South Melbourne)
McElholum, Joe (1930-1931)  (North Melbourne)
McElroy, Jack (1938-1939)  (Carlton)
McEntee, Jed (2020-2024)  (Sturt, Port Adelaide)
McEvoy, Ben (2008-2022)  (St. Kilda, Sandringham, Box Hill, Hawthorn)
McEvoy, Fred (1935)  (Footscray)
McEvoy, Lucy (2020-2024)  (Carlton WFC, Sydney WFC)
McEvoy, Niamh (2020-2021)  (Melbourne WFC)
McEwan, Tom (1909)  (Richmond)
McEwen, Harry (1909-1913)  (Port Adelaide)
McEwen, Hugh (1897-1901)  (Fitzroy)
McEwen, Rob (1947)  (North Melbourne)
McEwin, Ron (1948-1959)  (Essendon, South Mildura)
McFadyen, Connor (2018-2022)  (Brisbane Reserves)
McFadyen, Hector (1920)  (Essendon)
McFarlane, Alex (1909-1919)  (Port Adelaide)
McFarlane, Bill (1941-1948)  (Port Adelaide)
McFarlane, Brianna (2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC)
McFarlane, Jim (1902)  (Carlton)
McFarlane, Mick (1936-1940)  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
McFarlane, Rod (1971)  (Essendon)
McFarlane, Sam (1996)  (North Melbourne)
McFaull, Brendan (1979)  (Hawthorn)
McGaffin, Harold (1924-1928)  (Sturt)
McGaffin, Jack (1888-1891)  (Norwood)
McGain, Syd (1938-1945)  (Essendon, Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
McGann, Bob (1928)  (Footscray)
McGann, George (1901)  (Carlton)
McGann, Jeff (1950-1961)  (Perth)
McGarity, Jack (1918)  (Essendon)
McGarry, Barney (1905)  (St. Kilda)
McGavisk, Charles (1901-1912)  (West Torrens, Norwood)
McGaw, Ray (1956-1958)  (Richmond)
McGaw, Wes (1972)  (Collingwood)
McGee, Billy (1895-1910)  (Port Melbourne, South Melbourne)
McGee, Jeff (1967-1968)  (South Melbourne)
McGee, Terry (1962-1963)  (South Melbourne)
McGhie, Joe (1966-1967)  (Footscray)
McGhie, Robert (1969-1981)  (Footscray, Richmond, South Melbourne)
McGie, Lindsay (1964-1969)  (Essendon)
McGill, Alan (1959)  (Footscray)
McGill, Alex (1953-1963)  (Mayne)
McGill, Kevin (1954-1965)  (East Perth)
McGillicuddy, Reg (1911)  (University)
McGillivray, Andy (1977)  (Geelong)
McGillivray, Charlie (1933)  (Hawthorn)
McGillivray, Dick (1950)  (Essendon)
McGilvray, Bill (1920-1921)  (Fitzroy)
McGinis, Fred (1894-1901)  (Melbourne)
McGinnity, Patrick (2008-2016)  (Claremont, West Coast, East Perth)
McGivern, Geoff (1950-1956)  (Melbourne)
McGlashan, Dave (1981-1982)  (Melbourne)
McGlone, Jim (1926)  (Footscray)
McGlynn, Ben (2006-2016)  (Hawthorn, Sydney, Australia)
McGlynn, Mick (1946)  (Geelong)
McGorlick, George (1935-1937)  (Essendon)
McGorlick, Norm (1908)  (Geelong)
McGough, Mark (2002-2006)  (Collingwood, St. Kilda)
McGovern, Andrew (1990-1999)  (Claremont, Sydney, Fremantle, Peel Thunder)
McGovern, Jeremy (2012-2024)  (Claremont, East Perth, West Coast)
McGovern, Mitch (2014-2024)  (Claremont, Adelaide, Adelaide Reserves, Carlton)
McGowan, Allan (1948-1951)  (Melbourne, Collingwood)
McGowan, Brian (1955-1966)  (South Melbourne, Glenelg)
McGowan, Ron (1963-1974)  (Longford, Hobart, Footscray, South Adelaide)
McGown, Ken (1954-1956)  (Richmond)
McGrath, Andrew (2017-2024)  (Essendon)
McGrath, Ashley (2001-2014)  (Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Reserves)
McGrath, Bill (1959)  (South Melbourne)
McGrath, Cory (1996-2006)  (South Fremantle, Essendon, Carlton)
McGrath, Craig (1984-1991)  (Fitzroy, West Coast)
McGrath, Dave (1900)  (Fitzroy)
McGrath, Dave (1920)  (Fitzroy)
McGrath, Dennis (1965-1968)  (North Melbourne)
McGrath, Don (1941)  (St. Kilda)
McGrath, Frank (1944-1945)  (Melbourne, Carlton)
McGrath, George (1956-1962)  (Geelong)
McGrath, Jack (1948-1950)  (Geelong)
McGrath, Jaden (2015-2016)  (Brisbane, Brisbane Reserves)
McGrath, Jerry (1897-1903)  (St. Kilda)
McGrath, Joe (1938)  (Footscray)
McGrath, Justin (1991)  (Fitzroy)
McGrath, Liz (2023-2024)  (Port Adelaide WFC, North Melbourne WFC)
McGrath, Marty (2003)  (Richmond)
McGrath, Shane (1940-1950)  (Melbourne)
McGrath, Shane (1984)  (Hawthorn)
McGrath, Tim (1989-2002)  (North Melbourne, Geelong)
McGrath, Wal (1930)  (North Melbourne)
McGreevy, John (1952)  (Hawthorn)
McGregor, Alex (1934-1935)  (Geelong)
McGregor, Anthony (1993-1996)  (Fitzroy)
McGregor, Billy (1899-1900)  (St. Kilda)
McGregor, Bruce (1923-1932)  (West Adelaide, North Hobart, South Adelaide)
McGregor, Ian (1961-1964)  (North Melbourne)
McGregor, Ken (1954-1958)  (West Adelaide)
McGregor, Ken (1998-2009)  (Woodville West Torrens, Adelaide)
McGregor, Rod (1905-1920)  (Carlton)
McGregor, Stan (1923)  (Geelong)
McGregor, Treva (1966-1971)  (Fitzroy)
McGuane, Luke (2006-2015)  (Richmond, Brisbane)
McGuane, Mick (1987-1997)  (Collingwood, Carlton)
McGuigan, Bryan (1900)  (Melbourne)
McGuinness, Ian (1973-1975)  (Melbourne, Fitzroy)
McGuinness, Josh (2015-2016)  (Brisbane Reserves)
McGuinness, Keith (1951)  (South Melbourne)
McGuinness, Kieran (2002-2014)  (Western Bulldogs, Norwood)
McGuinness, Matt (2021-2022)  (North Melbourne Reserves)
McGuinness, Neville (1960-1967)  (Morningside)
McGuinness, Noel (1953-1963)  (Morningside, Coorparoo)
McGuinness, Paddy (1901)  (St. Kilda)
McGuinness, Phil (1991-2002)  (Glenelg, Port Adelaide)
McGuinness, Tony (1981-1996)  (Glenelg, Australia, Footscray, Adelaide)
McGuire, Emily (2018-2020)  (Fremantle WFC, West Coast WFC)
McGuire, Kevin (1981-1985)  (North Melbourne)
McHale, James 'Jock' (1903-1920)  (Collingwood)
McHale, John (1941-1944)  (Collingwood)
McHardy, Allan (1935)  (Essendon)
McHardy, Roger (1970-1971)  (Footscray)
McHardy, Todd (1996-1997)  (Melbourne)
McHenry, Bob (1943-1944)  (Fitzroy, Geelong)
McHenry, Ned (2020-2024)  (Adelaide)
McHenry, Russell (1971-1972)  (South Melbourne)
McHenry, Tommy (1925-1926)  (Footscray)
McHugh, Ray (1960-1965)  (St. Kilda)
McIlroy, Bill (1913)  (University)
McIlveen, Bob (1943)  (Richmond)
McIndoe, Russell (1940-1951)  (Brighton)
McInerney, Justin (2019-2024)  (Sydney)
McInerney, Leo (1918-1919)  (Essendon)
McInerney, Oscar (2016-2024)  (Casey, Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane)
McInerney, Peter (1975-1983)  (Glenelg)
McInnes, Andrew (2012-2014)  (Carlton)
McInnes, Charlie (1938-1946)  (Carlton)
McInnes, Don (1925-1936)  (North Adelaide)
McInnes, Fraser (2011-2019)  (Perth, West Perth, West Coast, West Coast Reserves)
McInnes, Geoff (1932-1934)  (Melbourne, St. Kilda)
McInnes, George (1968-1970)  (Richmond)
McInnes, John (1905)  (Geelong)
McInnes, John (1956-1971)  (Norwood)
McInnes, Reef (2022-2024)  (Collingwood)
McInnes, Russell (1936-1937)  (Fitzroy, South Melbourne)
McIntosh, Ashley (1991-2003)  (Claremont, West Coast)
McIntosh, Bill (1925)  (North Melbourne)
McIntosh, Bob (1945-1946)  (St. Kilda)
McIntosh, Cecilia (2017-2019)  (Collingwood WFC)
McIntosh, Fred (1913-1915)  (University, Essendon)
McIntosh, Garry (1982-1998)  (Norwood, Australia)
McIntosh, Hamish (2005-2014)  (North Melbourne, Geelong)
McIntosh, Ivan (1933)  (Collingwood)
McIntosh, Jack (1906)  (Melbourne)
McIntosh, John (1962-1972)  (Claremont, St. Kilda)
McIntosh, Kamdyn (2012-2024)  (Peel Thunder, Richmond)
McIntosh, Keith (1951)  (Essendon)
McIntosh, Merv (1939-1955)  (Perth)
McIntosh, Neil (1942-1944)  (Collingwood)
McIntosh, Norm 'Snowy' (1910-1927)  (South Fremantle, Richmond, Claremont)
McIntyre, Andrew (2006-2011)  (North Adelaide)
McIntyre, Barry (1958-1960)  (St. Kilda)
McIntyre, Bill (1920-1925)  (Melbourne, Footscray)
McIntyre, Don (1935-1942)  (Carlton)
McIntyre, Ernie (1939-1952)  (Sandringham, St. Kilda, Collingwood)
McIntyre, Jack (1903)  (Essendon)
McIntyre, Milton (1933)  (Footscray)
McIntyre, Peter (1988-1996)  (South Adelaide, Adelaide)
McIntyre, Timothy (2012)  (Adelaide)
McIvor, Don (1953-1958)  (Windsor)
McIvor, Duncan (1909-1914)  (Collingwood)
McIvor, Ivor (1940-1946)  (Essendon)
McIvor, Scott (1985-1997)  (Fitzroy, Brisbane)
McKaige, Ken (1951-1954)  (Melbourne, Carlton)
McKay, Abbie (2019-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
McKay, Andrew (1991-2003)  (Glenelg, Carlton, Australia)
McKay, Ashley (1964-1968)  (Port Adelaide)
McKay, Ben (2017-2024)  (North Melbourne)
McKay, Bill (1897)  (Geelong)
McKay, Billy
McKay, Darren (1990-1998)  (Port Adelaide)
McKay, David (1969-1981)  (Carlton)
McKay, Dean (1951-1957)  (West Adelaide)
McKay, Denis 'Dinny' (1885-1897)  (South Ballarat, South Melbourne, Richmond)
McKay, Harry (2017-2024)  (Carlton)
McKay, Hec (1926-1935)  (South Melbourne)
McKay, Hugh (1907-1908)  (Geelong)
McKay, Ian (1946-1955)  (North Adelaide)
McKay, Ian (1975-1982)  (Central District)
McKay, Joel (1998-2000)  (Geelong)
McKay, Roy (1927-1940)  (Williamstown, Footscray, Brunswick)
McKay, Tom (1959-1964)  (St. Kilda)
McKean, Jim (1903)  (Collingwood)
McKee, Analea (2024)  (Brisbane WFC)
McKee, Keith (1950)  (Geelong)
McKee, Steve  (South Adelaide)
McKee, Steven (1998-2004)  (Richmond, Collingwood)
McKeegan, Tim (1900-1902)  (South Melbourne, Geelong)
McKeever, Niall (2011-2013)  (Brisbane)
McKellar, Allan (1986-1992)  (Richmond, Sydney)
McKellar, Barney (1960-1962)  (Footscray)
McKellar, Craig (1967-1978)  (Woodville, Richmond, Melbourne)
McKellar, Don (1903-1905)  (Melbourne)
McKelson, Ollie (1903)  (South Melbourne)
McKendry, Bob (1914)  (Richmond)
McKenna, Conor (2015-2024)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon, Brisbane)
McKenna, Guy (1985-2000)  (Claremont, West Coast)
McKenna, John (1899-1908)  (West Adelaide)
McKenna, Michael (1979-1985)  (Footscray, Richmond)
McKenna, Pat (2015-2018)  (GWS Reserves, Casey)
McKenna, Patrick (1898-1903)  (West Adelaide)
McKenna, Peter (1965-1980)  (Collingwood, Devonport, Carlton, Geelong West, Port Melbourne, Northcote)
McKenna, Thomas (1899-1908)  (West Adelaide)
McKenzie, Alec (1902-1908)  (Geelong)
McKenzie, Alex (1888-1895)  (Port Adelaide)
McKenzie, Arthur (1898)  (Geelong)
McKenzie, Barry (1968-1972)  (Fitzroy)
McKenzie, Bill (1909-1919)  (Melbourne)
McKenzie, Bill (1950-1957)  (North Adelaide)
McKenzie, Bill (1958)  (Richmond)
McKenzie, Bob (1948-1955)  (Melbourne)
McKenzie, Brad (2012-2016)  (North Ballarat, North Melbourne, Werribee)
McKenzie, Brian (1966-1972)  (Collingwood)
McKenzie, Croft (1920-1923)  (Carlton)
McKenzie, Daniel (2015-2024)  (St. Kilda)
McKenzie, David (1964)  (Fitzroy)
McKenzie, Des (1968-1969)  (Richmond)
McKenzie, Don (1960-1974)  (Essendon)
McKenzie, Don (1962-1970)  (Footscray)
McKenzie, Ellie (2021-2024)  (Richmond WFC)
McKenzie, Gerald (1930)  (Fitzroy)
McKenzie, Jack (1929)  (Essendon)
McKenzie, Jack 'Dookie' (1898-1915)  (Brunswick, Essendon, Essendon Association, Melbourne)
McKenzie, Jock (1931-1946)  (South Melbourne, Fitzroy, Oakleigh)
McKenzie, Joe (1910)  (Richmond)
McKenzie, John (1878-1894)  (Port Adelaide)
McKenzie, John (1906)  (Geelong)
McKenzie, Jordie (2009-2015)  (Melbourne)
McKenzie, Keith (1944-1954)  (North Melbourne, Moorabbin (Original))
McKenzie, Ken (1883-1898)  (Port Adelaide)
McKenzie, Ken (1909-1911)  (St. Kilda)
McKenzie, Mark (2002-2012)  (Woodville West Torrens, Northern Bullants)
McKenzie, Norm (1959-1962)  (South Melbourne)
McKenzie Jnr, Robert (1969-1972)  (Melbourne)
McKenzie, Ron (1952-1953)  (Collingwood, Melbourne)
McKenzie, Stan (1909-1914)  (Launceston, Carlton)
McKenzie, Stan (1918-1925)  (Collingwood, North Melbourne, Hawthorn)
McKenzie, Stuart (1982)  (Melbourne)
McKenzie, Tom (2019)  (North Melbourne Reserves)
McKenzie, Trent (2011-2024)  (Australia, Gold Coast, Gold Coast Reserves, Port Adelaide)
McKenzie, Wal (1902)  (Carlton)
McKenzie, Warren (1985-1992)  (Carlton, Sydney)
McKeon, Mark (1978)  (Melbourne)
McKeone, Bill (1911)  (Melbourne)
McKeown, Ron (1984-1993)  (Collingwood)
McKernan, Corey (1993-2004)  (North Melbourne, Carlton)
McKernan, Ken (1934-1935)  (North Melbourne)
McKernan, Noel (1966-1968)  (North Melbourne)
McKernan, Shaun (2008-2021)  (South Adelaide, Adelaide, Glenelg, Adelaide Reserves, Essendon Reserves, Essendon, Sandringham, St. Kilda)
McKew, Shane (1970-1973)  (South Melbourne)
McKey, Denis (1932)  (St. Kilda)
McKindlay, Rod (1957-1959)  (North Melbourne)
McKinley, Ben (2007-2011)  (West Coast, North Melbourne)
McKinley, Bill (1903-1908)  (Geelong)
McKinley, Charlie (1928)  (Fitzroy)
McKinley, Joe (1932)  (Fitzroy)
McKinley, Tom (1900-1908)  (Williamstown, Footscray)
McKinnon, Andrew (1989-1990)  (Carlton)
McKinnon, Erin (2017-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC, St. Kilda WFC)
McKinnon, Martin (1994-2000)  (Adelaide, Geelong, Brisbane)
McKinnon, Montana (2020-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
McKinnon, Robin (1983-1996)  (West Adelaide)
McKinnon, Vic (1949-1952)  (Hawthorn)
McKnight, Bert (1909)  (Collingwood)
McKnight, Fred (1881-1894)  (South Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
McKnight, Jimmy (1944-1946)  (South Melbourne)
McLaine, Darren (1984)  (Collingwood)
McLaren, Dylan (2001-2006)  (Brisbane, Carlton)
McLaren, George (1944-1951)  (Footscray)
McLaren, Hannah (2022)  (Richmond WFC)
McLaren, Joe (1996-2001)  (St. Kilda, North Melbourne)
McLaren, Mick (1955)  (St. Kilda)
McLaren, Peter (1945)  (Collingwood)
McLarty, Sam (2017-2018)  (Collingwood Reserves)
McLatchie, Stewart (1919-1925)  (Carlton, Brunswick, Fitzroy)
McLaughlin, Alan (1946-1950)  (Fitzroy)
McLaughlin, Brodie (2019-2024)  (North Melbourne Reserves, Frankston, Gold Coast)
McLaughlin Snr, Hugh (1929-1937)  (South Melbourne, Footscray)
McLaughlin Jnr, Hugh (1955-1964)  (South Melbourne)
McLaughlin, Niamh (2024)  (Gold Coast WFC)
McLean, Allan (1919)  (Melbourne)
McLean, Andrew (1996)  (St. Kilda)
McLean, Bob (1934-1948)  (Norwood, Port Adelaide, St. Kilda)
McLean, Brock (2004-2014)  (Melbourne, Northern Bullants, Carlton)
McLean, Col (1940-1949)  (Melbourne)
McLean, Glenn (1980-1984)  (Melbourne, Collingwood)
McLean, Graeme (1968-1969)  (St. Kilda)
McLean, Hayden (2019-2024)  (Sydney)
McLean, Hugh (1882-1892)  (Geelong, Melbourne)
McLean, Ian (1951-1960)  (Melbourne)
McLean, Jim (1901-1903)  (Melbourne)
McLean, Ken (1943-1946)  (Carlton)
McLean, Kevin (1963-1967)  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
McLean, Les (1940-1949)  (Port Adelaide)
McLean, Michael (1983-1997)  (Footscray, Brisbane)
McLean, Norm (1920)  (Essendon)
McLean, Paul (1987)  (Fitzroy)
McLean, Peter (1964-1968)  (Melbourne, Carlton)
McLean, Ricky (1966-1976)  (Carlton, Richmond)
McLean, Rod (1935-1946)  (Carlton)
McLean, Ted (1912)  (Geelong)
McLean, Toby (2015-2024)  (Footscray, Western Bulldogs)
McLean, Tom (1900-1904)  (Collingwood, Geelong)
McLean, Tom (1951-1956)  (Melbourne, North Melbourne)
McLear, George (1914)  (Richmond)
McLear, Jim (1919)  (Essendon)
McLeay, Isadora (2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC)
McLeay, James (2004-2014)  (Sturt)
McLeish, David (1969-1980)  (South Melbourne)
McLeish, John (1949-1950)  (Essendon)
McLeish, Maurie (1920)  (St. Kilda)
McLellan, Bob (1936-1937)  (Fitzroy)
McLennan, Angus (2024)  (St. Kilda)
McLennan, Bruce (1950-1955)  (St. Kilda)
McLennan, Gus (1917)  (Geelong)
McLennan, Harold (1907-1919)  (Fitzroy)
McLennan, Jez (2018-2022)  (Central District, Gold Coast Reserves)
McLennan, Norm (1907-1908)  (Fitzroy)
McLeod, Andrew (1994-2011)  (Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, NT Thunder)
McLeod, George (1897-1913)  (St. Kilda, Essendon)
McLeod, George (1903)  (St. Kilda)
McLeod, Jack (1933)  (St. Kilda)
McLeod, Jack (1945-1951)  (Hawthorn)
McLeod, Ken (1910-1913)  (University)
McLeod, Kevin (1968)  (Footscray)
McLeod, Kirsten (2017-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC)
McLeod, Mark (1989)  (Richmond)
McLeod, Norm (1897-1898)  (Melbourne)
McLeod, Ron (1936-1947)  (North Melbourne, St. Kilda)
McLorinan, Jock (1931)  (St. Kilda)
McLuckie, Steven (1992-1993)  (Brisbane)
McLure, James (1995-2003)  (Geelong, Woodville West Torrens)
McLure, Lindsay (1937-1938)  (Footscray)
McMahen, Noel (1946-1956)  (Melbourne)
McMahon, Ann (2022)  (Fremantle WFC)
McMahon, Brian (1962-1963)  (St. Kilda)
McMahon, David (1972-1984)  (Preston, Fitzroy)
McMahon, Gavin (1993-1994)  (Sydney)
McMahon, Glen (1958-1964)  (Norwood)
McMahon, John (1919)  (Melbourne)
McMahon, John (1953-1955)  (Geelong)
McMahon, Jordan (2001-2009)  (Western Bulldogs, Richmond)
McMahon, Kevin (1949-1959)  (North Melbourne)
McMahon, Liam (2021-2022)  (Collingwood Reserves)
McMahon, Maddy (2019-2022)  (Geelong WFC)
McMahon, Max (1961-1962)  (Hawthorn)
McMahon, Mike (1924-1929)  (Fitzroy)
McMahon, Patrick (1898-1904)  (West Torrens)
McMahon, Robert (1996)  (Fitzroy)
McMahon, Ron (1951-1952)  (Melbourne)
McMahon, Scott (2007-2015)  (North Melbourne)
McMahon, Tom (1927-1932)  (South Melbourne, Melbourne)
McMahon, Tom (1943)  (Footscray)
McManus, Shaun (1993-2008)  (East Fremantle, Fremantle)
McMaster, Andy (1939)  (Footscray)
McMaster, Bill (1946)  (North Melbourne)
McMaster, Bill (1951-1954)  (Geelong)
McMaster, Ernie (1910)  (Melbourne)
McMaster-Smith, Bruce (1960-1965)  (Fitzroy, Carlton, St. Kilda)
McMichael, Alf (1875-1882)  (Carlton Imperial, Carlton, Norwood, South Melbourne)
McMichael, Sam (1892-1897)  (Fitzroy)
McMillan, Brian (1962-1964)  (Richmond)
McMillan, Charlie (1911)  (Fitzroy)
McMillan, Geoff (1978-1979)  (Richmond)
McMillan, Jack (1936)  (Footscray)
McMillan, John (1959-1964)  (St. Kilda)
McMillan, Marty (1972-1975)  (Richmond, Footscray)
McMullen, Allan (1967)  (St. Kilda)
McMullen, Brendan (1984-1986)  (Coorparoo)
McMullin, Ian (1984-1993)  (Collingwood, Essendon)
McMullin, Neil (1974)  (Melbourne)
McMullin, Toby (2024)  (Greater Western Sydney)
McMurray, Archie (1889-1896)  (South Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
McMurray Snr, Jack
McMurray Jnr, Jack
McMurrich, Peter (1904)  (Geelong)
McNabb, Bill
McNair, Arch (1898-1899)  (South Melbourne)
McNamara, Bill (1899-1904)  (Carlton)
McNamara, Cyril (1931)  (South Melbourne)
McNamara, Dave (1905-1923)  (St. Kilda, Essendon Association)
McNamara, Eliza (2021-2024)  (Melbourne WFC)
McNamara, Henry (1911)  (St. Kilda)
McNamara, Jamie (2007-2009)  (West Coast)
McNamara, Laurie (1952-1962)  (West Perth)
McNamara, Lindsay (1939-1941)  (South Melbourne, Fitzroy)
McNamara, Pat (1934-1940)  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
McNamara, Tom (1897-1904)  (St. Kilda)
McNamara, Tom (2009-2011)  (Melbourne)
McNaughton, Geoff (1938)  (Melbourne)
McNaughton, Keith (1940)  (South Melbourne)
McNeel, Archie (1905)  (Carlton)
McNeil, Hector (1922)  (Fitzroy)
McNeil, Lachlan (2020-2024)  (Woodville West Torrens, Footscray, Western Bulldogs)
McNeil, Tim (1987-1991)  (Norwood)
McNeil, Tom (1951-1952)  (St. Kilda)
McNeil, Vic (1913-1914)  (Essendon)
McNeilage, George (1907-1913)  (Geelong, Melbourne, Norwood)
McNeilage, Jim (1907)  (Geelong)
McNeill, Neil (1955-1956)  (South Melbourne)
McNicholl, Dermot (1990)  (St. Kilda)
McNiece, Ben (2015-2019)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
McNulty, Pat (1902)  (Carlton)
McOrist, Ian (1972)  (Collingwood)
McPartland, Andy (1941)  (Essendon)
McPartland, Leo (1943)  (Collingwood)
McPetrie, Henry (1897)  (Carlton)
McPharlin, Luke (2000-2015)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn, East Fremantle, Fremantle)
McPhee, Adam (2001-2012)  (Fremantle, Essendon, Australia)
McPhee, Anthony (1988-2008)  (Rochester)
McPhee, Keith (1935)  (Fitzroy)
McPhee, Peter (1954)  (Footscray)
McPherson, Alan (1953-1954)  (South Melbourne)
McPherson, Andrew (2020-2024)  (Adelaide)
McPherson, Cam (1959-1966)  (Hawthorn)
McPherson, Daniel (1994-2003)  (Sydney)
McPherson, Frank (1918)  (St. Kilda)
McPherson, Glen (1947-1954)  (Glenelg)
McPherson, Harry (1925-1928)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
McPherson, Hughie (1939-1944)  (Footscray, Melbourne)
McPherson, Norm (1931-1932)  (South Melbourne)
McQuade, Martin (1915)  (Melbourne)
McQualter, Andrew (2005-2015)  (St. Kilda, Sandringham, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast, Southport, Richmond Reserves)
McQueen, Mark (1991-1994)  (Richmond)
McQueen, Max (1937)  (Hawthorn)
McQueen, Phil (1920)  (Geelong)
McRae, Colin (1964-1965)  (Fitzroy)
McRae, Craig (1993-2004)  (Glenelg, Brisbane, Australia)
McRae, Dean (1987-1996)  (North Melbourne, Sydney)
McRae, Frank (1950-1954)  (Footscray)
McRae, Godfrey (1927)  (Hawthorn)
McRae, Peter (1956-1957)  (Footscray)
McShane, Harry (1894-1904)  (Geelong, Carlton)
McShane, Jack (1882-1887)  (Geelong, South Melbourne)
McShane, Jim (1890-1901)  (Geelong)
McShane, Joe (1887-1904)  (Geelong, Carlton)
McShane, Pat (1878-1887)  (Essendon, Fitzroy)
McShane, Phil (1883-1890)  (Geelong, Essendon, Carlton, Fitzroy)
McShane, Tommy (1885-1889)  (Geelong, South Melbourne)
McSpeerin, Artie (1899-1903)  (Carlton, Melbourne)
McSpeerin, Bill (1897-1904)  (Fitzroy)
McSpeerin, Shane (1971-1973)  (Melbourne)
McSporran, Kevin (1966-1989)  (West Augusta, West Torrens, Woodville)
McStay, Daniel (2014-2024)  (Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane, Collingwood)
McSwain, Chas (1925-1934)  (Carlton, Northcote, Preston)
McSweeney, Ned (1925-1928)  (Essendon)
McSweeny, Don
McTaggart, Bert (1940-1945)  (Carlton, Footscray)
McTaggart, Bill (1943-1947)  (Footscray, South Melbourne)
McTaggart, Ian (1942)  (North Melbourne)
McVee, Judd (2024)  (Melbourne)
McVeigh, Bernie (1942)  (Fitzroy)
McVeigh, Bill (1905)  (Carlton)
McVeigh, Jarrad (2004-2019)  (Sydney, Australia)
McVeigh, Mark (1999-2012)  (Essendon, Australia)
McVilly, Don (1945-1947)  (Hawthorn)
McVilly, Ray (1958-1960)  (Hawthorn)
McVitty, Bill (1905-1907)  (Essendon)
McWilliam, George (1907-1909)  (Fitzroy)
McWilliams, Frank (1944)  (Geelong)
McWilliams, Phoebe (2017-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC, Geelong WFC, Carlton WFC)
Mead, Darren (1989-2002)  (Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide)
Mead, Jackson (2022-2024)  (Port Adelaide)
Mead, Peter (1963-1967)  (Port Adelaide)
Mead, Ray (1934)  (North Melbourne)
Meade, Kevin (1957-1958)  (North Melbourne)
Meade, Les (1927-1931)  (Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Meadowcroft, Des (1898)  (Carlton)
Meadows, Johnny (1903)  (Essendon)
Meadway, Barney (1906-1907)  (Carlton, Collingwood)
Meagher, Des (1966-1976)  (Hawthorn)
Meagher, Jack (1953-1954)  (South Melbourne)
Meakin, Paul (1967-1978)  (Mayne, Coolamon)
Mearns, Bill (1910)  (St. Kilda)
Mears, Harry (1940-1948)  (Collingwood, South Melbourne)
Meddings, Kevin (1962)  (Footscray)
Medhurst, Paul (2002-2010)  (Fremantle, Collingwood)
Medhurst, Peter (1958-1966)  (West Perth, Central District)
Mee, Brian (1949-1950)  (St. Kilda)
Meehan, Dave (1961)  (North Melbourne)
Meehan, Jack (1946-1950)  (St. Kilda)
Meehan, Jim (1958)  (Richmond)
Meehan, Joe (1932-1938)  (Hawthorn, South Melbourne)
Meehan, Simon (1980-1984)  (St. Kilda)
Meehan, Tom (1928)  (Fitzroy)
Meehan, Tom (1947-1954)  (St. Kilda, Fitzroy)
Meehl, Sid (1934-1938)  (Melbourne)
Meek, Les (1941-1947)  (St. Kilda)
Meek, Lloyd (2018-2024)  (Peel Thunder, Fremantle, Hawthorn)
Meeking, Lindsay (1925)  (North Melbourne)
Meers, Bob (1935-1941)  (Port Adelaide)
Meese, Reg (1948)  (Collingwood)
Meesen, John (2007-2009)  (Adelaide, Melbourne)
Megson, Jack (1905-1909)  (Essendon, Richmond)
Mehaffey, John (1946-1951)  (West Torrens)
Meiklejohn, James (2003-2013)  (Sydney, Port Adelaide Magpies)
Melai, Eddy (1964)  (South Melbourne)
Melbourne, Jimmy (1900-1901)  (West Perth)
Meldrum, Paul (1982-1992)  (Carlton)
Melesso, Neil (1956)  (South Melbourne)
Melesso, Peter (1981-1990)  (South Melbourne, St. Kilda, West Coast)
Melican, Chris (1988-1992)  (Glenelg)
Melican, Lewis (2017-2024)  (Sydney)
Melksham, Jake (2010-2024)  (Bendigo, Essendon, Essendon Reserves, Melbourne)
Mellan, Jim (1920)  (Geelong)
Melling, Ted (1885-1895)  (Fitzroy)
Mellington, Anthony (1995-1999)  (Fitzroy, North Melbourne)
Mellington, Joshua (2011-2013)  (Fremantle)
Mellor, Greg (1990-2002)  (West Adelaide)
Mellowship, Ron (1945-1949)  (East Fremantle)
Melrose, Graham (1967-1983)  (East Fremantle, North Melbourne, Swan Districts)
Melville, Frank (1925-1929)  (North Melbourne)
Melville, Ken (1953-1956)  (Melbourne)
Melville, Robert (1971-1981)  (Claremont)
Melville, Victor (1973-1983)  (Claremont, Perth, Subiaco)
Melvin, Royce (1930-1939)  (North Adelaide)
Membrey, Jordan (2017-2024)  (Brisbane WFC, Collingwood WFC, Gold Coast WFC)
Membrey, Tim (2013-2024)  (Sydney Reserves, Sydney, St. Kilda)
Menadue, Connor (2015-2021)  (Richmond Reserves, Richmond, North Melbourne Reserves, North Melbourne)
Menaglio, Peter (1977-1989)  (West Perth)
Menegola, Sam (2011-2024)  (Box Hill, East Fremantle, Peel Thunder, Subiaco, Geelong Reserves, Geelong)
Menegola, Todd (1989-1995)  (Swan Districts, Richmond)
Mennie, Allan (1955-1956)  (St. Kilda)
Mensch, David (1992-2002)  (Geelong)
Menz, John (1966-1976)  (Norwood)
Menzel, Daniel (2010-2021)  (Geelong Reserves, Geelong, Sydney Reserves, Sydney, Central District, Woodville West Torrens)
Menzel, Gary (1978-1985)  (Norwood)
Menzel, Troy (2011-2021)  (Central District, Northern Bullants, Carlton, Adelaide Reserves, Adelaide, Woodville West Torrens)
Menzie, Jye (2021-2024)  (North Melbourne Reserves, South Adelaide, Essendon)
Menzies, Doug (1937-1939)  (Footscray)
Menzies, Jock (1913)  (St. Kilda)
Mercer, Tom (1933)  (Hawthorn)
Mercer, Warren (1959)  (North Melbourne)
Mercovich, Frank (1918-1920)  (Carlton)
Mercuri, Mark (1992-2004)  (Essendon)
Meredith, Brett (2009-2011)  (Sydney)
Merenda, Mark (1994-2002)  (Richmond, West Coast)
Merifield, Kevin (1957-1968)  (Subiaco)
Merillo, Jamie (1995-1997)  (Fremantle)
Merrett, Daniel (2005-2016)  (Brisbane)
Merrett, Henry (1911)  (St. Kilda)
Merrett, Jackson (2012-2020)  (Bendigo, Essendon, Essendon Reserves, Peel Thunder)
Merrett, Leo (1940-1949)  (Richmond)
Merrett, Roger (1978-1996)  (Essendon, Brisbane)
Merrett, Thorold (1950-1960)  (Collingwood)
Merrett, Zach (2014-2024)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon, Australia)
Merrick, Bob (1919-1926)  (Fitzroy)
Merrick, Bob (1940-1944)  (Fitzroy)
Merrigan, Harvey (1969-1981)  (Fitzroy)
Merriman, Russell (1991-1993)  (Geelong)
Merrington, Andrew (2000-2003)  (Carlton)
Merrington, Gary (1966-1975)  (Footscray)
Merryweather, Andrew (1982-1988)  (Fitzroy, Essendon)
Merton, Charlie (1939)  (Footscray)
Mesiti, Taylor (2019)  (North Melbourne WFC)
Mesley, Arthur (1903)  (Geelong)
Metcalf, Fred (1925-1927)  (North Melbourne)
Metcalfe, Barry (1957-1962)  (Hawthorn, Mordialloc, Claremont)
Metcalfe, Rhiannon (2017-2021)  (Adelaide WFC)
Metherell, Jack (1932-1947)  (Geelong, North Hobart, Cooee)
Metherell, Len (1927-1936)  (Subiaco, Geelong)
Metropolis, Daniel (1992-2001)  (West Coast, Fremantle)
Meuleman, Jack (1925)  (Footscray)
Meuret, Peter (1973-1986)  (Woodville, West Adelaide)
Mew, Chris (1980-1992)  (Hawthorn)
Mewett, Noel (1969)  (Carlton)
Meyer, Danny (2005-2010)  (Richmond, Port Adelaide)
Meyer, Tahlia (2021-2024)  (St. Kilda WFC, Gold Coast WFC)
Michael, Carter (2022-2024)  (Brisbane)
Michael, Clem (1998-2000)  (Fremantle)
Michael, Mal (1997-2008)  (Collingwood, Brisbane, Australia, Essendon)
Michael, Robert (1906)  (Collingwood)
Michael, Sam (2011-2017)  (Redland, Gold Coast Reserves, Brisbane Reserves, Brisbane, Essendon)
Michael, Stephen (1975-1985)  (South Fremantle)
Michalanney, Jim (1974-1986)  (Norwood)
Michalanney, Max (2022-2024)  (Norwood, Adelaide)
Michalczyk, Dick (1969-1975)  (East Perth, North Melbourne)
Michalczyk, George (1974-1986)  (East Perth, West Perth)
Michel, Ernie (1923)  (Fitzroy)
Michie, Viv (2011-2016)  (Peel Thunder, Fremantle, Casey, Melbourne)
Mickan, Mark (1981-1994)  (West Adelaide, Brisbane, Adelaide)
Mickle, Kim (2017)  (Fremantle WFC)
Middlemiss, Glenn (1979-1984)  (Geelong, St. Kilda)
Middlemiss, Russell (1949-1955)  (Geelong)
Middleton, Arthur (1897-1900)  (St. Kilda, Fitzroy)
Middleton, Graham (1973)  (Essendon)
Middleton, Lloyd (1951)  (Essendon)
Miels, Brenton (1965-1977)  (Sturt, Richmond)
Miers, Alfred (1888-1901)  (Port Adelaide)
Miers, Gryan (2019-2024)  (Geelong)
Miers, Max (1960-1965)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Mietzcke, Art (1931-1933)  (South Melbourne)
Mifka, Paul (1984-1999)  (West Perth, West Coast)
Mifsud, Alyssa (2017-2018)  (Melbourne WFC)
Mihocek, Brody (2015-2024)  (Werribee, Port Melbourne, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Mihocek, Jack (1976-1978)  (Essendon)
Milburn, Charlie (1923-1929)  (Collingwood, Essendon)
Milburn, Darren (1997-2011)  (Geelong, Australia)
Milburn, Len (1931)  (South Melbourne)
Milburn, Pat (1953)  (Collingwood)
Milburn, Reg (1949)  (Fitzroy)
Milde, Leon (1968-1976)  (Port Adelaide)
Mildenhall, Bill (1974-1982)  (St. Kilda)
Mildenhall, Neil (1995)  (Fremantle)
Milera, Terry (2009-2014)  (Port Adelaide Magpies, St. Kilda)
Milera, Wayne (2016-2024)  (Adelaide)
Miles, Anthony (2011-2019)  (GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney, Richmond Reserves, Richmond, Gold Coast)
Miles, Arthur (1907)  (St. Kilda)
Miles, Dion (1998)  (North Melbourne)
Miles, Geoff (1982-1992)  (Collingwood, Claremont, West Coast, Geelong)
Miles, Ian (1971-1972)  (Richmond)
Miles, Johnny (1964)  (Footscray)
Miles, Luke (2010)  (St. Kilda)
Miles, Teia (2015-2019)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Milford, Imogen (2023-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Milgate, Bob (1948)  (Hawthorn)
Millane, Darren (1984-1991)  (Collingwood)
Millar, Alf (1905)  (Geelong)
Millar, Eddie (1958-1959)  (Collingwood)
Millar, Jason (1991-1999)  (Brisbane, Norwood)
Millar, Keith (1924-1930)  (Richmond)
Millar, Len (1947-1948)  (St. Kilda)
Millar, Ted (1938)  (St. Kilda)
Millard, Alby (1926)  (Hawthorn)
Millard, George (1936)  (St. Kilda)
Millard, Hugh
Millard, Peter (1972-1976)  (Glenelg)
Millen, Jack (1925-1930)  (Fitzroy)
Millen, Max (1932)  (North Melbourne)
Millen, Roy (1913-1923)  (Fitzroy)
Miller, Allan (1948-1951)  (South Melbourne)
Miller, Ben (2021-2024)  (Richmond)
Miller, Bernie (1937)  (Geelong)
Miller, Bernie (1948-1956)  (Port Melbourne)
Miller, Bill (1960-1963)  (Geelong)
Miller, Bill 'Darky' (1899-1912)  (Norwood, Sturt)
Miller, Billy (1907-1909)  (Geelong)
Miller, Bob (1946-1954)  (Perth)
Miller, Bob (1946-1950)  (Fitzroy)
Miller, Brad (2002-2012)  (Melbourne, Richmond)
Miller, Caitlin (2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC)
Miller, David (1977)  (Richmond)
Miller, Gil (1924)  (South Melbourne)
Miller, Greg (1972-1976)  (South Melbourne)
Miller, Harry (1901-1914)  (Norwood, Sturt, West Torrens)
Miller, Harry (2005-2006)  (Hawthorn)
Miller, Hayley (2017-2024)  (Fremantle WFC)
Miller, Ian (1967-1980)  (Perth, Fitzroy, East Perth)
Miller, Jim (1938-1949)  (Footscray, Yarraville)
Miller, Jim (1964-1965)  (Carlton)
Miller, Keith (1937-1947)  (Brighton, St. Kilda, Sydney Naval)
Miller, Keith (1941-1942)  (Geelong, North Melbourne)
Miller, Keith (1974)  (Geelong)
Miller, Kris (1999-2014)  (East Fremantle, South Fremantle)
Miller, Neville (1970-1972)  (South Melbourne)
Miller, Peter (1995)  (Fremantle)
Miller, Rebecca (2020-2024)  (Richmond WFC)
Miller, Robert (1961-1965)  (Melbourne)
Miller, Stephen (1984-1989)  (West Adelaide)
Miller, Tom (1947-1950)  (Footscray)
Miller, Touk (2015-2024)  (Gold Coast)
Miller, Wally (1943-1945)  (Fitzroy)
Miller, Wally (1958-1961)  (Norwood)
Miller, Wayne (1964-1974)  (West Torrens)
Miller-Lewis, Jermaine (2016)  (Box Hill)
Millhouse, Algy (1911-1914)  (Norwood, Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Millington, Ray (1952)  (Fitzroy)
Millis, Les (1903-1909)  (Fitzroy)
Mills, Andrew (2000-2003)  (Richmond)
Mills, Arthur (1930)  (Hawthorn)
Mills, Bert (1930-1942)  (Hawthorn)
Mills, Bobby (1929-1934)  (Footscray, Carlton)
Mills, Bruce (1926)  (Geelong)
Mills, Callum (2016-2024)  (Sydney)
Mills, Donald (1929-1931)  (Hawthorn)
Mills, Jack (1950-1957)  (Carlton)
Mills, Kelvin (1967-1972)  (Kedron)
Mills, Len 'Tiny' (1921-1930)  (West Torrens, St. Kilda, Hawthorn)
Mills, Paddy (1903-1913)  (Melbourne, Carlton)
Mills, Ray (1962-1969)  (Perth)
Mills, Ron (1959-1960)  (North Melbourne)
Mills, Trent (1992-2004)  (South Adelaide)
Mills, Wally (1937)  (St. Kilda)
Mills, Wayde (2006-2008)  (Brisbane)
Mills, William (1910-1921)  (West Adelaide)
Millsom, Charles (1908)  (South Melbourne)
Millson, Ross (1967-1974)  (Perth)
Milne, Athol (1912-1913)  (University)
Milne, Herbert ' Boxer' (1902-1912)  (Fitzroy, South Melbourne)
Milne, Jimmy (1920-1925)  (St. Kilda)
Milne, Riley (2009-2011)  (Hawthorn)
Milne, Roy (1927-1928)  (Fitzroy)
Milne, Stephen (2001-2013)  (St. Kilda, Australia)
Milne, Wally (1933-1935)  (Essendon)
Milner, George (1960-1961)  (Melbourne)
Milner, Lou (1974)  (Hawthorn)
Milnes, Brian (1952-1955)  (St. Kilda)
Milroy, Bill (1950-1956)  (North Melbourne, Carlton)
Milsom, Peter (1967-1972)  (West Adelaide)
Milte, Keith (1938-1943)  (Geelong, Collingwood)
Milton, Stan (1919-1933)  (Paddington, East Sydney, Eastern Suburbs)
Minahan, Mick (1897-1900)  (South Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Minchington, Darren (2012-2020)  (Sandringham, St. Kilda, Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Minervini, Peter (1956-1965)  (Norwood, West Torrens)
Minihan, Graham (1953-1961)  (St. Kilda, Mordialloc)
Minney, Bert (1938-1939)  (Fitzroy)
Minnis, Jack (1942-1944)  (Melbourne)
Minogue, Dan (1911-1926)  (Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn)
Minogue, Walter (1931-1933)  (Footscray)
Minson, Hugh (2007)  (Norwood)
Minson, Will (2004-2016)  (Werribee, Western Bulldogs, Williamstown, Footscray)
Minto, Les (1905-1909)  (Melbourne, Essendon)
Minton-Connell, Simon (1989-1998)  (Carlton, Sydney, Hawthorn, Western Bulldogs)
Mirkov, Alex (2024)  (Carlton)
Mirra, David (2010-2019)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Misiti, Joe (1992-2004)  (Essendon)
Misso, Enrico (1985)  (St. Kilda)
Mitchell, Alex (1936-1943)  (South Melbourne)
Mitchell, Alice (2024)  (Sydney WFC)
Mitchell, Barry (1984-1996)  (Sydney, Collingwood, Carlton)
Mitchell, Bert (1929-1933)  (Norwood)
Mitchell, Caleb (2024)  (Sydney)
Mitchell, Chris (1967-1971)  (Geelong, Carlton)
Mitchell, Col (1935-1939)  (Footscray, North Melbourne)
Mitchell, David (1986)  (Fitzroy)
Mitchell, Gavin (1996-2000)  (Fremantle, St. Kilda)
Mitchell, Hector (1908-1915)  (St. Kilda, Port Melbourne)
Mitchell, Henry (1897-1899)  (Melbourne)
Mitchell, Hugh (1953-1968)  (Essendon, Dandenong)
Mitchell, Jack (1936)  (Hawthorn)
Mitchell, Jack (1945)  (Melbourne)
Mitchell, Jim (1946-1948)  (Melbourne)
Mitchell, John (1921)  (South Melbourne)
Mitchell, Kane (2008-2016)  (Claremont, Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide Magpies)
Mitchell, Kevin (1964-1965)  (Fitzroy)
Mitchell, Len (1957)  (Richmond)
Mitchell, Les (1910)  (Melbourne)
Mitchell, Luke (2012)  (Carlton)
Mitchell, Mark (1969)  (Melbourne)
Mitchell, Merv (1945-1953)  (North Launceston)
Mitchell, Michael (1982-1991)  (Claremont, Australia, Richmond)
Mitchell, Nick (1994-1995)  (Fitzroy)
Mitchell, Norm (1925)  (St. Kilda)
Mitchell, Norm (1969)  (Footscray)
Mitchell, Russell (1985-1986)  (Geelong)
Mitchell, Sam (2001-2017)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn, Australia, West Coast)
Mitchell, Seamus (2021-2024)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Mitchell, Stan (1971-1972)  (North Melbourne)
Mitchell, Tom (2012-2024)  (Sydney Reserves, Sydney, Hawthorn, Collingwood)
Mitchell, Wally (1933)  (Fitzroy)
Mitchinson, Max (1949-1952)  (St. Kilda)
Mithen, Kevin (1957-1962)  (Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Mithen, Laurie (1954-1965)  (Melbourne, Port Melbourne)
Mithen, Lily (2017-2024)  (Melbourne WFC)
Mobbs, Dean (1970-1983)  (Central District)
Mockridge, Frank (1925-1931)  (Geelong)
Modra, Denis (1960-1970)  (Norwood)
Modra, Tony (1988-2001)  (West Adelaide, Adelaide, Fremantle)
Moffat, Doug (1906-1911)  (South Adelaide, Perth)
Moffatt, Dave (1912-1920)  (Richmond)
Moffatt, Hugh (1921-1922)  (Richmond)
Moffitt, Arnold (1904)  (St. Kilda)
Mogg, Les (1949-1954)  (North Melbourne)
Mohr, Bill (1929-1941)  (St. Kilda)
Mohr, Jack (1929)  (St. Kilda)
Mohr, Rod (1968-1969)  (South Melbourne)
Mohr, Tim (2012-2018)  (Greater Western Sydney)
Moir, Andrew (1977-1981)  (Melbourne)
Moir, Hector (1930-1931)  (North Melbourne)
Moir, Phillip (1981)  (South Melbourne)
Molan, Con (1904-1908)  (Geelong)
Molan, Sophie (2020-2023)  (Richmond WFC)
Molan, Stan (1918-1924)  (Fitzroy)
Moles, Brodie (2010-2011)  (Western Bulldogs)
Molesworth, Bob (1902)  (St. Kilda)
Molesworth, John (1897)  (St. Kilda)
Mollar, Max (1950-1955)  (St. Kilda)
Moller, Craig (2013-2015)  (Peel Thunder, Fremantle)
Mollison, Derek (1923-1928)  (Melbourne)
Molloy, Chloe (2018-2024)  (Collingwood WFC, Sydney WFC)
Molloy, Dick (1941-1947)  (Essendon, North Melbourne)
Molloy, Glenn (1990-1999)  (Norwood, Melbourne)
Molloy, Graham (1965-1975)  (Norwood, Melbourne)
Molloy, Jarrod (1994-2003)  (Fitzroy, Brisbane, Australia, Collingwood)
Molloy, Keith (1943-1949)  (Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Molloy, Shane (1969-1974)  (Fitzroy)
Moloney, Abbi (2021-2023)  (Collingwood WFC)
Moloney, Aishling (2024)  (Geelong WFC)
Moloney, Basil (1961-1963)  (Richmond)
Moloney, Brent (2003-2014)  (Geelong, Australia, Melbourne, Brisbane, Brisbane Reserves)
Moloney, Brian (1957-1959)  (Footscray)
Moloney, Dan (1932-1934)  (Hawthorn)
Moloney, Darcy (2021-2024)  (Geelong WFC)
Moloney Snr, George (1917)  (South Melbourne)
Moloney, George (1927-1945)  (Claremont, Geelong)
Moloney Jnr, George (1943-1944)  (South Melbourne)
Moloney, George (1958-1961)  (Essendon)
Moloney, John (1904)  (St. Kilda)
Moloney, Laurie (1971-1976)  (Essendon)
Moloney, Maria (2020-2024)  (Brisbane WFC, Port Adelaide WFC)
Moloney, Syd (1934-1941)  (Claremont)
Moloney, Troy (1987-1992)  (Footscray)
Moloney, Vin (1943)  (South Melbourne)
Molony, Brian (1952-1958)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
Moloughney, Tom (1911-1915)  (Fitzroy, St. Kilda)
Monaghan, Leo (1935-1948)  (South Melbourne, Fitzroy)
Monagle, Billy (1899)  (Carlton)
Monahan, Andy (1945-1951)  (Geelong)
Monahan, Phoebe (2018-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC, Richmond WFC, Brisbane WFC)
Monar, Bob (1910-1911)  (St. Kilda)
Moncrieff, Allan (1943-1951)  (Footscray)
Moncrieff, Michael (1971-1983)  (Hawthorn)
Money, Jim (1928)  (Geelong)
Monfries, Angus (2005-2017)  (Essendon, Australia, Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide Magpies)
Moniz-Wakefield, Andy (2024)  (Melbourne)
Monk, Bobby (1907-1914)  (Melbourne)
Monkhorst, Damian (1988-2000)  (Collingwood, St. Kilda)
Monkhouse, Fred (1900)  (South Melbourne)
Monks, Ian (1953-1957)  (Essendon, South Melbourne)
Monohan Snr, Jack (1893-1907)  (Collingwood)
Monohan Jnr, Jack (1924-1925)  (Collingwood)
Montagna, Leigh (2002-2017)  (St. Kilda, Australia)
Monteath, Bruce (1972-1985)  (South Fremantle, Richmond, Claremont)
Monteith, Dick (1910-1912)  (Essendon)
Montgomerie, Rhett (2019-2024)  (Central District, Essendon)
Montgomery, Allan (1942)  (North Melbourne)
Montgomery, Allan (1979-1988)  (Perth, Carlton)
Montgomery, Bill (1936-1942)  (North Melbourne)
Montgomery, Brett (1997-2007)  (Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide, Australia)
Montgomery, Ian (1965-1968)  (Collingwood)
Montgomery, Ken (1968-1981)  (North Melbourne)
Montgomery, Ray
Montgomery, Ron (1972)  (North Melbourne)
Moodie, Bill (1900-1901)  (South Melbourne, Geelong)
Moodie, Duncan (1918-1923)  (Geelong, St. Kilda)
Moodie, George (1897-1905)  (Melbourne)
Moodie, Jim (1928-1932)  (Melbourne)
Moody, Breann (2017-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Moody, Celine (2019-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC)
Moody, Matthew (2005-2008)  (Brisbane)
Moon, Stan (1947)  (Collingwood)
Mooney, Arthur (1943-1948)  (Richmond)
Mooney, Cam (1999-2011)  (North Melbourne, Geelong)
Mooney, Caolan (2012-2013)  (Collingwood)
Mooney, Jason (1992-2001)  (Sydney, Geelong)
Moorcroft, Gary (1995-2018)  (Essendon, Melbourne, Bendigo, Silvan, Romsey, Bundoora)
Moore, Alex (1943)  (Collingwood)
Moore, Alf (1898)  (Carlton)
Moore, Andrew (2010-2016)  (North Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide Magpies, Richmond Reserves, Richmond)
Moore, Ben (1995-2007)  (Glenelg, Richmond)
Moore, Bill (1938-1941)  (Hawthorn)
Moore, Bob (1898)  (Melbourne)
Moore, Brendon (1987-1990)  (Essendon)
Moore, Callum (2016-2020)  (Richmond Reserves, Richmond, Carlton)
Moore, Charlie (1897-1899)  (Essendon)
Moore, Clarrie (1913-1914)  (Norwood)
Moore, Colin (1965-1969)  (Port Adelaide)
Moore, Darcy (2015-2024)  (Collingwood)
Moore, Dylan (2018-2024)  (Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Moore, Eric (1948-1950)  (Fitzroy)
Moore, Eric (1966-1973)  (Richmond, South Melbourne)
Moore, Flurence (1915)  (Essendon)
Moore, Fred (1916-1919)  (Fitzroy)
Moore, Guy (1945-1949)  (Collingwood)
Moore, Harry (1951)  (South Melbourne)
Moore, Herbert (1909)  (South Melbourne)
Moore, Jarrod (2005-2011)  (Sydney)
Moore, Jim (1911-1913)  (Melbourne, Essendon)
Moore, Kelvin (1970-1984)  (Hawthorn)
Moore, Kelvin (2004-2012)  (Richmond)
Moore, Kevin (1974)  (Melbourne)
Moore, Peter (1974-1987)  (Collingwood, Melbourne)
Moore, Roy (1935-1941)  (South Melbourne)
Moore, Terry (1971-1983)  (Central District, North Melbourne, Hawthorn)
Moore, Thomas (1904-1914)  (West Adelaide)
Moore, Vern (1922-1925)  (Melbourne, Richmond)
Moorecroft, Lauren (2017)  (Western Bulldogs WFC)
Mooring, Jim (1940-1949)  (Carlton)
Morabito, Anthony (2009-2016)  (Peel Thunder, Fremantle)
Moran, Bernie (1954-1955)  (Carlton)
Moran, Brad (2006-2011)  (North Melbourne, Adelaide)
Moran, Frank (1907-1911)  (Geelong)
Moran, Gavan (1959)  (Geelong)
Moran, Jack (1943-1945)  (North Melbourne)
Moran, Jeff (1965-1974)  (St. Kilda)
Moran, Ned (1897)  (Geelong)
Moran, Richard (1912-1913)  (Carlton)
Moran, Ron (1946)  (North Melbourne)
Morcom, Alexandra (2023-2024)  (Essendon WFC)
Morcom, Eddie (1937-1945)  (North Melbourne)
Morcom, Peter (1944)  (St. Kilda)
Morcom, Stan (1952-1958)  (Richmond)
Morden, Clem (1928-1932)  (St. Kilda, Collingwood)
Morden, Jim (1921-1925)  (St. Kilda)
More, Ivan (1919)  (Essendon)
Morehouse, Joe (1898)  (St. Kilda)
Morelli, Clarrie (1927)  (Collingwood)
Morey, Sonny (1964-1977)  (Central District)
Morgan, Adam (2002-2006)  (Port Adelaide, Western Bulldogs)
Morgan, Alec (1932)  (Hawthorn)
Morgan, Alex (2016-2018)  (Essendon Reserves, North Melbourne Reserves, North Melbourne)
Morgan, Dan (1998-2000)  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Morgan, Danny (1995-1997)  (Essendon)
Morgan, Darren (1984-1990)  (Geelong)
Morgan, Dave (1950-1951)  (Collingwood, Hawthorn)
Morgan, Doug (1909-1911)  (Geelong)
Morgan, Frank (1932)  (North Melbourne)
Morgan, Fred (1913-1915)  (Richmond)
Morgan, Gavin (1932-1933)  (Essendon)
Morgan, George (1898-1903)  (St. Kilda)
Morgan, Harry (1897)  (Carlton)
Morgan, Harry (1910-1922)  (Subiaco, South Melbourne, Footscray, Carlton, West Adelaide)
Morgan, Jack (1944-1945)  (Geelong)
Morgan, Jim (1947)  (Hawthorn)
Morgan, John (1973)  (Melbourne)
Morgan, Laurie (1937-1939)  (Fitzroy)
Morgan, Leo (1901-1902)  (Collingwood)
Morgan, Leo (1933-1941)  (Collingwood)
Morgan, Lyle (1906)  (Melbourne)
Morgan, Reg (1942)  (Carlton)
Morgan, Ron (1954)  (Fitzroy)
Morgan, Tara (2017-2018)  (Collingwood WFC)
Moriarty, Dan (1897-1903)  (Fitzroy, Melbourne)
Moriarty, Dan (1919-1925)  (South Adelaide)
Moriarty, Geoff (1891-1907)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Moriarty, Jack (1922-1933)  (Essendon, Fitzroy)
Moriarty, Terry (1942-1958)  (Perth)
Morison, Jock (1939)  (Collingwood)
Morley, Arthur (1930-1931)  (North Melbourne)
Morley, Charlie (1906)  (Essendon)
Mornane, Mick (1907)  (Fitzroy)
Moroney, Joe (1909)  (St. Kilda)
Morphett, Ally (2022-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC, Sydney WFC)
Morphett, Scott (1985-1996)  (Geelong, West Torrens, Woodville West Torrens)
Morrell, Bob (1955-1964)  (West Torrens)
Morrell, Digby (2001-2005)  (North Melbourne, Carlton)
Morris, Bert (1910)  (Melbourne)
Morris, Bill (1942-1954)  (Richmond, Box Hill)
Morris, Dale (2002-2019)  (Werribee, Australia, Western Bulldogs, Footscray)
Morris, Edward 'Boy' (1923-1928)  (North Adelaide)
Morris, Eleri (2024)  (Collingwood WFC)
Morris, Geoff (1973-1986)  (West Adelaide)
Morris, Hugh (1952-1956)  (Essendon, St. Kilda)
Morris, Jimmy (1914-1917)  (Carlton)
Morris, Josh (2020-2024)  (Hawthorn)
Morris, Kevin (1971-1981)  (Richmond, Collingwood)
Morris, Mel (1921-1928)  (Richmond, Brunswick)
Morris, Mick (1901)  (Essendon)
Morris, Peter (1955-1960)  (Richmond)
Morris, Phil (1991-1997)  (West Adelaide)
Morris, Russell (1984-1994)  (Hawthorn, St. Kilda)
Morris, Stan (1919-1922)  (Richmond)
Morris, Steven (2008-2017)  (West Adelaide, Richmond, Richmond Reserves)
Morris, Wayne (1967)  (South Melbourne)
Morris-Dalton, Nell (2020-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC, Collingwood WFC)
Morrish, Paul (1986-1993)  (Richmond, Essendon, Fitzroy)
Morrison, Alby (1928-1954)  (Footscray, Preston, Sorrento)
Morrison, Brian (1960)  (Richmond)
Morrison, Bruce (1948-1954)  (Geelong)
Morrison, Chad (1996-2006)  (West Coast, Collingwood)
Morrison, Clive (1909-1910)  (Fitzroy)
Morrison, George (1897-1899)  (St. Kilda)
Morrison, Harry (2017-2024)  (Hawthorn)
Morrison, Ian (1973-1986)  (Footscray, Essendon, Sandringham)
Morrison, John (1966-1967)  (Carlton)
Morrison, Len (1898-1902)  (Carlton)
Morrison, Les (1922)  (St. Kilda)
Morrison, Mikayla (2022-2024)  (Fremantle WFC)
Morrison, Nina (2019-2024)  (Geelong WFC)
Morrison, Paul (1970)  (Richmond)
Morrison, Peter (1974-1981)  (Footscray, South Melbourne)
Morrison, Shane (2002-2005)  (Brisbane, Richmond)
Morrissey Snr, George (1907-1916)  (St. Kilda, North Hobart, East Perth)
Morrissey Jnr, George (1927-1931)  (North Melbourne, Carlton)
Morrissey, Gordon (1914)  (University)
Morrissey, Jack (1920-1930)  (Carlton, North Melbourne)
Morrissey, James (1984-1993)  (Hawthorn)
Morrissey, Pat (1910)  (University)
Morrissey, Terry (1964)  (Richmond)
Morrissey, Vin (1948-1949)  (Footscray)
Morrow, Alan (1957-1966)  (St. Kilda)
Morrow, Bill (1946-1957)  (Prahran, Melbourne)
Morrow, Tom (1946-1952)  (Geelong)
Morse, Colin (1973-1974)  (Collingwood)
Mort, Harry (1928-1929)  (Hawthorn)
Mort, Ian (1960-1964)  (Hawthorn)
Mortimer, Len (1906-1915)  (South Melbourne)
Mortimer, Sam (1911-1915)  (St. Kilda, Collingwood)
Morton, Bo (1930-1940)  (Sturt)
Morton, Bob (1962-1965)  (St. Kilda)
Morton, Cale (2008-2013)  (Melbourne, West Coast)
Morton, Danny (1993-2000)  (Fitzroy, Port Adelaide)
Morton, Jarryd (2008-2010)  (Hawthorn)
Morton, Lance (1968-1972)  (Hawthorn, South Melbourne)
Morton, Mitch (2005-2013)  (West Coast, Richmond, Sydney)
Morton, Noel (1979-1988)  (Claremont)
Morton, Reg (1927)  (North Melbourne)
Morton, Will 'Buck' (1887-1898)  (Port Melbourne, South Melbourne)
Morwood, Paul (1977-1987)  (South Melbourne, St. Kilda, Collingwood)
Morwood, Shane (1981-1993)  (South Melbourne, Collingwood)
Morwood, Tony (1978-1989)  (South Melbourne)
Moscheni, Adrian (1984-1992)  (Sturt)
Mose, Bill (1952-1959)  (East Perth)
Mosquito, Irving (2019-2020)  (Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
Moss, Darrell (1965-1975)  (Glenelg)
Moss, Garry (2007-2010)  (Hawthorn)
Moss, Graham (1969-1983)  (Claremont, Essendon)
Mossop, John (1979-1988)  (Geelong, North Melbourne)
Motley, Geof (1953-1966)  (Port Adelaide)
Motley, Peter (1982-1987)  (Sturt, Australia, Carlton)
Motlop, Daniel (2000-2011)  (North Adelaide, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Australia)
Motlop, Jesse (2021-2024)  (South Fremantle, Carlton)
Motlop, Marlon (2008-2009)  (Port Adelaide)
Motlop, Shannon (1998-2008)  (North Adelaide, North Melbourne, Melbourne)
Motlop, Steven (2010-2022)  (Geelong, Australia, Port Adelaide, Port Adelaide Magpies)
Mott, Jeff (1926-1933)  (Port Adelaide)
Mott, Ricky (2002-2004)  (Sydney, Carlton)
Moulden, Bill (1914-1920)  (Geelong)
Moule, Terry (1969-1975)  (Sandgate, Kedron, Coorparoo)
Mouncey, Hannah (2017-2018)  (Ainslie WFC, Darebin WFC)
Mounsey, Lance (1912)  (Collingwood)
Mount, Frank (1927-1928)  (Carlton)
Mount, Stephen (1979-1988)  (Richmond, South Fremantle, Perth)
Mountain, Paul (1970-1984)  (Swan Districts, South Fremantle, West Perth)
Mountain, Terry (1957-1958)  (Melbourne, Geelong)
Mountford, Declan (2015-2022)  (Claremont, Werribee, North Melbourne, North Melbourne Reserves, West Coast)
Mousley, Gary (1970-1982)  (South Adelaide, Sturt)
Mowat, Reg (1914)  (Sturt)
Mowbray, Brodee (2022-2024)  (Greater Western Sydney WFC)
Moxham, Billy (1907-1910)  (South Melbourne)
Moxon, Bill (1911)  (Fitzroy)
Moyes, Brianna (2019)  (Fremantle WFC)
Moyes, Harry (1915-1927)  (St. Kilda, Melbourne)
Moylan, John (1974-1980)  (North Melbourne, Footscray)
Moylan, Ron (1968-1969)  (Collingwood)
Moyle, Brett (2000-2004)  (St. Kilda)
Moyle, Graeme (1976-1977)  (Collingwood)
Moyle, Ned (2021-2024)  (Collingwood Reserves, Gold Coast)
Moysey, George (1897-1899)  (Melbourne)
Mrakov, John (1987-1991)  (Collingwood, Richmond)
Mucklow, Ern (1920-1935)  (Port Adelaide)
Mudge, Ron (1940-1942)  (St. Kilda)
Mudie, Ray (1915-1929)  (East Fremantle)
Mueller, Jack (1934-1950)  (Melbourne)
Mueller, Kiera (2023-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Mugavin, Noel (1978-1982)  (Fitzroy, Richmond)
Mugeli, Barry (1968)  (Collingwood)
Muir, Alan (1940-1942)  (Fitzroy)
Muir, Alan (1950-1960)  (Queanbeyan)
Muir, Bob (1927-1934)  (Collingwood, Footscray, Fitzroy)
Muir, Brian (1956-1959)  (St. Kilda)
Muir, David (1995-1996)  (Fremantle)
Muir, George (1915-1919)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Muir, James (1884-1891)  (Fitzroy, Port Melbourne)
Muir, Robert (1974-1985)  (St. Kilda, West Torrens, Woodville)
Muir, Russell (1972-1981)  (North Melbourne, Essendon)
Muirhead, Arch (1897-1901)  (Fitzroy, St. Kilda)
Mulavin, Reg (1930)  (Hawthorn)
Mulcahy, George (1930-1939)  (South Adelaide)
Mulcahy, Hugh (1918)  (Richmond)
Mulcahy, Jack (1899)  (Fitzroy)
Mulcair, Barry (1970-1971)  (Carlton)
Mulder, Tahleah (2024)  (Fremantle WFC)
Mules, Ben (2002-2013)  (Glenelg)
Mules, Justine (2017-2024)  (Adelaide WFC, Port Adelaide WFC)
Mulhall, Ken (1946-1957)  (St. Kilda)
Mulholland, Amy (2023-2024)  (Fremantle WFC)
Mulholland, Robin (1968-1974)  (Central District)
Mullaly, Dick (1912-1917)  (South Melbourne)
Mullane, Amelia (2017-2019)  (Collingwood WFC, Carlton WFC)
Mullane, Jack (1947-1948)  (South Melbourne)
Mullane, Stan (1936-1937)  (South Melbourne, Geelong)
Mullany, Charlie (1901-1902)  (St. Kilda)
Mullen, Tom (1897)  (Geelong)
Mullenger, Allan (1939-1944)  (South Melbourne)
Mullenger, Bobby (1939-1946)  (South Melbourne)
Mullenger-McHugh, Nathan (2017-2021)  (Footscray, Box Hill, Coburg)
Mullens, Tom (1925-1926)  (Footscray, Carlton)
Muller, Angie (1933-1942)  (Geelong, Fitzroy)
Muller, Ian (1984-1991)  (Carlton, St. Kilda)
Muller, Jack (1945-1946)  (Geelong)
Muller, Nick (1936-1940)  (Geelong)
Mullett, Aaron (2011-2018)  (North Ballarat, North Melbourne, Werribee, Northern Bullants, Carlton)
Mulligan, Jack (1941)  (South Melbourne)
Mulligan, James (2011)  (Western Bulldogs)
Mulligan, Mick (1967-1968)  (South Melbourne)
Mullin, Oisin (2024)  (Geelong)
Mullins, Charlotte (2024)  (Brisbane WFC)
Mullins, Luke (2004)  (Collingwood)
Mullins, Reg (1935-1940)  (West Torrens)
Mullooly, Tom (1971-1986)  (Swan Districts)
Mulrooney, Jack (1956-1958)  (St. Kilda)
Mulroyan, Cyril (1926-1929)  (Geelong)
Mulvihill, Brian (1965-1977)  (West Torrens, North Melbourne, Woodville)
Mumford, Shane (2008-2021)  (Geelong, Sydney, Greater Western Sydney)
Mumme, Les (1955-1967)  (Claremont)
Mummery, Allan (1945)  (St. Kilda)
Munari, Dennis (1967-1977)  (Carlton, North Melbourne)
Munday, Bill (1902)  (Geelong)
Munday, Jim (1904-1906)  (Geelong)
Munday, Jim (1944-1946)  (Geelong)
Mundy, David (2004-2022)  (Subiaco, Fremantle, Australia)
Mundy, Fred (1959-1960)  (Geelong, Richmond)
Munkara, Anthony (2024)  (Essendon)
Munn, Bill (1932-1933)  (Collingwood)
Munn, Bob (1959-1963)  (South Melbourne)
Munn, Courteney (2019-2020)  (North Melbourne WFC, St. Kilda WFC)
Munn, Ray (1924-1933)  (North Adelaide)
Munn, Simon (2000-2010)  (West Adelaide)
Munro, Chris 'Diddy' (1928-1936)  (West Adelaide, South Adelaide)
Munro, Don (1913)  (Fitzroy)
Munro, Doug (1937)  (Essendon)
Munro, Frank (1954-1957)  (Carlton, Richmond)
Munro, Gordon (1920)  (St. Kilda)
Munro, Kane (2000-2004)  (East Perth, West Coast, Swan Districts)
Munro, Ken (1946-1947)  (Hawthorn)
Munro, Peter (1976-1978)  (Footscray)
Munyard, Hannah (2020-2024)  (Western Bulldogs WFC, Adelaide WFC)
Munyard, Tom  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Murdoch, Alby (1957-1962)  (Essendon)
Murdoch, Alex (1897)  (Melbourne)
Murdoch, Bob (1932-1933)  (Hawthorn)
Murdoch, Brodie (2013-2016)  (Sandringham, St. Kilda)
Murdoch, Joe (1927-1936)  (Richmond)
Murdoch, Jordan (2011-2021)  (Glenelg, Geelong Reserves, Geelong, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast)
Murdoch, Oscar (2024)  (Geelong)
Murdoch, Roger (1984-1992)  (Norwood)
Murdy, Max (1932-1941)  (South Adelaide)
Murley, Cooper (2022-2024)  (Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Murnane, Danny (1947-1948)  (St. Kilda)
Murnane, Hugh (1937-1940)  (Melbourne)
Murnane, John (1966-1967)  (Melbourne)
Murnane, Lee (1981-1984)  (Fitzroy)
Murnane, Peter (1976-1987)  (Hawthorn, West Perth)
Murnane, Ray (1959-1960)  (Collingwood)
Murphy, Barney (1876-1884)  (Carlton)
Murphy, Bob (2000-2017)  (Werribee, Western Bulldogs, Australia, Williamstown)
Murphy, Brad (2004-2005)  (Western Bulldogs)
Murphy, Courtney (2024)  (Brisbane WFC)
Murphy, Dale (1979-1980)  (South Melbourne)
Murphy, Danny (1911)  (Fitzroy)
Murphy, Danny (1980)  (North Melbourne)
Murphy, Darren (1985)  (Fitzroy)
Murphy, David (1984-1993)  (Sydney)
Murphy, Frank (1921-1928)  (Carlton, Hawthorn)
Murphy, Frank (1925-1937)  (Collingwood, Subiaco)
Murphy, Fraser (1984-1991)  (Carlton)
Murphy, Glenn (1968-1970)  (Hawthorn)
Murphy, Jack (1937-1947)  (Collingwood)
Murphy, Joe (1952-1953)  (Fitzroy)
Murphy, John (1962-1976)  (Sturt, South Melbourne)
Murphy, John (1967-1981)  (Fitzroy, South Melbourne, North Melbourne, Ulverstone)
Murphy, Johnny (1905-1906)  (Geelong)
Murphy, Justin (1994-2005)  (Richmond, Carlton, Geelong, Essendon)
Murphy, Lachlan (2018-2024)  (Adelaide)
Murphy, Laurie (1921-1929)  (Collingwood, North Melbourne)
Murphy, Len (1928-1941)  (Collingwood, Nhill, Footscray)
Murphy, Leo (1930-1940)  (Hawthorn)
Murphy, Marc (2006-2021)  (Carlton, Australia, Carlton Reserves)
Murphy, Michael (1983-1993)  (Glenelg, North Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane)
Murphy, Nathan (2018-2024)  (Collingwood)
Murphy, Nick (2008-2015)  (South Adelaide)
Murphy, Pat (1927-1928)  (Hawthorn)
Murphy, Pat (1966)  (St. Kilda)
Murphy, Ray (1957-1958)  (North Melbourne)
Murphy, Ryan (2004-2010)  (Fremantle)
Murphy, Shane (1975-1978)  (Hawthorn)
Murphy, Ted (1968-1969)  (Richmond)
Murphy, Tim (1901)  (St. Kilda)
Murphy, Tom (2005-2014)  (Hawthorn, Gold Coast Reserves, Gold Coast)
Murphy, Tom (2017-2020)  (Williamstown, North Melbourne Reserves, North Melbourne)
Murphy, Tommy (1928)  (South Melbourne)
Murphy, Tony (1960)  (Richmond)
Murray, Alex (1909)  (Richmond)
Murray, Allan (2002-2006)  (Port Adelaide, St. Kilda)
Murray, Bob (1963-1974)  (St. Kilda)
Murray, Brad (2007-2009)  (Port Adelaide Magpies)
Murray, Bruce (1951-1954)  (South Melbourne)
Murray, Bruce (1953-1957)  (Geelong, St. Kilda)
Murray, Damien (1991)  (North Melbourne)
Murray, Dan (1933-1945)  (Fitzroy)
Murray, David (1974)  (Melbourne)
Murray, Derek (1999-2002)  (Port Adelaide)
Murray, Jack 'Granite' (1935-1949)  (Swan Districts)
Murray, Jeff (1973-1981)  (Claremont, Hawthorn, Subiaco)
Murray, Kevin (1955-1976)  (Fitzroy, East Perth, Sandringham)
Murray, Les (1951)  (Footscray)
Murray, Nick (2018-2024)  (GWS Reserves, Adelaide)
Murray, Reg (1947-1953)  (Port Melbourne)
Murray, Ron (1959)  (Geelong)
Murray, Sam (2016-2018)  (Sydney Reserves, Collingwood Reserves, Collingwood)
Murray, Sel (1937-1948)  (North Melbourne, Richmond)
Murray, Wyn (1929-1934)  (Melbourne)
Murrell, Jack (1920-1922)  (Geelong)
Murrell, Murray (1945)  (Collingwood)
Murrells, Frank (1924-1925)  (Geelong)
Murrie, Richard (1975-1983)  (Footscray, Geelong, Richmond)
Murtagh, Owen (1909)  (St. Kilda)
Murtagh, Patrick (2021-2022)  (Gold Coast Reserves)
Murton, John (1963)  (Collingwood)
Murton, Phillip (1992-1994)  (Hawthorn)
Mussman, Alf (1929-1941)  (Sturt, East Perth)
Muster, Ivan (1987-1992)  (Norwood)
Mustey, Trevor (1982-1983)  (Sydney)
Muston, Beau (2009-2010)  (Hawthorn)
Mutch, Alec (1911-1921)  (Collingwood)
Mutch, Charlie (1914)  (Collingwood)
Mutch, Fred (1924-1926)  (Collingwood, Carlton)
Mutch, Kobe (2016-2020)  (GWS Reserves, Essendon Reserves, Essendon)
Mutimer, Brendan (1984)  (North Melbourne)
Mutimer, Kurt (2016-2019)  (East Perth, West Coast, West Coast Reserves)
Mutimer, Wally (1934-1938)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Mutton, Lyall (1922-1933)  (Glenelg, Norwood)
Myers, Bob (1953-1954)  (St. Kilda)
Myers, David (2007-2019)  (Perth, Essendon, Essendon Reserves)
Myers, Henry (1948)  (St. Kilda)
Myles, Dion (1995-2005)  (Sydney, West Adelaide)
Mynott, Brian (1964-1975)  (St. Kilda)
Mynott, Trent (2018-2019)  (Essendon Reserves)
Mzungu, Tendai (2006-2017)  (Perth, Fremantle, Peel Thunder, GWS Reserves, Greater Western Sydney)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.