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Premiership season 2022 - Round 3 Review

Total Crowd 13,085 (Avg 2,617)

Hi Footy fans...

The Easter holidays are all about family, togetherness and especially in these times, to be thankful for what we have. They're also a good time to bring your family to the outdoors and to the footy! This season all of the weekend's matches were programmed throughout the public holiday Good Friday, without clashing with AFL fixtures. This is one of the few opportunities that the league gets to stand on its own. Only problem many clubs have is what happens afterwards when the SA footy-heads in attendance are then shooed out the doors because the licensed premises are unable to trade beyond the final siren. While some wont have too much of a problem with this, it does mean that SANFL clubs are losing out on revenue that after getting the COVID hit for two years, is vital to their survival. Clubs incurred massive losses, some which are still feeling the pinch. It's only one day out of the year, many would say. I say, what happened to freedom of choice? This is the 21st century, isn't it? If people want to observe the religious aspect of Good Friday, that is fine. But at a time when every dollar counts, its time to remove that one last shackle from the clubs -- both SANFL and others -- and allow the punters to choose what kind of Good Friday they want.

Welcome to the Round 3 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

The first of the five games finds us heading down to the Flinders University Stadium in Noarlunga for the southern suburbs "Big Blue" between the Panthers and the Double Blues. These sides ruled over their home patches in last season's two encounters, with the Panthers winning by 39 points at Noarlunga in Round 4, but at Unley they must have forgotten their goal-kicking boots. In a low-scoring affair, the Blues won by 11 points in a game where the Panthers kicked 14 behinds from 19 scoring shots. That was four more scores that Sturt, who kicked 8.7 that day. South would be the one coming into this game on the back of a victory, inaccuracy from the Magpies in the final term allowing the Panthers to overturn a 10-point three quarter-time deficit into a 10-point triumph at Alberton last week. The Blues got pantsed in their match with Glenelg, blowing a six-kick lead to lose by eight points at Unley. The Panthers were no doubt raging favourites here, but the Blues, probably endured a bake from coach Martin Mattner last week and it took effect. The Panthers blew several opportunities on goal, managing five behinds while the Blues kicked off to a 27-point quarter-time lead with their return of 5.2. South wouldn't manage to kick a goal until added time in the second quarter, along with four more behinds. The Blues would extend their lead to 37 points going into the long break after adding 3.2 to their tally. Signs of a possible comeback similar to Glenelg's at Oxford Avenue last week would no doubt make the Blues faithful in the Noarlunga crowd more than a little nervous, the Panthers bringing the gap down to just three goals only 14 minutes in with their 4.1 to one goal. Sturt would kick 1.1 after an eight-minute lull, putting them back into a more commanding position with a 25-point lead at three quarter-time. The Panthers kept coming in the final term, even reducing the gap to two goals early into time-on. But a comeback wasn't happening this time around, the Blues holding firm with their all-up score of 3.2 to 4.3 seeing them home by 18 points. Patrick Wilson was the Blues' best, with 19 disposals, two goals and seven tackles. For the Panthers, it was Mitch O'Neill with 38 disposals, seven clearances and five tackles.

The second game for the day sends us back through the city centre and into the leafy surrounds of the inner north, the Roosters and the Bulldogs facing off in the Northern Derby at Prospect Oval. Like the southerners before them, these sides traded blows in their two outings last year. In their season opener, the Dogs outlasted the Roosters by nine points at Elizabeth, but couldn't do it again at Prospect in Round 14 where they went down by eight goals. In that game, the Roosters bagged five goals unanswered in first quarter added time to set up their win. North's third term seemed as if they were toying with the then ninth-placed Centrals, kicking three behinds. Last weekend, the Bulldogs denied the Bloods at Elizabeth, down by as much as seven straight kicks before running out 20-point winners. The Roosters were brought back to earth by the Crows, who inflicted a 38-point defeat at Prospect. The Bulldogs had a sterling start to the afternoon, while the Roosters were having a hard time finding the big sticks. Centrals would be 20 points ahead at quarter-time, with the scoreboard reading 5.2 to 2.6. But then the pendulum swung right back into the Roosters' favour, they slammed through 7.4 to the comparably paltry 2.1 for the Bulldogs. At the half-time break, North were ahead by 13 points. Centrals started off the second half with a rushed behind and then a goal for a seven-point play in the first couple of minutes, but despite frustrating North for the bulk of the term, a couple of late goals would put the visitors back behind the eight-ball going into the final change. The Roosters would add 4.2 to the Dogs' 2.3 to take their lead out to four goals come three quarter-time. In the end, the Dogs would stay well behind the pace, the home side running away with very little resistance. North added a further 4.2 to 1.1, running out 43-point victors. Here's some stats for you. North had 55 more kicks, over 30 more marks and 17 more hitouts. Centrals playing Jekyll and Hyde again? North's best all-round player was Aaron Young, with 37 disposals, eight marks and 11 clearances. For the Dogs, it was Rhett Montgomerie with 24 disposals and 12 marks.

Match number three was one of two twilight games, the first takes us to the seaside of Glenelg where the Tigers took on the Crows at ACH Group Stadium. Both of last season's games belonged to the Tigers, with the first ending up an absolute mauling when hammered the Crows by 89 points in Round 8. The other game was far closer, one which slipped through the Crows grasp. Adelaide led at every change, but the Tigers had themselves an eight goal to four last quarter, winning by 15 points. Both sides had opened 2022 with back-to-back victories, with the Tigers pulling off a heist at Unley to go from being down by almost six goals to eight point victors, while the Crows burnt the Roosters by 38 points at Menzies Crescent. They began the match with an see-saw opening quarter, both sides having their fair share of chances on goal only to waste some prime opportunities. The Crows would hold a one-point lead at quarter-time, with the board reading 3.4 to 3.3. The Tigers had a horrible second quarter with a poor return of four behinds, the Crows on the other hand would bag 7.1 to go into the changerooms at half-time with a seemingly commanding 40-point lead. However, the head scratching that probably left some red scalps among the Glenelg faithful would end up getting a fine dose of anti-itch in the second half and the Crows would be copping some Tiger balm. They came out far different teams when play resumed, the Tigers roaring at their loudest as they rammed home 10 unanswered goals in the third quarter. At three quarter-time, the home side were now leading by 20 points! The Bays braced themselves for a Crows fightback in the final quarter, but a couple of missed chances for the visitors late in the game would see the Tigers home. Glenelg would hold firm with their final term tally of 2.3 to 3.2 to win by 15 points, inflicting Adelaide's first loss of '22. Brett Turner was Glenelg's go-to guy, he racked up 38 disposals, kicked four goals, took seven grabs and six clearances. Adelaide's brigade shared the load, but the standout was Kieran Strachan with 19 disposals and winning seven free kicks.

The other twilight match sends us to the mid-western suburbs and to the Maughan Thiem Kia Oval in Woodville for another installment of the SANFL's "West Side Story" between the Eagles and the Bloods. The Eagles took all the points from their clashes with the Bloods in 2021, with a 100-point win at Richmond in Round 7, followed by a 19-point win at Oval Avenue in Round 14. The Eagles made it difficult for themselves that day, kicking nine goals from 30 scoring shots. Since the 2015 premiership victory over the Eagles, the Bloods have since won only one match which was back in early 2019. One victory in 12 games. The Eagles only just managed to escape The Parade with the points last week, winning by two points over the Redlegs, while the Bloods squandered their chances at Elizabeth as the Bulldogs reeled in their six-goal plus half-time advantage. Lets go there right now, not much was going to change for the Bloods this evening, but Eagles were going to have another one of those games like that one at home last season. It didn't start right away, the Eagles did have their good boots on as they kicked to a three-goal lead by quarter-time, scoring 4.2 to 1.2. Now this is where the goal-kicking rot started, the Bloods managing to cut the gap back to 15 points by the long break with their 2.2 to the Eagles' 1.5. At one point the Eagles were up by as much as five straight shots, those two Bloods goals coming late in the term. Where the right boots were tonight, only the football gods knew. They would repeat that score in the third quarter as another couple of points was chipped off by the final change, the Bloods adding 2.1 to close to 13 points at three quarter-time. But the Eagles weren't letting this go and matched the Bloods' 2.3 in the final quarter to win by 13 points in the end. With a looming clash with the Tigers coming next week, they better find that goal-kicking footwear. In the B.O.G department, the Eagles went for Kobe Mutch with his 26 disposals and seven marks, while the Bloods had Josh Carmichael who racked up 30 disposals, kicked two goals and laid eight tackles.

The final game for the weekend would take place under full Friday Night Lights on The Parade, the Redlegs hosting the old rivals in the Magpies in the first clash for the Williams-Gallagher Cup. The Redlegs bagged all the chocolates from their two outings against Port last season, with a 45-point win at home to start the year and then a six-goal win on enemy turf in Round 14. Both sides went down in their respective games last week, with Norwood unlucky against the premiers after last chance on goal was spoiled for a behind and the 'Legs fell by two points. The next day, Port led by almost five goals at one point against South. But then a five minute flurry late in the third term by the Panthers and late accuracy issues led to the 'Pies downfall, losing by 10 points. The Redlegs began the night on the right foot, although some spurned chances stopped them taking a bigger lead at the first change. They scored 4.4 to Port's 1.1 to lead by 21 points at quarter-time. The 'Legs were out to a 34-point lead after just 10 minutes into the second term, but by half-time their lead was back down to a more manageable 15 points going into the mid-game break after an all-up 2.3 to 3.3 scoreline. When play resumed for the second half, the Magpies wasted some real prime chances to trim back the Redlegs' lead some more, leaving them still trailing at the final change instead of perhaps being ahead by a kick or two. They outscored the home side on behinds only, kicking 3.4 to 3.2 as the deficit was now down to 13 points. Both sides struggled to find the sticks in an all-out final term arm-wrestle, but in the end the Redlegs would hold down the fort to put one hand on the W/G Cup for 2022. They scored two goals to the visitors' 1.3 to win by 16 points, yet another wasted opportunity for the Magpies. Nik Rokahr was named best for Norwood, with 32 disposals and seven marks, while the Magpies voted in Taj Schofield as their best with 19 disposals and 10 tackles.


Friday April 15
Sturt 13.7 (85)
South Adelaide 9.13 (67)
2,136 @ Flinders University Stadium, Noarlunga

North Adelaide 16.14 (110)
Central District 10.7 (67)
2,508 @ Prospect Oval

Glenelg 15.12 (102)
Adelaide 13.9 (87)
3,349 @ ACH Group Stadium, Glenelg

Woodville-West Torrens 8.15 (63)
West Adelaide 7.8 (50)
1,867 @ Maughan Thiem Kia Oval, Woodville

Norwood 11.9 (75)
Port Adelaide 8.11 (59)
3,225 @ Coopers Stadium, Norwood
Sturt -- Richards (jaw)
South -- Freitag, Dunkin (calf)
North -- Bauer (concussion), Santillo (knee)
Glenelg -- Reynolds (jaw)
Port -- Lee (hamstring)

Central -- Lange (striking)
North -- Miller (rough conduct)
Sturt -- Richards (rough conduct)
South -- Clavarino (rough conduct)
Glenelg -- 6pts (3-0-0), 53.9%
Adelaide -- 4pts (2-1-0), 57.5%
Sturt -- 4pts (2-1-0), 56%
North -- 4pts (2-1-0), 52.6%
South -- 4pts (2-1-0), 49.7%
W-WT -- 4pts (2-1-0), 49.2%
Norwood -- 2pts (1-2-0), 49.9%
Central -- 2pts (1-2-0), 47.2%
Port -- 0pts (0-3-0), 41.7%
West -- 0pts (0-3-0), 40.7%
The South Australian Women's U-18 side has once again put the hurt on for their opposition, this time it was Victoria Country's turn to feel the pain in the curtain raiser to Saturday's Adelaide vs. Richmond game at Adelaide Oval on Saturday. In the exact same fashion as they did against Western Australia, the Croweaters started low-key with a 2.2 a piece opening term. But then after the third minute of the second term, the Vics were reduced to spectator status as the SA girls went on the assault, kicking out to 32-point half-time lead and would not look back after. Vic Country managed just two points after the break, South Australia adding 4.4 to their tally to stretch the lead out to 58 points come three quarter-time, but had saved their best for last. A further 5.4 to nothing in the last term saw the Croweaters 92-point victors. Georgia McKee and Hannah Ewings were at it again, scoring five goals between them, throw in Shineah Goody and India Rasheed for good measure as well with a combined seven majors. The MVP for the game was North Adelaide's Sarah Goodwin, with 19 disposals and four rebounds from the Vic Country 50-metre zone.

South Australia 17.12 (114) def. Victoria Country 3.4 (22)
Next weekend in Round 4...

Saturday April 23
North Adelaide vs. South Adelaide; Prospect Oval @ 1:10pm
Central District vs. Adelaide; X-Convenience Oval, Elizabeth @ 2:10pm

Sunday April 24
Port Adelaide vs. Sturt; Alberton Oval @ 2:05pm
Norwood vs. West Adelaide; Centenary Oval, Port Lincoln @ 2:10pm

Monday April 25 @ 2:10pm
Woodville-West Torrens vs. Glenelg; Maughan Thiem Kia Oval, Woodville
So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!

R-3, Ladder

Team GP PTS %
GLEN 3 6 53.93
ADEL 3 4 57.50
STURT 3 4 56.01
NORTH 3 4 52.57
SOUTH 3 4 49.72
W-WT 3 4 49.19
NORW 3 2 49.89
CENT 3 2 47.24
PORT 3 0 41.70
WEST 3 0 40.73


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.