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Premiership season 2022 - Round 8 Review

Total Crowd 6,207 (Avg 1,241)

Hi Footy fans...

Five years ago, the SANFL celebrated its 140th anniversary. During the 2017 season, the league and its historians put together a showcase for public view inside the State Library of South Australia. During its 10 week tenure, the exhibit attracted in excess of 70,000 SA footy-heads. This past month, the SANFL announced that the showcase would return. In its 145th year, the exhibit will incorporate a "history walk", as it were. Not only will the State Library be involved, but also the Migration Museum, the National Wine Centre and the Chairman's Room at the Adelaide Oval. And it will be up and running this coming weekend, for almost double the time of the original exhibit. From June 3 until October 16, South Australian football fans and no doubt, interstate onlookers, can take in the history of our league. Pictures, restored video and film footage, old guernseys, collections of club badges and Magarey Medals. All of these precious relics have been curated by the people of the SANFL History Centre, led by former Sturt champion John Halbert, his wife and centre manager Christine and their crew of former players, media identities and football enthusiasts. We should think ourselves lucky that we have people who actually care. Western Australian football eyes are watching, can't say the same for the Victoria and their handling of what was once known as the Association. Over to you, AFL... what say you? But I digress.

Welcome to the Round 8 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

We begin the wrap with some Friday Night Mayhem and we're heading onto The Parade, the Redlegs hosting the Crows at the Coopers Stadium in Norwood. The Redlegs were victorious in both of their engagements last season, with an eight-goal win in Round 7, followed by a 43-point victory in Round 19. It was of total shock in the following week though, that showing would seem so far removed from their efforts in the Elimination Final when they lost to South. Last weekend saw both sides notch up victories, the Crows flying high to the top of the ladder at the expense of the reigning premiers at Woodville by 33 points, while the Redlegs put down the Bulldogs resistance at home by 21 points. The field would be quite slippery, though probably better that they played before the next day's weather came in... more on that later. It took almost seven minutes for a score, the Crows kicking the opening major. That and two behinds was all they would manage, the Redlegs finally breaking through for their first goal at 17 minutes. Two more would follow over the next six minutes for the board to read 3.1 to 1.2, the Redlegs ahead by 11 points at quarter-time. That margin would be retained for the long break, one last shot on goal going wide for the 'Legs as both sides scored 3.2 a piece in the second quarter. Perhaps it was the withdrawal of a trio of key players that saw Adelaide's loss of firepower, two going down with illness pre-match while a third was a travelling emergence for the seniors. Despite this, in a tense third quarter the Crows would reduce the Redlegs' lead to a single straight shot by the final change. A pair of added time behinds would stop Norwood from perhaps being three kicks up at three quarter-time, Adelaide outscoring them 2.1 to 1.2 to bring the deficit down to six points. A 10-minute lull from the Redlegs in the final term threatened to spoil the return party for one of The Parade's favourites, but in a twist of fate it was that particular favourite that put the nail into Adelaide hearts. Norwood would win by five points, scoring 3.2 to 3.3 with the final shot on goal sealing the victory. The return of Matt Panos to the field would see him named Norwood's best, with 18 disposals and kicking four goals including the sealer. Kieran Strachan was Adelaide's best afield, with a swag of hitouts from the centre as well as seven tackles and five clearances.

Now its onto the traditional Saturday afternoon for the other four games, the first one takes us to the Alberton Oval where the Magpies took on the Roosters. Last time these sides locked feathers, the Roosters hammered the Magpies to the tune of 76 points at Prospect in Round 12 last year. But at Alberton in Round 7, it was a narrow two-kick loss. The Roosters were two goals ahead after 15 minutes in the final term, but squandered their remaining opportunities as the Magpies overran the visitors and slammed through four goals to win by eight points. Port emerged the victors in the Riverland last weekend against West Adelaide, while the Roosters tore down the Blues at home by 46 points. The weather around town made for a slippery deck, but it didn't hinder the Roosters early on as they kept the Magpies to just three behinds as they kicked 4.3 for themselves to go into the quarter-time huddle with a four-goal advantage. The inaccuracy continued for the Magpies in the second term but would have a lot more chances compared to the Roosters. They would outscore North 4.5 to 2.3, cutting their lead back to a more manageable 10 points going into the changerooms for the half-time break. By this time, a rain bomb that lasted a few minutes would hammer down on most of the metro area, whether it impacted the 'Pies nest I can't be too sure. When play resumed, the Magpies were having a near repeat of their opening term efforts as they managed just one point. The Roosters did fare better, but could have put themselves in a more commanding position if not for their own accuracy issues. They scored 2.6, taking their lead back out to 27 points going into the final change. There would be no comeback from the 'Pies though, the Roosters dictating the terms in the final term to score 4.4 to Port's 1.2 to romp away with the points. In the end, North would win by 47 points. Aaron Young was the stats king for the Roosters, with 45 disposals, 12 marks and six clearances. Jase Burgoyne was Port's standout, notching up 34 disposals and seven marks -- one of which made the league highlights reel for the week.

The next match on the Saturday card takes us to the outer north and to the X-Convenience Oval in Elizabeth as the Bulldogs clashed with the Tigers. The Doggies couldn't keep up with the Tigers last season, with losses in Round 3 at Elizabeth by 34 points, then at Glenelg in Round 17 by nine goals. The earlier match saw the Tigers kick five goals from 15 scoring shots, but the latter game was a more clinical display from the Bays down at Brighton Road with their tally of 18.13. The Tigers returned from a small stint in the wilderness with their win against the Panthers at home, while the Dogs' stamina ran out in the final term and were outrun by the Redlegs at The Parade. Just as the teams took to the field, the heavens opened and gave the ground and its guests quite a drenching. Amazingly, the downpour would come to an abrupt stop only minutes before the ball was bounced. With a freshly saturated deck, the early goings were hard as the Tigers scored 2.2 to the Dogs' single major to lead by eight points at quarter-time. The Tigers would then rain the shots down on their end in the second term, but a mere return of 2.5 to another single goal effort from Centrals would keep the home side within reach at the long break. At half-time, the deficit was stretched out to 19 points. While the Bulldogs were getting more than their fair share of the ball in the second half, it was their overall inefficency in their attacks that allowed the Tigers to either hold back the tide or turn it around to their end. The Dogs often kicked to nothing, in hope or straight into opposition arms, or not backing themselves to shoot for goal as has been their deal thus far this year. They would be kept to just three behinds in the third quarter, the Tigers adding to their advantage in the difficult conditions to score a further 2.1. At the final change, the visitors were out to a 29-point lead. Despite their inside-50 count eclipsing the Tigers' tally in the second half, the Bulldogs couldn't cut much off the Tigers' lead. They managed just 1.4 to 2.1, consigning themselves to one of their lowest scores against Glenelg -- scoring 3.7 -- in a 32-point defeat. Darcy Bailey was the Tigers' best afield, with 35 disposals and eight marks. For the Dogs, they voted in Jarrod Schiller with 21 disposals, eight tackles and six clearances.

Now we take the long trip down to the outer south for game number four on the schedule, the Flinders University Stadium in Noarlunga hosting the match between the Panthers and the Bloods. The Panthers won both of the encounters from 2021, starting with a near-miss at Richmond in Round 9 where they won by just three points, then a more convincing effort in Round 19 at home where they won by 43 points. Of course that last victory allowed them to evade the grasp of Sturt and play finals football, where they made it to a Preliminary Final. Last week the Panthers fell away in the final quarter and lost their Clash of the Cats battle with the Tigers, while the Bloods tried and pushed hard against Port in Loxton but went down by four goals. Whether the weather had a hand in the wayward shooting in the opening term only the locals could tell you, usually down that way if its bad in one place its probably worse at Noarlunga. Both sides scored only behinds to start the afternoon, the Bloods kicking four to three to lead by a point at quarter-time. The viewing was much better in the second term, the first change deficit going unchanged at the long break with both sides scoring 5.3. But it was going to be the same of story for the Bloods from here, the Panthers having an all but perfect third quarter when play resumed for the second half. They kicked six goals without a miss while the Bloods scored 2.1, South taking over the lead going into the final term by 22 points. The Panthers had a shaky time in front of goal in the final term, but by that time most of the damage was already inflicted. The home side would finished off with a 2.5 to 1.3 final quarter to return to the winners column with a five-goal victory. Elliot Dunkin was a tackling machine and was truly South's best as their enforcer, with 18 disposals and 16 tackles. Callum Park was best for the Bloods, with 26 disposals and nine marks.

The finishing match for the weekend takes us back city side, only as far as the inner southern fringes of town as we head to the Wigan Oval in Unley where the Double Blues and the Eagles faced off. The Eagles were all over the Blues in their two outings last year, they opened the 2021 season at Woodville with a 46-point win, then at Unley in Round 18 by 10 points. The Blues went missing in the second quarter on their home deck, kicking just one behind as the Eagles overtook and answered all of Sturt's challenges for the rest of the game. The Eagles were taken down a peg or two at the hands of Adelaide by 33 points, while the Blues were doused by the Roosters at Prospect by 46 points. As is usually the case at Unley, any horrid weather means a horrid muddy pitch. The Eagles rained shots down on their goal in the opening term, coming away with just 2.5 for their efforts. The Blues would score 1.1 to go into the huddle at quarter-time 10 points in arrears. Sturt had their own time to pepper their goalfront in the second term, but the Eagles goal-kicking efficiency was more improved and as a result would extend their advantage going into the long break. The Eagles scored 4.2 to the Blues' 2.3, taking their lead out to 21 points at half-time. The Eagles would turn up the heat in the difficult conditions in the second half and would start their breakaway. Sturt had very little answers for the Eagles, whose loss to the Crows no doubt left a bad taste in their beaks. Sturt weren't looking like the third placed outfit from here, the Eagles keeping them to just 1.2 while they scored 4.2 for themselves to set up a 33-point lead come three quarter-time. That tempo was kept up in the final term as the Eagles ran away to a 49-point win, finishing the day scoring another 4.2 to the home side's 2.4. This would be a fifth straight victory for the reigning premiers over the Blues. Riley Knight was the Eagles' undisputed best afield, notching up a career-high 48 disposals, nine marks and five tackles. James Battersby was named Sturt's best, with 31 disposals, eight clearances and seven tackles.


Friday May 27
Norwood 10.7 (67)
Adelaide 9.8 (62)
1,574 @ Coopers Stadium, Norwood

Saturday May 28
North Adelaide 12.16 (88)
Port Adelaide 5.11 (41)
1,218 @ Alberton Oval

Glenelg 8.9 (57)
Central District 3.7 (25)
1,021 @ X-Convenience Oval, Elizabeth

South Adelaide 13.11 (89)
West Adelaide 8.11 (59)
850 @ Flinders University Stadium, Noarlunga

Woodville-West Torrens 14.11 (95)
Sturt 6.10 (46)
1,544 @ Wigan Oval, Unley

W-WT -- Mutch (shoulder)

Norwood -- Lowden (rough conduct)
Central -- Kendall (rough conduct)

North -- 14pts (7-1-0), 58%
Adelaide -- 12pts (6-2-0), 57.2%
Glenelg -- 12pts (6-2-0), 54.3%
Sturt -- 10pts (5-3-0), 54.1%
W-WT -- 10pts (5-3-0), 53.5%
Norwood -- 8pts (4-4-0), 52.6%
South -- 8pts (4-4-0), 49%
Port -- 4pts (2-6-0), 43.9%
Central -- 2pts (1-7-0), 39.4%
West -- 0pts (0-8-0), 37.3%

North Adelaide are the 2022 SANFL-W Premiers after overcoming a fast-starting Sturt in the Grand Final at Coopers Stadium on Sunday. The Blues were all over the Roosters early on, keeping them to just 1.1 in the opening stanza whilst scoring 3.4 for themselves. Not only did that first term inaccuracy come back to haunt the Blues, but after kicking the first goal of the second quarter, they were totally silenced in front of goal as the Roosters systematically dismantled them. It took a while for them to do it, the Blues defence holding up quite well for a time. But under the constant attacks of the Roosters, it was just a matter of time. The gap was reduced to eight points by half-time, then down to two points by the final stanza with the board reading 4.6 to 4.2 Sturt's way. North would kill off the Sturt resistance in the final quarter, the Roosters kicking 3.2 to nothing on their way to a second premiership, adding to their 2020 triumph with their three-goal victory. Megan Ryan was North's best with 22 disposals, five tackles and five clearances. But in a bittersweet twist, it was Sturt's Zoe Prowse that took out the best on ground medal, with 20 disposals, nine tackles and eight clearances. In the aftermath of the Grand Final, three-goal Roosters hero Jade De Melo was picked up by the newly formed Port Adelaide AFL-W side for 2023, getting a second shot at the next level after a short stint at Fremantle.

North Adelaide 7.6 (48) def. Sturt 4.6 (30)

Next weekend in Round 9...

Saturday June 4
Glenelg vs. West Adelaide; ACH Group Stadium, Glenelg @ 1:05pm
North Adelaide vs. Norwood; Prospect Oval @ 2:10pm
Sturt vs. Adelaide; Adelaide Oval @ 4:30pm

Sunday June 5 @ 2:35pm
Woodville-West Torrens vs. South Adelaide; Maughan Thiem Kia Oval, Woodville

So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!

R-8, Ladder

Team GP PTS %
NORTH 8 14 58.01
ADEL 8 12 57.24
GLEN 8 12 54.32
STURT 8 10 54.13
W-WT 8 10 53.45
NORW 8 8 52.64
SOUTH 8 8 49.04
PORT 8 4 43.94
CENT 8 2 39.35
WEST 8 0 37.28


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.