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Premiership season 2022 - Round 9 Review

Total Crowd 2,684 (Avg 1,342)

Hi Footy fans...

We are now technically at the half-way mark of the season and we have also had the dreaded mid-season draft. Yes, once again the SANFL clubs would be made to squirm once again, wondering how the AFL clubs could potentially scuttle the dreams of premiership glory. So who went this time? While the aspirations of West Adelaide are probably not too high other than perhaps avoiding yet another wooden spoon, whatever happens they'll have to do it without Josh Carmichael, who stunned the Sandgropers in Perth. The Tigers have been surging back up the ladder, but now with Sam Durdin and Brett Turner leaving the den, can they keep up the climb? The Eagles' premiership defence is not done, but without the added firepower Zane Williams brings to the table, has that defence been placed in jeopardy? Then there's Jye Menzie who arrived at the Panthers from the Apple Isle. Hasn't even been there for half a year, now he's heading east. I've said once before that I would never begrudge any footballer their dream of playing AFL football. But when you have only just gotten to know someone at your club and then they're gone in less than six months, you can't help but feel a bit disappointed. All the moves made to bring a young player across the water, all for nothing. And for South, this is a repeat issue. If only for a shred of loyalty. These are the things that can cost clubs not just premierships, but also supporters who run out of love for the game. I'm sure that there will be those that dispute this, but then the only ones that defend it probably don't care less themselves about what happens to what they consider as being beneath their notice. Something must be done.

Welcome to the Round 9 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

There would be just four games for the weekend, the first of three Saturday games takes us to the ACH Group Stadium in Glenelg for the contest between the Tigers and the Bloods. The Bays made off with all the points from their two encounters last year, with an 11-point win at Brighton Road in the 2021 season opener, followed by a six-goal victory at Richmond in Round 18. The Tigers had a case of the wobbles in that Round 1 outing, kicking just two behinds in the second term and 1.4 in the last. Westies just didn't have the finish. The Tigers survived the wet at Elizabeth and gave the Bulldogs a 32-point bath, while the Bloods again went to water as they went down to the Panthers by five goals. It was going to be yet another sodden field to contend with this week, but unlike last week against Centrals, the Bays would create more chances on goal in the opening term. They could have done more with those chances though, kicking 5.5 to the Bloods' 1.2 to lead by 27 points at quarter-time. The Bloods started taking it up to the Tigers in the second quarter, the Tigers answering much of their challenges. At one point, Glenelg had kicked to a 37-point lead just ahead of added time with their four goals without a miss to Westies' 2.2. But by the end of the half, the Tigers' commanding lead was slashed back down to a couple of kicks. The Bloods finished the quarter scoring 4.2, cutting the gap back to 11 points. The mismatch would now have the feel of a big fight. The Bloods were now asking serious questions of the third-placed Tigers. The third term was equal parts attack and counter attack with both sides kicking three goals each to leave that half-time deficit of 11 points unchanged. Westies played out of their skin for a big part of the final term, but with the inaccuracy bug striking at the wrong time, once again victory would elude them. The Tigers' three goals against the Bloods' 3.6 would allow the home side to escape defeat by just five points. Luke Partington was Glenelg's best, with 37 disposals and eight clearances to his name, while the Bloods named Patrick Fairlie with 31 disposals and 11 tackles.

The second game for the week takes us to the Prospect Oval for a bit of a neighbourly dispute between the closest two clubs in the league, the Roosters and the Redlegs. These two teams shared the points from their games last season, but it was the fact that the points were shared that was truly astounding given the circumstances. In Round 3, the Roosters inflicted one of the heaviest beatings that the Redlegs have ever suffered on home turf, smashed by 92 points. Norwood managed just 2.7 that night. But come Round 18, the Redlegs had found their feet and took advantage of a wayward Roosters at Menzies Crescent, winning by two goals. Both sides came out victorious in their matches last week, with the Redlegs nailing the last kick against Adelaide to win by five points, while the Roosters put the Magpies to the sword with their 47-point hiding at Alberton. It was just as much a horrid, soggy deck at Prospect as it was elsewhere, the Redlegs controlling much of the opening quarter. But thanks to a couple of late goals to North, they would only be ahead by seven points at quarter-time with the scoreboard reading 3.3 to 2.2. The Redlegs kicked to a 20-point lead within the first 10 minutes of the second term, but then proceeded to drop their guard as the Roosters took over the lead with their 4.2 to lead by a single straight kick come half-time. Both sides struggled to put too many majors onto the board from here as the game became an all-out slog. The two sides traded minor blows as they peppered their attacking zones, feverishly trying to find avenues to goal in the difficult conditions. The Redlegs regained the lead going into the final change, albeit by a single point after they scored 2.4 to the Roosters' 1.3. From there however, the Redlegs wouldn't find the big sticks again as the Roosters kept them to just two behinds. Some ill discipline from the 'Legs in the wrong places allowed the Roosters to score 2.2 for themselves to take out an 11-point win. Aaron Young notched up 27 disposals, seven clearances and five tackles to take best afield votes for North, while Matthew Nunn was Norwood's best with 17 disposals and nine tackles.

Game number three would be a twilight affair under the lights of Adelaide Oval. No you didn't read that wrong, yes we're going to the Oval as the Double Blues faced the Crows. These teams took a victory each in their 2021 encounters, with Sturt winning by the narrowest of margins in Round 5, then the Crows taking a 10-point victory in Round 10. In that one-point triumph, the Blues inaccuracy almost cost them. The Crows were far more efficient, the Blues were just more desperate. There were no such issues for the Crows in the later game, the Blues waking up from their slumber far too late. They went to sleep in the second term, then outscored the Crows nine goals to two but couldn't make up the shortfall. Last weekend both sides were on the wrong end of the stick, the Blues copping a 49-point hiding from the reigning premiers, while Adelaide were done by the Redlegs' last score of the game at The Parade. The Adelaide Oval gates were thrown open after the Crows' seniors game against West Coast, in an effort no doubt to quell the anti-AFL sentiment still present in the die-hard SA footy-heads. The first term was a slog as both sides struggled to break enemy lines in the horrid weather, the Crows would lead by a point at quarter-time with the board showing 1.3 to 1.2. But then the Blues exploded in the second term, in a showing not seen since before the state game bye they kicked 6.1 to Adelaide's two goals to take a four-goal advantage into the long break. When play resumed the Blues kept up the pressure, but their shooting on goal was well down on their second quarter efforts which allowed the Crows to stay in the game. The gap would be extended to 26 points by three quarter-time, Sturt having added 2.4 to Adelaide's 2.2. The Crows were able to bring the gap down to just three kicks within five minutes of the restart in the final term, but weren't able to do much more against a hungrier Blues outfit that kept them at arm's length. Sturt would keep that victory out of their reach with their 2.3 to Adelaide's 3.2, running out 21-point victors. Abe Davis kicked six goals but it was James Battersby that was best on ground with 26 disposals, 10 tackles and 10 clearances. For Adelaide, it was Kieran Strachan in the middle, with 17 disposals, six tackles and seven clearances.

The final match would be played out on the Sunday afternoon, we now head up Port Road as far as Woodville and into the Maughan Thiem Kia Oval where the Eagles took on the Panthers. The points from their two games last season were shared, with the Panthers winning by eight points at Oval Avenue in Round 6, then the Eagles returning serve for a six-goal win at Noarlunga in Round 13. The Panthers practically went AWOL in the second half, after a wasteful third term and a totally silent final quarter in a total reversal of form. From their matches last weekend, both sides came out victorious with the Eagles smacking the Blues by 49 points at Unley and the Panthers putting more pain into the Bloods' season. I'm going to have to spoil one aspect of this match for you now... the conditions were just completely filthy. The weather turned the surface of Woodville into a muddy mess, the match would end up being one of the most defence-reliant games in recent memory. In complete contrast to their animal namesakes, the Panthers did more of the attacking in the difficult conditions, kicking to a 10-point lead by quarter-time after scoring 2.4 to the Eagles' single goal. It was the other way around in the second term, the Eagles bringing the gap back to just a single kick by the long break. They scored 2.1 to the Panthers' 1.3, at half-time the visitors lead was down to six points. Another spoiler, I'm afraid... the Panthers would not be finding the goals again for the rest of the game. The Eagles would kick into the lead by the final change after scoring 1.3 to a single behind, a lead of just two points. The Eagles' attacking forays would be frustrated by the desperate defending of South in the final term, unable to register a score at all. One last shot by South on goal would go wide late in the quarter, the home side would win by just one point. When I said this would be the most defence-reliant, I wasn't kidding because the final tally of tackles was 331 with the Panthers laying over 190 of them. Riley Knight was named best for the Eagles, with 30 disposals, 14 tackles and eight clearances. For the Panthers, it was Mitch O'Neill with 24 disposals and 13 tackles.


Saturday June 4
Glenelg 15.5 (95)
West Adelaide 13.12 (90)
1,211 @ ACH Group Stadium, Glenelg

North Adelaide 8.9 (63)
Norwood 7.10 (52)
1,473 @ Prospect Oval

Sturt 11.10 (76)
Adelaide 8.7 (55)
Adelaide Oval

Sunday June 5
Woodville-West Torrens 4.4 (28)
South Adelaide 3.9 (27)
Maughan Thiem Kia Oval -- crowd number unknown

None known at time of post

North -- Combe (rough conduct)

North -- 16pts (8-1-0), 57%
Glenelg -- 14pts (7-2-0), 53.9%
Adelaide -- 12pts (6-3-0), 55.9%
Sturt -- 12pts (6-3-0), 54.5%
W-WT -- 12pts (6-3-0), 53.3%
Norwood -- 8pts (4-5-0), 51.9%
South -- 8pts (4-5-0), 49%
Port -- 4pts (2-6-0), 43.9%
Central -- 2pts (1-7-0), 39.4%
West -- 0pts (0-9-0), 38.7%

Next weekend in Round 10...

Saturday June 11 @ 2:35pm
Central District vs. Port Adelaide; X-Convenience Oval, Elizabeth

Monday June 13 @ 2:10pm
Glenelg vs. Sturt; ACH Group Stadium, Glenelg
South Adelaide vs. North Adelaide; Flinders University Stadium, Noarlunga

Norwood, Adelaide, West Adelaide, Woodville-West Torrens have a bye.

So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!

R-9, Ladder

Team GP PTS %
NORTH 9 16 57.74
GLEN 9 14 53.92
ADEL 9 12 55.94
STURT 9 12 54.52
W-WT 9 12 53.33
NORW 9 8 51.94
SOUTH 9 8 49.04
PORT 8 4 43.94
CENT 8 2 39.35
WEST 9 0 38.73


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.