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Official name
Victorian Amateur Football Association

Known as

Former names
Metropolitan Amateur Football Association (MAFA), 1912-1932; Metropolitan Junior Football Association (MJFA), 1892-1911



Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1892-2022; Women's Premiership Season 2017-2022

Premiership Season

Official Name
VAFA Premiership Season


Affiliated clubs (Current)
Collegians (VIC) 1892-2022; Elsternwick (VIC) 1914-2022; Old Melburnians (VIC) 1920-2022; Caulfield Grammarians (VIC) 1920-2022; Old Scotch (VIC) 1921-2022; University Blacks (VIC) 1921-2022; University Blues (VIC) 1921-2022; Old Xaverians (VIC) 1923-2022; Old Paradians (VIC) 1929-2022; MHS OB (VIC) 1929-2022; Ormond (VIC) 1932-2022; UHS-VU (VIC) 1932-2022; Hampton Rovers (VIC) 1933-2022; Ivanhoe  (VIC) 1934-2022; Parkside Devils (VIC) 1938-2002, 2015-2022; Power House (VIC) 1940, 1947-2022; St. Kevin's (VIC) 1947-2022; Kew Bears (VIC) 1949-2022; Old Carey  (VIC) 1954-2022; Old Geelong (VIC) 1954-2022; Old Trinity (VIC) 1954-2022; Albert Park (VIC) 1954-2022; De La Salle (VIC) 1955-2022; Fitzroy (VIC) 1955-1964, 1973-2022; Old Brighton (VIC) 1957-2022; Ajax (VIC) 1957-2022; West Brunswick Amateurs (VIC) 1959-2022; Old Camberwell (VIC) 1960-2022; Old Haileyburians (VIC) 1961-2022; Monash Blues (VIC) 1962-2022; St. Bernard's (VIC) 1963-2022; Old Ivanhoe (VIC) 1964-2022; Old Mentonians (VIC) 1968-2022; PEGS (VIC) 1970-1971, 1984-2022; La Trobe University (VIC) 1970, 1978-2022; North Brunswick (VIC) 1971-2022; Marcellin OC (VIC) 1971-2022; Therry Penola  (VIC) 1974-2022; Bulleen Templestowe (VIC) 1975-2022; Peninsula OB (VIC) 1980-2022; Williamstown CYMS (VIC) 1983-2022; Whitefriars (VIC) 1986-2022; Richmond Central (VIC) 1987-2022; Aquinas OC (VIC) 1987-2022; Mazenod OC (VIC) 1989-2022; Oakleigh Amateurs (VIC) 1991-2022; Westbourne Grammarians  (VIC) 1991-2022; St. John's OC (VIC) 1991-2022; Emmaus St. Leo's (VIC) 1992-2022; St. Bede's/Mentone Tigers (VIC) 1993-2022; Yarra Old Grammarians (VIC) 1993-2022; Eley Park (VIC) 1994-2022; Swinburne University (VIC) 1995-2022; Beaumaris (VIC) 1995-2022; Hawthorn Amateurs (VIC) 1995-2022; Manningham Cobras (VIC) 1996-2022; Chadstone (VIC) 1997-2022; Glen Eira (VIC) 1999-2022; South Melbourne Districts (VIC) 2000-2022; Box Hill North (VIC) 2002-2022; Parkdale Vultures (VIC) 2004-2022; Brunswick (VAFA) (VIC) 2005-2022; St. Mary's Salesians (VIC) 2008-2022; Prahran Assumption (VIC) 2011-2022; Preston Bullants (VIC) 2013-2022; Masala (VIC) 2013-2022; Canterbury (VIC) 2014-2022

Affiliated clubs (Historical)
Brighton (VIC) 1892-1907; St. Mary's Amateurs (Original)  (VIC) 1892-1898; Edlington (VIC) 1892; Footscray District (VIC) 1892; South St. Kilda (VIC) 1892-1899; St. Jude's (VIC) 1892-1893; YMCA (VIC) (VIC) 1892-1893; Toorak Grosvenor (VIC) 1892-1894; Olinda (Original) (VIC) 1893; Windsor (VIC) 1894-1898; Nunawading (Original) (VIC) 1894-1896; Old Scotch Collegians (VIC) 1894-1895; Caulfield (VIC) 1895-1915; Waltham (VIC) 1895-1897; Old Melburnians (Original) (VIC) 1896; Boroondara (Original) (VIC) 1897; Beverley (VIC) 1898-1915; Leopold Amateurs (VIC) 1898-1915; St. Francis Xavier (Original) (VIC) 1899; Parkville (VIC) 1899; Celtic (VIC) 1900-1902; South Melbourne Juniors (VIC) 1900; St. Ignatius (VIC) 1900-1902, 1932-1934; Kew (Original) (VIC) 1900; Hawthorn (VIC) 1902-1913; Boroondara (VIC) 1903-1904; Port Rovers (VIC) 1903-1908; University (VIC) 1905-1915; Collingwood Districts (VIC) 1905-1915; Oakleigh Amateurs (Original) (VIC) 1908-1911, 1927-1928; Carlton Districts (VIC) 1909-1915; Fitzroy Juniors (VIC) 1912-1915; Melbourne Swimming Club (VIC) 1920-1923; Teachers College (VIC) 1920-1957; Old Brightonians (VIC) 1921-1922, 1924-1926, 1932-1939; Sandringham Amateurs (VIC) 1921-1928; Black Rock (VIC) 1922, 1927-1930; Elwood (VIC) 1922-1923; Melbourne Shipping Companies (VIC) 1922; Hampton Amateurs (VIC) 1923-1927; Murrumbeena Amateurs (VIC) 1923-1962; Old Trinity (Original) (VIC) 1923-1927; Burwood (Original) (VIC) 1924, 1928-1936; Caulfield City (VIC) 1924-1925; Geelong Amateur (VIC) 1926-1940, 1947-1982; Brightonvale (VIC) 1926-1939; Brunswick Amateurs (VIC) 1926-1994, 1999-2002; Gardenvale (VIC) 1926; Kew Districts (VIC) 1926; South Caulfield (VIC) 1926-1940; St. Paul's (Ascot Vale) (VIC) 1926-1940; Glen Huntly Amateurs (VIC) 1926-1973; Pascoe Vale (VIC) 1927-1928, 1940; Kingsville (VIC) 1927-1935; State Savings Bank (VIC) 1927-1990; West Hawthorn (VIC) 1927-1933; Navy (Flinders) (VIC) 1927-1928; Old Haileybury Old Trinity (VIC) 1928-1934; Surrey Hills (VIC) 1928-1932; Bentleigh (VIC) 1929-1937; East Malvern (Original) (VIC) 1929-1964; Brighton Tech OB (VIC) 1930-1940; Dandenong KSP (VIC) 1930-1932; Canterbury United Churches (VIC) 1931-1932; Footscray TSOB (VIC) 1932-1991; Gardiner (VIC) 1932; Malvern Amateurs (VIC) 1932-1963; National Bank (VIC) 1932-1935, 1954-1979; E. S. & A. Bank (VIC) 1932-1935, 1952-1969; North Melbourne CBC Old Boys (VIC) 1932-1939; West Brunswick (VIC) 1932-1936; Alphington (VIC) 1934-1983; Parkdale (VIC) 1934-1954; Carnegie (VIC) 1935-1938; Coburg Amateurs (VIC) 1935-1987; E. S. & A. National Bank (VIC) 1936-1937; Fairfield (VIC) 1936-1973; Mount Carmel OC (VIC) 1936-1940; Myer (VIC) 1937-1954; South Camberwell (VIC) 1937-1940; Heidelberg West (VIC) 1939-1940; St. Patrick's (Ballarat) OC (VIC) 1939-1940, 1951-1955, 1964-1975; Balwyn (VIC) 1946-1955; East Caulfield Amateurs (VIC) 1946-1953; Commonwealth Bank (VIC) 1947-1990; State Electricity Commission (VIC) 1947; North Alphington (VIC) 1948-1952; Brighton Amateurs (VIC) 1949-1958; Moreland (VIC) 1949-1951; Bellfield (VIC) 1950-1965; St. Colombs (VIC) 1953; Insurance Companies SC (VIC) 1954-1958; Preston Amateurs (VIC) 1954-1969; South Melbourne City (VIC) 1954-1959; Huntingdale (VIC) 1956; Port Melbourne AFC (VIC) 1956-1959; St. Kilda CBC OB (VIC) 1958-1991; Commercial Bank (VIC) 1959-1966; Pharmacy College (VIC) 1962-1965; Balaclava Amateurs (VIC) 1963-1990; Kooyong (VIC) 1963-1965; North Old Boys (VIC) 1963-2004; Assumption College OC (VIC) 1964-1977, 1982; Cassie (VIC) 1964-1965; Tooronga Malvern (VIC) 1964-1972; Monash Whites (VIC) 1964-1965, 1971-2001; RAAF Cadets (VIC) 1964-1965; Postal Institute (VIC) 1965; Patricians (VIC) 1965-1969; Reservoir OB (VIC) 1965-1977; Army Apprentices (VIC) 1966-1970; Dookie Longerenong OC (VIC) 1970-1974; La Trobe University Reds (VIC) 1971-1977; La Trobe University Blacks (VIC) 1971-1977; Beverley Hills (VIC) 1972-1981; St. Bede's OC (VIC) 1972-1992; Fawkner Amateurs (VIC) 1973-1995; Heatherton (VIC) 1975-1989; Bulleen United (VIC) 1975-1995; St. Patrick's Monivae (VIC) 1976; Combined Country Colleges (VIC) 1978-1981; Clayton Amateurs (VIC) 1979-1989; Princes Hill (VIC) 1979-1981; St. Pius (VIC) 1979-1982; Thomastown (VIC) 1980-2000; Banyule (VIC) 1980-2014; Coolaroo Rovers (VIC) 1980; Thornbury (VIC) 1980-1983; Doveton Eagles (VIC) 1981-1994; Preston MBOB (VIC) 1983-1993; Old Eltham Collegians (VIC) 1986-2018; GTV 9 (VIC) 1986; St. Andrews Coburg (VIC) 1986-1994; St. Leonard's OC (VIC) 1986-1989; Bloods (VIC) 1987-1995; Port Colts (VIC) 1987-1989; Waverley (VIC) 1988-1990; Albanvale (VIC) 1989-1992; Caulfied Kontias (VIC) 1989-1991; Salesian OC (VIC) 1989-2007; Waverley AFC (VIC) 1989-1990; Boronia Park (VIC) 1990-1993; St. Mary's Amateurs (VIC) 1990-2007; Monash Gryphons (VIC) 1991-2015; Chirnside Park (VIC) 1991-1999; Glen Huntly (Balaclava) (VIC) 1991-1998; St. Patrick's Mentone (VIC) 1991-2000; Mentone Vultures (VIC) 1991-2003; Prahran Amateurs (VIC) 1991-2010; Camberwell (VIC) 1992-1995; St. Kilda South Caulfield (VIC) 1992-1998; Balwyn Combined (VIC) 1993-1995; Canterbury North Balwyn (VIC) 1993-1995; Newlands Coburg (VIC) 1994-1996; Thornbury Cougars (VIC) 1996-1999; Mount Lilydale (VIC) 1997-2018; Werribee Districts (VIC) 1998-2013; Assumption College (VIC) 1998; Rupertswood (VIC) 2000-2012; Bentleigh Demons (VIC) 2000-2010; Brunswick Power (VIC) 2003; South Mornington (VIC) 2007-2019; Prahran Caulfield (VIC) 2007-; St. Francis Xavier OC (VIC) 2008-2019; Point Cook (VIC) 2010-2017; Dragons (VIC) 2013-2014; Canterbury WFC (VIC) 2017-; Caulfield Grammarians WFC (VIC) 2017-; Collegians WFC (VIC) 2017-; De La Salle WFC (VIC) 2017-; Hampton Rovers WFC (VIC) 2017-; Hawthorn Amateurs WFC (VIC) 2017-; Monash Blues WFC (VIC) 2017-; Oakleigh Amateurs WFC (VIC) 2017-; Old Brighton WFC (VIC) 2017-; Old Geelong WFC (VIC) 2017-; Old Haileyburians WFC (VIC) 2017-; Old Mentonians WFC (VIC) 2017-; Mazenod OC WFC (VIC) 2017-; Old Trinity WFC (VIC) 2017-; Old Xaverians WFC (VIC) 2017-; Ormond WFC (VIC) 2017-; South Melbourne Districts WFC (VIC) 2017-; St. Mary's Salesians WFC (VIC) 2017-; Swinburne University WFC (VIC) 2017-; Yarra Old Grammarians WFC (VIC) 2017-; Melbourne CC WFC (VIC) 2018-

Affiliated grounds (Current)
Alex G. Gillon Oval; Allard Park; Aquinas College; Banksia Reserve; Bennettswood; Boss James Reserve; Brens Oval; Brighton Beach Oval; Brindisi St Oval; Brunswick Street; Camberwell Sportsground; Canterbury Sportsground; Carey Sports Complex; Central Reserve #2; Chelsworth Park; Como Park; Daley Oval; Doncaster Reserve; E.E. Gunn Reserve; Elgar Park; Elsternwick Park; Fearon Reserve; Ferndale Park; Frearson Oval; Garvey Oval; Gary Smorgon Oval; Gerry Green Reserve; Glenhuntly Oval; Gordon Barnard Reserve; Harry MacDonald Oval; Harry Trott Oval; Ian Johnson Oval; Ivanhoe Park; J.J. Holland Park; JPF Reserve; Kevin Bartlett Reserve; Keysborough Reserve; Koonung Reserve; La Trobe University; Lindsay Hassett Oval; Lois Twohig Reserve; Marcellin College; Melbourne High School; Oval 20; Packer Reserve; PEGS Sporting Fields; Pitcher Park; Princes Park (Caulfield); Ransford Oval; Rathmines Reserve; Ross Gregory Oval; Scammell Reserve; Scotch College; St. Bernards College; St. James Park; St. Kevins College; T.H. King Oval; Ted Ajani Reserve; Thomas Carroll Reserve; Toorak Park; University Oval; Victoria Park (Kew); W.R. Ruthven; Waverley Oval; Wesley College; Westbourne Grammer; Whitefriars Oval; Whitehorse Reserve

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Altona Green Park; Assumption College; Ben Kavanagh Reserve; Bill Lawry Oval; Boardwalk Reserve; Box Hill City Oval; Bulleen Park; Bunguyan Reserve; C.H. Sullivan Park; C.T. Barling Reserve; Casey Fields; Cheltenham Reserve; Citation Oval; Coburg City Oval; Crofts Reserve; Domeney Reserve; Donvale Reserve; East Caulfield Reserve; Edwin Flack Reserve; Eley Park; Elsternwick #2; Eltham College; Emil Madsen Reserve; Ferrero Reserve; Flack Park; Ford Park; Fotheringham Reserve; Frankston Park; Geelong Grammer; Glen Orden; Haileybury College; Highgate Reserve; Jordan Reserve; Junction Oval; Keeley Reserve; Keilor Park Reserve; Lilydale Sports Oval; Marles Playing Fields; Mazenod College; McAlister Oval; McKinnon Reserve; Meade Reserve; Melbourne Grammar; Mentone Grammar; Mt Lilydale College; Namatjira Park; Parade College; Parkville Oval #1; Peanut Farm; Peterson St Reserve; Preston City Oval; Price Reserve; Princes Park; R.J. Brockwell Oval; Roche Oval; Salesian College (Sunbury); Saltwater Reserve; Soldiers Reserve; St. Bernards (Oval #2); St. Francis Xavier; St. Pats College; Stradbroke Park; Strathaird Reserve; Trevor Barker Oval; Turner Rd Reserve; Vermont Reserve; Victoria Park; W.C.G.; W.J. Turner Reserve; Warrawee Park; Warringa Reserve; Wells Oval; William Street Reserve; Xavier College; Yarra Valley Grammar

2022 VAFA Premiership Season


2022 Ladder

LP Club P W L D For Agn % Pts
1 St. Kevin's 7 6 1 0 615 337 182.49 24
2 Old Brighton 7 6 1 0 595 412 144.42 24
3 Old Melburnians 7 5 2 0 521 435 119.77 20
4 Old Xaverians 7 4 3 0 577 493 117.04 16
5 University Blues 7 4 3 0 483 440 109.77 16
6 Collegians 7 3 4 0 474 524 90.46 12
7 Old Scotch 7 3 4 0 519 576 90.10 12
8 Old Trinity 7 2 5 0 372 605 61.49 8
9 Caulfield Grammarians 7 1 6 0 436 577 75.56 4
10 St. Bernard's 7 1 6 0 345 538 64.13 4
  H&A 35 35 35 0 4937 4937 100.00 140

2022 Round by Round

Round 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Round 1[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton2.85.107.1111.12 78 Sat 2-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
Old Trinity1. 28 Old Brighton won by 50 points
Old Scotch2.25.75.1013.11 89 Sat 2-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
University Blues1.13.48.1012.10 82 Old Scotch won by 7 points
Caulfield Grammarians1.35.46.511.7 73 Sat 2-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
Collegians4.36.510.713.8 86 Collegians won by 13 points
St. Bernard's0. 47 Sat 2-Apr-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
Old Xaverians1.65.1011.1013.15 93 Old Xaverians won by 46 points
St. Kevin's2. 51 Sat 2-Apr-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
Old Melburnians0. 43 St. Kevin's won by 8 points

Round 2[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Scotch1. 48 Sat 9-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
St. Kevin's2.36.88.1013.13 91 St. Kevin's won by 43 points
Old Melburnians1.45.75.1111.15 81 Sat 9-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
Caulfield Grammarians3. 68 Old Melburnians won by 13 points
University Blues3.16.29.611.9 75 Sat 9-Apr-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
St. Bernard's3. 50 University Blues won by 25 points
Old Xaverians5.27.612.914.10 94 Sat 9-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
Old Brighton3.47.610.814.13 97 Old Brighton won by 3 points
Collegians1. 80 Sat 9-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Wesley College 
Old Trinity3.53.67.910.9 69 Collegians won by 11 points

Round 3[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton1.15.47.610.8 68 Sat 23-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
University Blues3. 62 Old Brighton won by 6 points
Collegians2.64.137.2113.22 100 Sat 23-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
Old Scotch1. 51 Collegians won by 49 points
St. Kevin's3.35.910.1515.18 108 Sat 23-Apr-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
Caulfield Grammarians3. 45 St. Kevin's won by 63 points
Old Xaverians4.37.48.711.11 77 Sat 23-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
Old Melburnians0.34.67.811.12 78 Old Melburnians won by 1 point
St. Bernard's5.28.610.1013.15 93 Sat 23-Apr-2022 2:05 pm St. Bernards College 
Old Trinity0. 33 St. Bernard's won by 60 points

Round 4[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Scotch3.65.69.912.11 83 Sat 30-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
Old Brighton2.36.77.811.10 76 Old Scotch won by 7 points
Old Trinity3. 61 Sat 30-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
University Blues1. 56 Old Trinity won by 5 points
Old Melburnians3.45.77.1010.12 72 Sat 30-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
St. Bernard's1. 38 Old Melburnians won by 34 points
Caulfield Grammarians2.25.49.511.7 73 Sat 30-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
Old Xaverians3. 53 Caulfield Grammarians won by 20 points
St. Kevin's2.44.76.812.9 81 Sat 30-Apr-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
Collegians1. 60 St. Kevin's won by 21 points

Round 5[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton5. 73 Sat 7-May-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
Caulfield Grammarians0. 34 Old Brighton won by 39 points
Old Trinity1. 33 Sat 7-May-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
St. Kevin's5.48.515.818.12 120 St. Kevin's won by 87 points
University Blues2. 61 Sat 7-May-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Old Melburnians1. 48 University Blues won by 13 points
St. Bernard's0. 39 Sat 7-May-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
Old Scotch4.68.713.1014.13 97 Old Scotch won by 58 points
Old Xaverians2. 75 Sat 7-May-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
Collegians1. 44 Old Xaverians won by 31 points

Round 6[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Scotch3.25.67.811.12 78 Sat 14-May-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
Old Xaverians5.47.411.1015.10 100 Old Xaverians won by 22 points
Old Melburnians5.210.412.616.15 111 Sat 14-May-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
Old Trinity4.36.410.710.7 67 Old Melburnians won by 44 points
Caulfield Grammarians6.37.611.911.10 76 Sat 14-May-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
University Blues2.38.58.614.11 95 University Blues won by 19 points
Collegians1. 56 Sat 14-May-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
Old Brighton3.56.612.719.9 123 Old Brighton won by 67 points
St. Kevin's2.17.410.712.16 88 Sat 14-May-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
St. Bernard's1. 23 St. Kevin's won by 65 points

Round 7[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Melburnians8.59.611.912.16 88 Sat 21-May-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
Old Scotch7.59.610.1210.13 73 Old Melburnians won by 15 points
University Blues1. 52 Sat 21-May-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Collegians2. 48 University Blues won by 4 points
St. Bernard's3. 55 Sat 21-May-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
Old Brighton1.25.97.1011.14 80 Old Brighton won by 25 points
Old Xaverians4.36.310.713.7 85 Sat 21-May-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
St. Kevin's1.14.36.711.10 76 Old Xaverians won by 9 points
Old Trinity5.18.110.313.3 81 Sat 21-May-2022 2:30 pm Daley Oval 
Caulfield Grammarians2. 67 Old Trinity won by 14 points

Round 8[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton     Sat 28-May-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
St. Kevin's     Old Brighton vs St. Kevin's 
Old Trinity     Sat 28-May-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
Old Scotch     Old Trinity vs Old Scotch 
Caulfield Grammarians     Sat 28-May-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
St. Bernard's     Caulfield Grammarians vs St. Bernard's 
Collegians     Sat 28-May-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
Old Melburnians     Collegians vs Old Melburnians 
University Blues     Sat 28-May-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Old Xaverians     University Blues vs Old Xaverians 

Round 9[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Scotch     Sat 4-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
Caulfield Grammarians     Old Scotch vs Caulfield Grammarians 
Old Melburnians     Sat 4-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
Old Brighton     Old Melburnians vs Old Brighton 
St. Bernard's     Sat 4-Jun-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
Collegians     St. Bernard's vs Collegians 
St. Kevin's     Sat 4-Jun-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
University Blues     St. Kevin's vs University Blues 
Old Xaverians     Sat 4-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
Old Trinity     Old Xaverians vs Old Trinity 

Round 10[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Trinity     Sat 18-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
St. Bernard's     Old Trinity vs St. Bernard's 
Old Melburnians     Sat 18-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
St. Kevin's     Old Melburnians vs St. Kevin's 
Collegians     Sat 18-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
Caulfield Grammarians     Collegians vs Caulfield Grammarians 
University Blues     Sat 18-Jun-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Old Brighton     University Blues vs Old Brighton 
Old Xaverians     Sat 18-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
Old Scotch     Old Xaverians vs Old Scotch 

Round 11[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton     Sat 25-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
Collegians     Old Brighton vs Collegians 
Caulfield Grammarians     Sat 25-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
Old Trinity     Caulfield Grammarians vs Old Trinity 
Old Scotch     Sat 25-Jun-2022 2:00 pm Scotch College 
Old Melburnians     Old Scotch vs Old Melburnians 
St. Bernard's     Sat 25-Jun-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
University Blues     St. Bernard's vs University Blues 
St. Kevin's     Sat 25-Jun-2022 2:00 pm St. Kevins College 
Old Xaverians     St. Kevin's vs Old Xaverians 

Round 12[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Trinity     Sat 16-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
Old Melburnians     Old Trinity vs Old Melburnians 
Caulfield Grammarians     Sat 16-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
Old Brighton     Caulfield Grammarians vs Old Brighton 
Collegians     Sat 16-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
St. Kevin's     Collegians vs St. Kevin's 
University Blues     Sat 16-Jul-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Old Scotch     University Blues vs Old Scotch 
Old Xaverians     Sat 16-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
St. Bernard's     Old Xaverians vs St. Bernard's 

Round 13[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton     Sat 23-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
Old Xaverians     Old Brighton vs Old Xaverians 
Old Scotch     Sat 23-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
Collegians     Old Scotch vs Collegians 
Old Melburnians     Sat 23-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
University Blues     Old Melburnians vs University Blues 
St. Bernard's     Sat 23-Jul-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
Caulfield Grammarians     St. Bernard's vs Caulfield Grammarians 
St. Kevin's     Sat 23-Jul-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
Old Trinity     St. Kevin's vs Old Trinity 

Round 14[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Scotch     Sat 30-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
St. Bernard's     Old Scotch vs St. Bernard's 
Old Trinity     Sat 30-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
Old Brighton     Old Trinity vs Old Brighton 
Caulfield Grammarians     Sat 30-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
Old Melburnians     Caulfield Grammarians vs Old Melburnians 
Collegians     Sat 30-Jul-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
Old Xaverians     Collegians vs Old Xaverians 
University Blues     Sat 30-Jul-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
St. Kevin's     University Blues vs St. Kevin's 

Round 15[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton     Sat 6-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
St. Bernard's     Old Brighton vs St. Bernard's 
Old Melburnians     Sat 6-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
Collegians     Old Melburnians vs Collegians 
University Blues     Sat 6-Aug-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Old Trinity     University Blues vs Old Trinity 
St. Kevin's     Sat 6-Aug-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
Old Scotch     St. Kevin's vs Old Scotch 
Old Xaverians     Sat 6-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
Caulfield Grammarians     Old Xaverians vs Caulfield Grammarians 

Round 16[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton     Sat 13-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
Old Scotch     Old Brighton vs Old Scotch 
Old Trinity     Sat 13-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
Old Xaverians     Old Trinity vs Old Xaverians 
Collegians     Sat 13-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
University Blues     Collegians vs University Blues 
St. Bernard's     Sat 13-Aug-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
Old Melburnians     St. Bernard's vs Old Melburnians 
Caulfield Grammarians     Sat 13-Aug-2022 2:20 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
St. Kevin's     Caulfield Grammarians vs St. Kevin's 

Round 17[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Scotch     Sat 20-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Camberwell Sportsground 
Old Trinity     Old Scotch vs Old Trinity 
Old Melburnians     Sat 20-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Elsternwick Park 
Old Xaverians     Old Melburnians vs Old Xaverians 
Collegians     Sat 20-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Harry Trott Oval 
St. Bernard's     Collegians vs St. Bernard's 
University Blues     Sat 20-Aug-2022 2:00 pm University Oval 
Caulfield Grammarians     University Blues vs Caulfield Grammarians 
St. Kevin's     Sat 20-Aug-2022 2:00 pm T.H. King Oval 
Old Brighton     St. Kevin's vs Old Brighton 

Round 18[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Old Brighton     Sat 27-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Brighton Beach Oval 
Old Melburnians     Old Brighton vs Old Melburnians 
Old Trinity     Sat 27-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Daley Oval 
Collegians     Old Trinity vs Collegians 
Caulfield Grammarians     Sat 27-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Glenhuntly Oval 
Old Scotch     Caulfield Grammarians vs Old Scotch 
St. Bernard's     Sat 27-Aug-2022 2:00 pm St. Bernards College 
St. Kevin's     St. Bernard's vs St. Kevin's 
Old Xaverians     Sat 27-Aug-2022 2:00 pm Toorak Park 
University Blues     Old Xaverians vs University Blues 


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.