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Official name
Victorian Football League

Known as


Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1996-2023; Women's Premiership Season 2016-2023

Affiliated competitions (Historical)
Reserves 1996-2017

Premiership Season

Official Name
VFL Premiership Season


Affiliated clubs (Current)
Box Hill (VIC) 1996-2023; Casey (VIC) 1996-2023; Coburg (VIC) 1996-2023; Frankston (VIC) 1996-2016, 2018-2023; Northern Bullants (VIC) 1996-2023; Port Melbourne (VIC) 1996-2023; Sandringham (VIC) 1996-2023; Werribee (VIC) 1996-2023; Williamstown (VIC) 1996-2023; Collingwood Reserves (VIC) 2000, 2008-2023; Geelong Reserves (VIC) 2000-2023; Essendon Reserves (VIC) 2000-2002, 2013-2023; Richmond Reserves (VIC) 2000, 2014-2023; Carlton Reserves (VIC) 2000-2002, 2021-2023; Footscray (VIC) 2014-2023; North Melbourne Reserves (VIC) 2018-2023; Southport (QLD) 2021-2023; Sydney Reserves (NSW) 2021-2023; GWS Reserves (NSW) 2021-2023; Brisbane Reserves (QLD) 2021-2023; Gold Coast Reserves (QLD) 2021-2023

Affiliated clubs (Historical)
North Ballarat (VIC) 1996-2017; Traralgon (VIC) 1996-1997; Bendigo (VIC) 1998-2014; Murray Kangaroos (VIC) 2000-2002; St. Kilda Reserves (VIC) 2000; Tasmanian Devils (TAS) 2001-2008; Gold Coast (QLD) 2010; Aspley (QLD) 2021

Affiliated grounds (Current)
Arden Street; Blacktown; Box Hill City Oval; Carrara Oval #2; Carrara Stadium; Casey Fields; Chirnside Park; Coburg City Oval; Docklands; Fankhauser Reserve; Frankston Park; Kardinia Park; Lakeside Oval; M.C.G.; Moorabbin Oval; North Port Oval; Olympic Park Oval; Preston City Oval; Princes Park; Punt Road; Springfield Central Stadium; Sydney Showground; TBC; The Hangar; Trevor Barker Oval; Victoria Park; W.C.G.; Wonthaggi Reserve

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Alan Garden Reserve; Bellerive Oval; Cazaly's Stadium; Central Park; Cooke-Murphy Oval; Deakin Reserve; Devonport Oval; Eastern Oval; Eureka Stadium; Fairway Park; Gabba; Graham Road Oval; Highgate Reserve; Hogans Reserve; Holm Park Reserve; Keilor Reserve; Lavington Sports Ground; Merrimac Oval; Moreton Bay Complex; Morwell Reserve; Norm Minns Oval; North Hobart Oval; Queen Elizabeth Oval; Reid Oval; S.C.G.; Shepley Oval; South Pine Complex; Spring Creek Reserve; Springvale Reserve; Strathfieldsaye Oval; Toomuc Reserve; Traralgon Reserve; Victoria Park (Echuca); Warrawee Park; Waverley Park; West Park Oval; Whitten Oval; Windy Hill; York Park

2023 VFL Premiership Season


The Victorian Football League (VFL) is the major state-level Australian football competition in Victoria. The league was established in 1995 out of the ashes of the defunct Victorian Football Association (VFA), from which nine clubs have formed the core the VFL since the inaugural season of 1996. As a consequence, the present VFL is sometimes referred to as the VFA/VFL, to distinguish it from the present day Australian Football League (AFL), the premier national body formed in 1990 as the successor to the former Victorian Football League (VFL).

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2023 Ladder

LP Club P W L D For Agn % Pts
1 Southport 1 1 0 0 118 32 368.75 4
2 Essendon Reserves 1 1 0 0 119 39 305.13 4
3 Collingwood Reserves 1 1 0 0 141 49 287.76 4
4 Richmond Reserves 1 1 0 0 104 57 182.46 4
5 Casey 1 1 0 0 94 57 164.91 4
6 Gold Coast Reserves 1 1 0 0 83 52 159.62 4
7 Box Hill 1 1 0 0 97 70 138.57 4
8 Port Melbourne 1 1 0 0 86 66 130.30 4
9 Geelong Reserves 1 1 0 0 85 69 123.19 4
10 Brisbane Reserves 1 1 0 0 70 69 101.45 4
11 Werribee 1 0 1 0 69 70 98.57 0
12 Carlton Reserves 1 0 1 0 69 85 81.18 0
13 North Melbourne Reserves 1 0 1 0 66 86 76.74 0
14 Sydney Reserves 1 0 1 0 70 97 72.16 0
15 Williamstown 1 0 1 0 52 83 62.65 0
16 Footscray 1 0 1 0 57 94 60.64 0
17 Northern Bullants 1 0 1 0 57 104 54.81 0
18 Coburg 1 0 1 0 49 141 34.75 0
19 GWS Reserves 1 0 1 0 39 119 32.77 0
20 Sandringham 1 0 1 0 32 118 27.12 0
21 Frankston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00 0
  H&A 10 10 10 0 1557 1557 100.00 40

2023 Round by Round

Round 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

Round 1[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Carlton Reserves2.24.47.810.9 69 Fri 24-Mar-2023 7:05 pm Princes Park 
Geelong Reserves5.47.811.1012.13 85 Geelong Reserves won by 16 points
Collingwood Reserves5.19.214.722.9 141 Sat 25-Mar-2023 11:05 am Victoria Park 
Coburg2. 49 Collingwood Reserves won by 92 points
Brisbane Reserves4.24.58.710.10 70 Sat 25-Mar-2023 11:05 am Springfield Central Stadium 
Werribee5.18.410.710.9 69 Brisbane Reserves won by 1 point
Gold Coast Reserves2.25.67.912.11 83 Sat 25-Mar-2023 12:05 pm Carrara Oval #2 
Williamstown1. 52 Gold Coast Reserves won by 31 points
Southport7.29.513.1017.16 118 Sat 25-Mar-2023 1:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Sandringham0. 32 Southport won by 86 points
Casey1.74.1010.1113.16 94 Sat 25-Mar-2023 2:05 pm Casey Fields 
Footscray1. 57 Casey won by 37 points
North Melbourne Reserves5. 66 Sat 25-Mar-2023 3:05 pm Arden Street 
Port Melbourne3.37.610.1012.14 86 Port Melbourne won by 20 points
Sydney Reserves3.36.69.810.10 70 Sun 26-Mar-2023 10:05 am Lakeside Oval 
Box Hill4.47.69.1014.13 97 Box Hill won by 27 points
Richmond Reserves7.110.413.516.8 104 Sun 26-Mar-2023 12:00 pm Punt Road 
Northern Bullants1. 57 Richmond Reserves won by 47 points
Essendon Reserves5.211.415.818.11 119 Sun 26-Mar-2023 2:05 pm The Hangar 
GWS Reserves0. 39 Essendon Reserves won by 80 points
Frankston  Bye

Round 2[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Footscray Thu 30-Mar-2023 3:45 pm Docklands 
Brisbane Reserves
Frankston     Fri 31-Mar-2023 7:05 pm Frankston Park 
Williamstown     Frankston vs Williamstown 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sat 1-Apr-2023 11:05 am Arden Street 
Southport     North Melbourne Reserves vs Southport 
GWS Reserves     Sat 1-Apr-2023 12:55 pm Sydney Showground 
Carlton Reserves     GWS Reserves vs Carlton Reserves 
Coburg     Sat 1-Apr-2023 2:05 pm Coburg City Oval 
Richmond Reserves     Coburg vs Richmond Reserves 
Port Melbourne     Sat 1-Apr-2023 7:05 pm North Port Oval 
Collingwood Reserves     Port Melbourne vs Collingwood Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sun 2-Apr-2023 10:25 am Carrara Stadium 
Geelong Reserves     Gold Coast Reserves vs Geelong Reserves 
Casey     Sun 2-Apr-2023 11:05 am Casey Fields 
Sydney Reserves     Casey vs Sydney Reserves 
Sandringham     Sun 2-Apr-2023 12:00 pm Trevor Barker Oval 
Essendon Reserves     Sandringham vs Essendon Reserves 
Box Hill  Bye
Northern Bullants  Bye
Werribee  Bye

Round 3[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Brisbane Reserves     Thu 6-Apr-2023 1:05 pm Springfield Central Stadium 
Collingwood Reserves     Brisbane Reserves vs Collingwood Reserves 
Williamstown     Thu 6-Apr-2023 2:05 pm W.C.G. 
Port Melbourne     Williamstown vs Port Melbourne 
North Melbourne Reserves     Fri 7-Apr-2023 12:30 pm Arden Street 
Carlton Reserves     North Melbourne Reserves vs Carlton Reserves 
Coburg     Sat 8-Apr-2023 11:45 am Coburg City Oval 
GWS Reserves     Coburg vs GWS Reserves 
Southport     Sat 8-Apr-2023 12:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Werribee     Southport vs Werribee 
Richmond Reserves     Sat 8-Apr-2023 1:05 pm Punt Road 
Footscray     Richmond Reserves vs Footscray 
Sandringham     Sun 9-Apr-2023 11:05 am Moorabbin Oval 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sandringham vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Northern Bullants     Sun 9-Apr-2023 1:05 pm Preston City Oval 
Essendon Reserves     Northern Bullants vs Essendon Reserves 
Casey     Sun 9-Apr-2023 2:05 pm Casey Fields 
Frankston     Casey vs Frankston 
Geelong Reserves     Mon 10-Apr-2023 11:45 am M.C.G. 
Box Hill     Geelong Reserves vs Box Hill 
Sydney Reserves  Bye

Round 4[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Carlton Reserves     Fri 14-Apr-2023 7:05 pm Princes Park 
Richmond Reserves     Carlton Reserves vs Richmond Reserves 
Brisbane Reserves     Sat 15-Apr-2023 12:05 pm Springfield Central Stadium 
Southport     Brisbane Reserves vs Southport 
Sydney Reserves     Sat 15-Apr-2023 12:35 pm Lakeside Oval 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sydney Reserves vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Werribee     Sat 15-Apr-2023 1:05 pm Chirnside Park 
Geelong Reserves     Werribee vs Geelong Reserves 
Port Melbourne     Sat 15-Apr-2023 2:05 pm North Port Oval 
Northern Bullants     Port Melbourne vs Northern Bullants 
Williamstown     Sat 15-Apr-2023 3:05 pm W.C.G. 
Coburg     Williamstown vs Coburg 
Box Hill     Sun 16-Apr-2023 12:00 pm Box Hill City Oval 
Collingwood Reserves     Box Hill vs Collingwood Reserves 
Sandringham     Sun 16-Apr-2023 1:45 pm Trevor Barker Oval 
Frankston     Sandringham vs Frankston 
Essendon Reserves     Sun 16-Apr-2023 2:05 pm The Hangar 
Casey     Essendon Reserves vs Casey 
Footscray  Bye
GWS Reserves  Bye
Gold Coast Reserves  Bye

Round 5[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
GWS Reserves     Sat 22-Apr-2023 11:05 am Blacktown 
Brisbane Reserves     GWS Reserves vs Brisbane Reserves 
Footscray     Sat 22-Apr-2023 12:05 pm North Port Oval 
Southport     Footscray vs Southport 
Box Hill     Sat 22-Apr-2023 1:05 pm Box Hill City Oval 
Coburg     Box Hill vs Coburg 
Carlton Reserves     Sun 23-Apr-2023 11:05 am Princes Park 
Sandringham     Carlton Reserves vs Sandringham 
Collingwood Reserves     Sun 23-Apr-2023 12:00 pm Olympic Park Oval 
Essendon Reserves     Collingwood Reserves vs Essendon Reserves 
Northern Bullants     Sun 23-Apr-2023 12:05 pm Preston City Oval 
Sydney Reserves     Northern Bullants vs Sydney Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sun 23-Apr-2023 12:55 pm Carrara Stadium 
North Melbourne Reserves     Gold Coast Reserves vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Casey     Sun 23-Apr-2023 1:35 pm Casey Fields 
Richmond Reserves     Casey vs Richmond Reserves 
Werribee     Sun 23-Apr-2023 2:05 pm Chirnside Park 
Williamstown     Werribee vs Williamstown 
Frankston     Mon 24-Apr-2023 6:30 pm Frankston Park 
Port Melbourne     Frankston vs Port Melbourne 
Geelong Reserves  Bye

Round 6[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Footscray     Sat 29-Apr-2023 11:05 am North Port Oval 
Carlton Reserves     Footscray vs Carlton Reserves 
Southport     Sat 29-Apr-2023 12:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Northern Bullants     Southport vs Northern Bullants 
Richmond Reserves     Sun 30-Apr-2023 11:05 am Punt Road 
Gold Coast Reserves     Richmond Reserves vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Coburg     Sun 30-Apr-2023 12:00 pm Coburg City Oval 
Geelong Reserves     Coburg vs Geelong Reserves 
Port Melbourne     Sun 30-Apr-2023 1:05 pm North Port Oval 
GWS Reserves     Port Melbourne vs GWS Reserves 
Box Hill     Sun 30-Apr-2023 2:05 pm Wonthaggi Reserve 
Casey     Box Hill vs Casey 
Frankston  Bye
Sandringham  Bye
Werribee  Bye
Williamstown  Bye
Collingwood Reserves  Bye
Essendon Reserves  Bye
Sydney Reserves  Bye
Brisbane Reserves  Bye
North Melbourne Reserves  Bye

Round 7[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Carlton Reserves     Sat 6-May-2023 11:05 am Princes Park 
Brisbane Reserves     Carlton Reserves vs Brisbane Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sat 6-May-2023 12:05 pm Carrara Stadium 
Casey     Gold Coast Reserves vs Casey 
Frankston     Sat 6-May-2023 12:05 pm Frankston Park 
Sydney Reserves     Frankston vs Sydney Reserves 
GWS Reserves     Sat 6-May-2023 12:35 pm Blacktown 
Footscray     GWS Reserves vs Footscray 
Northern Bullants     Sat 6-May-2023 2:05 pm Preston City Oval 
Box Hill     Northern Bullants vs Box Hill 
Geelong Reserves     Sun 7-May-2023 12:00 pm Kardinia Park 
Southport     Geelong Reserves vs Southport 
Williamstown     Sun 7-May-2023 12:00 pm W.C.G. 
Collingwood Reserves     Williamstown vs Collingwood Reserves 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sun 7-May-2023 1:05 pm Arden Street 
Sandringham     North Melbourne Reserves vs Sandringham 
Essendon Reserves     Sun 7-May-2023 2:05 pm The Hangar 
Werribee     Essendon Reserves vs Werribee 
Coburg  Bye
Port Melbourne  Bye
Richmond Reserves  Bye

Round 8[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Sydney Reserves     Sat 13-May-2023 10:35 am Lakeside Oval 
Williamstown     Sydney Reserves vs Williamstown 
Richmond Reserves     Sat 13-May-2023 11:05 am Punt Road 
Geelong Reserves     Richmond Reserves vs Geelong Reserves 
Southport     Sat 13-May-2023 12:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Gold Coast Reserves     Southport vs Gold Coast Reserves 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sat 13-May-2023 1:05 pm Arden Street 
Frankston     North Melbourne Reserves vs Frankston 
Coburg     Sat 13-May-2023 2:05 pm Coburg City Oval 
Northern Bullants     Coburg vs Northern Bullants 
Collingwood Reserves     Sun 14-May-2023 11:05 am Olympic Park Oval 
GWS Reserves     Collingwood Reserves vs GWS Reserves 
Brisbane Reserves     Sun 14-May-2023 12:05 pm Springfield Central Stadium 
Essendon Reserves     Brisbane Reserves vs Essendon Reserves 
Sandringham     Sun 14-May-2023 2:05 pm Trevor Barker Oval 
Port Melbourne     Sandringham vs Port Melbourne 
Footscray     Sun 14-May-2023 2:05 pm Chirnside Park 
Werribee     Footscray vs Werribee 
Box Hill  Bye
Casey  Bye
Carlton Reserves  Bye

Round 9[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Box Hill     Sat 20-May-2023 12:05 pm Box Hill City Oval 
Southport     Box Hill vs Southport 
Werribee     Sat 20-May-2023 12:05 pm Chirnside Park 
Gold Coast Reserves     Werribee vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Casey     Sat 20-May-2023 1:05 pm Casey Fields 
North Melbourne Reserves     Casey vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Northern Bullants     Sat 20-May-2023 2:05 pm Preston City Oval 
Frankston     Northern Bullants vs Frankston 
Essendon Reserves     Sat 20-May-2023 2:55 pm M.C.G. 
Richmond Reserves     Essendon Reserves vs Richmond Reserves 
Port Melbourne     Sat 20-May-2023 7:05 pm North Port Oval 
Sydney Reserves     Port Melbourne vs Sydney Reserves 
Brisbane Reserves     Sun 21-May-2023 11:05 am Springfield Central Stadium 
Coburg     Brisbane Reserves vs Coburg 
Williamstown     Sun 21-May-2023 12:00 pm W.C.G. 
Carlton Reserves     Williamstown vs Carlton Reserves 
GWS Reserves     Sun 21-May-2023 1:05 pm Sydney Showground 
Sandringham     GWS Reserves vs Sandringham 
Collingwood Reserves  Bye
Geelong Reserves  Bye
Footscray  Bye

Round 10[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Sydney Reserves     Fri 26-May-2023 3:05 pm Lakeside Oval 
Carlton Reserves     Sydney Reserves vs Carlton Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sat 27-May-2023 12:05 pm Carrara Oval #2 
Footscray     Gold Coast Reserves vs Footscray 
Werribee     Sat 27-May-2023 2:05 pm Chirnside Park 
Casey     Werribee vs Casey 
Sandringham     Sat 27-May-2023 5:10 pm Moorabbin Oval 
Coburg     Sandringham vs Coburg 
Frankston     Sat 27-May-2023 7:05 pm Frankston Park 
Brisbane Reserves     Frankston vs Brisbane Reserves 
Collingwood Reserves     Sun 28-May-2023 11:05 am Olympic Park Oval 
North Melbourne Reserves     Collingwood Reserves vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Geelong Reserves     Sun 28-May-2023 12:00 pm Kardinia Park 
Port Melbourne     Geelong Reserves vs Port Melbourne 
Essendon Reserves     Sun 28-May-2023 1:05 pm The Hangar 
Box Hill     Essendon Reserves vs Box Hill 
Northern Bullants  Bye
Southport  Bye
Williamstown  Bye
Richmond Reserves  Bye
GWS Reserves  Bye

Round 11[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Southport     Sat 3-Jun-2023 12:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Casey     Southport vs Casey 
Port Melbourne     Sat 3-Jun-2023 1:05 pm North Port Oval 
Gold Coast Reserves     Port Melbourne vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Coburg     Sat 3-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Coburg City Oval 
Werribee     Coburg vs Werribee 
Carlton Reserves     Sat 3-Jun-2023 2:05 pm Princes Park 
Frankston     Carlton Reserves vs Frankston 
Box Hill     Sat 3-Jun-2023 2:05 pm Box Hill City Oval 
Williamstown     Box Hill vs Williamstown 
Footscray     Sat 3-Jun-2023 2:35 pm Chirnside Park 
Geelong Reserves     Footscray vs Geelong Reserves 
GWS Reserves     Sun 4-Jun-2023 9:30 am Sydney Showground 
Richmond Reserves     GWS Reserves vs Richmond Reserves 
Essendon Reserves     Sun 4-Jun-2023 1:35 pm The Hangar 
North Melbourne Reserves     Essendon Reserves vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Northern Bullants     Sun 4-Jun-2023 2:05 pm Preston City Oval 
Collingwood Reserves     Northern Bullants vs Collingwood Reserves 
Sandringham  Bye
Sydney Reserves  Bye
Brisbane Reserves  Bye

Round 12[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Sydney Reserves     Fri 9-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Lakeside Oval 
Sandringham     Sydney Reserves vs Sandringham 
Box Hill     Sat 10-Jun-2023 12:05 pm Box Hill City Oval 
Brisbane Reserves     Box Hill vs Brisbane Reserves 
Southport     Sat 10-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Port Melbourne     Southport vs Port Melbourne 
Frankston     Sat 10-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Frankston Park 
Footscray     Frankston vs Footscray 
Williamstown     Sat 10-Jun-2023 2:05 pm W.C.G. 
Northern Bullants     Williamstown vs Northern Bullants 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sun 11-Jun-2023 12:05 pm Arden Street 
GWS Reserves     North Melbourne Reserves vs GWS Reserves 
Richmond Reserves     Sun 11-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Punt Road 
Werribee     Richmond Reserves vs Werribee 
Casey     Sun 11-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Casey Fields 
Collingwood Reserves     Casey vs Collingwood Reserves 
Carlton Reserves     Sun 11-Jun-2023 2:05 pm Princes Park 
Essendon Reserves     Carlton Reserves vs Essendon Reserves 
Coburg  Bye
Geelong Reserves  Bye
Gold Coast Reserves  Bye

Round 13[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Geelong Reserves     Fri 16-Jun-2023 7:35 pm Kardinia Park 
Frankston     Geelong Reserves vs Frankston 
Brisbane Reserves     Sat 17-Jun-2023 11:05 am Springfield Central Stadium 
Sydney Reserves     Brisbane Reserves vs Sydney Reserves 
GWS Reserves     Sat 17-Jun-2023 12:05 pm Sydney Showground 
Southport     GWS Reserves vs Southport 
Richmond Reserves     Sat 17-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Punt Road 
Sandringham     Richmond Reserves vs Sandringham 
Werribee     Sat 17-Jun-2023 2:05 pm Chirnside Park 
Carlton Reserves     Werribee vs Carlton Reserves 
Williamstown     Sat 17-Jun-2023 2:05 pm W.C.G. 
Footscray     Williamstown vs Footscray 
Northern Bullants     Sun 18-Jun-2023 12:05 pm Preston City Oval 
Gold Coast Reserves     Northern Bullants vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Coburg     Sun 18-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Coburg City Oval 
North Melbourne Reserves     Coburg vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Box Hill  Bye
Casey  Bye
Port Melbourne  Bye
Collingwood Reserves  Bye
Essendon Reserves  Bye

Round 14[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Geelong Reserves     Fri 23-Jun-2023 7:05 pm Kardinia Park 
Casey     Geelong Reserves vs Casey 
Sandringham     Sat 24-Jun-2023 11:05 am Moorabbin Oval 
Brisbane Reserves     Sandringham vs Brisbane Reserves 
Southport     Sat 24-Jun-2023 12:05 pm Fankhauser Reserve 
Coburg     Southport vs Coburg 
Collingwood Reserves     Sat 24-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Olympic Park Oval 
Sydney Reserves     Collingwood Reserves vs Sydney Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sun 25-Jun-2023 1:05 pm Carrara Stadium 
Box Hill     Gold Coast Reserves vs Box Hill 
Port Melbourne     Sun 25-Jun-2023 2:05 pm North Port Oval 
Essendon Reserves     Port Melbourne vs Essendon Reserves 
Frankston  Bye
Northern Bullants  Bye
Werribee  Bye
Williamstown  Bye
Footscray  Bye
Richmond Reserves  Bye
GWS Reserves  Bye
Carlton Reserves  Bye
North Melbourne Reserves  Bye

Round 15[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Brisbane Reserves     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Richmond Reserves     Brisbane Reserves vs Richmond Reserves 
Box Hill     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Port Melbourne     Box Hill vs Port Melbourne 
Casey     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
GWS Reserves     Casey vs GWS Reserves 
Carlton Reserves     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Northern Bullants     Carlton Reserves vs Northern Bullants 
Essendon Reserves     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Gold Coast Reserves     Essendon Reserves vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Footscray     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Coburg     Footscray vs Coburg 
Frankston     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Collingwood Reserves     Frankston vs Collingwood Reserves 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Williamstown     North Melbourne Reserves vs Williamstown 
Sydney Reserves     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Geelong Reserves     Sydney Reserves vs Geelong Reserves 
Werribee     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Sandringham     Werribee vs Sandringham 
Southport  Bye

Round 16[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Coburg     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Carlton Reserves     Coburg vs Carlton Reserves 
Footscray     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Collingwood Reserves     Footscray vs Collingwood Reserves 
Geelong Reserves     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
North Melbourne Reserves     Geelong Reserves vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Frankston     Gold Coast Reserves vs Frankston 
GWS Reserves     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Box Hill     GWS Reserves vs Box Hill 
Northern Bullants     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Brisbane Reserves     Northern Bullants vs Brisbane Reserves 
Port Melbourne     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Werribee     Port Melbourne vs Werribee 
Richmond Reserves     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Sydney Reserves     Richmond Reserves vs Sydney Reserves 
Sandringham     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Casey     Sandringham vs Casey 
Williamstown     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Southport     Williamstown vs Southport 
Essendon Reserves  Bye

Round 17[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Frankston     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
GWS Reserves     Frankston vs GWS Reserves 
Geelong Reserves     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Essendon Reserves     Geelong Reserves vs Essendon Reserves 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Box Hill     North Melbourne Reserves vs Box Hill 
Southport     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Richmond Reserves     Southport vs Richmond Reserves 
Sydney Reserves     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Footscray     Sydney Reserves vs Footscray 
Werribee     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Northern Bullants     Werribee vs Northern Bullants 
Casey  Bye
Coburg  Bye
Port Melbourne  Bye
Sandringham  Bye
Williamstown  Bye
Collingwood Reserves  Bye
Brisbane Reserves  Bye
Gold Coast Reserves  Bye
Carlton Reserves  Bye

Round 18[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Brisbane Reserves     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Geelong Reserves     Brisbane Reserves vs Geelong Reserves 
Carlton Reserves     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Port Melbourne     Carlton Reserves vs Port Melbourne 
Coburg     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Casey     Coburg vs Casey 
Collingwood Reserves     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Sandringham     Collingwood Reserves vs Sandringham 
GWS Reserves     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Gold Coast Reserves     GWS Reserves vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Northern Bullants     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Footscray     Northern Bullants vs Footscray 
Richmond Reserves     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Box Hill     Richmond Reserves vs Box Hill 
Werribee     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Frankston     Werribee vs Frankston 
Williamstown     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Essendon Reserves     Williamstown vs Essendon Reserves 
Southport  Bye
Sydney Reserves  Bye
North Melbourne Reserves  Bye

Round 19[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Box Hill     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Sandringham     Box Hill vs Sandringham 
Casey     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Williamstown     Casey vs Williamstown 
Collingwood Reserves     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Carlton Reserves     Collingwood Reserves vs Carlton Reserves 
Essendon Reserves     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Sydney Reserves     Essendon Reserves vs Sydney Reserves 
Frankston     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Southport     Frankston vs Southport 
Geelong Reserves     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Northern Bullants     Geelong Reserves vs Northern Bullants 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Brisbane Reserves     Gold Coast Reserves vs Brisbane Reserves 
North Melbourne Reserves     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Werribee     North Melbourne Reserves vs Werribee 
Port Melbourne     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Coburg     Port Melbourne vs Coburg 
Footscray  Bye
Richmond Reserves  Bye
GWS Reserves  Bye

Round 20[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Footscray     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
North Melbourne Reserves     Footscray vs North Melbourne Reserves 
GWS Reserves     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Sydney Reserves     GWS Reserves vs Sydney Reserves 
Sandringham     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Northern Bullants     Sandringham vs Northern Bullants 
Southport     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Essendon Reserves     Southport vs Essendon Reserves 
Werribee     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Collingwood Reserves     Werribee vs Collingwood Reserves 
Williamstown     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Richmond Reserves     Williamstown vs Richmond Reserves 
Box Hill  Bye
Casey  Bye
Coburg  Bye
Frankston  Bye
Port Melbourne  Bye
Geelong Reserves  Bye
Brisbane Reserves  Bye
Gold Coast Reserves  Bye
Carlton Reserves  Bye

Round 21[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Brisbane Reserves     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Williamstown     Brisbane Reserves vs Williamstown 
Box Hill     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Footscray     Box Hill vs Footscray 
Carlton Reserves     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Casey     Carlton Reserves vs Casey 
Coburg     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Frankston     Coburg vs Frankston 
Collingwood Reserves     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Geelong Reserves     Collingwood Reserves vs Geelong Reserves 
Northern Bullants     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
GWS Reserves     Northern Bullants vs GWS Reserves 
Port Melbourne     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Richmond Reserves     Port Melbourne vs Richmond Reserves 
Sydney Reserves     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sydney Reserves vs Gold Coast Reserves 
Sandringham  Bye
Southport  Bye
Werribee  Bye
Essendon Reserves  Bye
North Melbourne Reserves  Bye

Round 22[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Casey     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Brisbane Reserves     Casey vs Brisbane Reserves 
Collingwood Reserves     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Southport     Collingwood Reserves vs Southport 
Essendon Reserves     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Coburg     Essendon Reserves vs Coburg 
Footscray     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Port Melbourne     Footscray vs Port Melbourne 
Frankston     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Box Hill     Frankston vs Box Hill 
Geelong Reserves     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
GWS Reserves     Geelong Reserves vs GWS Reserves 
Gold Coast Reserves     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Carlton Reserves     Gold Coast Reserves vs Carlton Reserves 
Richmond Reserves     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
North Melbourne Reserves     Richmond Reserves vs North Melbourne Reserves 
Sandringham     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Williamstown     Sandringham vs Williamstown 
Sydney Reserves     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Werribee     Sydney Reserves vs Werribee 
Northern Bullants  Bye


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.