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Official name
West Australian Football League

Known as


Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1885-2023; Women's Premiership Season 2019-2023; Women's Under 19s (Rogers Cup) 2019-2023; Under 19s (Colts) 1957-2023; Reserves 1946-2023

Affiliated competitions (Historical)
Women's Reserves 2019-2022

Premiership Season

Official Name
WAFL Premiership Season


Affiliated clubs (Current)
West Perth (WA) 1891-2023; East Fremantle (WA) 1898-2023; Perth (WA) 1899-2023; South Fremantle (WA) 1900-2023; Subiaco (WA) 1901-2023; East Perth (WA) 1906-2023; Claremont (WA) 1926-2023; Swan Districts (WA) 1934-2023; Peel Thunder (WA) 1997-2023; West Coast Reserves (WA) 2019-2023

Affiliated clubs (Historical)
Rovers (WA) 1885-1899; Fremantle (Original) (WA) 1885-1886; Victorians (WA) 1885-1888; Fremantle (Unions) (WA) 1886-1899; West Australian (WA) 1887-1888; Metropolitans (WA) 1889-1890; Centrals (WA) 1891; East Perth (Original) (WA) 1891-1892; Imperials (WA) 1895-1897; North Fremantle (WA) 1901-1915; Midland Junction (WA) 1905-1910, 1914-1917

Affiliated grounds (Current)
Arena Joondalup; Bassendean Oval; Claremont Oval; Fremantle Oval; Haynes Oval; Lathlain Park; Leederville Oval; Rushton Park; TBC; W.A.C.A.

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Anniversary Park; Bovell Park; Bruce Rock; Bunbury; Capricorn Oval; Carnarvon; Centennial Stadium; Collie Reserve; Collingwood Park; Corrigin Oval; Cunderdin Oval; Dampier Sports Club; Denmak; Dongara; Donnybrook; East Fremantle Oval; Esperance Oval; Esplanade; Exmouth; Fremantle Park; Frost Park; Geraldton; Gloucester Oval; Gosnells Reserve; Jubilee Oval (WA); Jurien Oval; Kalannie Town Oval; Kalgoorlie Oval; Kambalda Oval; Karratha; Katanning; Kelmscott; Kingsway Reserve; Kulin; Kununurra Oval; Manjimup Reserve; Midland Junction Oval; Moora Reserve; Mt.Barker; Mukinbudin; Newdegate Showgrounds; Newman; North Fremantle Oval; Northampton Sports Complex; Perth Oval; Perth Stadium; Pingelly Oval; Port Hedland; Rockingham; Shenton Park; Showgrounds; Sounness Park; Splendid Park; Subiaco Oval; Talanjee Oval; Toodyay Showgrounds; Wagin; Wanneroo Showgrounds; Wellington Square; Wickepin Oval; Wongan Hills

2023 WAFL Premiership Season


The WAFL (West Australian Football League) is the premier League and governing body for Australian Football in Western Australia. Originally formed as the West Australian Football Association (WAFA) in 1885, the WAFL has undergone a variety of name changes since then, re-adopting its current name in 2001. The league currently consists of nine teams, which play each other in a 24-round season usually lasting from March to September, with the top five teams playing off in a finals series, culminating in a Grand Final.

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2023 Round by Round

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Round 1[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
West Perth     Fri 7-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
Claremont     West Perth vs Claremont 
East Perth     Fri 7-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Swan Districts     East Perth vs Swan Districts 
Peel Thunder     Fri 7-Apr-2023 4:10 pm Rushton Park 
East Fremantle     Peel Thunder vs East Fremantle 
South Fremantle     Sat 8-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
West Coast Reserves     South Fremantle vs West Coast Reserves 
Perth     Sat 8-Apr-2023 5:10 pm Lathlain Park 
Subiaco     Perth vs Subiaco 

Round 2[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
West Perth     Sat 15-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
West Coast Reserves     West Perth vs West Coast Reserves 
Swan Districts     Sat 15-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
East Fremantle     Swan Districts vs East Fremantle 
Claremont     Sat 15-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
South Fremantle     Claremont vs South Fremantle 
Peel Thunder     Sat 15-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
Perth     Peel Thunder vs Perth 
Subiaco     Sat 15-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
East Perth     Subiaco vs East Perth 

Round 3[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Subiaco     Sat 22-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Claremont     Subiaco vs Claremont 
South Fremantle     Sat 22-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
Peel Thunder     South Fremantle vs Peel Thunder 
Perth     Sat 22-Apr-2023 5:10 pm Lathlain Park 
East Perth     Perth vs East Perth 
Swan Districts     Sun 23-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
West Perth     Swan Districts vs West Perth 
West Coast Reserves     Sun 23-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
East Fremantle     West Coast Reserves vs East Fremantle 

Round 4[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
East Perth     Sat 29-Apr-2023 1:40 pm Leederville Oval 
Peel Thunder     East Perth vs Peel Thunder 
East Fremantle     Sat 29-Apr-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
Perth     East Fremantle vs Perth 
West Perth     Sat 29-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
Subiaco     West Perth vs Subiaco 
South Fremantle     Sat 29-Apr-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
Swan Districts     South Fremantle vs Swan Districts 
Claremont     Sun 30-Apr-2023 12:40 pm Claremont Oval 
West Coast Reserves     Claremont vs West Coast Reserves 

Round 5[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Claremont     Sat 6-May-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
East Perth     Claremont vs East Perth 
West Perth     Sat 6-May-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
East Fremantle     West Perth vs East Fremantle 
West Coast Reserves     Sat 6-May-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
Perth     West Coast Reserves vs Perth 
Subiaco     Sat 6-May-2023 2:40 pm Leederville Oval 
South Fremantle     Subiaco vs South Fremantle 
Peel Thunder     Sun 7-May-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
Swan Districts     Peel Thunder vs Swan Districts 

Round 6[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Swan Districts     Sat 13-May-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
Claremont     Swan Districts vs Claremont 
Perth     Sat 13-May-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
West Perth     Perth vs West Perth 
East Perth     Sat 13-May-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
South Fremantle     East Perth vs South Fremantle 
Peel Thunder     Sat 13-May-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
West Coast Reserves     Peel Thunder vs West Coast Reserves 
East Fremantle     Sat 13-May-2023 4:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
Subiaco     East Fremantle vs Subiaco 

Round 7[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Subiaco     Sat 27-May-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Swan Districts     Subiaco vs Swan Districts 
West Perth     Sat 27-May-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
Peel Thunder     West Perth vs Peel Thunder 
South Fremantle     Sat 27-May-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
Perth     South Fremantle vs Perth 
Claremont     Sat 27-May-2023 2:10 pm Haynes Oval 
East Fremantle     Claremont vs East Fremantle 
West Coast Reserves     Sun 28-May-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
East Perth     West Coast Reserves vs East Perth 

Round 8[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Perth     Sat 3-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
Claremont     Perth vs Claremont 
Swan Districts     Sun 4-Jun-2023 1:40 pm Bassendean Oval 
West Coast Reserves     Swan Districts vs West Coast Reserves 
Peel Thunder     Sun 4-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
Subiaco     Peel Thunder vs Subiaco 
East Perth     Mon 5-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
West Perth     East Perth vs West Perth 
East Fremantle     Mon 5-Jun-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
South Fremantle     East Fremantle vs South Fremantle 

Round 9[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Claremont     Sat 10-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
Peel Thunder     Claremont vs Peel Thunder 
West Coast Reserves     Sat 10-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
Subiaco     West Coast Reserves vs Subiaco 
East Perth     Sun 11-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
East Fremantle     East Perth vs East Fremantle 
Swan Districts     Sun 11-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
Perth     Swan Districts vs Perth 
West Perth     Sun 11-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
South Fremantle     West Perth vs South Fremantle 

Round 10[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
East Fremantle     Sat 17-Jun-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
Swan Districts     East Fremantle vs Swan Districts 
Perth     Sat 17-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
Peel Thunder     Perth vs Peel Thunder 
Subiaco     Sat 17-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
West Perth     Subiaco vs West Perth 
South Fremantle     Sun 18-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
East Perth     South Fremantle vs East Perth 
Claremont  Bye
West Coast Reserves  Bye

Round 11[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Claremont     Sat 24-Jun-2023 1:10 pm Claremont Oval 
West Coast Reserves     Claremont vs West Coast Reserves 
East Perth     Sun 25-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Perth     East Perth vs Perth 
West Perth     Sun 25-Jun-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
Swan Districts     West Perth vs Swan Districts 
East Fremantle  Bye
Peel Thunder  Bye
South Fremantle  Bye
Subiaco  Bye

Round 12[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Claremont     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
Subiaco     Claremont vs Subiaco 
Peel Thunder     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
South Fremantle     Peel Thunder vs South Fremantle 
East Fremantle     Sat 1-Jul-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
West Coast Reserves     East Fremantle vs West Coast Reserves 
East Perth  Bye
Perth  Bye
Swan Districts  Bye
West Perth  Bye

Round 13[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Subiaco     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Peel Thunder     Subiaco vs Peel Thunder 
Swan Districts     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
East Perth     Swan Districts vs East Perth 
East Fremantle     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
West Perth     East Fremantle vs West Perth 
Perth     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
West Coast Reserves     Perth vs West Coast Reserves 
South Fremantle     Sat 8-Jul-2023 2:20 pm Fremantle Oval 
Claremont     South Fremantle vs Claremont 

Round 14[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
East Fremantle     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm TBC 
Peel Thunder     East Fremantle vs Peel Thunder 
Swan Districts     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
Subiaco     Swan Districts vs Subiaco 
East Perth     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Claremont     East Perth vs Claremont 
Perth     Sat 15-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
South Fremantle     Perth vs South Fremantle 
West Coast Reserves     Sat 15-Jul-2023 5:10 pm Lathlain Park 
West Perth     West Coast Reserves vs West Perth 

Round 15[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Peel Thunder     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
East Perth     Peel Thunder vs East Perth 
Subiaco     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Perth     Subiaco vs Perth 
Claremont     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
West Perth     Claremont vs West Perth 
Swan Districts     Sat 22-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
West Coast Reserves     Swan Districts vs West Coast Reserves 
East Fremantle  Bye
South Fremantle  Bye

Round 16[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
South Fremantle     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
East Fremantle     South Fremantle vs East Fremantle 
East Perth     Sat 29-Jul-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
Subiaco     East Perth vs Subiaco 
Claremont  Bye
Peel Thunder  Bye
Perth  Bye
Swan Districts  Bye
West Perth  Bye
West Coast Reserves  Bye

Round 17[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
East Fremantle     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
Claremont     East Fremantle vs Claremont 
West Perth     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
Perth     West Perth vs Perth 
Swan Districts     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
South Fremantle     Swan Districts vs South Fremantle 
Peel Thunder     Sat 5-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
West Coast Reserves     Peel Thunder vs West Coast Reserves 
East Perth  Bye
Subiaco  Bye

Round 18[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Peel Thunder     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
Claremont     Peel Thunder vs Claremont 
East Fremantle     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm W.A.C.A. 
East Perth     East Fremantle vs East Perth 
Perth     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
Swan Districts     Perth vs Swan Districts 
South Fremantle     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
West Perth     South Fremantle vs West Perth 
Subiaco     Sat 12-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
West Coast Reserves     Subiaco vs West Coast Reserves 

Round 19[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Claremont     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
Swan Districts     Claremont vs Swan Districts 
Perth     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
East Fremantle     Perth vs East Fremantle 
Peel Thunder     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Rushton Park 
West Perth     Peel Thunder vs West Perth 
South Fremantle     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Fremantle Oval 
Subiaco     South Fremantle vs Subiaco 
East Perth     Sat 19-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
West Coast Reserves     East Perth vs West Coast Reserves 

Round 20[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Swan Districts     Sat 26-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Bassendean Oval 
Peel Thunder     Swan Districts vs Peel Thunder 
Subiaco     Sat 26-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Leederville Oval 
East Fremantle     Subiaco vs East Fremantle 
Claremont     Sat 26-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Claremont Oval 
Perth     Claremont vs Perth 
West Perth     Sat 26-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Arena Joondalup 
East Perth     West Perth vs East Perth 
West Coast Reserves     Sat 26-Aug-2023 2:10 pm Lathlain Park 
South Fremantle     West Coast Reserves vs South Fremantle 


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.