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Official name
Australian Football League

Known as


140 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, VIC, 3008

1300 722 515


Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1897-2024; Women's Premiership Season 2017-2024; National Championships Under-18 Girls 2010-2024; Night/Pre-Season Competition 1956-2024; National Championships Under-18 Boys 1953-2024

Affiliated competitions (Historical)
AFLX 2018-2019; Women's Winter Series 2018-2019; Women's Exhibition Series 2013-2016; Reserves 1919-1999; Under-19s 1946-1991; Reserves

Women's Exhibition Series

Official Name
AFL Women's Exhibition Series


Affiliated clubs (Historical)
Western Bulldogs WFC (VIC) 2013-2016; Melbourne WFC (VIC) 2013-2016; SA Blues (SA) 2016; SA Reds (SA) 2016; Sydney WFC (NSW) 2016; Greater Western Sydney WFC (NSW) 2016; West Coast WFC (WA) 2016; Fremantle WFC (WA) 2016; NT Thunder WFC (NT) 2016; Tasmania WFC (TAS) 2016; Brisbane WFC (QLD) 2016; Gold Coast WFC (QLD) 2016; Western Australia WFC (WA) 2016; South Australia WFC (SA) 2016; NSW-ACT WFC (NSW) 2016

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Adelaide Oval; Docklands; Gabba; Highgate Reserve; M.C.G.; Peanut Farm; S.C.G.; Subiaco Oval; Whitten Oval

2016 AFL Women's Exhibition Series


2016 Round by Round

Round OOM

One-off Matches

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Western Bulldogs WFC3. 41 Sun 6-Mar-2016 5:10 pm Highgate Reserve 
Melbourne WFC1. 21 Western Bulldogs WFC won by 20 points[Report]
SA Blues1. 34 Sat 2-Apr-2016 10:40 am Adelaide Oval 
SA Reds0. 32 SA Blues won by 2 points[Report]
Sydney WFC3. 62 Sat 9-Apr-2016 1:40 pm S.C.G. 
Greater Western Sydney WFC0. 33 Sydney WFC won by 29 points[Report]
West Coast WFC1.45.77.913.10 88 Sat 9-Apr-2016 3:10 pm Subiaco Oval 
Fremantle WFC1. 23 West Coast WFC won by 65 points[Report]
NT Thunder WFC3.25.66.913.11 89 Sun 10-Apr-2016 12:10 pm Peanut Farm 
Tasmania WFC1. 53 NT Thunder WFC won by 36 points[Report]
Brisbane WFC0. 38 Sat 16-Apr-2016 7:40 pm Gabba 
Gold Coast WFC1. 24 Brisbane WFC won by 14 points[Report]
Melbourne WFC6.48.510.714.7 91 Sun 22-May-2016 10:05 am M.C.G. 
Brisbane WFC0. 20 Melbourne WFC won by 71 points[Report]
Western Bulldogs WFC0. 53 Sun 5-Jun-2016 12:40 pm Docklands 
Western Australia WFC1. 40 Western Bulldogs WFC won by 13 points[Report]
South Australia WFC1. 27 Sun 5-Jun-2016 1:10 pm Adelaide Oval 
NSW-ACT WFC0. 25 South Australia WFC won by 2 points[Report]
Western Bulldogs WFC1.35.310.514.6 90 Sat 3-Sep-2016 7:10 pm Whitten Oval6,365
Melbourne WFC1. 51 Western Bulldogs WFC won by 39 points[Report]


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.