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Official name
Australian Football League

Known as


140 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, VIC, 3008

1300 722 515


Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1897-2023; Women's Premiership Season 2017-2023; Women's Under-18 Championships 2010-2023; Night/Pre-Season Competition 1956-2023; Under-18 Championships 1953-2023

Affiliated competitions (Historical)
AFLX 2018-2019; Women's Winter Series 2018-2019; Women's Exhibition Series 2013-2016; Reserves 1919-1999; Under 19s 1946-1991; Reserves

Women's Under-18 Championships

Official Name
AFL Women's Under-18 Championships


Affiliated clubs (Current)
Vic Country WFC (VIC) 2017-2023; Allies U18s WFC (AUS) 2017-2023; QLD U18s WFC (QLD) 2017-2023; NSW-ACT U18s WFC (NSW-ACT) 2017-2019, 2022-2023; Vic Metro WFC (VIC) 2017-2023; WA U18s WFC (WA) 2017-2023; SA U18s WFC (SA) 2017-2023; WAFLW All Stars WFC (WA) 2022-2023

Affiliated clubs (Historical)
Tasmania U18s WFC (TAS) 2017-2019; NT Thunder Academy WFC (NT) 2017-2018; Eastern Allies WFC (AUS) 2018-2019; Central Allies WFC (AUS) 2018-2019; Medleys WFC (AUS) 2021; Woomeras WFC (AUS) 2021

Affiliated grounds (Current)
Adelaide Oval; Blacktown; Carrara Oval #2; Carrara Stadium; Chirnside Park; Claremont Oval; Eureka Stadium; Thebarton Oval

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Bond University; East Fremantle Oval; Fankhauser Reserve; Kardinia Park; Karen Rolton Oval; Kombumerri Oval; Marrara Stadium; Merrimac Oval; Noarlunga Oval; North Port Oval; Richmond Oval; Subiaco Oval; Trevor Barker Oval; Unley Oval

2022 AFL Women's Under-18 Championships


2022 Round by Round

Round 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Round 1[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Vic Country WFC0. 21 Sun 20-Mar-2022 12:00 pm Eureka Stadium 
Vic Metro WFC3.38.511.611.8 74 Vic Metro WFC won by 53 points
SA U18s WFC2.27.311.615.10 100 Sun 10-Apr-2022 10:30 am Thebarton Oval 
WA U18s WFC1. 16 SA U18s WFC won by 84 points
Allies U18s WFC  Bye
QLD U18s WFC  Bye
WAFLW All Stars WFC  Bye

Round 2[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
SA U18s WFC2.28.412.817.12 114 Sat 16-Apr-2022 1:10 pm Adelaide Oval 
Vic Country WFC2. 22 SA U18s WFC won by 92 points
WA U18s WFC0. 35 Sat 16-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Claremont Oval 
WAFLW All Stars WFC2. 47 WAFLW All Stars WFC won by 12 points
NSW-ACT U18s WFC3. 45 Mon 18-Apr-2022 12:00 pm Blacktown 
Allies U18s WFC2.15.310.613.7 85 Allies U18s WFC won by 40 points
QLD U18s WFC0. 28 Tue 19-Apr-2022 2:00 pm Carrara Stadium 
Vic Metro WFC1. 59 Vic Metro WFC won by 31 points

Round 3[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
Allies U18s WFC2. 41 Fri 22-Apr-2022 10:00 am Chirnside Park 
WA U18s WFC2. 46 WA U18s WFC won by 5 points
Vic Metro WFC1. 30 Fri 22-Apr-2022 12:15 pm Chirnside Park 
SA U18s WFC1. 33 SA U18s WFC won by 3 points
Vic Country WFC0. 20 Fri 22-Apr-2022 2:30 pm Chirnside Park 
QLD U18s WFC2. 31 QLD U18s WFC won by 11 points
WAFLW All Stars WFC  Bye

Round 4[Round Review]

 Q1Q2Q3Q4ScoreDate / ResultGroundCrowd
QLD U18s WFC0.05.26.510.6 66 Sat 30-Apr-2022 11:30 am Carrara Oval #2 
Allies U18s WFC2. 16 QLD U18s WFC won by 50 points
Vic Country WFC  Bye
Vic Metro WFC  Bye
WA U18s WFC  Bye
SA U18s WFC  Bye
WAFLW All Stars WFC  Bye


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.