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Official name
Tasmanian State League

Known as


Affiliated competitions (Current)
Premiership Season 1879-2023; Reserves (Development League) 2014-2023

Affiliated competitions (Historical)
Women's Premiership Season 2007-2020

Premiership Season

Official Name
TSL Premiership Season


Affiliated clubs (Current)
Kingborough (TAS) 1893-1907, 2014-2023; North Hobart (TAS) 1895-2000, 2009-2013, 2018-2023; Glenorchy (TAS) 1921-2000, 2009-2023; Clarence (TAS) 1947-2000, 2009-2023; North Launceston (TAS) 1987-2000, 2009-2023; Launceston (TAS) 1994-1997, 2009-2023; Lauderdale (TAS) 2009-2023

Affiliated clubs (Historical)
City (Hobart) (TAS) 1879-1896; Cricketers (TAS) 1879-1885; Wellington (TAS) 1879-1905; Holebrook (TAS) 1880-1894; Union (TAS) 1887; Summerton (TAS) 1898; Lefroy (TAS) 1898-1941; Derwent (TAS) 1906-1907; Cananore (TAS) 1908-1941; Sandy Bay (TAS) 1945-1997; Hobart (TAS) 1945-1997, 2009-2013; New Norfolk (TAS) 1947-1999; East Launceston (TAS) 1986; South Launceston (TAS) 1986-1997, 2009-2013; Devonport (TAS) 1987-2000, 2009-2017; Burnie Hawks (TAS) 1987-1994; Burnie Dockers (TAS) 1995-2000, 2009-2017; Southern Districts (TAS) 1998-1999; Western Storm (TAS) 2014-2015; Hobart City (TAS) 2014-2017

Affiliated grounds (Current)
Bellerive Oval; KGV Oval; Kingston Twin Ovals; Lauderdale Oval; North Hobart Oval; Windsor Park; York Park

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Boyer Oval; Devonport Oval; Huonville Reserve; Invermay Park; New Town Oval; NTCA Ground; Queenborough Oval; Richmond Oval (TAS); Snug Park; TBC; TCA Ground; West Park Oval; Youngtown Oval

2022B TSL Premiership Season


The TSL (Tasmanian State League) is Tasmania’s premier Australian Football competition. [Re] established in 2009, after a nine-year hiatus, the TSL is the island’s sole state-wide competition, and is owned and administered by AFL Tasmania in consultation with participating clubs. The League has a long and convoluted history which dates back to its founding on 12 June 1879 (claimed to be the third oldest club football league in Australia), and has operated under various guises, including as the TFA, the STFA, the TFL, and the TANFL, amongst others.

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2022B Round by Round


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.