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Official name
Victorian Football Association

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Affiliated competitions (Historical)
Premiership Season 1877-1995

Premiership Season

Official Name
VFA Premiership Season


Affiliated clubs (Historical)
Carlton (VIC) 1877-1896; Geelong (VIC) 1877-1896; Melbourne (VIC) 1877-1896; St. Kilda (VIC) 1877-1879, 1886-1896; North Melbourne (VIC) 1877-1924; Albert Park (Original) (VIC) 1877-1879; Barwon (Original) (VIC) 1877-1878; Essendon (VIC) 1878-1896; South Melbourne (VIC) 1879-1896; West Melbourne (VIC) 1879-1880, 1889-1907; East Melbourne (VIC) 1880-1882; Fitzroy (VIC) 1884-1896; Williamstown (VIC) 1884-1995; Richmond (VIC) 1885-1907; University (VIC) 1885-1888; Footscray (VIC) 1886-1924; Ballarat Imperial (VIC) 1886-1888; Port Melbourne (VIC) 1886-1995; South Ballarat (VIC) 1886-1888; South Williamstown (VIC) 1886-1887; Ballarat (VIC) 1886-1888; Prahan (Original) (VIC) 1886-1887; Collingwood (VIC) 1892-1896; Brunswick (VIC) 1897-1991; Prahran (VIC) 1899-1958, 1960-1994; Essendon Association (VIC) 1900-1921; Preston (VIC) 1903-1911, 1926-1995; Brighton (VIC) 1908-1961; Northcote (VIC) 1908-1987; Melbourne City (VIC) 1912-1913; Hawthorn (VIC) 1914-1924; Geelong Association (VIC) 1922-1927; Coburg (VIC) 1925-1995; Camberwell (VIC) 1926-1991; Yarraville (VIC) 1928-1983; Oakleigh (VIC) 1929-1994; Sandringham (VIC) 1929-1995; Box Hill (VIC) 1951-1995; Moorabbin (Original) (VIC) 1951-1963; Dandenong (VIC) 1958-1994; Mordialloc (VIC) 1958-1988; Sunshine (VIC) 1959-1989; Waverley (VIC) 1961-1987; Caulfield (VFA) (VIC) 1962-1987; Geelong West (VIC) 1963-1988; Werribee (VIC) 1965-1995; Frankston (VIC) 1966-1995; Springvale (VIC) 1982-1995; Kilsyth (VIC) 1982-1984; Berwick (VIC) 1983-1987; Moorabbin West (VIC) 1983-1987

Affiliated grounds (Historical)
Albert Cricket Ground; Alex G. Gillon Oval; Arch Brown Reserve; Arden Street; Ballarat City Oval; Ben Kavanagh Reserve; Bentleigh Reserve; Bill Lawry Oval; Box Hill City Oval; Brighton Beach Oval; Brunswick Street; Camberwell Sportsground; Central Reserve #2; Cheltenham Reserve; Chirnside Park; Coburg City Oval; Corio Oval; Croxton Park; Dandenong Showgrounds; East Melbourne; Eastern Oval; Edwin Flack Reserve; Elsternwick Park; Fearon Reserve; Frankston Park; Friendly Societies' Ground; Glenferrie Oval; Junction Oval; Kardinia Park; Kilsyth Reserve; Lake Oval; M.C.G.; McKinnon Reserve; Melbourne Showgrounds; Moorabbin Oval; North Port Oval; Olympic Park; Preston City Oval; Princes Park; Princes Park (Caulfield); Punt Road; Richmond City Reserve; Robertson Oval; Selwyn Park; Shepley Oval; Skinner Reserve; Springvale Reserve; TBA; Toorak Park; Trevor Barker Oval; University Oval; Victoria Park; W.C.G.; Warrawee Park; Wesley College; West Oval; Western Oval (Ballarat); Whitten Oval; Windy Hill; Yarraville Oval

1877 VFA Premiership Season


1877 Round by Round


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.