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Official name
Woodville West Torrens Football Club

Known as
Woodville West Torrens


1990 (through the merger of the Woodville and West Torrens Football Clubs)

Blue, green and gold

Associated clubs
West Torrens; Woodville; W-WT Reserves; W-WT U18s; Port Adelaide-West Torrens; W-WT U16s; Woodville West Torrens WFC; W-WT Reserves WFC; W-WT U14s

Affiliation (Current)
South Australian National Football league (SANFL) 1991–2024

Home Ground
Woodville Oval

SANFL Premierships
1993, 2006, 2011, 2020-21 (5 total)

Senior Premierships
Stanley H Lewis Memorial Trophy: 1993, 2000, 2013, 2015-16-17 (6 total); SANFL Night/Knock-out/Pre-season Series: 1993-4 (2 total); Living Health/Be Active Cup: (minor premiers) 2000 & 2006 (2 total)

Most Games
266 - Justin Cicolella (1998-2012)

Most Goals
312 - Mark Passador (2003–2010)

League Top Goalkickers
Scott Morphett (99) 1991; Chris Kluzek (72) 2000; Mark Passador (79) 2006; Michael Wundke (63) 2014; James Rowe (47) 2020; Daniel Menzel (51) 2022; (6 total)

Magarey Medalists
James Tsitas 2021 (1 medallist /1 medal)

33-39 Oval Avenue, Woodville South, SA 5011

Postal Address
PO Box 4, Woodville, SA, 5011

Phone: (08) 8347 2444 



Woodville West Torrens

"Mergers have become a sad but inevitable part of football life, but there have arguably been few as painless as that between the erstwhile West Torrens and Woodville Football Clubs. Commencing from a position of perceived equality (unlike, for example, the Brisbane and Fitzroy arrangement which was, in effect, a takeover) the two previously disparate organisation have welded, almost seamlessly, into one, achieving significantly more in just over a decade and a half - even allowing for the debacle of the 2005 grand final - than either Woodville or Torrens managed in the preceding 40 years .... "

  • John Devaney reports on the successful marriage of two struggling SANFL clubs

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2024 Season (SANFL) Fixture


Woodville West Torrens' 2024 Fixture

Rnd H&A Club Q1Q2Q3Q4 S R Opponent Q1Q2Q3Q4 S Mgn Grd Date SC
1 H Woodville West Torrens        vs West Adelaide          WOO Mar 29 (Fri, 2:30)  
2 H Woodville West Torrens        vs North Adelaide          WOO Apr 13 (Sat, 2:30)  
3 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Port Adelaide Magpies          WOO Apr 21 (Sun, 2:10)  
4 A Woodville West Torrens        vs Central District          ELZ Apr 27 (Sat, 2:10)  
5 A Woodville West Torrens        vs Sturt          UNL May 5 (Sun, 2:10)  
6 H Woodville West Torrens        vs South Adelaide          WOO May 11 (Sat, 2:10)  
7 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Glenelg          WOO May 26 (Sun, 1:10)  
8 A Woodville West Torrens        vs Norwood          NOR Jun 2 (Sun, 2:30)  
9 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Central District          WOO Jun 8 (Sat, 2:10)  
10 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Adelaide Reserves          ADO Jun 15 (Sat, 3:10)  
11 Woodville West Torrens       Bye        
12 A Woodville West Torrens        vs North Adelaide          PRO Jun 29 (Sat, 2:10)  
13 A Woodville West Torrens        vs Glenelg          GLE Jul 6 (Sat, 2:10)  
14 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Sturt          WOO Jul 13 (Sat, 2:10)  
15 A Woodville West Torrens        vs West Adelaide          RIC Jul 20 (Sat, 2:10)  
16 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Adelaide Reserves          WOO Jul 27 (Sat, 2:10)  
17 A Woodville West Torrens        vs Port Adelaide Magpies          ALB Aug 10 (Sat, 2:10)  
18 A Woodville West Torrens        vs South Adelaide          NOA Aug 17 (Sat, 2:10)  
19 H Woodville West Torrens        vs Norwood          WOO Aug 24 (Sat, 2:10)  


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.