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Official name
Old Scotch Football Club

Known as
Old Scotch


Red, gold and royal blue


Associated clubs
Old Scotch Collegians; Old Scotch WFC

Affiliation (Current)
Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) 1921–2023

Senior Premierships
VAFA A Section - 1923-4, 1926-7, 1931-2-3-4-5, 1978 (10 total); B Section - 1965, 1970, 1977 (3 total)

Championships and Trophies
JN Woodrow Medal – Manson G. Russel 1950; Ian K. Law 1959; Tom Mason 1982; Andrew C. Smith 1985; John R. Moir 1988; Tom J. Keipert 1991; Andrew J. Crow 2003 (7 total); GT Moore Medal - J. R. Morgan 1975 (1 total)


Old Scotch

The first great Old Scotch Collegians side was captained by one of the club’s founders, ‘Cocky’ Heatley, a centreman who was said to combine considerable all round football ability with mastery in the art of ‘staging’ for free kicks. Under Heatley, Old Scotch went top in 1923 and 1924, with Alan Staley stamping himself as the MAFA’s best ruckman of the period, the McLorinan brothers marshalling a watertight defence, and the likes of Gordon Law, Harold Staley and Clive Fergie (ex-Fitzroy) giving the side unmatched strength through the middle.

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2023 Season (VAFA Premier) Fixture


Old Scotch's 2023 Fixture

Rnd H&A Club Q1Q2Q3Q4 S R Opponent Q1Q2Q3Q4 S Mgn Grd Date SC
1 A Old Scotch        vs Caulfield Grammarians          GLE Apr 15 (Sat, 2:00)  
2 H Old Scotch        vs Collegians          CBW Apr 22 (Sat, 2:00)  
3 H Old Scotch        vs University Blues          CBW Apr 29 (Sat, 2:00)  
4 A Old Scotch        vs Old Melburnians          ELS May 6 (Sat, 2:00)  
5 A Old Scotch        vs Old Haileyburians          PPC May 13 (Sat, 2:00)  
6 H Old Scotch        vs Old Xaverians          CBW May 20 (Sat, 2:00)  
7 A Old Scotch        vs Old Brighton          BBO May 27 (Sat, 2:00)  
8 H Old Scotch        vs University Blacks          CBW Jun 3 (Sat, 2:00)  
9 A Old Scotch        vs St. Kevin's          THK Jun 17 (Sat, 2:00)  
10 H Old Scotch        vs Old Haileyburians          CBW Jun 24 (Sat, 2:00)  
11 H Old Scotch        vs Old Melburnians          SCO Jul 1 (Sat, 2:00)  
12 A Old Scotch        vs University Blues          UNI Jul 8 (Sat, 2:00)  
13 H Old Scotch        vs Old Brighton          CBW Jul 22 (Sat, 2:00)  
14 A Old Scotch        vs Old Xaverians          TBC Jul 29 (Sat, 2:00)  
15 H Old Scotch        vs St. Kevin's          CBW Aug 5 (Sat, 2:00)  
16 A Old Scotch        vs University Blacks          UNI Aug 12 (Sat, 2:00)  
17 H Old Scotch        vs Caulfield Grammarians          CBW Aug 26 (Sat, 2:00)  
18 A Old Scotch        vs Collegians          HTO Sep 2 (Sat, 2:00)  


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.