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Official name
Old Trinity Grammarians Women's Football Club

Known as
Old Trinity WFC


Green and gold


Affiliation (Current)
Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) 2017–, 2017–2022

Old Trinity WFC

Old Trinity spent their inaugural season of 2017 competing in the Women's Premier Division of the VAFA.

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2022 Season (VAFA Premier) Fixture


Old Trinity WFC's 2022 Fixture

Rnd H&A Club Q1Q2Q3Q4 S R Opponent Q1Q2Q3Q4 S Mgn Grd Date SC
1 H Old Trinity WFC 0.1 1 LOST Kew WFC 12.22 94 -93 ELS Apr 2 (Sat, 10:00) Scores
2 A Old Trinity WFC 33 LOST Caulfield Grammarians WFC 42 -9 GLE Apr 9 (Sat, 11:40) Scores
3 Old Trinity WFC       Bye        
8 H Old Trinity WFC        vs Old Xaverians WFC          MPF May 28 (Sat, 2:00)  
9 A Old Trinity WFC        vs St. Mary's Salesians WFC          FER Jun 4 (Sat, 2:00)  
10 H Old Trinity WFC        vs West Brunswick WFC          MPF Jun 18 (Sat, 2:00)  
11 H Old Trinity WFC        vs Marcellin OC WFC          MPF Jun 25 (Sat, 2:00)  
12 A Old Trinity WFC        vs Melbourne University WFC          UNI Jul 2 (Sat, 2:00)  
13 H Old Trinity WFC        vs St. Kevin's WFC          MPF Jul 16 (Sat, 2:00)  
14 A Old Trinity WFC        vs Old Xaverians WFC          GRE Jul 23 (Sat, 2:00)  
15 H Old Trinity WFC        vs Caulfield Grammarians WFC          TBC Jul 30 (Sat, 9:20)  
16 H Old Trinity WFC        vs St. Mary's Salesians WFC          MPF Aug 6 (Sat, 2:00)  
17 A Old Trinity WFC        vs Kew WFC          VIC Aug 13 (Sat, 9:20)  
18 A Old Trinity WFC        vs Caulfield Grammarians WFC          GLE Aug 20 (Sat, 11:40)  


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.