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Melbourne vs University

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Round: 7   Venue: M.C.G.   Date: Sat, 06-06-1914 3:00 pm   Crowd: 3,347  
Melbourne 5.4.3410.7.6713.8.8614.9.93 C:  Len Incigneri
University C:  Gerald Brosnan
  MELB by 25MELB by 55MELB by 53MELB by 47  

Match Report



The meeting of the whippers-in, Melbourne and University, evoked little interest. It might have been supposed from their position on the premiership list that the game, although hardly a clash of giants, would have been tolerably even, especially as each side had the advantage of playing on its home ground. Such, however, was far from being the case, for Melbourne took charge right from the jump, and ran out easy winners. Changes were freely made in the personnel of each side. In Melbourne's colours McDonald and Williamson (both from Carlton) amply justified their inclusion, while Connole, who hails from Coburg and was playing his first game for Melbourne, made a promising debut. Other alterations were the inclusion of Evans and Britter. Those to make room for the newcomers were Monk and Marker (injured), Watt, Lowell, and Smith. On the University side the places of Woods and Doubleday, who are away in Adelaide, had to filled, and others who did not take part in Saturday's game were Marks, Steele, and Houghton. The gaps in the fighting-line were filled by Willis, Kelly, Don, Brake, and Hinman.

1st Quarter

Without loss of time Melbourne proceeded to the serious business of goal-getting. Hendrie placed it with Connole right in front and the recruit turned an easy chance to account. From the half-back line the ball was brought forward again, via Walker, McDonald, Connole, and Collins, but only a behind resulted. Shortly afterwards Hendrie, after losing a chance, battled for the ball again, got it, and passing to Connole second goal appeared. The students then took a hand, the first point coming as the result of good play between West and Don, and Atkins, after a struggle, kicked their first and only goal for the quarter. Melbourne, playing all over their opponents, practically monopolised the scoring for the rest of the term, despite the fine efforts of Brake, who was one of the most consistently brilliant men of the afternoon. From a scramble Britter snapped Melbourne's third goal. After an interval Lugton, Trahair, McKenzie, and Allen gave Williamson an opportunity for a nice mark, and a shot which found the opening. Melbourne's next goal came from a remarkable chain—Trahair to Hendrie to Allen to Britter, and then Williamson in front. Although McKenzie, Trahair, Hendrie, and Britter kept on the attack. Heron, Don, Kelly, and Rodriguez were able to hold their citadel till the bell, the scores then being:—Melbourne, 5 goals 4 behinds; University, 1 goal 3 behinds.

2nd Quarter

The second quarter served to show in an even more marked degree Melbourne's superiority, they scoring 5 goals 3 behinds, while pinning their opponents down to 3 behinds. Best was much in evidence for Melbourne in the term, scoring three goals, one of them from a clever kick over his head out of a scrimmage in front of the posts. Hartkopf, for the other side, had several shots, which added no material advantage to the students' score. At the half-time interval, with the scores 10-7 to 1-6. Melbourne had a lien on the game which effectually dispelled any anxiety their supporters might have felt.

3rd Quarter

After Melbourne, on resuming, had opened with a goal, thus bearing out the dictum that habits once formed are hard to get rid of. Brake, working himself into position with a fine corkscrew run, won deserved applause in getting University's second. The students evened thing up a bit in this term, getting two more goals, though their opponents were by no means idle, as the three-quarter the scores—13 goals 8 behinds to 4 goals 9 behinds—show.

4th Quarter

It may be that Melbourne took advantage of their substantial lead to ease off a little after half-time, in view of their engagement with Richmond on Monday; but the fact remains that University did their best in a stern chase, this being more particularly evidenced in the concluding term. Hartkopf, marking from Brake at an angle, placed, but a long kick yielded only a point. Exchanges between Connole, Allen, Hendrie, and Britter ended in Melbourne's fourteenth goal from the last-named's place-kick. At the other end a similar effort by Park, who was given the chance by Willis, raised only the single flag. Schraeder and Kelly were several times prominent, but Hartkopf failed badly. After several sallies into Melbourne's camp with but partial success, Rodriguez placed it with Hartkopf, who from an angle not very far out, kicked what proved to be the last goal of the day. With another of those fine bits of converted play which distinguished Melbourne's game throughout, the ball was brought forward, Trahair, Lugton, Lilley, Collins, and Britter being the participants, but the last link in the chain kicked poorly, and only a behind came of it. The concluding scores were:—

MELBOURNE, 14 goals 9 behinds (93 points).
UNIVERSITY, 5 goals 16 behinds (16 points).

For the winners, Trahair was always prominent, being well supported by Hendrie, Lugton, McDonald, Quinn, McKenzie, Best, Connole, and Williamson. Incigneri at time showed glimpses of his own sterling form. Those to do best for University were Brake (who stood head and shoulders above his fellows), Willis, Kelly, Park, Rodriguez, and McIntosh. Murphy allowed the players other a free rein, which, however, was not abused, the game being singularly free from objectionable incident.


Title: A handsome recovery. Fitzroy outplay St Kilda.
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
Date: Monday, 8 June 1914, p.8

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
19 Allen, Bill 1 24y 334d 69 25
30 Best, Arthur 5 25y 231d 17 29
9 Britter, Harry 2 22y 348d 3 3
24 Collins, Tim 0 24y 164d 3 2
34 Connole, Jack 2 23y 312d 1 2
7 Evans, Jack 0 23y 70d 33 0
23 Gordon, Vic 0 23y 209d 10 2
22 Gray, Alec 0 23y 25d 6 0
15 Hendrie, Bill 1 30y 135d 73 32
28 Incigneri, Len 0 30y 154d 76 10
11 Lilley, Charlie 0 21y 338d 25 3
17 Lugton, Frank 0 20y 214d 25 1
1 MacDonald, Roy 0 22y 337d 1 0
27 McKenzie, Bill 0 25y 126d 74 5
2 Quinn, Billy 0 23y 314d 4 0
8 Trahair, Bert 0 22y 280d 7 3
26 Walker, George 0 20y 23d 7 0
33 Williamson, Alf 3 20y 243d 12 5
  Rushed   9  
  Totals         14 9         23y 335d 446 122
University Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
13 Atkins, Ernie 1 24y 41d 16 6
1 Brake, Jack 1 23y 207d 74 19
21 Don, Wally 0 22y 254d 5 0
9 Gibbs, Dick 0 21y 122d 28 2
26 Hartkopf, Bert 1 24y 160d 44 84
10 Heron, Wilfrid 0 19y 321d 18 2
14 Hinman, Bill 0 21y 340d 26 2
3 Johnston, Gerald 0 22y 350d 2 0
17 Kelly, Lester 0 22y 112d 33 0
5 Martin, Stan 0 24y 195d 61 4
18 Neale, Stan 0 20y 155d 21 0
11 Park, Roy 1 21y 311d 37 93
25 Patton, Reuben 0 30y 295d 5 0
16 Rodriguez, Percy 0 21y 152d 7 1
22 Schrader, Heinrich 0 20y 183d 5 1
27 Vines, Ashley 0 23y 141d 12 0
2 West, Jack 0 25y 109d 67 15
7 Willis, Carl 1 21y 75d 35 35
  Rushed   16  
  Totals         5 16         22y 337d 496 264


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.