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Werribee vs Frankston


Division:Round: 7   Venue: Chirnside Park   Date: Sun, 23-05-1982 2:10 pm    
Werribee 7.1.4313.4.8219.10.12434.13.217  
Frankston 5.0.3013.3.8115.11.10119.15.129  
  WERR by 13WERR by 1WERR by 23WERR by 88  

Match highlights

Werribee 34.13.217 vs. Frankston (VFA, Premiership Season, R7)
(346 total) Werribee 217 vs. Frankston 129 (VFA, Premiership Season, R7)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.