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University vs Essendon

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Round: 11   Venue: M.C.G.   Date: Sat, 27-06-1914 3:00 pm   Crowd: 8,356  
University C:  Gerald Brosnan
Essendon 4.7.317.10.5213.14.9214.21.105 C:  John Worrall
  ESS by 31ESS by 40ESS by 78ESS by 79  

Match Report



University utterly failed to reproduce their recent improved from, when they met Essendon on the M.C.C. ground, and the spectators had a disappointing afternoon's football. From the start Essendon, acting under the instructions of the coach, made the pace a cracker, and University, for probably the first occasion of many matches between these teams, were unable to keep up with the red and black. Essendon had complete control of the game at all stages, and it was only the poor kicking of the forwards and a little too much handball that lost them many more goals. High-marking was the only department in which the student held their own.

Sewart led Essendon in the absence of Belcher, and they had in two new men—Wade (Hawthorn) and Donaldson (Elsternwick). The only alteration in the University side was Johnson, who replaced Vines.

1st Quarter

Essendon kicked towards the railway goal, and the first two kicks produced a behind for them. The general play needs little description, however, for Essendon simply played with their opponents, kicking, dodging, and running with more or less judgment. They had many openings, but poor shooting for goal was noticeable. One very fine goal was scored by Lumsden from a difficult angle. University never once got within range of goal, and at the first change Essendon had scored 4 goals 7 behinds (31 points), to nil.

2nd Quarter

The opening of the second quarter was sensational, and was marked by rapid scoring at either end. Ogden got a goal for Essendon, which was quickly followed by the first University score, Park getting a goal with a lucky kick off the ground. Webster then added a clever goal with a shot from the wing for Essendon, the three goals being scored in under five minutes. There was some improvement in the University methods of attack, the fine play of Brake being especially noticeable. He ended a fine effort in the ruck by scoring second goal. Essendon made many unsuccessful attempts to pass Woods, who was defending well and kicking excellently, many of his kicks reaching well into the centre of the ground. University only had two chances, and got two goals from them. At half-time the board registered:—Essendon, 7 goals 10 behinds, University, 2 goals.

3rd Quarter

After the interval Essendon once more put on the pace, and they added three goals very rapidly, the kicker being Baring, Webster, and Dinsmore. Throughout the term University played poorly, and Essendon, kicking with much better judgement, added 6 goals 4 behinds, while University's score amounted to two behinds, one being obtained by a fine succession of marks between Woods, Rodriquez, West, Bryan, and Doubleday. At three-quarter time the totals were:—Essendon, 13 goals 14 behinds, University, 2 goals 2 behinds.

4th Quarter

The last quarter was dull and uninteresting, neither team kicking well, while Essendon for a long time failed in many shots from close range. It was near the end of the game before Lumsden got the only goal scored, and the 100 points were reached Park got third goal for University, who had several easy arise, but missed them. The absence of J. Martin, who met with an accident, as reported elsewhere, left University with a man short for practically the last half. The final scores were:—

ESSENDON, 14 goals 21 behinds (105 points).
UNIVERSITY, 3 goals 8 behinds (26 points).

Three men showed exceptionally good dash and judgement for Essendon—Gove, Ogden, and Laing. Their play was brilliant all through. Baring and Webster were fine ruck men; Sewart, in the centre, Chalmers, on the wing, Dinsmore and Lumsden, forward, and White, half-back, were prominent players. For University Brake was a hard worker in the ruck, and got much assistance from Schrader. Johnson made a satisfactory first appearance half-back. Woods was hard worked in goal, and did many fine things, while Marks, Bryan, Kelly, Willis, and Martin (until hurt) deserve mention.

Norden umpired successfully.


Stanley Martin, the University wingman, was accidentally knocked out on the M.C.C ground on Saturday. It was a peculiar accident, Martin, Don and Lumsden were racing for the ball, and in the rush Don bumped Lumsden who was thrown into violent collision with Martin. Both men came down heavily, and the crash could be heard some distance away. Lumsden recovered after some minutes, and although feeling sore, having got a nasty knock over the nose he played on. Martin was carried off the field, and examination by Dr. T. R. H. Willis and E. R. Cordner showed that he had sustained slight concussion of the brain. He was in much pain, and of course took no further part in the game. He remained in a semi-unconscious condition until after the end of the game, and had to be carried from the dressing-room to a motor-car. He had almost recovered yesterday. Lumsden, who finished the game, collapsed on reaching the dressing-room, and had to be taken home in a taxi-cab.

Roy Park, the University goal-kicker, has decided to take no further part in the season's football. The fact that University has made no headway this season was in a measure the deciding factor. It should be a pity if through any accident Park was prevented from making the trip to South Africa. Baring, on the other hand, is in a different position. He is one of Essendon's stars, and as his team has now a good chance of reaching the finals, it would be a great loss to Essendon if he decided to retire. So far Baring has not indicated any desire to stop playing.


Title: University outplayed. Beaten by pace and dash.
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
Date: Monday, 29 June 1914, p.7

Title: Football incidents
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
Date: Monday, 29 June 1914, p.8

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

University Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
1 Brake, Jack 1 23y 228d 77 21
12 Bryan, Claude 0 21y 186d 3 0
24 Cameron, Frank 0 22y 71d 2 0
21 Don, Wally 0 22y 275d 9 0
4 Doubleday, Jack 0 24y 30d 29 11
26 Hartkopf, Bert 0 24y 181d 46 85
14 Hinman, Bill 0 21y 361d 30 3
3 Johnston, Gerald 0 23y 6d 5 0
17 Kelly, Lester 0 22y 133d 36 0
19 Marks, Les 0 21y 195d 9 9
5 Martin, Stan 0 24y 216d 65 4
18 Neale, Stan 0 20y 176d 25 0
11 Park, Roy 2 21y 332d 41 100
16 Rodriguez, Percy 0 21y 173d 11 1
22 Schrader, Heinrich 0 20y 204d 9 3
2 West, Jack 0 25y 130d 70 15
7 Willis, Carl 0 21y 96d 39 37
6 Woods, Eric 0 21y 197d 27 0
  Rushed   8  
  Totals         3 8         22y 176d 533 289
Essendon Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
5 Baring, Fred 1 23y 194d 77 57
4 Bowe, Len 0 28y 243d 130 2
7 Chalmers, Wally 1 23y 284d 61 7
13 Dinsmore, Bill 4 27y 133d 24 22
2 Donaldson, Clyde 0 20y 18d 9 4
30 Gove, Cyril 0 24y 168d 12 0
10 Hanley, Dan 0 31y 41d 61 9
11 Kirby, Jack 0 24y 361d 57 93
15 Laing, Roy 0 21y 84d 14 1
22 Lumsden, Ernie 1 24y 0d 39 36
16 Ogden, Percy 3 28y 123d 88 47
17 Sewart, Bill 0 32y 227d 153 6
18 Shea, Paddy 0 28y 102d 121 143
8 Wade, Tommy 1 20y 117d 1 1
25 Walker, Bill 0 27y 302d 51 39
14 Walker, Bob 1 22y 358d 17 6
3 Webster, Horrie 2 25y 316d 26 18
19 White, Les 0 23y 291d 54 1
  Rushed   21  
  Totals         14 21         25y 186d 995 492

Match highlights

Roy Park kicked his 100th career V/AFL goal: University vs. Essendon (V/AFL, Premiership Season, R11)
Stan Martin played his last game for University (V/AFL, Premiership Season, R11)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.