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Melbourne vs Essendon

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Round: 5   Venue: M.C.G.   Date: Sat, 23-05-1914 3:00 pm   Crowd: 7,758  
Melbourne C:  Len Incigneri
Essendon C:  John Worrall
  ESS by 7ESS by 18ESS by 12ESS by 17  

Match Report



The game between Essendon and Melbourne was in one respect altogether a disappointing match. All the elements were favourable, but Essendon's kicking simply went to pieces. After failing to kick goals at long range they tried to force them; sometimes they ran in close, frequently took deliberate shots from easy distances, yet missed in the most extraordinary manner. It was almost too bad for description; yet in the outfield their running and kicking were always good. The game was satisfactory there as an exhibition of football. The thing that brought it down was the inexplicable failure of the Essendon sharpshooters. But they were so strong otherwise that they escaped the penalty which would have befallen them against a bigger side.

In the first and third quarter of the match Melbourne field their own fairly well. In the second and fourth Essendon did everything satisfactorily except kicking for goals. Their marking was all right. Caine, one of their forwards, has not for a long time played better, but he was no more successful than the other in getting goals. Both sides were given a fairly free rein, and were entitled to it. Norden had the curb on at first, but as soon as he saw that it was to be fair and fast he wisely let them go. In the first quarter the Melbourne ruck seemed a bit better than Essendon for a time, but it made a great difference when Hanley and Webster went in together. Up to that time Hendrie and Allan, of the reds, had been holding the mastery. Essendon tried a new man in King, who was up against Lowell, one of their old wing men, and did very well at the start, through towards the end Lowell had the mastery. The notable thing in the match individually was the prominence of Ogden. He was not only a splendid rover, but when put against McKenzie in the wing fairly held that brilliant flanker in check. Essendon missed Gove from that part of the held, and Kirby had to be brought out as a rover. One of their players, Chalmers, had his hand damaged early in the match. A small artery seemed to be severed, and it bled freely, but was not otherwise serious. The Melbourne men marked a bit better than Essendon all day, but in at least every other part of the game the red and black were the stronger side.

Running briefly over the scores, there was not much in the first quarter, where Essendon had slightly the better of it, and got a goal and 4 behinds to Melbourne's 3 points. At half-time Essendon had brought their score to 3 goals 11 behinds, while Melbourne had only managed one goal 5 behinds. After that Melbourne played with seventeen men, Collee having injured his ankle. Goals were scarce all through. At three-quarter time Essendon had got only 3 goals from 21 times past the post, their record being 3 goals 18 behinds to Melbourne's 3 goals 6 behinds. It left Essendon with a lead of 2 goals for the finish, and, though Melbourne equalled them in goals at the final count, Essendon's long list of behinds gave them victory by 17 points. The final scores were:—

ESSENDON, 5 goals 24 behinds (54 points).
MELBOURNE, 5 goals 7 behinds (37 points).

In individual play, Essendon's best was distinctly Ogden, whether roving or on the wing. He rarely if ever lost his kick, showed a great deal of dash, and one fine run, which covered more than half the ground, was especially applauded. The next best to him was undoubtedly Webster, who played a very fine game, both forward and following. Chalmers did very well on the wing, Hanley showed something like his old form in the ruck, but both he, Webster, and Baring were always conspicuous for their marking. Bowe their old back player, is rapidly recovering form; Kirby was a useful man, both roving and forward; White defended nicely; King, the new man, showed up well at the beginning, and Caine, while a long way the best of the Essendon forwards, was quite at sea in the most important point—goal-kicking.

The choice for Melbourne stood between two men—Evans and Lilley. Evans is a fine, dashing player, a bit showy, but Lilley was so unselfish, marked, kicked, and ran so well that no one could be placed in front of him. Lugton, the Northcote cricketer, who is playing with Melbourne, showed good marking capacity back, and had some great tussles with Webster. Hendry and Allan were always fine workers in Melbourne's ruck. Grey, formerly of Collingwood, was dependable in their defence, and towards the end, when Essendon were attacking strongly, he took three magnificent marks close up to Melbourne's goal-posts. Monk, considering how long he has played, keeps up his dash wonderfully well, Collee was prominent until an accident stopped him, and Incigneri shaped moderately well.


Title: Won in the outfield. Essendon's faulty shooting.
Author: Observer
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957)
Date: Monday, 25 May 1914, p.6

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping to prepare this report.

Match stats

Melbourne Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
19 Allen, Bill 0 24y 320d 67 24
9 Britter, Harry 1 22y 334d 2 1
4 Colee, Percy 2 21y 193d 5 3
7 Evans, Jack 0 23y 56d 32 0
23 Gordon, Vic 0 23y 195d 8 2
22 Gray, Alec 0 23y 11d 4 0
15 Hendrie, Bill 1 30y 121d 71 30
28 Incigneri, Len 0 30y 140d 74 10
11 Lilley, Charlie 0 21y 324d 23 3
6 Lowell, Rupe 0 20y 266d 11 0
17 Lugton, Frank 0 20y 200d 23 1
27 McKenzie, Bill 0 25y 112d 72 5
16 Monk, Bobby 0 28y 213d 117 14
2 Quinn, Billy 0 23y 300d 2 0
18 Smith, Les 0 22y 68d 2 0
8 Trahair, Bert 1 22y 266d 5 2
26 Walker, George 0 20y 9d 5 0
31 Woolley, Jack 0 28y 128d 11 7
  Rushed   7  
  Totals         5 7         24y 37d 534 102
Essendon Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
26 Armstrong, Bert 0 24y 86d 42 55
2 Armstrong, Lou 1 29y 104d 104 109
5 Baring, Fred 0 23y 159d 71 51
1 Belcher, Alan 0 29y 172d 141 31
4 Bowe, Len 0 28y 208d 124 2
29 Caine, Frank 0 32y 299d 99 175
7 Chalmers, Wally 1 23y 249d 56 5
12 Elkington, Henry 0 24y 90d 1 0
10 Hanley, Dan 1 31y 6d 55 9
23 King, Neil 0 24y 320d 2 0
11 Kirby, Jack 1 24y 326d 51 88
15 Laing, Roy 0 21y 49d 8 1
16 Ogden, Percy 0 28y 88d 82 42
17 Sewart, Bill 0 32y 192d 150 6
18 Shea, Paddy 0 28y 67d 115 142
25 Walker, Bill 1 27y 267d 48 38
3 Webster, Horrie 0 25y 281d 20 15
19 White, Les 0 23y 256d 49 1
  Rushed   24  
  Totals         5 24         26y 320d 1218 770


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.