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Richmond vs Fitzroy

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Round: 2   Venue: Punt Road   Date: Sat, 02-05-1914 3:00 pm    
Richmond C:  Charlie Ricketts
Fitzroy C:  Percy Parratt
  FITZ by 2FITZ by 21FITZ by 23FITZ by 41  

Match Report



There was a large attendance at the Richmond ground on Saturday, when the home team were opposed to Fitzroy. Thomas (from South Melbourne) and Bettles (Brighton Juniors) were included in the Richmond team in place of Hall and Herbert, the latter having a recurrence of the trouble with his jaw that had kept him out of the game for two years. Harrison, Strownix, and Buisst were out of the Fitzroy team, and Jones (a big follower from Lefroy, Tas.), Wells, and Shaw were in. Prior to the opening of the game the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the new grand stand was performed. Mr. Cotter, M.L.A. (president of the R.C.C.), after a speech in which he gave a brief resumé of the steady growth of the club since its inception 60 years ago, declared the stone "well and truly laid." The president of the football club (Mr. Tudor, M.H.R.) congratulated the cricket club on the result of their enterprise.

1st Quarter

The standard of play was much above the average for an opening quarter, the ground play, long kicking, and running being good, but the shooting for goal left room for improvement. Minor points were scored at each end, and Ohlsen, who was full back for Richmond, gave a fine exhibition of kicking in, covering half the length of the ground. Richmond were early in trouble, for Love twisted the ligatures of his leg, and after examination by Dr Rosenberg was unable to resume. Thomas was already showing that he is a decided acquisition to the yellow and black defence lines, while Bettles was also making a creditable first appearance. Richmond got first goal, the result of a long snap by McKendry. Martin put the maroons in a good position in a scrimmage in front, where they had three unsuccessful attempts to score until the ball was rushed behind. Millen, showing plenty of pace on the wing, was making opportunities for the forwards, but the defence was sound, and Fitzroy's first goal was not secured until near the end of the term, when, although against the wind, they had scored 1-5 to 1-3.

2nd Quarter

After changing ends Richmond began the scoring. Working round the wings, Mahoney and Maybury scored points. The latter was roving well and obtaining numerous free kicks. A splendid mark and long kick by Toohey brought a goal, and from the bounce Heaney obtained possession, and found the opening without an opponent touching the ball. Cooper, after colliding with Lethbridge, was temporarily disabled. Fitzroy were beating Richmond in the ruck, where Jones was making his presence felt. Fitzroy's forwards were playing well together, but numerous shots went astray. Parratt, from a free kick well out on the wing, just cleared the distance, and raised fourth goal to the maroons. At half-time Fitzroy held a lead of 21 points.

3rd Quarter

During the interval Cooper was examined by Dr. Parer, and was found to have broken a rib. After being bandaged he resumed, and played forward, and, judging by his play, was suffering little inconvenience. He was the first to score on resuming, kicking a goal with a fine running shot. Fitzroy devoted their attention to holding Richmond in check. Ohlsen, from an acute angle, got second goal for his side. Heaney (who had changed positions with Cooper), Jones, Johnson, and Lenne were too strong for Richmond's attack, despite the fact that Mahoney and Reeves were feeding them. There was more fumbling than early in the match, and play was more crowded. There was nothing finer in the game at this stage than the marking of Farrell. At the final chance Richmond's deficit had increased to 23 points, while Fitzroy had the advantage of the breeze for the last term.

4th Quarter

Little description is needed of the finish. Fitzroy, kicking down the centre, had Richmond in constant trouble. Martin, who did not score a goal himself, played a large part in helping the others. Holden and Toohey each scored, and then, marking Cooper's shot across goal, Freake got his first and only goal of the day. Richmond livened up, and one of the brightest bits of the day—between James, Moffat, Farrell, Mahoney, and Ricketts—was stopped between the posts by Lethbridge. Towards the finish Maybury received a kick in the leg, and had to be assisted off the ground, leaving Richmond to finish with 16 men. The final scores were:—

Fitzroy, 9 goals 15 behinds (69 points)
Richmond, 3 goals 10 behinds (28 points)

Although Fitzroy had a large margin, it does not, really indicate the merit of the respective sides. Richmond were unfortunate in having only 17 men after the first ten minutes. Across the centre line McLennan and Holden were a little above Reeves and Morgan, but Millen played all over McCashney. The forward division was again Fitzroy's most telling factor but elsewhere then opponents held their own. In addition to those mentioned, Martin, Cooper, Heaney, Toohey, Johnson, Shaw, Norris, and Jones were the best of an even side.

 There was no better player for Richmond than Thomas, his dashes from half-back saving his side continually. James, who had more than his share of ruck work, was consistent right through. The new man Bettles was conspicuous in the early stages. The best of the others were Mahoney, Maybury, Ohlsen, Farrell, Thorpe, Reeves, and McKendry.      


Title: Fitzroy finish well. Richmond's new stand. 
Author: Observer 
Publisher: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 - 1957) 
Date: Monday, 4 May 1914, p.6 

Thanks to Stephen Wade for helping prepare this report.

Match stats

Richmond Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
16 Bettles, Artie 0 23y 38d 1 0
9 Farrell, Ted 0 24y 195d 42 4
15 James, Hughie 0 23y 363d 82 26
4 Love, Frank 0 26y 69d 49 0
10 Mahoney, Bill 0 29y 121d 121 58
29 Martyn, Percy 1 22y 356d 23 47
3 Maybury, Percy 0 22y 220d 63 31
19 McCashney, Frank 0 23y 266d 61 7
25 McKendry, Bob 1 24y 257d 2 1
21 McLear, George 0 22y 254d 2 0
14 Moffatt, Dave 0 21y 349d 24 1
17 Morgan, Fred 0 33y 20 2
7 Nolan, Bill 0 25y 240d 2 0
2 Ohlson, Ted 1 27y 199d 89 29
11 Reeves, Syd 0 22y 246d 47 3
6 Ricketts, Charlie 0 28y 303d 97 58
28 Thomas, Bill 'Sonna' 0 27y 173d 136 2
5 Thorp, Vic 0 23y 189d 73 6
  Rushed   10  
  Totals         3 10         25y 97d 934 275
Fitzroy Match Stats Career
# Player K M H D G B HO T FF FA Age Games G
3 Bamford, Fred 0 27y 22d 52 1
5 Cooper, Jack 2 25y 70d 104 6
9 Freake, Jim 1 25y 95d 41 115
7 Heaney, Tom 0 26y 30d 75 55
6 Heron, Percy 0 21y 128d 36 15
30 Holden, George 1 25y 17d 90 25
14 Johnson, Wally 0 26y 243d 126 82
21 Jones, Arthur 0 22y 202d 1 0
11 Lenne, Bert 0 24y 273d 68 6
12 Lethbridge, Chris 0 23y 343d 15 5
4 Martin, Jim 2 29y 255d 112 83
19 McLennan, Harold 0 25y 280d 96 16
29 Millen, Roy 0 20y 202d 3 2
22 Norris, Charlie 0 32y 283d 60 10
20 Parratt, Percy 1 27y 64d 83 66
17 Shaw, George 0 28y 31d 49 22
8 Toohey, Jim 2 27y 283d 19 26
2 Wells, Charlie 0 22y 19d 17 10
  Rushed   15  
  Totals         9 15         25y 238d 1047 545

‡ Approximate age


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.