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122 players found with last names beginning with V.

Vagg, Barrie (1962-1969)  (Melbourne)
Vagg, Bob (1964)  (Hawthorn)
Vale, Eliza (2023-2024)  (Sydney WFC)
Vale, Jack (1925-1929)  (Carlton, Fitzroy)
Valente, Luke (2019-2021)  (Peel Thunder)
Valenti, Shane (2008-2009)  (Melbourne)
Valentine, George (1924-1928)  (Richmond, Footscray)
Valentine, Viv (1906-1918)  (Launceston, Latrobe, Mersey, Carlton)
Vallence, Harry 'Soapy' (1926-1946)  (Carlton, Williamstown, Brighton)
Valli, Bill (1969-1982)  (West Perth, Collingwood, Essendon, Subiaco)
Van Berlo, Jay (2009-2012)  (Fremantle)
Van Berlo, Nathan (2005-2016)  (Adelaide, Adelaide Reserves)
Van De Heuvel, Sophie (2019-2024)  (Geelong WFC, Essendon WFC)
Van Der Bist, Charlie (1939-1940)  (Hawthorn)
Van Dommele, Rene (1977-1992)  (Central District)
Van Dyk, Jayde (2019-2024)  (Carlton WFC, St. Kilda WFC)
Van Dyke, Mia (2023-2024)  (Essendon WFC)
Van Es, James (2024)  (St. Kilda)
Van Lint, Wennie (1967)  (South Melbourne)
Van Loon, Ashleigh (2023-2024)  (Essendon WFC)
van Oosterwijck, Amelia (2020)  (Western Bulldogs WFC)
van Rooyen, Jacob (2021-2024)  (Claremont, Casey, Melbourne)
Van T'Hag, Ron (1959)  (Geelong)
Van Unen, Dylan (2014)  (Essendon)
Vance, Colin (1955)  (South Melbourne)
Vance, Murray (1999-2001)  (Carlton)
vandenBerg, Aaron (2011-2021)  (Ainslie, Melbourne, Casey)
Vandenberg, Dick (1966)  (Carlton)
Vandenberg, Richie (1998-2007)  (Hawthorn)
Vander Haar, Paul (1977-1990)  (Essendon)
Vanderfeen, Geoff (1948-1951)  (Footscray)
Vandermeer, Laitham (2019-2024)  (Footscray, Western Bulldogs)
Vandersluys, Stan (1946-1953)  (Fitzroy, Richmond)
Vane, Matt (1980)  (St. Kilda)
Vann, Kalev (1977)  (Fitzroy)
Vanthoff, Bill (1930-1934)  (Melbourne)
Varcoe, Margaret (2012-2018)  (Angle Vale WFC, North Adelaide WFC)
Varcoe, Travis (2007-2020)  (Geelong, Australia, Collingwood, Collingwood Reserves)
Vardenega, Glen (1983-1990)  (Norwood)
Vardy, Nathan (2010-2021)  (Geelong Reserves, Geelong, East Perth, West Coast, West Coast Reserves)
Vardy, Peter (1996-2004)  (Central District, Adelaide, Melbourne)
Vardy, Royce (2000-2003)  (Richmond)
Varlamos, Vasil (1960-1964)  (Carlton)
Varnhagen, Deni (2017-2024)  (Adelaide WFC)
Vary, Alec (1927)  (St. Kilda)
Vautier, Len (1928-1932)  (Geelong)
Vautin, George (1897-1898)  (Essendon)
Veal, Andrew (1980)  (Fitzroy)
Veal, Jim (1926-1927)  (Melbourne)
Vearing, Frank (1965-1966)  (Melbourne)
Veevers, Ken (1929-1932)  (Collingwood, Fitzroy)
Veitch, Jim (1930)  (Hawthorn)
Velardo, Amelia (2021-2024)  (Collingwood WFC, Carlton WFC)
Venables, Cameron (1999)  (Collingwood)
Venables, Daniel (2017-2019)  (East Perth, West Coast, West Coast Reserves)
Venner, Steven (1989)  (North Melbourne)
Verbeek, Simon (1989-1991)  (Carlton)
Verdon, Dick (1954-1968)  (Sandgate, Henty, Coorparoo)
Verdon, Harry (1927-1931)  (St. Kilda, Fitzroy)
Vernon, Brooke (2020-2021)  (Carlton WFC)
Vernon, Daryl (1981-1985)  (Richmond, Sydney)
Vernon, Dick 'Bendigo' (1909-1911)  (Collingwood)
Vernon, Ernie (1920)  (St. Kilda)
Vernon, Les (1898-1901)  (Carlton, South Melbourne)
Vernon, Rod (1954-1963)  (Fitzroy)
Verrall, Will (2024)  (Melbourne)
Verrier, Ian (1968-1978)  (West Adelaide, Port Adelaide)
Verrier, Sarah (2021-2024)  (Fremantle WFC)
Verstegen, Hans (1967-1977)  (East Perth)
Vertudaches, Peter (1964-1970)  (Norwood, West Adelaide)
Vescio, Darcy (2017-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Vesely, Olivia (2020-2024)  (St. Kilda WFC)
Vesty, Carl (1972-1973)  (Footscray)
Veszpremi, Patrick (2008-2013)  (Sydney, Williamstown, Western Bulldogs)
Vickers, Bill (1927)  (Essendon)
Vickers, Brooke (2022-2024)  (Carlton WFC)
Vickers, Jack (1919-1925)  (South Adelaide)
Vickers, John (1959-1966)  (Norwood)
Vickers-Willis, Ed (2015-2020)  (Werribee, North Melbourne)
Vickery, Cooper (2024)  (Sydney)
Vickery, John (1971-1972)  (Collingwood)
Vickery, Ty (2009-2017)  (Richmond, Richmond Reserves, Box Hill, Hawthorn)
Vidgen, Bill
Vidovic, Lazar (1989-1997)  (St. Kilda)
Vidovich, Rick (1967-1976)  (Central District, East Fremantle)
Vigona, Benny (1977-1986)  (South Fremantle, St. Mary's (NT))
Vilcins, Brenton (1987-1988)  (Footscray)
Vinall, Jack (1944)  (Essendon)
Vinar, Eric (1964)  (Fitzroy)
Vinar, Paul (1959-1974)  (Geelong, Longford, Launceston)
Vince, Bernie (2005-2018)  (Woodville West Torrens, Adelaide, Australia, Melbourne, Casey)
Vine, Frank 'Pop' (1926-1934)  (Melbourne)
Vines, Ashley (1913-1914)  (University)
Viney, Jack (2013-2024)  (Melbourne)
Viney, Jay (1987-1999)  (Sturt, Melbourne, North Adelaide)
Viney, Ron (1968)  (South Melbourne)
Viney, Todd (1985-1999)  (Sturt, Melbourne, Australia)
Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon (2015-2016)  (Northern Bullants)
Virgo, Sam (2017-2021)  (Brisbane WFC, Gold Coast WFC)
Virtue, Keith (1940)  (South Melbourne)
Vise, Julian (1964)  (Collingwood)
Visentini, Dante (2024)  (Port Adelaide)
Viska, Mark (1991-2001)  (Glenelg, Adelaide)
Vivian, Peter (1953-1961)  (Norwood)
Vivian, Peter (1969-1985)  (Central District)
Vizy, Steve (1987-2000)  (Queanbeyan)
Vlastuin, Nick (2013-2024)  (Coburg, Richmond, Richmond Reserves)
Vlatko, Jamie (2005-2009)  (Norwood)
Vogels, Luke (2005-2007)  (Sydney)
Vogt, Jacqui (2021-2024)  (St. Kilda WFC, Essendon WFC)
Voigt, Noel (1954-1960)  (Hawthorn)
Voigt, Rex (1967-1979)  (Glenelg)
Vollugi, Ernie (1904)  (Melbourne)
Vollugi, Herc (1901-1906)  (Essendon)
von Bertouch, Nadia (2020-2021)  (St. Kilda WFC)
Von Bertouch, Terry (1967-1979)  (North Adelaide, Norwood)
Vontom, Clarrie (1939-1945)  (St. Kilda)
Vosilaitis, Algy (1964-1966)  (Footscray)
Voss, Brett (1997-2007)  (Brisbane, St. Kilda)
Voss, Michael (1992-2006)  (Brisbane, Australia)
Voss, Patrick (2024)  (Essendon)
Vosti, Jack (1925-1935)  (Essendon, Footscray)


* Behinds calculated from the 1965 season on.
+ Score at the end of extra time.